World of Tanks Blitz, Almanya, Japonya, Fransa, İngiltere, ABD, SSCB ve Çin’den uzmanlaşılabilecek 200’ün üzerinde eşsiz araç ile komutanları 7’ye 7 tank savaşında karşı karşıya getiren, başarılı Oynaması Ücretsiz PvP oyundur. Tankınızı seçin, aracınızı yükseltin ve bir düzinenin üzerinde haritada savaşın.
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9 Kas 2016

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20 Nisan

Heavy Steps of China

The Chinese offensive is gathering speed in Update 4.9! The branch of medium tanks is now accompanied by a branch of four Tier VII–X heavy tanks. Get to know them better and choose your new favorite tank!

Tier VII—IS-2

Researched via the Type 58 for 61,360 XP

The Soviet IS in its “pre-top” modification awaits you under the Chinese flag. It features a slightly weakened engine and front armor, but preserves the power of the 122 mm “destructor”.

Instead of APCR Premium shells, the IS-2 is now armed with more effective HEAT shells. The IS-2 can penetrate 250 mm armor, which is 33 mm more than the Soviet modification. But remember that HEAT shells are quite temperamental! Apart from that, the top guns of the Chinese and Soviet tanks are almost the same.

Tier VIII—WZ-110

Researched via the IS-2 for 85,000 XP

An interesting modernization of the IS-2: its features are easily recognizable in the suspension and hull of the WZ-110. The WZ-110 existed only on paper, but in the game it will take its rightful place among the vehicles shaping the outcome of battle.

The Chinese warrior can strengthen your high ambitions with its sloped 120 mm “pike nose” armor, a turret that easily deflects enemy shells, and a fast-firing gun with 2,230 HP of potential damage per minute. And that's before you add equipment and provisions.

The WZ-110 has some drawbacks too: its penetration may be not enough to confront Tier IX tanks, and the low traverse speed makes it vulnerable to maneuverable tanks.

Tier IX—WZ-111 model 1-4

Researched via the WZ-110 for 150,000 XP

Take command of a battle-seasoned tank, which was intended to replace the IS-2 and IS-3 in service for China. The WZ-111 1-4 vaguely resembles the IS-3 and IS-8: a similar “pike nose” (though a less steep one) and turret that easily deflects enemy shells. The low oblong hull and very long gun make this vehicle look like a predator: the enemy won’t be able to forget that he is just the prey!

It is not by chance that this tank has such a threatening look: the WZ-111 1-4 is first among the Tier IX heavy tanks by average damage per shot. The same damage can be inflicted only by two German tanks—the E 75 and VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B. The penetration characteristic of this Chinese tank is high as well: 246 mm will be enough to confront most of opponents.

The WZ-111 1-4 pays for the good characteristics of its gun with a slow reload and small gun depression/elevation angles. The gun barely inclines downwards, which prevents you from reaping the full benefit of the almost shell-proof turret. Its hull armor is less reliable: though it will protect you from medium and light tanks, it will not survive against other heavies and tank destroyers.

Tier X—WZ-113

Researched via the WZ-111 1-4 for 200,000 XP

The head of the Chinese branch in World of Tanks Blitz also existed only in blueprints. It resembles the Т-54, but the one that ate a lot of porridge and always finished its bread and broccoli. So he grew up big and strong!

But enough joking around. The WZ-113 is a very serious guy. Its impressive 122 mm gun is one of the most fast-firing among Tier X heavies. This gun can deal heavy damage at 400 HP per shot. In total, the WZ-113 can deal almost 2,900 HP of damage per minute, and with equipment and provisions—almost 3,300 HP!

The high rate of fire and damage means low penetration? Not for the WZ-113! An AP shell penetrates 255 mm on average—a fairly standard parameter as compared to its opponents. But the gun depression/elevation angles leave much to be desired: a depression angle of 6 degrees makes it difficult to play on maps with varied relief.

Though the WZ-113 resembles a medium tank, its maneuverability is a bit lacking. The tank perfectly gains speed: to 40 km/h in about 8 seconds on hard terrain. But this Chinese top tank doesn’t like to traverse and does so in a dignified, unhurried manner similar to the Maus. The turret traverse speed of the WZ-113 is also slow— be wary of light and medium tanks!

However, the turret’s front armor of 260 mm is the thickest among Tier X heavies. And the round shape of the turret allows it to easily bounce off enemy shells. It is very difficult to penetrate the turret of the WZ-113. This tank features 120 mm of front hull and side armor, which allows it to absorb damage when it is positioned at an angle (but it is better to hide the lower armor plate).

The WZ-113 is a perfect fighter against heavy tanks. Its fast-firing gun makes it the perfect support for the FV215b (183) and E 100—these vehicles always need cover while reloading. And if you decide to rush in to attack with other assault tanks, the fast acceleration and balanced armor will come into play.
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13 Nisan

Exceptional AMX 30 1er Prototype

Its streamlined hull cuts through the air with graceful ease. Its powerful engine allows it to smoothly overcome steep slopes. Its gun unleashes an avalanche of shells on the terrified enemy. Its superior maneuverability makes up for its weak armor: it easily dodges enemy shots.

Meet the AMX 30 1er prototype—a tank for real pros. Take full advantage of its mobility and permanent enrichment!

