World of Tanks Blitz est un jeu free to play JcJ qui oppose les commandants entre eux dans des combats de chars en 7 contre 7, avec plus de 200 véhicules uniques à maîtriser venus de l’Allemagne, du Japon, de la France, du Royaume-Uni, des États-Unis, de l’URSS et de la Chine.
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plutôt positives (11,250) - 72% des 11,250 évaluations des utilisateurs pour ce jeu sont positives.
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9 nov. 2016
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22 décembre 2017

Blitz Fair is back!

Where’re those sounds coming from? Why are there bright lights and cheerful music? And why are happy tankers passing by with gifts in their hands? Your neighbor from a nearby garage even had to use a tractor to transport his gift—ten meters long at least!

That’s it! Blitz Fair is back! Instead of the familiar Garage there’s sparkling snow, gifts under branched fir trees, beautiful winter houses, polar lights, and a lot of fun!

Event Schedule

Blitz Fair is conducted in the game client and on the portal:
  • ASIA: from 22 December 8:00 (UTC+8) to 19 January 8:00 (UTC+8).
  • EU: from 22 December 1:00 (CET) to 19 January 1:00 (CET).
  • NA: from 21 December 16:00 (PT), 19:00 (ET) to 18 January 16:00 (PT), 19:00 (ET).
  • RU: from 22 December 3:00 (MSK) to 19 January 3:00 (MSK).

We recommend you visit the portal during the Fair to have even more fun and get more prizes!
  • Complete in-game tasks. Complete stages and earn Blitz Fair Tickets, credits, Spare Parts, Free Experience, large boosters, and certificates.
  • Take part in the portal auction with rare Premium vehicles. Prices are decreasing, but so is the number of tanks!
  • Open chests with random rewards on the portal. Open several chests and take part in the Supergame—your chance to get the M60, Chieftain/T95, Type 64, or other rare vehicles!
  • Don’t forget to pick up your gift—the Light Mk. VIC Premium tank.
Learn more about Blitz Fair in the FAQ section.

In-Game Tasks

Upon tapping the event button, you will see the screen with many stages:

To complete event stages, players need Flags. They can be earned until 5 January (4 January for the NA region) by completing missions and opening standard bonus containers. Players can also complete stages using gold at any moment until the end of Blitz Fair.

All stages are independent except one. It is up to you to choose which one to complete first and which reward to receive. Upon completing all available stages, you get access to the final stage.

In-Game Rewards (and that’s not all!)

Depending on the selected Blitz Fair stage, you may be rewarded with:
  • Tickets. A different number of these items is awarded for each stage. You will need Tickets for Blitz Fair on the portal
  • A certificate for a Garage slot
  • Spare Parts
  • Free Experience
  • Large Cooldown Boosters
  • Large XP Boosters (Combat, Free, and Crew XP)
  • Premium Account time and certificates for Premium time
  • Credits
Blitz Fair on the Portal

In-game tasks are only the beginning! Upon tapping the Fair on Portal button, you will see chests full of rewards and an auction with rare Premium vehicles.

You will needTickets to open chests and purchase vehicles at the auction. You can earn Tickets as follows:
  • Complete event tasks in the game client. You will receive Tickets for each completed stage.
  • Open bonus containers in the game. Tickets drop from containers with a 100% chance. The larger the container, the more Tickets it drops!
  • Exchange gold into Tickets. Rate: 1 Ticket for 50.
  • Exchange Free Experience into Tickets. Rate: 1 Ticket for 2500.
Auction on the Portal (and that’s still not all!)

Blitz Fair takes place once a year, and an opportunity to receive some Premium vehicles occurs even less often.

At the auction you will see collection vehicles, which were previously only available once or twice. Prices at the auction are decreasing, but so is the number of vehicles. Don’t miss this opportunity to enrich your collection with rare vehicles!

On the first auction day, two lots will be put up, while the rest of the vehicles will be covered with canvas. You will know a little later which vehicles are there—do not forget to regularly check out the Fair page!

