Dark Legends surround the old abandoned Blackwood house, secluded far away in the northern wastelands. For writer Michael Arthate, this cold, solitary atmosphere is fodder for his restless imagination. But Michael soon becomes distracted by the mysteries offered up, as he follows a trail exploring and delving into the secrets of the past.
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Datum vydání: 8. bře. 2006

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Koupit Scratches

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"Creates a feeling of classic horror that is rarely attained in gaming."


“They have really pulled out all the stops with their first effort and created one classic piece of Adventure gaming. Just don't get too used to that luxury called sleep.”
100% Game of the Year – Just Adventure

“A creepy and fun title, fans of the Myst series and with a love of horror will be right at home in this game.”
83% – PC Game World

“If you're an adventure gaming veteran, especially if you like the horror / creepy / gothic-type atmosphere, then Scratches is for you. It's a solid game.”
77% – IGN

Informace o hře

Dark Legends surround the old abandoned Blackwood house, secluded far away in the northern wastelands.

For writer Michael Arthate, this cold, solitary atmosphere is fodder for his restless imagination. But Michael soon becomes distracted by the mysteries offered up, as he follows a trail exploring and delving into the secrets of the past. As he is drawn deeper into the story, his sleep is shattered by mysterious noises, and he is plagued by nightmares that cross into reality.

Whose shadows lurk in the dark corners? Is that lonely house inhabited by restless spirits of the past or something more sinister? What is that sound that chills to the very bone...scratching?

Join Michael in a suspenseful adventure, as you explore beautiful and chilling environments. Prowl dark corners and solve puzzles leading to the solution of a tale begun with obsession, and ending with madness and murder.


  • Eerie and immersive story
  • Haunting soundtrack
  • Full 360 degree panoramic viewing
  • Puzzles and challenges throughout
  • Numerous hours of gameplay
  • Explore a Victorian mansion, sinister chapel, forbidding crypt, musty rooms, greenhouse…

Director’s Cut includes:

  • An alternate ending that might be more shocking than the original
  • A new chapter: “The Last Visit” will have you back at the house 10 years after the events of the original game
  • Michael’s diary with more clues and thoughts from the main character
  • Upgraded graphics and an eerier soundtrack

Systémové požadavky

    • OS: Windows® XP / Vista™ / Windows® 7
    • Processor: 1.0 GHz CPU
    • Memory: 256MB
    • Hard Disk Space: 500MB
    • Video Card: OpenGL 1.2 compatible with 64MB RAM
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Sound: Sound card with DirectX 9.0c support
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4 z 4 osob (100%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
7.7 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 1. listopadu
Very interesting game, atmospheric und beautiful artwork.

The storyline is well made with lots of corners and twists.

For point and click adventure lovers, definitely recommendable, but beware the thriller/horror setting.

No jump-scares but intense atmosphere provide the shiver down your back.

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1 z 1 osob (100%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
3.7 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 11. listopadu
For the people who find this game to be too difficult, here is a Will Stamper quote that might make you think:

'If you hate hard stuff, shut up and do better'.

It's not hard, you just need to do better.

Great game by the way.

Pretty damn cool.
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1 z 1 osob (100%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
0.3 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 13. listopadu
Atmospheric, creepy and really beautiful.
A very good company for a rainy night.
Shut down the lights, make some tea and prepare yourself to be immersed in this big manor and its suroundings.
Unravel the mystery~!

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0 z 1 osob (0%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
11.1 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 6. listopadu
Game is very, I actually had to stop playing just to catch my barrings after this one shocking moment. The music didn't help,

In the game, you learne the creepy ♥♥♥♥ is happening because some guy stole this Mask from an African tribe that used it in rituchual killings. I still don't know all the deatails, but after takeing the mask, his life got turned upiside down, and he may have killed his wife out of insanity. Still too ealy to tell. His friend, a rationist doctor, inherited the house, and began to expirence the same case of events Mr.Blackwood went through. I found the mask that was hidden under a boarded up door behind a display case. My character wakes up in the night with no clear upjective other than a wird feeling. I decide to go check on the mask to see if that would give me a clue to the next ubjective and guess what...

It's Gone!

My cue to take a break.

