World of Tanks Blitz je bezplatný PvP trhák, který proti sobě staví velitele v tankových soubojích ve formátu 7 proti 7, s více než 200 unikátními vozidly z Německa, Japonska, Francie, Británie, USA, SSSR a Číny. Vyberte si svůj tank, vylepšete ho a bojujte na více než tuctu map.
Nedávné recenze:
Smíšené (660) - 69% z 660 uživatelských recenzí z posledních 30 dní je kladných.
Všechny recenze:
Spíše kladné (9,581) - 71% z 9,581 uživatelů ohodnotilo tuto hru kladně.
Datum vydání:
9. lis. 2016

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9. listopadu

Update 4.4

On November 9, Update 4.4 was released. It will bring many small but important changes. We’ve improved rating battles, Military Honor, and additional equipment. Vehicle parameters have also been changed.

Watch the video below for the most important information about Update 4.4:
Major changes and new features
  • Rating battles were improved:
    • Now rating battles are available only during a certain period of time that is different for each region:
      • CIS: 8:00—1:00 (MSK).
      • Europe: 6:00—3:00 (CET).
      • North America: 7:00—21:00 (PT); 10:00—0:00 (ET).
      • Asia: 10:00—1:00 (UTC +8).
    • Rating battles on Tier IX vehicles can be entered only with top modules mounted. For Tier X vehicles, any modules can be used.
    • The rating battle team results screen was improved: an average rating of the team is displayed above the list of players; instead of Combat Experience received, a personal rating is displayed.
    • Now you can fight a rating battle in a platoon only if both platoon mates are rated. This means that the first rating battle should be played alone.
    • The player rating and leagues are now displayed on the clan’s military personnel screen.
  • A new branch of British vehicles was added:
    • The Tier II light tank Cruiser Mk. I
    • The Tier III light tank Cruiser Mk. II
    • The Tier IV light tank Valentine
    • The Tier V medium tank Sherman V
    • The Tier VI medium tank Sherman Firefly
  • Map availability for vehicles was changed:
    • The Naval Frontier map will be available for vehicles of Tier VI and higher.
    • The Copperfield map will be available for Tier I–VII vehicles.
    • The Mirage and Lost Temple maps will be available for Tier III–VII vehicles.
  • Complaints and praises system was improved:
    • The Military Honor level will now be displayed next to the player’s name in chat messages.
    • Notifications for complaints and praises will be received in the Garage.
    • In the Military Honor window, statistics will now be available for both the last 30 days and the whole time period.
  • Vehicle characteristics were changed:
    • French “drummers” were weakened.
    • The Tier V–VI Premium vehicle parameters were improved.
    • The parameters of some other vehicles from the Tech Tree were changed.
  • A new camouflage was added:
    • The legendary Troublemaker camouflage for the Grille 15 with an unlock cost of 2,840 gold. It changes the vehicle name in battle to Troublemaker.

  • Other improvements:
    • In the team results of both regular and rating battles, players are now by default sorted by damage caused.
    • The player profile that opens when switching from the team results screen was improved: information on the rating, victory ratio, average damage, number of battles, and Military Honor was added.
    • Invitations to tournament teams were improved. Previously, to join a team, it was enough to click “Accept” in the invitation. Now there will be a “To Team” button in the invitation, clicking it will open the team profile window. Only in this window, you can click the “Accept” button and become a member of the tournament team.
    • In the Other tab of the settings, it’s now possible to disable pop-up notifications for friend requests and invitations to training rooms.
New equipment
The Protected Modules and Enhanced Cabin equipment were removed. Instead, new equipment was added:

Improved Modules
+10% to track, fuel tank, and ammo rack durability
-20% to damage from ramming

Defense System
-10% to the chance of engine damage
-8% to the chance of crew injury
-7% to the chance of ammo rack damage

The equipment parameters were changed as follows:

Calibrated Shells
The bonus to penetration with High-Explosive Anti-Tank and High-Explosive shells was increased from +5% to +10%.
For Armor-Piercing and Armor-Piercing Composite Rigid shells, it remains the same—+5%.

Improved Optics
The bonus to view range was decreased from +10% to +7% for heavy tanks and from +10% to +5% for tank destroyers.
For medium and light tanks, it remains the same.

The bonus to shell velocity was increased from + 10% to + 30%.
The bonus to penetration decrease with distance was changed from -30% to -50%, which means that penetration will decrease slower.

Enhanced Armor
The bonus to hull and turret armor was decreased from +5% to +4%.

Improved Assembly
The bonus to vehicle HP was increased from +5% to +6%.

Improved Control
The bonus to the top traverse speed of the vehicle was increased from +7% to +10%.
Equipment will only affect the traverse speed—engine power will no longer change.

Engine Accelerator
For light and medium tanks, the bonus to reaching top speed was decreased from +7% to +5%.
For heavy tanks and tank destroyers, it remains the same—+7%.

Refined Gun
The bonus to dispersion at 100 m was changed from -5% to -10%, which means that gun accuracy will increase.