Lot No.1—the stern VIII IS-3 Defender
This Premium heavy tank boasts all the advantages of the classic IS-3 and is complemented by a gun with a three-shell autoloader. The black color and exclusive animation make this vehicle special.

Lot No.2—a Goose Tales hero, the hardcore VIII M6A2E1 EXP
Protected by almost 200 mm of sloped armor and carrying a gun that pierces even Tier Xs, the M6A2E1 EXP will not only become the gem of your collection, but also a weighty argument on the battlefield.

Chests (and there’s even more to come!)

If saving up for auction lots is not for you, open Blitz Fair chests. They are so filled with valuable content that we had to jump on their lids to close them! There are two types available:

The standard chest, which costs 4 Tickets
  • Supergame tokens
  • VIII AMX Chasseur de chars
  • VIII KV-5
  • VIII IS-2Sh
  • VIII Glacial 112
  • VIII leKpz M 41 90 mm
  • VIII Type 59
  • VII Blaze WZ 135G FT
  • VII Tankenstein
  • VII IS-2
  • VI Stridsvagn 74A2
  • VI AC IV Sentinel
  • V Ram II
  • IV AC 1 Sentinel
  • III M3 Light
  • II Tetrarch
  • Tickets
  • Gold
  • XP Boosters (Combat, Free, and Crew XP)
  • Premium Account time and certificates for Premium time
  • Credits

The legendary chest, which costs 7 Tickets
  • Supergame tokens
  • Progress Points for Tanks
  • V Ram II
  • IV AC 1 Sentinel
  • III M3 Light
  • II Tetrarch
  • Tickets
  • Gold
  • XP Boosters (Combat, Free, and Crew XP)
  • Premium Account time and certificates for Premium time
  • Credits

When you open a chest, the Supergame bar’s progress increases. When the bar fills up, you will be able to press the button and draw one of the major prizes. Three new tanks are among them!

X M60
A Tier X medium tank, the brother of the M48 Patton. Boasts perfect terrain crossing capacity and awesome stabilization of the gun. You’ll need the greatest luck at Blitz Fair to receive this tank. Maybe this time luck will be on your side!

VIII Chieftain/T95
A heavy tank with a very solid, bouncy turret and a fast-firing gun. It has the maneuverability of the IS-3, the armament of medium tanks, and the durable turret and depression angles of US heavy tanks.

VI Type 64
A cabriolet among tanks! It has no roof and almost no armor, but features a top speed of 72 km/h! This new Chinese scout will become a worthy competitor to other Tier VI light tanks, and Premium tank bonuses will make the game even more enjoyable.

In addition to these three novelties, the Supergame offers many other rewards:
  • Progress Points for Tanks
  • 30 Tickets
  • 20 000–50 000 Spare Parts
  • 2500 Gold
Progress Points for Tanks (and that’s not the end yet!)
Progress points for Premium vehicles are an additional reward that always drops from a legendary chest and may drop during the Supergame. Collect the required amount of progress points for a specific vehicle and it will appear in your Garage!

Legendary chests may contain progress points for the following vehicles:

During the Supergame, players may receive progress points for the following vehicles:

You may need a different amount of progress points depending on the tank.

There is an opportunity to receive twice the amount of progress points for a particular tank from a chest. Tap the Bet button near the progress indicator. The price of the chest will increase by 2 Tickets, but if the progress points that drop from the chest fit the tank that you have selected, the number of points will be doubled! If not, you will receive more points toward the Supergame.

If you have accumulated progress points for tanks that you don’t need, you can exchange them for Tickets: 2 Tickets for every 500 progress points. During this exchange operation, all progress points for one tank are used. You are not allowed to exchange only some of your progress points for one tank into Tickets.

Pick up your gift! (Seems that’s all for now, but who knows.)

No one will remain without a New Year gift! Join a battle from 22 December to 18 January and receive the II Light Mk. VIC with a slot in your Garage!

