Endless Space 2 is a Strategic Space Opera, featuring the compelling “just one more turn” gameplay, set in the mysterious Endless universe. As the leader of your civilization, will you impose your vision and build the greatest stellar empire?
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May 18, 2017

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January 18

Starting the Endless Day with a bang!

Is this the Archivist's Armistice, or Tarosh's Truce? You tell us!

Hey everyone,

Let's just kick right to the chase, because we've got a lot of stuff on the way: Amplitude will be celebrating its 7th anniversary three days from now. We've got a LOT of cool stuff coming your way, starting with:

Vaulters Expansion - coming January 25th

This first Endless Space 2 Expansion re-introduces players to the Vaulters, our all-time fan favorite civilization. Yup, most of you folks guessed that one right.


A new civilization means, as usual, a new way to play: the Vaulters will have the ability to teleport and use the Argosy - their legacy colony ship featured in the Prologue video.

They will also have their own heroes (including the famous Opbot), technologies, buildings, a new starting special node, the Sisters of Mercy minor civilization that they brought with them from Auriga, and of course, a brand-new main quest. Will they discover the truth about their Gods? Will they find a new home to start all over? Will they save their people that stayed on Auriga?

The Expansion will also feature new exotic combat modules like boarding and taking control of ships, as well as the Pirate Diplomacy gameplay enabling negotiations with their leader.

The Vaulters expansion will be released on the 25th, and you can already preorder for 10% off on Steam this week for $9.89, down from the full price of $10.99.

The Community Challenge Add-On is live!

Update 1.2.0 includes the community add-on content you all unlocked through playing, as well as the contents of update preview 1.1.15, plus some more fixes, additions and balance changes, as well as localization improvements. Here's a reminder of the free stuff:

  • New planetary anomaly: the “High Energy Plasmasphere
  • New galaxy type: the 6-branches spiral.
  • New event: handle a new immigration crisis. Do you have what it takes to save the Remnant refugees?
  • New ship modules: the powerful Swarm Missiles, Railguns and Energy Squadrons!
  • New hero: Burra Techseeker, an amphibian famed as an exotic ship module inventor.
  • Mezari fleet skin: a blast from the past! The ancestral Mezari fleet skin for the United Empire civilization!
  • Find the full update notes here
  • Not sure how to unlock the community add-on? Check HERE

Endless Day Events return to all our games!

With every trek of our little blue dot around its parent star, the Events of the Endless Day come back! Starting on the 21st in Endless Space, Endless Legend & Dungeon of the Endless get a chance to find out more of what the Archivist has been up to. See this previous blog post to learn how to unlock the events. And find out more about the program for the Endless Day celebrations on our dedicated website!

Are you ready to rock the (boarding) party?
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January 18

Community Add-On Update Notes

Starting the Endless Day celebration week right, with the release of a big update! Update 1.2.0 includes the community add-on content you all unlocked through playing, as well as the contents of update preview 1.1.15, plus some more fixes, additions and balance changes, as well as localization improvements.

To unlock the Community Challenge Add-On Content, link your Steam account to your Games2Gether account on our community website: http://games2gether.com/

  • Mezari Fleet skin
  • New galaxy shape (Spiral 6)
  • Brand new event
  • New anomaly
  • Three new combat modules
  • A new amphibian hero
  • Added a feedback in menus to see which additional content is activated 
  • Vodyani Ark enhancement:
    • Upgrading a Vodyani Ark level (System Development upgrade) now increases Ark Health, Manpower, attack and 3D model
    • Potential highest health/manpower/attack increase and highest 3D model available are shown in ship design editor
  • The Coordination pings can now be drag-and-dropped on the galaxy after they have been placed
  • "Vacate System" now correctly informs the player why it cannot be used when the player does not have ownership of the system
  • Fleets can now retreat in the territory of empires whom you are at Cold War with
  • Privateers can no longer prevent sieges by orbiting a system
  • It is now possible to attack civilian fleets with a fleet that has no action points left

