World of Tanks Blitz är en Free-to-Play PvP succé där befälhavare kämpar mot varandra i stridsvagnsslag, 7 mot 7 spelare. Över 200 unika vagnar från Tyskland, Japan, Frankrike, Storbritannien, USA, Sovjetunionen och Kina finns redo för strid. Välj din vagn, uppgradera den och ta den ut på en av över ett dussin olika slagfält.
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9 nov, 2016

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13 april

Exceptional AMX 30 1er Prototype

Its streamlined hull cuts through the air with graceful ease. Its powerful engine allows it to smoothly overcome steep slopes. Its gun unleashes an avalanche of shells on the terrified enemy. Its superior maneuverability makes up for its weak armor: it easily dodges enemy shots.

Meet the AMX 30 1er prototype—a tank for real pros. Take full advantage of its mobility and permanent enrichment!

You will have a chance to receive the enriched AMX 30 1er prototype and other rewards by purchasing AMX 30 1er prot. containers available in the in-game Store until April 27. For the time being, this is the only way to get the new vehicle.

More about the AMX 30 1er prot.

If a skillful opponent has ever haunted you on the Leopard 1, you know what to expect from the new French Tier IX tank. Shells will hit you out of nowhere, and when you look around, you won’t find your attacker, because it has already disappeared behind a hill. Don’t even waste your time asking yourself how it got there.

The AMX 30 1er prototype is perfect for this kind of trick. Just look at the characteristics of this medium (almost light) tank:

Even its turret has weak armor, but thanks to its flat shape, there’s always a chance that an enemy shell will ricochet off its surface. You can also be saved by the thick gun mantle, but you shouldn’t count on it—fight as if each enemy shot could be the last.

The AMX 30 1er prototype’s speed is your best option for avoiding damage. The vehicle starts abruptly and quickly reaches its maximum speed, and barely slows down when it turns sharply. Feel free to maneuver and prevent the enemy from taking aim. Speed is your strength: you can appear when nobody expects you. Only you can decide where to attack—so attack!

The new tank features a familiar gun from the AMX 50 100, except that the “prototype” lacks a drum autoloader. This gun has another bonus—its depression angle is 10 degrees. You will especially enjoy riding up and down hills on the AMX 30 1er prototype!

The AMX 30 1er prototype is not a Premium tank. Its profitability corresponds to that of Tier IX researchable vehicles with activated enrichment. For balance purposes, the characteristics of the AMX 30 1er prototype can be adjusted in future updates, if necessary.

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6 april

Blitz Biathlon
Snow? What snow? Steel tracks don’t care what surface they’re rushing over while carrying their commander towards victory. Half-melted snow, boggy dirt trails, swampy meadows, stone paving, asphalt road—all of them are ideal conditions for the spectacular and intense Blitz Biathlon.

Join the race! Show your mastery in driving a tank and marksmanship—and get the rare VIII Chieftain/T95 Premium tank as a reward!

The race begins on 6 April

Blitz Biathlon is divided into two phases. The first one will take place from 6 to 16 April. During these days you will be able to earn special items and use them to complete stages of the in-game event. The second phase will last from 16 to 22 April. During this period, you will be able to complete stages using gold only. The precise schedule for your region is below:

  • CIS: first phase—from 6 April 12:00 (MSK) to 16 April 12:00 (MSK). The event will end on 22 April at 12:00 (MSK).
  • Asia: first phase—from 6 April 17:00 (UTC+8) to 16 April 17:00 (UTC+8). The event will end on 22 April at 17:00 (UTC+8).
  • North America: first phase—from 6 April 2:00 (PT), 5:00 (ET) to 16 April 2:00 (PT), 5:00 (ET). The event will end on 22 April at 2:00 (PT), 5:00 (ET).
  • Europe: first phase—from 6 April 11:00 (CEST) to 16 April 11:00 (CEST). The event will end on 22 April at 11:00 (CEST).

Fight for the Chieftain/T95

Upon tapping the event button in the Garage, you will see the series of stages with the rare Chieftain/T95 waiting at the finish line. To unlock stages and get prizes, earn Trophies, Projectiles, and Emblems.

Don’t want to submerge yourself in the details? Learn all the conditions in 30 seconds!

