Dark Legends surround the old abandoned Blackwood house, secluded far away in the northern wastelands. For writer Michael Arthate, this cold, solitary atmosphere is fodder for his restless imagination. But Michael soon becomes distracted by the mysteries offered up, as he follows a trail exploring and delving into the secrets of the past.
Дата выхода: 8 марта 2006
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“They have really pulled out all the stops with their first effort and created one classic piece of Adventure gaming. Just don't get too used to that luxury called sleep.”
100% Game of the Year – Just Adventure

“A creepy and fun title, fans of the Myst series and with a love of horror will be right at home in this game.”
83% – PC Game World

“If you're an adventure gaming veteran, especially if you like the horror / creepy / gothic-type atmosphere, then Scratches is for you. It's a solid game.”
77% – IGN

Об игре

Dark Legends surround the old abandoned Blackwood house, secluded far away in the northern wastelands.

For writer Michael Arthate, this cold, solitary atmosphere is fodder for his restless imagination. But Michael soon becomes distracted by the mysteries offered up, as he follows a trail exploring and delving into the secrets of the past. As he is drawn deeper into the story, his sleep is shattered by mysterious noises, and he is plagued by nightmares that cross into reality.

Whose shadows lurk in the dark corners? Is that lonely house inhabited by restless spirits of the past or something more sinister? What is that sound that chills to the very bone...scratching?

Join Michael in a suspenseful adventure, as you explore beautiful and chilling environments. Prowl dark corners and solve puzzles leading to the solution of a tale begun with obsession, and ending with madness and murder.


  • Eerie and immersive story
  • Haunting soundtrack
  • Full 360 degree panoramic viewing
  • Puzzles and challenges throughout
  • Numerous hours of gameplay
  • Explore a Victorian mansion, sinister chapel, forbidding crypt, musty rooms, greenhouse…

Director’s Cut includes:

  • An alternate ending that might be more shocking than the original
  • A new chapter: “The Last Visit” will have you back at the house 10 years after the events of the original game
  • Michael’s diary with more clues and thoughts from the main character
  • Upgraded graphics and an eerier soundtrack

Системные требования

    • ОС: Windows® XP / Vista™ / Windows® 7
    • Процессор: с тактовой частотой 1 ГГц
    • Оперативная память: 256 МБ
    • Жесткий диск: 500 МБ свободного места
    • Видеокарта: с 64 МБ видеопамяти, совместимая с OpenGL 1.2
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Звуковая карта: совместимая с DirectX 9.0c
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Интересная задумка, оформленная оригинально и со вкусом, не даст заскучать даже искушенному любителю инди-хорроров. В этой игре есть своя особая атмосфера и на ее поддержание работает не только набор звуков и музыки, но и приятный дизайн локаций, приглушенная цветовая гамма и, конечно же, сюжет.

Однако "Шорох" не из ряда тех заурядных игр, где вас будут пугать выскакивающими из-за угла кровавыми мальчиками, дикими пронзительными женскими визгами невпопад, психоделическими видеофрагментами или немыслимыми монстрами, от которых потребуется отстреливаться. НЕТ. Это старый добрый квест, где вас больше будет пугать то, что вы сами дорисовали в своем воображении, прочитав загадочное письмо одного из владельцев дома или услышав за дверью топот, когда ночью решите поспать. Как только вы начинаете играть, то появляется уйма вопросов, ответы на которые вы будете находить постепенно и порой они будут весьма неожиданными. Разве не это делает хоррор по-настоящему интересным?

Кстати, вопреки табличке, в этой игре ЕСТЬ английские субтитры и довольно-таки хорошая озвучка.

Игра определенно стоит своих денег.
Опубликовано: 3 марта 2014
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Незапускается нехрена ))
Опубликовано: 28 марта 2014
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I only discovered Scratches due to the recent release of Serena, which is a fantastic little game with a lot of charm. Of course, the community recommended anyone who enjoyed it to play Scratches, and I am so glad I did.

Personally, I adore story-driven gameplay and have a weakness for horror themes in any media. I also enjoy point-and-click adventure games, so immediately this fit me well. There's not so much in the way of gore, and not many jump scares, but the atmospheric build up throughout your time in-game means that the few outright "scary" parts are pulled off with a finesse I have not experienced before. One particular part had me shaking and needing to take a break straight away; You become so used to the game just "feeling creepy" that when it does try to scare you, it catches you completely off guard.

Mechanically it could be better - the cursor speed was far too high for me at first (even with it on its slowest setting) but that was overcome with time as I became accustomed to it. Sometimes the things you need to interact with have odd hotspots, and I did notice a typo in a letter early in the game.

Where gameplay is concerned, it is on the whole very tedious, but in a fun, challenging way. Occasionally there are points where the solution seems baffling and extremely unintuitive though, and it can be very frustrating as you'll find it's almost always something you missed that was far too small, or something that didn't highlight as being interactive because your cursor wasn't quite in the right place.

Overall however, Scratches is definitely worth playing if you enjoy the genre and have a bit of patience. It's slow, and can be somewhat irritating at times, but the general feel of the game is superbly tense and highly rewarding for any horror fan.