  • Tied the Force Truce tribute amount to game turn and dust inflation
  • Prevented contextual terms to be sent by the AI if it has not met the player
  • Now, if all players are in the same team and if the AI wins on the other side, player can see the Metaplot ending
  • Flaks have been modified, with their damage nerfed and range reviewed
  • Hero experience gain during battles is now shown in the Battle Report
  • Added priorities to diplomatic terms so they are displayed in a more intuitive order
  • "Authoritarian Leadership" when used as a starting skill now has a siege power bonus
  • Second part of the Metaplot quest do trigger if the quest fleets win the first part of "Isyander's Gambit"
  • Isyander's Gambit can now be completed if the quest fleets orbit around and then leave the majority of systems
  • Lowered default pirate difficulty
  • Slowed down Pirate spawn on a global scale
  • Slightly reduced Pirate Lair manpower on a global scale
  • Added missing Co-operative protocols for Sheredyn and Mezari
  • Increased Dust gained by scrapping ships and improvements and linked gained values to Dust inflation
  • Reworked war momentum formula to be more progressive (wars are not heavily influenced by early battles anymore)
  • Conquest Victory thresholds increased slightly on the 4 biggest map sizes based on Community feedback
  • Fixed Xenolinguistics being unavailable as a Starting Technology trait in Custom Factions with Sophon Visual affinity
  • Improved Pirate Lair Manpower distribution
  • Removed upkeep on Star System Level upgrades
  • Manpower defense on Ships is now capped at 95%
  • Increased "Moonbase Alpha" effect from +40 to +50 Dust
  • Vodyani Chapter 3 Rebellious objective has changed: “Maintain during X turns 2 non-religious or neutral laws” instead of “no Religious laws in the Senate during X turns”
  • Vodyani Chapter 4 Religious objective value has changed: Pressure Amount to reach is now computed depending on the current Pressure Amount
  • Lumeris Chapter 2 Part 1 Industrialist/Ecologist objective: Industry or Ecologist ideologies have to be part of the Leading political parties in the Senate
  • Lumeris Chapter 2 Part 2 Maintain Industrialist/Ecologist objective has changed: “Have X laws during X turns” instead of “reach a min amount of activated laws”
  • Missile lifetime has been capped to 30s in Space Battles
  • The United empire Chapter 2 Part 2 objective is now “Keep an amount of laws during X turns instead of reach a fix minimum”
  • Those Darn Kids: The first objective now gives an amount of buildings the player has to build instead of construction type limitations
  • Those Darn Kids: Instead of filling 2 hangars with ships, the player has to only fill 1 hangar
  • Founders Keepers: objective is now located in the middle of the Galaxy in order to make this quest easier to achieve
  • Pirate fleets now have a penalty in space battle against major empire AIs in difficulties above normal
  • Once controlled, the name of a constellation changes color to match that of its owner
  • Changed the “Marine Blue” empire color to improve visibility
  • Added safety check notification when the user deletes an entry from the Journal 
  • Added Notification for the end of the metaplot
  • Added notification to inform your ally that they will lose the effects of Co-operative protocol when it is cancelled
  • Updated the character limit for renaming fleets 
  • Updated “New contextual diplomatic term available” feedback
  • Updated text in battle report notification when war trend is maxed
  • Added a feedback in battle notifications when the war momentum trend is maxed out
  • Removed the notification that discovering a constellation was a prerequisite to take control of it
  • Clarified pressure sources values in their tooltip in diplomacy screen (added the numerical values)
  • User is now informed that a system with less than 100% ownership cannot be evacuated 
  • User is now informed why they cannot place singularities on an enemy system when the "Remove Singularities" contextual term is in effect 
  • Added feedback for effects happening after the metaplot has ended 
  • Added a cap for the pressure trend feedback
  • Added the number of available probes in the exploration ship tooltip / Added the expedition power value in the fleet tooltip
  • Added tooltip explaining why a Singularity cannot be placed somewhere
  • Added icon to tooltips of damage gauges in the advanced battle report screen
  • Coordination Tool pings no longer remain on screen permanently if the user is zooming in or out in Galaxy View while a ping is placed
  • Changed the industry icon to a militarist icon for the first choice of the political Generation Gamma event
  • If the text exceeds the requests width, the player can hover the request to see the rest of the text
  • Swapped the Pirate and Minor Faction difficulty sliders in the New Game menu

