Prepare for the ultimate grand strategy experience. International trade, religious and cultural strife, military campaigns, diplomatic negotiations... here, you control it all. MAKING HISTORY II: The War of the World gives players the power to take full control of any world nation, colonies, regions, cities, and military units during the...
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Love Making History II? We've also got a new WWI game in Early Access!

Changing the course of history is what the Making History series is all about. If you enjoy grand strategy in the WWII period, you'll love the interesting and quite different era surrounding the first world war as well. Check out "Making History: The Great War" right here on Steam!

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“...a pinnacle of grand strategy, rippling with all the promise and depth inherent in the genre.”
4.5/5 – Adrenaline Vault, November 2011
“Whether you are a history nut or just love the challenge of strategy games, this game will challenge you.”
4.5/5 – Game Industry News, November 2011

Free DLC with Latest Making History II update!

January 16, 2014
Players can now access the new late war scenario "The Grand Finale"! Play as one of the allied nations trying to take back Europe and the South Pacific, or as one of the Axis nations trying to survive against the odds. This update also includes improved AI, improvements to multiplayer, and a complete update to the map itself. "The Grand Finale" also acts as a new template for modders.


Prepare for the ultimate grand strategy experience.
International trade, religious and cultural strife, military campaigns, diplomatic negotiations... here, you control it all. MAKING HISTORY II: The War of the World gives players the power to take full control of any world nation, colonies, regions, cities, and military units during the time leading up to and during the Second World War. Armchair generals and fans of grand strategy can take their turns building great empires or protecting the world from tyranny during these pivotal moments in world history.
In addition to nation-level trade and diplomatic concerns, you are tasked with managing region and city-level projects, choosing the right technologies to research, directing military movement and development, conducting international diplomacy, maintaining domestic stability and producing resources vital to making everything else possible. Developing production and research facilities in cities transforms them into centers of industry and technology. Upgraded cities can produce new units and unlock advanced technologies. At the region level, you can build large-scale defensive structures such as radar arrays and fortifications, develop transportation infrastructure, and expand the resource production needed to fuel your economy. Victory on the world stage will require that all levels of your empire work together towards your goals.
Every turn offers countless decisions and options to move forward, writing the history of your empire. Will you block trade routes with your navy, choking off enemy supplies? Will you grant a restless ethnic or religious group independence to prevent widespread revolt? Will you build up your trade agreements and expand your influence with industrial might, or invest in an expensive, technologically advanced army to crush all opposition? In addition to keeping domestic and economic plans on track, you will be challenged by outside powers -- Controlled by human players in a multiplayer match or period-inspired AI -- that will pursue their own national agendas and interfere in the affairs of you and your allies. A shifting political and economic landscape keeps world powers busy adjusting plans, preparing for inevitable clashes.
No two games of MHII will be the same as there are an unlimited number of ways to achieve your goals. The choices you make determine the history of your nation. Whether that history will speak of a liberator or a conqueror is up to you.


  • Play any nation on a beautifully rendered 3D world map
  • Hundreds of unique land, sea, & air units representing both major & minor powers of the era
  • Research an array of weapon systems & tactical improvements; repair, reinforce & upgrade existing forces
  • Fly air missions against industrial & military targets
  • Extensive economic system covering production, resources, consumption, trade & wealth
  • Initiate infrastructure projects that modernize your nation & expand your economic potential
  • Construct weapons factories, shipyards, research labs & a variety of other buildings that add specific abilities to your cities & regions
  • Intelligent AI instigates, reacts and adapts to the changing game dynamics generating action on the home front & abroad
  • Each nation has a unique set of characteristics that influences behavior
  • Populations are divided by culture, ethnicity, religion & political ideology; factors that destabilize nations, provoking revolts, coups & civil wars
  • Manage your colonies, liberate new nations, establish puppet states or annex their territory
  • Engage in espionage & interfere in the internal affairs of your neighbors
  • New innovative Multiplayer system greatly reduces the obstacles to long-term games
  • Plus much more!


    • OS: Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP with Service Pack 2
    • Processor: Pentium 4 or better
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM / 2GB recommended
    • Graphics: 256 MB DirectX 9.0c-Compliant, Shader 2.0 3D Video Card
    • DirectX®: 9.0c or better
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card
    • Other Requirements: Windows-Compliant Keyboard & Mouse
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This is a strategy game were you, control your Nation of choosing and lead them to a new age of ligth or darkness. You can try to remain neutral in a world at war, join a faction or make your own. What ever you pick, the game will be interesting and unpredictable. However, unlike the first Making History game, this game has several issues; like crashes, wrong ideologies in several countries, and a horrible menu. The game is fun, the graphics are better than the previous one but that doesn't make it a better game. I would recommend the previous Making History, the first game of the series.
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GREAT GAME! Became Facist France, called my self Louis the Great.......Got DESTROYED by Authoritarian Germany / The Commonwhealth

10/10 would buy / be killed again !!!
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This game is super fun if you like strategy. It is sort of like Axis and Allies only more involved, and yet not as insane as Hearts of Iron. It has a nice balance so that you can jump right in without reading wikis for hours, and yet the strategy is robust enough to keep me hooked.
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What an amazing time waster game...