Now you know everything and Blitz Fair is about to begin! The entrance gate is open and a white-bearded tanker with ruddy cheeks shares the festive mood with everyone passing by. Have a good time during the winter holidays with Blitz Fair!

  • Will I be able to immediately buy anything on the portal using Tickets received in the game?
    Sure! But it may take a few seconds to sync Tickets and other items. To go to the Fair on the portal, open the Blitz Fair screen in the game and tap “Fair on Portal”. You can also use a direct link, but you will have to log in using your ID.
  • I entered the Fair page on the portal, but the displayed amount of gold, Free Experience, and Tickets is wrong. What should I do?
    It is likely that the information displayed is taken from other games of the Wargaming universe. Tap “Exit” in the upper right corner and log in again using your World of Tanks Blitz account.
  • Do reward vehicles come with Garage slots?
    Yes, you will receive tanks with a Garage slot and 100% trained crew.
  • What if I drew a tank that I already have?
    • If you already had this tank in your Garage before the beginning of Blitz Fair, you will receive compensation in credits at the following rate: 1 gold = 400 credits. For example, if you already have the Type 59 and it drops from a chest, you will receive 4,000,000 credits and a Garage slot instead of a tank.
    • If you drew the same tank twice during the Fair, you will get compensation in Tickets. A Garage slot is not provided in such a case.
  • I see many tanks that were previously sold with legendary camouflages. Will Fair vehicles come with camouflage?
    All vehicles drawn during Blitz Fair come without camouflage. But it is very likely that an opportunity to receive legendary camouflage will appear in future.
  • What will happen with Flags, Tickets, and progress points remaining after the end of the Fair?
    • Flags will be automatically deleted without compensation.
    • Progress points will also be removed without compensation. But until the end of Blitz Fair on 19 January (18 January for the NA region), you will have an opportunity to exchange progress points for Tickets and open several more chests.
    • Tickets will be automatically converted into credits: 1 Ticket = 5,000 credits. We recommend that you not keep unused Tickets, but spend them on chests—it’s much more profitable.
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19 décembre 2017

Update 4.5

Starting from 19 December, you will be able to go for a drive on the new Dynasty’s Pearl map in your vehicle adorned with a new legendary camouflage. And try out rebalanced heavy tanks, of course!

Learn about the most important features of Update 4.5 in the video:

Major new features and improvements
  • New Dynasty’s Pearl map available for:
    • Encounter Battle and Supremacy modes
    • Tier VII–X vehicles
  • Updated camouflages:
    • The following legendary camouflages were added:
      • Bear for the IS-3 for 1,590 gold. Changes the tank name in battle to IS-3 Bear.
      • Warrior for the T34 for 1,590 gold. Changes the tank name in battle to T34 Falcon.
      • Covert Threat for the Т-54 for 1,890 gold.
      • Fearless Gunner for the Т-62А for 2,550 gold.
    • A rare WG Fest 2017 camouflage dedicated to the festival of the same name was added. The cost of the camouflage is 35-500 gold depending on the vehicle tier.
    • For the Shattered Ice and Verdun Forest camouflages, an unlock cost of 42,000–600,000 credits was set depending on the vehicle tier.
  • Reworked vehicles:
    • Some vehicles were rebalanced:
    • The engines, turrets, and guns of Tier VII heavy tanks were partially reworked.
    • Armor was fixed for several Tier X vehicles.
  • The IS-3 was improved:
    • The tank became more detailed.
    • The collision model was fixed.
    • The frontal armor slope angle was changed.
  • Other improvements:
    • Push notifications that say Big and Huge Bonus Containers can be opened for free were added.
    • The display of local keyboard symbols instead of QWERTY was added to settings and battle chat.
    • The matchmaker for regular battles was improved: now a team won’t include more than 4 vehicles of the same type.
  • The armor on observation devices of the AMX M4-45 and AMX 50-120 was fixed.
  • The penetration areas of the T-34M mod. 1941 turret of the MT-25 were fixed.
  • The incorrect behavior of the timer before the start of a rating battle was fixed.
  • Players can now assign commands to the X key on Desktop devices.
  • The display of Missile Salvo and Missile Arsenal camouflages on devices with a retina display was fixed.
  • The display of camouflage on the FV215b was fixed.
  • Players can now join a password-protected training room without updating the list of rooms.
  • The bug on iOS-devices, where an image became stretched when rotated back to landscape orientation, was fixed.
  • The bug, where the number of vehicles destroyed in battle was sometimes incorrectly displayed, was fixed.
  • Configured audio settings now apply immediately after the application is restarted.
  • Various screens, in-game notifications, and descriptions were improved.
    General bugs and client crashes were fixed.
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Alors que les fêtes approchent, voici la MISE À JOUR 4.5 DU Nouvel An !