Earn as much Combat XP as you can and complete missions—you will be rewarded with Trophies. Unlock stages using Trophies and receive Projectiles. Each Projectile activates a special task of 5 battles. The best battle out of five will bring you Emblems. Use Emblems to unlock key stages and get prizes. If you play well, you’ll earn enough Emblems for the Chieftain/T95!

What is the fastest way to complete the biathlon? Take a Tier IX or X vehicle and head off to rating battles, ideally as a member of the Platinum or Diamond League. The Gold League will do as well, but it will give you only a bonus for the vehicle tier. If you are in the Silver or Bronze League for now, complete stages in regular battles—and select the tank in which you play best!


Initial and intermediary stages of the task series are unlocked using Trophies. To get them, complete daily missions and earn Combat Experience in regular, rating, or tournament battles.

  • On average, you can earn 50 Trophies for completing missions.
  • For every 500 Combat XP earned in a single battle you will receive 10 Trophies. Premium Account bonus and other bonuses are not applied.
  • The requirement for the Combat XP amount is strict. If you earned 499 Combat XP, you will receive no Trophies. If you earned 999 Combat XP, you will get 10 Trophies.
  • If you have Premium Account active, you will receive 15 Trophies for every 500 Combat XP.
  • In rating battles, the system of multipliers is applied depending on your league.


Projectiles are special items awarded for the completion of intermediate stages of the task series. They activate a special task—Firing Lines. The task includes a series of 5 battles, in which you should try to earn as much base Experience as you can. You can find the detailed information about the special task below.

What are Projectiles needed for?

During the previous in-game event, there was a task with a series of battles, where the one with the best result was counted. At that time, many of you were just fighting and didn’t know that your results were already being counted for the series of tasks. For that reason, it was difficult to improve your performance when necessary and get rewards. The new mechanics will allow you to control where you should start to complete the important series of battles.

Important: as soon as the Projectile appears in your Storage, the next five battles in Tier V–X vehicles will be counted for the calculation of Emblems. So we advise you to complete stages with Projectiles only when you are 100% ready to fight this series of battles and show your best performance. If you just want to “farm” some credits amidst the series of battles, you’d better do it in Tier I–IV vehicles—it is not very effective, but it will not affect the results.


Emblems are required to pass the Firing Lines (the stages with the target icon) and unlock the final stages with the main rewards.

How to get Emblems?

  • First complete an intermediate stage with the projectile icon and get a Projectile.
  • Upon the receipt of the Projectile, fight the next five battles in Tier V-X vehicles. Regular, rating, and tournament battles are counted.
  • The system uses the base Experience earned in every battle to estimate the number of Emblems that you should get. When you have played 5 battles, the system will select ONE best result with most Emblems earned and will add them to your Storage.
    • 1 Combat XP earned in regular and tournament battles brings you 1 Emblem. In rating battles, the system of multipliers is applied depending on your league.
    • Only base Combat XP is counted. Premium Account, first victory bonuses, and boosters have no effect on the number of Emblems.

  • After a series of five battles ends, one Projectile is removed from your Storage. In total, you can earn 6 Projectiles during the event and fight 6 series of battles to earn Emblems.

    On the results screen of the last battle of the series, you will see the number of Emblems awarded for your best result achieved in one battle out of 5. It may not coincide with the amount of Experience earned during the last battle.

    Accrual of Trophies and Emblems in Rating Battles

    In rating battles, Trophies and Emblems are calculated using the multiplier depending on your league and rating:

    • 0.5—multiplier for the Bronze League, when the player has a rating of 0–999 points
    • 0.6—multiplier for the Bronze League, when the player has a rating of 1,000–1,999 points
    • 0.8—multiplier for the Silver League
    • 1—multiplier for the Gold League
    • 1.15—multiplier for the Platinum League
    • 1.3—multiplier for the Diamond League

    For calibrating battles, no multipliers are applied: 1 Combat XP will bring you 1 Emblem.


    You fought a battle in the Platinum League and earned 1,000 base Combat XP.

    • The number of Emblems will be calculated as follows: 1,000 is multiplied by 1.15 Platinum League multiplier. You get 1,000*1.15=1,150 Emblems.
    • Now let’s calculate the number of Trophies. For 1,000 Combat XP you should get 20 Trophies. 20 Trophies are multiplied by the same league multiplier of 1.15. We receive 20*1.15=23 Trophies. With Premium Account, the result will be also multiplied by Premium Account bonus of 1.5, and you will have 20*1.15*1.5=35 Trophies.