It's a point and click, and one that reaquires you to tinker with stuff. If you get stuck, someone made a great walthrough that just tells you what to do without giveing anything away. Game is definatly a geme in my book. The game hasn't jump scared me yet, and it's still got me to log off out of fear. That my friend is impressive.
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1 z 4 osob (25%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
1.0 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 31. října
♥♥♥♥ing scary ♥♥♥♥ man.
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0 z 2 osob (0%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
14.3 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 7. listopadu
I blame Jerry...
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2 z 8 osob (25%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
5.0 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 3. listopadu
This game is a long "spooky" walking simulator! there are so many features like Click on door, grab random stuff, and my favorite option Call Jerry!!!! There are many scares like walking around in a house, 2 encounters of scratching sounds, a single slow "Jump" scare, and best of all nothing. If you like to walk around a erie house and not know what to do unless you follow a walkthrough this game is just for you! glad i got it on the Halloween for $0.99 i don't know anyone in thier right mind who would pay $10.00 save yourself some time and play some other horror game that doesn't have a blaring warning in its comments. The game does not even conclude the mystery not even in the last visit DLC. Does not put current horror genre to shame!
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0.7 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 18. listopadu
A good point and click with thriller like aspects that makes good use of sound and tension.

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0.1 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 19. listopadu
It has its moments of being fun, and some moments of being rather arduous. For a horror point and click game, it kinda misses the "horror" part as, without wishing to spoil anything, theres around only 2 pop up scares throughout the entire game: One you see coming, the other one I didn't notice till my second playthrough and my friend pointed out "Hey I think that thing is looking at you". The rest of the game is a journey through and old house.

The atmosphere is nice, and it can be fun to explore. The music adds a bit to the scene and you can really get drawn in. But the puzzles...why are the puzzles so ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Without a walkthrough, you'll spend most of the game running around clicking everything and phoning Jerry. I admit, this game doesn't hold your hand, most clues to puzzles are looking you in the face, you just gotta pay attention to the detail and then you'll realize what it's on about. Other times the game says "screw it, just click everything and see what works." A slight spoiler alert, towards the end of the game one puzzle makes you get a mirror from a bedroom, place it at an exact spot outside the house, and make the light reflect off it to open a secret passage. How you were able to figure that out on you're own is beyond me.

In the end, its a nice time killer if you wanna play a laid back point and click game at your own pace, while using steam overlay to bring up a guide to see what to do next.
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8.9 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 19. listopadu
Very good game for lovers of horror novels and short stories.
The average gamer would probaly not like the game too much, but for us horror fans it's pretty cool.
It took me 8 hours to complete the game, so it's basically 2 or 3 good nights of play.

Here in 2014 the graphics of course seem a bit dated, but they are definitely athmospheric and nice.

The game itself has a nice creepy mood and a pretty good story (more or less in the style of H.P. Lovecraft).
The game almost has no interface which at first seems a bit limiting. But the lack of an interface actually adds to the immersion I think. I was pretty immersed anyways. It's just point and click and rightclick for inventory. That's all. But you do have to combine some items and use the environment creatively with your items so it's not too simple. The minimalistic interface actually works.

The only cons I can find is the lenght of the game (but hey, sometimes you want a short game) and a few very difficult puzzles, like where you actually understand what you have to do but still can't get it to work because you miss the small area you have to click. Other times you are a bit stuck until you do one specific thing. But all in all these were minor flaws. And a pro tip for everyone: If you are stuck in this game then check the mailbox or call someone on the telephone. In two out of three cases that does the job ;-)

I give the game 8.0 / 10.0 and a thumbs up
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1.6 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 17. listopadu
have you ever walked past a old house? Did you ever stopped and thought about what ever happened in that house? If you see past the chipped paint and the decayed wood will you find something truly horrifing? that is what scratches delivers, it tell the story of a author staying at a old manor for inspiration for his books. the atmosphere is so thick that even opening a door can make your heart race. the gameplay is your standered point and click puzzle affair, nothing ground breaking but works fine with the atmosphere and story. I give Scratches-director's Cut a 9/10.
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4.5 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 23. listopadu
i got the s#^* scared outta me with the well timed jumpscares. i totally recommend this to all horror fans. good story well paced, difficult puzzles
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1 z 1 osob (100%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
5.7 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 20. října
+ great atmosphere; melancholic and depressing during the day, creepy during the night. Possibly the most atmospherical indie point and click adventure I ever played (for me, personally, even more than Amnesia but I may be just weird)
+ incredible soundtrack and sounds
+ despite technical limitations and game being practically 2D, visually detailed (and depressing)
- voice acting of the main protagonist
- adventure-wise too hard; is not possible to be completed without an occasional peek in a walkthrough. Seriously.
- a modern player may find the slower pace of the game and technical limitations off-putting (I care not for it though, it comes with the genre imo. But to be objective I must mention it)
- only 4:3 resolutions; although - thanks to the game not being 3D - it's not distracting if you "stretch" this 4:3 on a 16:9/10 monitor. Seriously, chances are you won't even notice that much. Then again, it is worth mentioning.

