LIVE THE LIFE OF A WILD WOLF! WolfQuest is a wildlife simulation game about wolf ecology. Playing as a two-year-old gray wolf in Yellowstone National Park, you'll learn how to live on your own, finding food, meeting other wolves, and searching for a mate. Ultimately, your goal is to find a home and raise your own family.
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Nov 17, 2015

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November 18

Players Say the Darndest Things (Part 2)

Some more gems from the WolfQuest abuse reports.

Inexplicable Multiplayer Join
player: I can't work in groups, I'm sorry. : (

People Not to Date IRL
player: I usually get bored of my mate so yes I think they should be able to die

Low Opinion of Stepparents
player: I only worry that [a new mate] would be like an 5th Puppy you need to Take Care of

Except with Salt and Pepper
player: { I am player. You kicked me from your server because my character was … a cannibal. }

player: { Therfor, I don't like you. }

Not New Friends
player1: #Reported)
player1: : Nope, you cussed.)
player2: Doesn’t matter XD)
player2: invites player1 to be friends. player1 check your profile when you leave the game.
player2: I didn’t mean to hit that opps)
player1: Lol,)
player2: I honesty don’t care JUST RP)
player1: I wasnt gonna accept anyway)

In Best Emperor Voice…

Too Soon
player: Would it be way to early for player to be pregnant?)

Forbidden Love, Here I Come
♡PLAYER ♡: ok whatever we think we r doin forbidden love and I like attention soooooo XD ya know what+
♡PLAYER ♡: +dat means XD?)
player2: Oh dear god XD)
player3: Meep..)
player2: -sigh- Forbidden love here I come...-heavy sigh-...XD)
♡PLAYER ♡: oh come ooooooonnnnnnn}
♡PLAYER ♡: u guys have to fight over me duh XDDDDDD
player2: Welp...XD)

Death is a Real Spoilt Sport
player1: Idk should I kick Death? He's not moving and might be a pup killer
player1: I kicked him 3 times and it won't make him leave..
player2: Death is floating too.
player1: Ugh some people just love to ruin things "

More Tool RPs
player: * I howled for wrench to come back*

Game-Name of the Day

Cuuuute Game-Name

Sour Attitude
player: U have the meanness of a pickle

Admin Daydream
player1: : What the [badword]
player2: { Bad player1 }
player2: { -Hits player1 with newspaper.- }

Not Reading the Clues (aka When You are the Center of the Universe)
GAME NAME: RusRussianWolfShadow
player1: Can you guys speak English
player2: Не кикай его
player3: Ну да ну да
player2: Yes
player1: : Oh why are you talking that way then

Parents Who are WQ Fans
player: WolfQuest yep, keep up the GREAT work, my mother likes how you made a simulation of the wolf actually realistic!

Parents Who are Likely Not WQ Fans
player: brb Ace dad is telling me to go to bed, which I will totally not do XD)…just gotta hide the WQ from him till he leave mah room)"

Parent in La La Land
PARENT: I can steadfastly say that those conversations did not come from my child, given her age and upbringing. She does not even understand that sort of jargon, and does not speak in those contexts. She does not have that temperament. The only conclusion I can draw, is that somehow her account has been "hacked".

HACKER: “Hmmm what to do today?... I think I will hack into someone’s WQ account and have them chat naughty things to their packmates. It is going to be EPIC.”… cracks knuckles and gets to work…

La La Land Must Be Crowded
PARENT: I am sitting right next to her every time she has played this game and she has NEVER done anything inappropriate to break your rules… I do not see how it is possible when she plays right next to me on my second computer.

ADMIN: [Umm…here is the chat log?]

On the Ball Parent (Admin Loves You!)
PARENT: Thank you for the report, this issue has been addressed and will never happen again, if for some reason it does please let me know and I will remove her from Wolf Quest permanently.

Inappropriate Aunt
(email to Admin about report)
player: …that is my aunt and she is the one who made my account

Yeah It Is
(email to Admin about report)
player: this isn't the last you'll hear from player
[Account Disabled]

player1: player2 you're not a cat please stop, it's a wolf rp not a cat you can't be a cat)
player1: okay?)
player1: it's getting a bit annoying having to tell you all the time...)
player2: climbed to a thick branch, curled up, and closed her eyes.

player2: invites player1 to be friends. player1 , check your profile when you leave the game."