    Members of the Platinum and Diamond Leagues will earn more Emblems and Trophies in rating battles. We reduced the multiplier for Silver and Bronze Leagues to avoid cases where players artificially reduce their ratings in order to earn additional Emblems in battles against weak opponents.

    Main Prize—the Chieftain/T95

    For now, it’s the only Premium British Tier VIII tank. It’s also so rare that we can almost call it new. The vehicle features worthy characteristics and may suit tastes of many commanders.

    The Chieftain/T95 features quite low damage per shot for a heavy tank, but makes up for it with good accuracy and high rate of fire. Where an opponent shoots only once, our hero will fire two shells. This British tank has an awesome 10 degrees of gun depression, and its solid, well-armored turret does a great job of blocking damage. If you use terrain wisely, you will be able to deal considerable damage almost without receiving damage in response.

    The front hull armor of the Chieftain/T95 is only 85 mm, but this British tank boasts excellent maneuverability, inferior only to that of the French AMX 50 100. The high top speed, including a reverse speed of 20 km/h, allows it to change positions nimbly and take cover. And great crossing capacity makes the Chieftain a true biathlonist—confident on any type of terrain, whether hard ground or marshland!

    And Other Rewards

    Upon completing the main and additional stages of the Blitz Biathlon, you will receive:

    • VIII Chieftain/T95, along with a Garage slot
    • 100,000 Spare Parts
    • 105 Special Cooldown boosters
    • 50 Standard Credit boosters

    Now you know everything necessary for victory. An intense race and furious struggle lie ahead. We wish you good luck, and we’ll see you at the finish line!
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Vårens turneringssäsong och rankade strider är i full gång!

Uppdatering 4.8:
" Vårens turneringssäsong och rankade strider är i full gång!
" Den nya förmågan Precisionseld lades till och besättningserfarenhetsbonusen när du ökar träningshastigheten med guld höjdes från 300% till 1 000%!
" Premiumvagnar förbättrades. Franska vagnar fick mer ammunition. Klena kanoner och motorer som saktade ner forskningen togs bort från många vagnar.
" Nya inställningar, förbättrat gränssnitt och bugfixar.
Det är inte allt, men resten kommer bli en överraskning!

Om detta spel

World of Tanks Blitz är ett Free-to-Play, lagbaserat MMO-actionspel där du tar befälet över historiska stridsvagnar i hårda strider. Ta striden mot Steam-användare och spelare på mobil, Windows 10 och Mac. Kör och uppgradera över 200 legendariska stridsvagnar i 4 olika kategorier, bemästra taktiken på över ett dussin olika kartor, samarbeta med dina vänner i Plutonsspel för att få extra bonusar i spelet och genomför Stridsuppdrag för att testa din färdighet. Du kan använda ditt ID för att logga in på ditt konto oavsett vilken plattform du spelar på.


  • Över 200 ikoniska vagnar från Tyskland, Japan, Frankrike, Storbritannien, USA, Sovjetunionen och Kina
  • 4 Olika vagnstyper: lätta, tunga och medeltunga stridsvagnar samt pansarvärnskanonvagnar
  • Strategiska multiplayerstrider, 7 mot 7 spelare.
  • 18 Unika kartor
  • Chattfunktion i spelet
  • Innovativt system för besättningsträning
  • Spela på flera plattformar
  • Ständiga förbättringar och grafikuppgraderingar samt optimeringar för olika plattformar
  • Realistisk fysik för att återskapa autentiska rörelser och skador
  • Detaljerad handledning
  • Möjlighet att bjuda in vänner till onlinespel
  • Prestationer i spelet
  • Free-to-Play med samma tillgång till spelet för betalande och icke-betalande spelare
  • Intuitiv, lättlärd spelkontroll
  • Stridsuppdrag som ger nya fräscha och personligt utformade utmaningar av olika svårighetsgrad och som belönas med bonusar i spelet
  • Klanfunktioner som låter spelare samarbeta för seger
  • Träningsrum som låter dig träna dina färdigheter mot dina vänner


Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows 7, 8.0, 8.1, 10 
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • Minne: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafik: DirectX 9.0c compliant video card with 256 MB RAM
    • Lagring: 3 GB ledigt utrymme
    • Ytterligare anmärkningar: Storage: 3 GB available space
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