Not so well known atmospheric horror gem. Game practically only works in two modes: melancholic or downright creepy.
After all these years after my first playthrough, even though I vaguely remember what's gonna happen and when, it still manages to give me the chills, literally. No other game, as far as I remember, could pull that off. Startling? Why yes of course, when something jumps you unexpectedly you flinch, naturally. But chills, that's an exceptional reaction to pull off. My hat is off.
You'll meet no other person to speak to which only intensifies the atmosphere; it's just you, old abandoned Victorian house and a melancholic piano music.

Few things are kind of dragging it down though - lame voice acting of the main protagonist, high difficulty and the fact that it supports only 1024x768 resolution (which, given the genre of panoramic point and click adventure, doesn't look so bad as one would expect but meh). The somewhat slow pace of the game is not cut-out for everyone as well. Kind of love or hate thing. But definitely deserves more attention than it got.
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54 z 90 osob (60%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
0.9 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 6. října
In this game, you play as a drunk man with glaucoma as you attempt to navigate a mansion built for an elf. Your friend Jerry calls you and hangs up after three seconds, and you are tasked with trying to collect and put together mundane objects while somber orchestral music plays. This game has a nice array of challenges, from trying to walk in a straight line to trying to interact with an item without accidentally leaving the room. Your main character has a touching backstory; due to a tragic accident he can only look in 45-degree angles and has a hard time making eye contact with the furniture. I love how the game crashes a lot, too. Really gets into your head. Five dirt stars.
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13 z 17 osob (76%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
1.8 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 17. října
I first watched a lets play of this game and another mansion horror game: Pineview Drive. I wanted to give Pineview Drive a negative review because it sucks and is pointless, but that would mean having to pay for it. I already owned Scratches, so lets give this game a positive review instead.

This game is great.

Honestly it's not for everyone, but seriously it's great. Unlike Pineview Drive there is an actual story with real weight to it. Everything has a reason and a consequence, and it's meangingful to a character that you learn to care about.

The game is slow, dated interface and graphics, and requires a lot of reading without voice over. That's a drawback to most people, but it's atmosphere is great and meaningful. It has a couple puzzles and very few jumpscares but they are in places that actually matter to the story and give you a memorable experience unlike a certain other game.

Scratches has a heavy story with not a whole lot of game action, definately not everyone is into that, but this game is beautifully catered to the people who are into that. Great atmosphere, very imersive, great story.
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8 z 8 osob (100%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
26.3 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 10. října
Seriously a dark and creepy game. Everybody should play this. It does have some difficult puzzles in it. But if you use common sense, you'll be able to figure most of them out.
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5 z 6 osob (83%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
9.3 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 20. září
Very atmospheric and immersive horror adventure, if you let yourself be immersed. Otherwise, you will probably just get frustrated with, sometimes, illogical puzzles and "aimless" wandering.
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3 z 3 osob (100%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
6.0 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 19. října
Interesting game. Creepy atmosphere and captivating story. I really enjoyed exploring the mansion!
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2 z 3 osob (67%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
11.9 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 22. září
Psychological horror at its finest. The story is enticing and very unsettling as it unravels, and the soundtrack accompanies it brilliantly. There are a few issues, such as the strange jumps in logic regarding certain things which needs to be done, and I've consulted a walthrough a couple of times. The game is all about triggers, and can't progress without certain things having been done first. While this is a bit annoying, it's well worth it in terms of story. Another downside is the short length of it (it couldn't possibly be any longer, but I wish it was - it was done in about six-seven hours), and the fact that you can't explore more things with it being a point and click game.

That being said, the game is great, and I definitely recommend it to those who enjoy good old fashioned horror, the unsettling kind which is more than just jump scares and loud noises.
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2 z 3 osob (67%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
20.0 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 26. srpna
Like playing through a horror novel, this game is absolute bliss for point and click fans.

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