Leftovers Again?
player:i look down at the carcass narroowing my eyes i wasn't impressed, with a reluctant sigh i dig in

If you like these, see Players Say the Darndest Things (part 1) at

And there are plenty more on the WolfQuest Community Forum at: Secret Life of WQ Admin
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November 17

Mission Simpossible

One of the limitations of WolfQuest versions 1 through 2.7 is the linear and rather streamlined nature of the missions. Only one mission is active at a time, and with some concentrated effort, players can move through the missions fairly rapidly. While WolfQuest 3 will retain the story arc of finding a mate and raising pups, we are redesigning at least some of the missions to make them more interesting and challenging. For example, the new “courtship” mission (which replaces the social arena where you meet stranger wolves in Amethyst) will often involve more than one stranger wolf and use the Emotes actions rather than dialog choices to make the courtship more freeform and naturalistic.

We’re also thinking about secondary missions, which players can optionally undertake to gain experience and perhaps other perks. These are a standard feature of RPGs and serve several important purposes:

* Add variety and depth to the player’s experience
* Provide clarity and guidance for the player -- "what can I do now?"
* Let the player practice the core game mechanics, and in some cases, introduce certain controls or mechanics.
* Prompt players to explore the map

Our problem has always been that wolf life doesn’t naturally involve the standard RPG mission types (escort, rescue, kill the monster, find an item/character, escape). Wolves don’t build structures (that would be BeaverQuest) and they’re not particularly interested in finding gems or other trinkets (BowerbirdQuest!) And it’s fun to think about an orphaned pup that needs you to escort it through dangerous territory to find its relatives, but….yeah, that just doesn’t happen with real wolves.

Even when we focus on realistic mission ideas (e.g. defend a carcass until your mate arrives), we have to particular challenges balancing naturalism and gameplay. It would be rather odd to have another wolf introduce a new mission to the player, so how do we naturalistically trigger secondary missions? Our new scent system is pretty cool, but it’s not the most reliable or speedy means of finding a particular animal several kilometers away. The standard RPG method is to put a mission marker on the compass, but that would bypass scent tracking. Is that too gamey, or is it a necessary compromise for playability? As our team discusses the possibilities, we’d love to hear what players think. Remember, WolfQuest seeks to accurately represent Yellowstone gray wolves and ecology (so no picnic basket missions, alas).

* What kinds of naturalistic secondary missions would be good possibilities each map?
* When you are learning the game controls, what simple missions that would make mastering them more fun and intuitive?

Learn more about the development of WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition and the expansion Tower Fall and see FAQ’s at
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About This Game



A wildlife simulation game about wolf ecology.


When the game begins, you are a two-year-old gray wolf born in the Northern Range of Yellowstone National Park. You learned the ways of the wolf in your birth pack. Now it's time for you to learn how to live on your own.Your quest begins on the slopes of Amethyst Mountain and eventually takes you across the Lamar Valley to Slough Creek. There, you and your mate will establish a territory and raise a litter of pups: training them, feeding them, defending them against predators, and finally taking them on a cross-country journey to a summer home. Ultimately, your success will depend on your ability to ensure the survival of your pack.


In single-player games, learn how to hunt elk, communicate with other wolves, find a mate, establish a den and territory, raise pups, and embark on a perilous journey to a summering site.

In multiplayer games, explore the wilderness and hunt elk together, and now raise pups together! This new version features the entire Slough Creek mission arc, from choosing a den to raising pups and traveling to the rendezvous site. There are two types of multiplayer games:
  • Private games: Invite-only, featuring voice, text, and phrase chat.
  • Public games: Anyone can join, phrase chat or (for players age 13 and up) text chat.


This new version improves and expands upon the original game, a grant-funded project that has been downloaded by over five million players around the world since its original release in 2008. Now, for this version 2.7, we've refined gameplay and graphics, added a new player account system with achievements, friends lists, and more, and completely rewrote the animal AI system. We've also added more wolf howls, over two dozen wolf customizations, and emotes -- accurate wolf behaviors to communicate with your packmates. And we created a mysterious new map to explore in single and multiplayer games. As always, there's also an active online community where you can discuss the game with other players and share artwork and stories about wolves. Visit to join in.

MORE NEW STUFF! We've added cougars, moose, foxes, ravens, and a plethora of bird and insect life to the game, along with much richer and varied vegetation.


We're making the long-awaited new episode, in which your pups continue to grow and eventually learn how to hunt! New map, new missions, and new multiplayer modes. Read about it here.

Is this new version worth buying? Find out what players say.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows Vista
    • Processor: Dual Core Pentium i3
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel 4000, NVIDIA 6800 Ultra, or ATI HD 3670
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Dual Core Pentium i3
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 640 series or AMD Radeon HD 6670
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • OS: 10.8
    • Processor: i5
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel 4000
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • OS: 10.8
    • Processor: i5
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 640 series or AMD Radeon HD 6670
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
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