The bonus to module repair speed was increased from +25% to +30%.

Consumable Delivery System
The bonus to consumable cooldown speed was increased from +10% to +15%.

High-End Consumables
The bonus to the duration of consumables (Engine Power Boost, Adrenaline) was increased from +15% to +30%.

Bug fixes
  • You can no longer switch to Sniper Mode before the battle.
  • On the Naval Frontier map, the incorrect display of stones and walls, because of which it was impossible to cause damage even if the enemy vehicle was visible, was fixed.
  • Now you can't pass through some of the walls on the Naval Frontier and Yamato Harbor maps.
  • Shooting through the destructible obstructions will no longer result in shell tracers passing through the enemy tank.
  • You can now switch between shell types before the start of the battle.
  • Various screens, notifications, and descriptions were improved. General bugs and client crashes were fixed.
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12. října


The Ultramarines are the finest warriors ever created by humanity with only one purpose: win no matter the cost. Fight on the Macragge map, show courage, stamina, and morale worthy of the Space Marines! Earn the honor to own and command a unique vehicle from the Warhammer 40,000 universe!
Welcome to the Landing Zone!
Drop pods are scattered over the landing zone. Until the end of the game event, this place will be your Garage. Look into the distance: the fight has already begun!

Powerful, Armored, Formidable!
Two Premium vehicles at a time painted to match the Ultramarines' chapter colors will be the main reward in Macragge's Thunder:

Vindicator UM is a heavy siege vehicle armed with a destructive huge-caliber gun, created to crush the strongest fortifications. Its weapon is more than enough to tear enemy armored vehicles to shreds. The Vindicator's solid front armor is covered by a dozer blade which functions as a screen and considerably degrades the effectiveness of enemy shells.

Predator UM is the primary combat vehicle of the Space Marines. The heavily armored front and strong turret securely protect it against enemy shells, and the quick-firing automatic gun conveys the Emperor's revenge to any fool who dares stand up against this menacing vehicle.
Legendary Camouflage — the Colors of Imperial Fists and Dark Angels

  • Changes the vehicle name in battle to Vindicator IF, Vindicator DA, Predator IF, and Predator DA correspondingly.
  • Does not provide a concealment bonus: similar to the Tankenstein and other special vehicles, the concealment bonus is included in the Vindicator's and Predator's characteristics by default.
  • To unlock the camouflage, complete an additional stage in the series of Macragge's Thunder tasks.
  • Camouflage resupply is free.
Warhammer 40,000: Collector Commemorative Token

To get this medal, you need to play a battle in any vehicle during the period from October 8 to December 31 and have the following vehicles in your Garage:
  • The Vindicator UM;
  • The Predator UM.
Impressive Stock of Reserves
If you manage to complete all tasks in the series, in addition to the main rewards, you will get:
  • 270 boosters of various types and capacities;
  • 147,500 Spare Parts;
  • 600,000 credits.
Join the Battle Once You Are Ready!
The Macragge's Thunder event will last from 17:00 PT (20:00 ET) on October 16 to 17:00 PT (20:00 ET) on November 17. But the time when the event starts for you personally depends on when you enter the game. Individual starts give you a chance to start the event when it is convenient for you and allows you to not miss rare vehicles because of vacations or other things.
This is how it works: When you first enter the game from 17:00 PT (20:00 ET) on October 16 to 17:00 PT (20:00 ET) on November 2, a 10-day countdown starts for you. During this period, you will be able to earn special currency and use it to complete the game event stages. After ten days expire, you will only be able to complete the stages using in-game gold.
Pre-Battle Briefing
The Codex says that before landing on battle positions, each warrior should obtain all possible information about the enemy forces, battle site, and goals of the operation. Read the conditions, and you will be ready for Macragge's Thunder!
To get the main reward in Macragge's Thunder, you need to complete all three series of tasks. Only after that, will you be able to finish the main phase and get two vehicles at once — the Vindicator UM and Predator UM.