I'm now playing arround 1965 and unfortunately it is laggy like hell at the start of each turn... With a 3.5GHz intel i7 quadcore, 16GB of RAM and a samsung SSD there's no excuse ! :-/

Still, the game really worths it :)
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If you think something was missing in the "Making History: The Calm & The Storm" then you wouldn't think the same about "Making History II: The War of the World". Balanced and unpredictible.
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Amazing game, makes for great scenerio creations.
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Are you a fan of "Total War" games? Would you like to see a "Total War" game based on WW2 era??? Then this is your game!!! You ll adore this game with no doubt! Its exactly like Total War games with just one difference; which is that it has only campaign map and not battle maps too... which means that you play the battles on the campaign map... However I have to mention that it gives even more strategic possibilities to the player than ''Total War" to establish new countries in conquered territories! It is the perfect grand strategy game for WW2 era .
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The game offers a lot and has great potential if the time was put into it the only problem i have with this game this that it can be hard to understand what to do or what is going on for new people who have just started but overall I think the game has some really great features and a great amount of interaction and much more overall I would definitly recommend this to fans of strategy based game
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Pretty Good Game
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Omg! best WW2 strategy ever!!! 10/10
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Great game lots of detail and depth tough learning curve but once you get the hang of it can be very addicting.
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Very good game 8/10

Good political and world war 2 simulator, the only thing is that it gets laggy and i have a good computer
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Its a good game, more worth it if they lowered the price to about $14.99 since the orginol was a more fun and easier to understand game.

Its Fun but takes a bit to learn, much more fun than hearts of iron since you can customize maps much easier without any big hassel. Combat is good for a turn based game and easy to control.

In my opinion, the developers should have stuck with the first Making History layout while updating graphics and adding more things. The new one is a little too complicated and disorganized to compete with games such as hearts of iron.

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Fun WWII RTS. Endless hours of pure enlightenment. Definitely recommend. Rating: 8.9/10
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The game is pretty good and has lots of replayability. The only thing lacking for me is diversification on the units parts. Every faction has the same units and there's no unique units or buildings. That's very good for balance reasons but take some of the flavor of WWII games away. I really enjoyed playing it tho and messing with the editor and making my own country taking the whole world.I really recommend for the price especially if you can get with a discount. Also this is tottaly superior to the Making History 1. And I don't recommend you playing the first one as this is basically an improved version.

Overall Score:
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If you enjoy Axis and Allies the board game, then you'll love this.
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fun, addicting, a lot of germans, no performance issues, nothing extra to download! the only bad thing about this game is that you dont get notified when the enemy lands or moves into your territory. i was playing as usa, and i was fighting the japanease. but what i didnt realise was that a german fleet landed on the west side of the usa whilst i was busy with the japs. i think the japs were just distracting me. :(
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This is one game i reccomend to people who like world war 2 strategy games. There is a very hard learning curve at first but once you get used to it the game will keep you playing and planning for diffrent things. Just like the game itself the editor is hard to figure out but once you get the hang of it the editor is really interesting to use. The only real complaint is that if you have a large nation you have to do a lot of clicking per turn and that leaves your mouse hand sore after only a few turns. One thing I like is that the AI has done somthing I did not expect every game. For example in my most recent game the ussr invaded norway only for germany to declare war on the ussr and both duked it out in norway. (germany did not conquer anything at that point so the only line of contact was norway) A good game and one I would like to continue playing into the future.

Update: multiplayer is broken beyond belief for several reasons. one is that steam version of this game is no longer updated. two the game crashes on lan games all the time. and three to play online multiplayer you have to go to the website of the game and register and you can't play senarios online
i would still get this game for single player but not multiplayer
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This game has it all - not only must you build up your military, which can be affected from morale, experience, and even weather, but you must maintain the economy by feeding your population and extracting resources. Moreover, you must maintain political stability during all defenses and conquests, lest you desire a revolt! Luckily, you can write up your own trade agreements, make alliances (even if they are not historically accurate) and declare war on whoever you damn well please.

The game is incredibly realistic and a metric butt ton of fun.

There is no tutorial, so much learning will be trial and error: but it's totally worth it.