  • Lobby bug has been fixed: sometimes players could not see friends multiplayer games
  • The Photobomber quest no longer fails if the ship of the Photobomber is merged the ship with another fleet
  • Fixed case of AI repairing ship right after selling it which caused an error
  • Fixed being able to send the "generate pressure" term in succession in some cases
  • Fixed being able to trade systems at war without signing a truce
  • Influence and Dust tooltips no longer display "missingGuiElement" debug text after "Stop Pacific conversion" contextual term is refused 
  • Effect of the Co-operative protocol is now properly displayed in the "signed treaty" notification
  • Ship stats no longer overlap the ship tooltip box when the game is set to "Window" mode and 1920x1080 resolution 
  • The Wonder notification no longer displays false information after you are refunded a wonder
  • Fixed an issue where changing the government did not apply the feedbacked costs
  • Upkeep now correctly increases when turning a fleet into privateers
  • Fixed an issue where, sometimes, the amount of CP and the number of ships used to unlock flotillas did not take into account all the ships involved in the battle
  • Ship modules can now be located inside the technology screen by searching for their titles 
  • Fixed systems with only guardians sending free guardians to neighbours with "natural" migration
  • The research turn duration displayed in the empire panel is now properly updated based on the available science surplus
  • Description text in the planet scan view is no longer overlapping
  • Made star lanes highlight & usage more consistent when the selected fleet is in movement
  • Ship action panel can no longer be displayed in the Star system management screen
  • Fixed "natural" migration causing errors when system has no population
  • A fleet in "sleep" mode will now wake up if it can destroy a planet
  • Contextual terms that are cancelled (eg. context no longer valid or war declared) no longer have a cooldown
  • Fixed labels of planets/systems lost to Unfallen invasion displaying erroneous information
  • Fixed 2 issues on Contextual Diplomatic Exchange Cancellation:
  • "Done" button on the "Diplomatic Exchange Cancelled" notification now has correct behaviour 
  • Both empires are now informed that a diplomatic exchange is canceled when the conditions of a contextual term are no longer met
  • Motherships can no longer detach from the system when it is frozen with a Riftborn singularity
  • Fixed fleets created on a system that is being blockaded not being able to move, but still showing more than 0 movement points
  • Fixed retreat not working after a fleet has been intercepted
  • "Preserve the Academy" quest markers are now correctly placed
  • "Remove outposts" colonization restriction range now depends on influence radius of each neighbouring system, instead of the same value for every system
  • Fixed minor faction trait not being removed after it has been granted through a "Development grants" action
  • Fleet actions are now properly updated in real time when a Stasis Singularity is canceled 
  • Fixed the fact that the resources icon could go under the populations icons in the star system management view
  • The enemy is no longer incorrectly shown as destroyed after retreating 
  • Fixed Probe launch interface not being closed when the fleet launching the probe is teleported out of empire influence via diplomacy
  • Fixed some contextual diplomatic terms being shown in GUI although they cannot be sent.
  • The "Destroy Planet" and "Colonize" buttons are now updated properly if the fleet is attacked while orbiting the system
  • Fixed sorting order of diplomatic terms in negotiation modal window
  • Narrative events with only political effects are now displayed correctly in the narrative screen
  • Functionality of the Coordination Tool visibility button is no longer inverted if the user performs any action that disables the Coordination Tool button while it is active
  • Coordination Tool no longer overlaps with the player bar buttons
  • The ping button is no longer highlighted if the players click another button like the Scan view button for example
  • The players can no longer place coordination requests if pings have been disabled
  • You cannot offer peace and alliance in the same contract anymore
  • The experience gained by admirals is no longer inconsistent with the value displayed in the combat notification