Alors que les fêtes approchent, voici la MISE À JOUR 4.5 DU Nouvel An !
Entrez dans le jeu et visitez le site pour plein de surprises et cadeaux : LA FOIRE DE BLITZ REVIENT !
Combattez dans les rues de Shanghai du milieu du 20e siècle avec la carte Perle de la Dynastie.
Découvrez notre garage du Nouvel An, les améliorations des chars lourds et d'autres correctifs.
Installez dès maintenant la mise à jour 4.5 et sentez l'esprit des fêtes vous envahir !

À propos de ce jeu

World of Tanks Blitz est un jeu d’action MMO free to play multiplateforme en équipe dédié aux féroces combats de blindés. Plongez-vous dans d’intenses batailles contre des adversaires sur Steam et défiez des joueurs sur mobile, Mac et Windows 10 ; commandez et améliorez plus de 200 véhicules blindés légendaires de 4 classes différentes ; affûtez vos tactiques sur plus d’une douzaine de cartes ; partez en bataille avec vos amis en peloton pour remporter des bonus et des récompenses en jeu ; et accomplissez les missions de combat pour vraiment mettre votre talent à l’épreuve !


  • Plus de 200 véhicules emblématiques de la Seconde Guerre mondiale venant de l’Allemagne, du Japon, de la France, du Royaume-Uni, des États-Unis, de l’URSS et de la Chine
  • 4 classes de véhicules différentes que sont les chars légers, les chars moyens les chars lourds et les chasseurs de chars
  • Jeu multijoueur stratégique en ligne en 7 contre 7
  • 18 zones de combat unique
  • Fonctionnalité de discussion en jeu
  • Système innovant d’amélioration des équipages
  • Jouable en multiplateforme
  • Mises à jour et améliorations des graphismes constantes ; optimisations pour diverses plates-formes
  • Effets physiques réels pour créer des mouvements de chars et des mécanismes de dégâts authentiques
  • Didacticiels détaillés
  • Possibilité d’inviter vos amis à jouer en ligne
  • Faits d’armes en jeu
  • Free to play avec accès aux mêmes éléments du jeu pour les joueurs qui payent et ceux qui ne payent pas
  • Apprentissage facile, commandes intuitives
  • Les missions de combat offrent de nouveaux défis personnalisés de diverses difficultés, et permettent aux joueurs de gagner des bonus et faits d’armes
  • La fonctionnalité des clans permet aux joueurs de s’unir dans leur quête de victoire
  • Les salles d’entraînement vous permettent de faire équipe avec vos amis pour maîtriser les cartes et tactiques du jeu

Configuration requise

Mac OS X
    Minimale :
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows 7, 8.0, 8.1, 10 
    • Processeur : 2 GHz
    • Mémoire vive : 2 GB de mémoire
    • Graphiques : DirectX 9.0c compliant video card with 256 MB RAM
    • Espace disque : 3 GB d'espace disque disponible
    • Notes supplémentaires : Storage: 3 GB available space
    Minimale :
    • Système d'exploitation : Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
    • Mémoire vive : 2 GB de mémoire
    • Espace disque : 3 GB d'espace disque disponible
    • Notes supplémentaires : Mac OS X 10.9 supported models:
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