You will have a chance to receive the enriched AMX 30 1er prototype and other rewards by purchasing AMX 30 1er prot. containers available in the in-game Store until April 27. For the time being, this is the only way to get the new vehicle.

More about the AMX 30 1er prot.

If a skillful opponent has ever haunted you on the Leopard 1, you know what to expect from the new French Tier IX tank. Shells will hit you out of nowhere, and when you look around, you won’t find your attacker, because it has already disappeared behind a hill. Don’t even waste your time asking yourself how it got there.

The AMX 30 1er prototype is perfect for this kind of trick. Just look at the characteristics of this medium (almost light) tank:

Even its turret has weak armor, but thanks to its flat shape, there’s always a chance that an enemy shell will ricochet off its surface. You can also be saved by the thick gun mantle, but you shouldn’t count on it—fight as if each enemy shot could be the last.

The AMX 30 1er prototype’s speed is your best option for avoiding damage. The vehicle starts abruptly and quickly reaches its maximum speed, and barely slows down when it turns sharply. Feel free to maneuver and prevent the enemy from taking aim. Speed is your strength: you can appear when nobody expects you. Only you can decide where to attack—so attack!

The new tank features a familiar gun from the AMX 50 100, except that the “prototype” lacks a drum autoloader. This gun has another bonus—its depression angle is 10 degrees. You will especially enjoy riding up and down hills on the AMX 30 1er prototype!

The AMX 30 1er prototype is not a Premium tank. Its profitability corresponds to that of Tier IX researchable vehicles with activated enrichment. For balance purposes, the characteristics of the AMX 30 1er prototype can be adjusted in future updates, if necessary.

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Turnuvaların Bahar Sezonu ve reyting savaşları devam ediyor!

4.8 Güncellemesi:
o Turnuvaların Bahar Sezonu ve reyting savaşları devam ediyor!
o Nokta Atışı becerisi eklendi. Ve eğitim altın kullanarak hızlandırıldığında Mürettebat Deneyimi bonusu %300'den %1.000'e artırıldı!
o Premium araçlar güçlendirildi. Fransız tankları daha fazla cephaneye sahip. Araştırmayı yavaşlatan zayıf toplar ve motorlar çoğu araçtan kaldırıldı.
o Yeni ayarlar eklendi, arabirim iyileştirildi, hatalar düzeltildi.
Hepsi bu değil ama gerisi sürpriz olsun!

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World of Tanks Blitz çetin tank savaşlarına adanmış, platformlar arası, ekip tabanlı, Oynaması Ücretsiz MMO aksiyon oyunudur. Steam oyuncularına karşı çetin savaşlara atılın ve oyunculara mobil, Mac ve Windows 10 üzerinde meydan okuyun; 4 farklı sınıfta 200’ün üzerinde efsanevi zırhlı aracı yükseltin ve komuta edin; bir düzinenin üzerinde haritada taktiklerinizde uzmanlaşın; arkadaşlarınızla Takımlarda birleşip oyun içi bonuslar ve ödülleri kapın ve becerilerinizi gerçekten sınamak için Savaş Görevlerini tamamlayın.


  • Almanya, Japonya, Fransa, İngiltere, ABD, SSCB ve Çin’den 200’ün üzerinde iz bırakan araç
  • Hafif tanklar, orta tanklar, ağır tanklar ve tank avcılarından oluşan 4 farklı araç sınıfı
  • Stratejik 7’ye 7 çevrimiçi çok oyunculu oyun
  • 18 eşsiz savaş arenası
  • Oyun içi sohbet özelliği
  • Yenilikçi mürettebat yükseltme sistemi
  • Platformlar arası oynanış
  • Sürekli grafik geliştirmeler ve güncellemelerin yanı sıra çeşitli platformlar için optimizasyonlar
  • Gerçekçi tank hareketi ve hasar mekaniği için gerçek hayat fiziği
  • Detaylı eğitimler
  • Çevrimiçi oynamak için arkadaşlarınızı davet edebilme
  • Oyun içi başarılar
  • Oynaması Ücretsiz ve ödeyen ve ödemeyen oyuncular için oyun içi ögelere eşit erişim
  • Öğrenmesi kolay, sezgisel kumandalar
  • Çeşitli zorluklarda, yeni, kişiselleştirilmiş sınavlar sunan ve oyuncuların bonus ve başarı kazanmalarını sağlayan Savaş Görevleri
  • Oyuncuların zafer peşinde birleşmelerini sağlayan klan özelliği
  • Oyun haritaları ve taktikler üzerinde uzmanlaşmak için arkadaşlarınızla bir araya gelebileceğiniz Eğitim Odaları

Sistem Gereksinimleri

Mac OS X
    • İşletim Sistemi: Windows 7, 8.0, 8.1, 10 
    • İşlemci: 2 GHz
    • Bellek: 2 GB RAM
    • Ekran Kartı: DirectX 9.0c compliant video card with 256 MB RAM
    • Depolama: 3 GB kullanılabilir alan
    • İlave Notlar: Storage: 3 GB available space
    • İşletim Sistemi: Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
    • Bellek: 2 GB RAM
    • Depolama: 3 GB kullanılabilir alan
    • İlave Notlar: Mac OS X 10.9 supported models:
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