  • The fleet module effects are now only shown when hovering a ship in a fleet (not in the ship design edition panel)
  • Fixed and issue where The Confirmation message displayed when disabling all mods displays false information, informing the players that they are activating a mod 
  • Fixed unfallen vines not decaying when captured by someone else
  • The tooltips are now shown correctly when hovering over dust and influence in the Change Government screen
  • Fixed Horatio splice bonuses being accumulated on systems & planets every time a system is captured
  • Fixed final Academy quest support fleets being able to spawn on lodestone systems 
  • Fixed outposts being taken into account for constellation control in some cases
  • “Home planet” tooltip from Faction Selection now displays the correct effects
  • Fixed “Suggest Terms” button when evaluated terms are invalid (you can no longer spam it) and fixed “make offer” button being enabled even without enough influence 
  • Fixed an issue where Retrofit button remains inactive if the user changes a ship design by double clicking it in the fleet panel
  • The Journal no longer display a score of 100 million for sessions which have disabled score victory 
  • Multiple Constellation Control notifications should no longer be displayed if the user enters an Alliance after they establishes Constellation Control
  • Fixed issues with contextual diplomacy and Singularity placement.
  • It is no longer possible to open the Tech Screen by Ctrl+ Clicking on a Tech Hint if the Tech Screen is not accessible
  • Fixed an issue where the replay of space battles generated errors in MP and could lead to inconsistencies even when playing in single player
  • It is no longer possible to click on the button "Accept" in a negotiation which is not valid
  • Fixed projectile of "Basic Entropy Torpedoes" being smaller than "Basic Decay Torpedoes"
  • Fixed Reavers and Minor Factions not having their damage logged correctly in the Advanced Battle Report
  • "Authoritarian Leadership" now takes into account Manpower given by Ship Modules when applying its Manpower bonus
  • Game speed modifiers will now be properly applied to Hero related variables
  • Fixed the effects of Petrov Jutka's second starting skill not being displayed correctly in tooltips
  • Fixed an issue where Queued Techs that are discovered randomly through events/quests remain in queue
  • "Moonbase Alpha" effects will now properly apply on systems with moons
  • Fixed an issue where Empire Banner resources were not correctly rounded
  • Fixed an issue where ship XP was not correctly rounded
  • Fixed several issues related to Trade Company structures being destroyed/lost
  • Opening the "construction complete" notification after losing a system which had completed a construction this turn no longer causes an error
  • Made feedback more consistent for Pacifist default law
  • Fixed an issue where The Technology Influence buyout button displays background functionality in the Technology Screen when not having enough influence
  • Fixed an issue where Quest Empire did not have its inverted icon in battle notifications and advanced play/report screens
  • Fixed an issue where non Unfallen empires could enqueue the Guardian Harvest improvement any number of times without taking into account the number of Guardians in their system
  • Fixed the planet destruction cinematic
  • Ship designs that are automatically unlocked are now always at the first revision, instead of sometimes the 2nd
  • o When this happens with the starting ship designs (eg. starting with the technology for better engines than the starting ship), the starting ships are automatically retrofit for free.
  • Fixed interaction with slider options
  • Fixed war momentum value displayed in GUI not matching the actual gameplay value after a war was merged with another (via alliances)
  • Ship Health Regen now scales with Game Speed
  • Fixed the radii of influence circles not scaling with the Game Speed
  • Fixed Arks not receiving bonus experience from system improvements when they are built
  • Fixed an issue where false information displayed in reward of the "United Empire" objective of the "No Turning Back" UE quest when playing as a Custom Faction
  • Fixed exploit allowing Unfallen ships to move while they are entwining a system
  • Deposit values are properly displayed on uncolonized planets in non-normal game speed
  • Fixed "Development grants" effect appearing as still active during the turn after it ended