Waiting for Asylum with bated breath!
Опубликовано: 7 февраля 2014
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Scratches is a peculiar game (or, mayhaps, I'm simply unfamiliar with the genre). The pacing of this game is quite slow, especially for such a short game (completed under 7 hours, though with some time to think through game sessions - and, embarrasingly, a few glances in a walkthrough).
As I stated, the game builds up slowly, yet it's not, by any means, a drawback! The story unfolds marvelously, and the creepy plot got under my skin very quickly.
The story itself is the brightest part of the game. Sadly, it's the only stellar aspect.
Graphics are... well, adequate. Decent enough and very mood-building (if there's even such a phrase).
The sounds and music are eerie and decent, but nothing more.
The gameplay itself is lacklustre and clunky. I swear that all the times I had to take a glance into a walkthrough, was because some flaw within the game, like an unintuitive way of using (clicking) on something, or the way that the game fails at informing clearly and visibly, what is interactable, and what is not.

Nevertheless, the vibe of Scratches is simply amazing! It grasped me and pulled into the mystery from the first minute... keeping on my toes to the very end.
Is the game great? No, it isn't. The story behind is, though!
Even though it's a very diferent game from, let's say, Amnesia, it's far scarier than it. Oh, certainly I got scared more than while playing the Machine for Pigs.

The answer, my pumpkins, is simple. You are the one scaring yourself, as Scratches digs deeply into your imagination and lets you fear not what finds you... but what *you* will find out next.

Thumbs up!
Опубликовано: 12 апреля 2014
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4.4 ч. в игре
An exercise in tedium and insane logic.

This is a point and click horror game similar to games like Myst, but with no sense of consistancy or logic to keep things going. Story driven, and reliant on the whims of the protagonist instead of player decisions, your progression is limited by the stubborness of the character. Want to open a locked door? How about you look inside those pots for a key. Nope, he's not interested until you find a hidden photo that vaguely indicates that a key might be in a pot. Then you can look in the pot.

Most of the time, the correct course of action seems to be to call Jerry, a character who gets increasingly annoyed at the protagonist's inability to do anything themselves. I can certainly relate. After playing for a short amount of time, I'd be very surprised if the protagonist can go to the toilet without asking Jerry for help. After nearly every task on the first day, you need to phone him. Open a door, phone Jerry. Find a newspaper, phone Jerry. Lights don't work, phone Jerry. Phone Jerry. Phone Jerry. 1.5 hours were spent simply wandering around the house clicking on everything trying to find something that might move things forward, then calling Jerry, then trying to find the thing that was not interesting before but is now.

Most of this does not advance the plot at all, but is simply dealing with the hassle of moving into a new house. The first couple of hours were spent establishing that the character is stranded in the house with no power. A little information about evil masks and creepy tribes are hinted at, but then cast aside to deal with the main, super spooky plot of calling in an electrician. When you eventually go down into the spooky cellar to try and fix it yourself, with a creepy atmosphere and tense music...nothing happens.

Interacting with anything is limited by the ludricous thought processes of the protagonist. Want to pick up that tool over there? Nope, it's junk. Nope, there's no reason for you to carry it. But you'd better pick up that can lid, it might come in useful. Wander around the house with a knife? Good idea! Go outside to open the garage now that you have the key? No it's raining, and the character doesn't feel like it. Climb inside a creepy furnace without any cause to do so? Absolutely. Puzzles are rediculously obscure, and variate between pixel hunting and using everything with everything, usually to achieve very simple tasks. 1.5 hourse before anything resembling a plot hook shows up.

While there were some interesting bits here and there, it wasn't worth trudging through the awful puzzles to get to them. Even when scary bits appeared, they were jump scares, with the musical stingers being far more intense than the actual events. I stopped caring about the story very quickly.

In short, save your time and money. For a scary, atmospheric horror game with a plot you discover as you play, go for Amnesia. If you are looking for a deep story that will chill you to the bone, go read a horror book. That way you don't have to deal with endless fetch quests.
Опубликовано: 24 мая 2014
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4.8 ч. в игре
В "Шорох" (Scraches) мне советовали поиграть уже давно, отпугивала "классичность" этого квеста. Это прямой привет из 90х, даже немного из классической серии Myst, где мы видим все от первого лица, но весь геймплей сводится к внимательному изучению локаций и раскиданных по ним письмам и за♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥м. В "Шорохе" все намного проще и не масштабно, но не без хорошей такой смачной загадки. Все крутится вокруг большого имения в глуши, загадку которого и вынужден будет раскрыть главный герой, британский писатель Майкл.

"Шорох" - это ужастик в кадре которого минимум анимации. В основном вы будете видеть, как перед вами открываются двери злосчастного дома. И как это - самая страшная вещь во всей игре. Чувство неумолимой опасности, которая скрывается за каждым углом с осознанием того, что вы ничего против не сможете сделать. Но для достижения полноценного эффекта будет необходимо читать все, что вы встретите, заглядывать в каждую тумбочку, во все вазы, во ВСЕ двери. Поэтому понравится эта игра только любителям атмосферных темных историй и детективов, а также любителям творчества Говарда Ловкрафта (он даже упоминается в титрах как источник вдохновения). На самом деле в истории многое перекликается с работами писателя, поэтому и в истории все не так просто.

Игра, сделанная двумя поклонниками жанра, при поддержке кучки товарищей, достойна внимания. И (тс!) просмотра титров до конца. Только чтобы дойти до этих титров вам необходимо быть очень (ОЧЕНЬ!) внимательными к деталям окружения. Предметы копятся, не исчезая после решения загадки, подсказок мало, действия для продвижения по сюжету порой очень не очевидны.

Поэтому напрягите слух, вчитайтесь в страницы дневника, и задайтесь вопросом: а в вашем доме не слышен странный шорох по ночам?
Опубликовано: 13 января 2014
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