Way of Zeal: Ultramarines Emblems
The Ultramarines are disciplined and relentless warriors who are always focused on victory. To get the Ultramarines Emblems, it's not enough to just enter the battle and sit back — you need to put up a decent fight!
  • An average of 50 Ultramarines Emblems can be obtained for completing missions.
  • 10 Ultramarines Emblems are awarded for every 650 XP earned in an individual battle, regardless of Premium Account and other bonuses.
  • The XP requirement is fixed. If the player earned 649XP, no Emblems will be awarded. If the player earned 1,299XP, 10 Emblems will be received.
  • With an active Premium Account, you will receive 15 Emblems for every 650XP.
Way of Mastery: Imperial Fists Emblems
The Imperial Fists are able to storm any fortification, or build an unassailable fortress from improvised means and defend it to the last breath. A clash with the Imperial Fists is always a huge loss for the enemy forces.
  • 100 Imperial Fists Emblems are awarded for every 500 HP of damage inflicted in an individual battle.
  • Only damage inflicted in the first 3 victories per day on any vehicle is taken into account.
  • The damage requirement is fixed. If the player inflicted 499 HP of damage, no Emblems will be awarded. If the player inflicted 999 HP of damage, 100 Emblems will be received.
  • The victory counter is at the top of the in-game event screen.
Way of Luck: Dark Angels Emblems
Dark Angels resemble knightly orders of the past. They live an abstentious life and strictly follow their oaths and combat rituals. This mysterious chapter always pursues their own objectives known only to initiated brothers.
  • Dark Angels Emblems drop from Standard bonus containers with a 100% chance.
  • To complete the series stages, open containers every day.
Bonus Containers
During the Macragge's Thunder event, you may get the following prizes from the Huge and Big containers:
  • Predator UM;
  • Vindicator UM;
  • A set of Emblems of all types equal to 75% of the tanks’ cost (not taking into account the additional stages);
  • A set of Emblems of all types equal to 50% of the tanks’ cost (not taking into account the additional stages).
Upon the termination of the 10-day main phase, you will not be able to get Emblems from containers anymore, but the Vindicator UM and the Predator UM will remain in the list of possible rewards until the end of the in-game event!

If you receive the Vindicator UM and the Predator UM for the second time, you will get a compensation of 2,000,000 credits and a Garage slot for each vehicle.

You have had your briefing and know the goals now! Get ready for the battle and fight to make Macragge's Thunder legendary in two universes.

More Screenshots

About Warhammer 40,000
Warhammer 40,000 is the world's most successful tabletop miniature wargame produced by Games Workshop, set in a dystopian science fantasy universe. Over the years, the universe has expanded to video games, novels, comics, and more, garnering a huge following around the globe.

*Please note: the vehicles for the Macragge's Thunder event were not subject to mass testing. The characteristics of these vehicles may be adjusted in future to improve the game balance, if necessary.

Warhammer 40,000: Macragge's Thunder © Copyright Games Workshop Limited 2017. All rights reserved to their respective owners.
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Spolu s temnotou Halloweenu se blíží i AKTUALIZACE 4.3, ve které do World of Tanks Blitz přichází svět Warhammer 40,000

Zapojte se do akce „Hrom z Macragge“, bojujte na speciální mapě a získejte dvě vozidla Vesmírných mariňáků najednou: děsivý stíhač tanků Vindicator a těžký tank Predator! Vyhrajte v barvách Ultramariňáků, nebo s legendární kamufláží Imperiálních pěstí a Temných andělů.
Stáhněte si aktualizaci 4.3 hned teď a rozhodněte o výsledku bitvy!

Informace o hře

World of Tanks Blitz je bezplatná týmová akční hra pro více hráčů na více platforem, věnovaná nelítostným tankovým soubojům. Vrhněte se do intenzivních bitev proti hráčům ze služby Steam a vyzvěte hráče na mobilu, MAC a Windows 10; ovládněte a vylepšete více než 200 legendárních obrněných vozidel ze 4 různých tříd; osvojte si taktiku na více než tuctu map; spojte se s přáteli do čety, abyste mohli využívat herní bonusy a odměny; a plňte bojové mise, abyste skutečně vyzkoušeli své dovednosti.


  • Více než 200 kultovních vozidel z Německa, Japonska, Francie, Británie, USA, SSSR a Číny
  • 4 různé třídy vozidel včetně lehkých tanků, středních tanků, těžkých tanků a stíhačů tanků
  • Strategická online hra pro více hráčů ve formátu 7 proti 7
  • 18 jedinečných bitevních arén
  • Funkce herního chatu
  • Inovativní systém vylepšování posádky
  • Hraní na více platformách
  • Neustálá grafická vylepšení a aktualizace, a také optimalizace pro různé platformy
  • Reálná fyzika, která vytváří autentický pohyb tanků mechaniku poškození
  • Podrobné tutoriály
  • Možnost pozvat přátele k hraní online.
  • Herní úspěchy
  • Bezplatná hra s rovnoprávným přístupem k herním prvkům pro platící i neplatící hráče
  • Jednoduchá na pochopení, intuitivní ovládání
  • Bojové mise, které otevírají nové, osobně zaměřené výzvy s různou obtížností, a které umožňují hráčům získání herních bonusů a ocenění
  • Fungování klanů, které hráčům umožňují, aby se sjednotili ve snaze o vítězství
  • Výcvikové místnosti, které umožňují, abyste se spojili s přáteli a osvojili si herní mapy a taktiky

Systémové požadavky

Mac OS X
    • Operační systém: Windows 7, 8.0, 8.1, 10 
    • Procesor: 2 GHz
    • Paměť: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafická karta: DirectX 9.0c compliant video card with 256 MB RAM
    • Pevný disk: 3 GB volného místa
    • Dodatečné poznámky: Storage: 3 GB available space
    • Operační systém: Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
    • Paměť: 2 GB RAM
    • Pevný disk: 3 GB volného místa
    • Dodatečné poznámky: Mac OS X 10.9 supported models:
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