  • Due to a possible exploit with diplomatic counter offers to AI empires, these have been temporarily disabled
  • The AI no longer targets civilian ships first
  • Refined AI colonization heuristic
  • Raised offensive Military Power required for the AI to consider a fleet as dangerous
  • Refined war and truce declaration heuristics
  • Refactored fleet influence
  • Fixed an error when releasing AI too soon when the player is quitting
  • Corrected diplomatic demands evaluation
  • Corrected faction pact evaluation
  • AI now correctly pursues the “Dust to (More) Dust” & “An Ounce of Prevention” quests
  • AI handles leeching and Brainwashing better
  • AI will now sell resource overflow to market
  • AI now creates dedicated invasion fleets

  • Added new unused planet prefabs and materials, for modding purposes
    • It is now possible to add new visuals for planets, if the type is named PlanetTypeCustom01-20, or if it is unique with the name UniquePlanetCustom01-10
    • Materials can be exported via the Resource export tool

  • Multiple fixes and improvements based on community feedback

  • Due to recent modifications in the technology tree in order to accommodate the new content, players who had previously researched the "Unstable Isotope Machining" technology as the Unfallen Faction (or a custom faction using Unfallen population) will have to research it once more.
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“My new beau is Endless Space 2, and it’s got its hooks in me deep.”
Recommended – Rock Paper Shotgun

“GOLD AWARD - The most immersive and complex 4X strategy of recent years.”
88% – 4Players

“A new masterpiece of the genre, as simple as that.”
9/10 – Journaldugeek

Digital Deluxe Edition

Official Digital Soundtrack

All Endless Space 2 tracks created by FlybyNo in mp3 format.

Pathfinder Hero Ships’ Skin (Cosmetic)

Adds a selectable alternate “Pathfinder” skin set for all hero spaceships.

Pathfinder Academy Heroes (Cosmetic)

Adds “Brunem Berto-Lancellum” and “Kinete Muldaur” to the hero cast of the game.


Join the GAMES2GETHER community now, and receive the Endless Space 2 badge (unlocks points, dozens of avatars and titles to customize your Games2Gether profil).

Follow the development of the game and get to know the talent behind the scene. Make your voice count by giving feedback on the game, submitting ideas, and voting for Art and gameplay elements. Participate in contests and design content that will be created by the studio and added to the game!

About This Game

Endless Space 2 is a Strategic Space Opera set in a mysterious universe.
Your story unfolds in a galaxy that was first colonized by God-like beings known as the “Endless”, who rose and fell eons ago. All that remains of them are mystical ruins, powerful artifacts, and a strange, near-magical substance known as Dust.

One More Turn

Endless Space 2 takes the classic “one more turn” formula to new heights. You will explore mysterious star systems, discover the secrets of ancient races, build colonies on distant planets, exploit trade routes, develop advanced technologies of unthinkable power; and, of course encounter new life forms to understand, to court or to conquer.

As a leader, you have to manage your populations like never before as they react dynamically to your decisions and to their environment, expressing their will through political parties, dictating the laws that your Senate can pass. Will you be a beloved natural leader or will you manipulate your populations to your benefit?

Epic Space Battles

Watch your fighters fly past huge cruisers while lasers rip their hulls apart in epic real-time space battles. Detailed after action reports will help you adapt your strategy for the next confrontations.

Design your ships, assemble your fleets and carefully adapt your battle plans to overcome your enemies. Once you think you’ve done it all, take it online against seven other players.

Strategic Space Opera

Immerse yourself in the Endless Universe. The galaxy belongs to the civilization that controls Dust and uncovers its secrets… but were the Endless alone in the galaxy? What is the true origin of Dust?

Lead one of eight civilizations, each with a unique playstyle affinity and story quest, and build great stellar empires capable of imposing your vision on the Galaxy!

Find out more about the Academy and its powerful cast of Heroes, that you can recruit and train to become fleet admirals, system governors or influential senators.

Amplified Reality

Press ‘Space’ anytime to activate the Amplified Reality view and reveal in-depth contextual information about your systems, trade routes, diplomatic stances and even your ship stats during battle!

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows (64bits only) 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
    • Processor: i3 4th generation / i5 2nd generation / A6 series
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD 4000 / AMD Radeon 5800 series / NVidia 550Ti
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DX11 compatible
    • Additional Notes: Minimum Resolution: 1280 x 720
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows (64bits only) 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
    • Processor: i3 5th generation (or newer) / i5 3rd generation (or newer) / FX4170 (or newer)
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD Radeon 8000 series or newer / NVidia GTX 660 or newer
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DX11 compatible
    • Additional Notes: Recommended Resolution: 1920 x 1080
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: MAC OS X 10.11 or higher
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 2.7Ghz
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 775M | Radeon HD 6970 | Intel Iris Pro
    • Storage: 8 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Minimum Resolution: 1280 x 720
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
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