Endless Space 2 is a strategic space opera, featuring the compelling “just one more turn” gameplay, set in the mysterious Endless universe. As the leader of your civilization, will you impose your vision and build the greatest stellar empire?
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May 18, 2017

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September 12

1.0.47 -- Target Locked update notes

First things first! Endless Space 2 is currently discounted for Steam's Midweek Madness! The game will be 25% off its normal price from tonight on. The promotion runs until Friday. Tell your friends!


Update 1.0.47 -- Target Locked

Ever wonder why we call certain new versions "patches" and other "updates"? Simply put, an update is a patch that also includes new content. Therefore, a patch isn't necessarily an update, but an update is always a patch. Hope that clears it up!

Now for 1.0.47, we do have quite a bit of new things coming in along with the usual balance changes and fixes. Of course, the Fighters & Bombers are debuting in this update, but who better to accompany them than Pirate Bosun Jennifer Rach, returning from the first Endless Space to lead your squadrons into battle! To top it off, a dedicated quest will give players a chance to discover who exactly has been assembling huge amounts of fighters and letting them loose on the galaxy, with a cool reward for the winner.

Balance-wise there's also quite a lot, as you'll see below, but to give you the gist: Trade Companies have seen their output lowered, while Heroes are now gaining a base amount of xp per turn, depending on whether they are a governor or an admiral. Their xp gains have been adjusted to be fairer to admirals. The AI is now less easily provoked by exploration vessels on its territory, while also better at handling its own approval ratings since the overcolonization changes.

  • Fighters and bombers
  • Dedicated Battle tactics
  • Dedicated Squadron support modules
  • Dedicated Fighters & Bombers quest
  • Pirate hero Jennifer Rach
  • Unfallen main menu view, added ships to Cravers & Sophons main menu view
  • Implemented better explosions
  • Added the Force Free Movement input (CTRL + Mouse2) to the controls in the options
  • Mac compatibility mode: if you are still encountering issues with the Diplomacy screen, try adding the “-compat” command line to your game’s starting options in Steam. If it works, let us know so we can add your graphics card to the list of cards triggering this mode by default!

  • Planetary destruction cutscenes can now be disabled
  • The notification title is no longer noted as a “successful expedition” when encountering a trap in a curiosity
  • The industrialists "New colony" law's description now scales correctly on different game speeds
  • Fixed law upkeep not being properly displayed when it is modified by faction traits
  • Fixed an issue causing the rebellion notification to not be triggered
  • Pirate fleets now auto-merge at the end of every turn if possible
  • Unified luxury resources tooltips in order to have luxury effects on all locations
  • Fixed an issue where the retreat feature did not function properly on the vineship hulls
  • Fixed "zoom in" sound being played on repeat when zooming with scrollwheel on a system when already zoomed in
  • Alliance notifications are no longer displayed when created by unknown empires during gameplay
  • It is no longer possible to leech the same system several times at once with the same fleet
  • Counter-offer does not cause the price of diplomacy contracts to be paid again
  • The quick start and beginner tutorial options are now properly displayed when hovering the cursor over the New Game button after the player exits the advanced/expert tutorial
  • Teleporting probes (due to lag) now update the fog of war as intended
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from making actions while another player is joining the game in multiplayer
  • The mouse cursor now uses a proper pointer after the end of the turn when the player was dragging a construction during the end of the turn
  • Notifications are no longer popping up when a planet destruction is launched (cf. Vodyani's Quest Hope In Heresy)
  • It is no longer possible to load a save when in loading/saving screen, to avoid loading a save that's being deleted
  • Fixed ready feedback of the notification battle setup
  • Fixed a rare desync on hotjoining a game
  • Added the possibility to rename trade companies
  • Riftborn population construction is now automatically upgraded instead of blocking the system construction queues when an upgraded version is available
  • Fixed tooltips of battle tactics unlocks from the technology screen displaying false information
  • Fixed deed "Prospector of destruction" not tracking resources correctly
  • Curiosities now display the correct regular curiosity icon greyed out instead of the padlock when no probes are currently available
  • The player is no longer automatically reassigned to the first slot when changing the session mode from multiplayer to singleplayer
  • The player no longer stays stuck in the "Connecting to lobby" loading screen if the host exits the lobby
  • The player is now assigned to the previously occupied lobby slot when re-joining
  • System approval is now correctly displayed on Riftborn outposts
  • Description of the planets are now displayed properly after quick loading while watching the cinematic of the same system
  • The "Isyander's Gambit" quest side indicator is now correctly displayed for fleets which orbit systems
  • A character input limit for the player name in the New Game screen has been added to prevent the player from remaining stuck upon ending their turn if their name comprises a large amount of characters
  • The System Scan View button is now correctly displayed in the Outpost Management screen
  • The player can now only ask for one political survey per turn
  • The player can no longer interact with the Galaxy screen from the Senate screen
  • Battle tactics description no longer overlaps the range indicator in the battle tactics unlock tooltips
  • Added information in the System List that a system is under siege
  • Players creating custom factions will now have information as to why they can't add certain traits
  • Decaying roots no longer remove other empires' colonies
  • Added information about which population will be enrolled by the Chain Gang Program improvement
  • Ship Design screen no longer displays default/placeholder Industry cost when designing Arks
  • Color palette changes (colorblind settings) are now correctly applied
  • Fixed an issue where the planetary destruction audio track continued to be played after the cinematic is skipped
  • There are now tooltips on the relation gauge to inform the player regarding the effects of the minor factions diplomacy thresholds
  • Users can no longer assign skills to heroes available in the market without purchasing them
  • Fixed an error when the player is trying to change the video quality level
  • Accepting an invite during a single player session will no longer cause the player to be immediately removed from the lobby after joining it
  • The empire banner tooltips of dust/manpower/influence now cover the whole section, not just the stock
  • Effects of the "Military Spine" skill from the Imperials and Primitives hero classes are now correctly displayed
  • Added available stock of resources in the negotiation screen + changed default value of the quantity field for resource terms (from max stock to 1)
  • Highlights which surround the Fleet ID no longer blink multiple times when the player clicks on a lane
  • Skippable assert is no longer generated after using the Quick Load function and immediately quitting the current game session. Removed the possibility to quick load when a Confirmation Message Box is visible to avoid these kinds of strange behaviors
  • Fixed the description of the notification when a ship discovers a fleet and is destroyed in the same turn
  • Added a scrollbar that allows to see all the luxury resources in the Marketplace screen
  • Luxury resources and trade lane freighters are no longer overlapping and are now correctly displayed
  • Added information about the starting situation (planet, government, politics) of a faction in the faction choice
  • Added more detailed tooltips for planets in the custom creation screen
  • Fixed an issue where the player could create custom factions while the "Allow Custom Faction" setting was disabled
  • The Systems Management list can now correctly be sorted by "Resources" and "Automation Policy"
  • "Starting Planet" faction trait is no longer displayed in the Empire Panel for Custom Factions
  • Fixed an issue where Multiple levels of a planetary specialization of the same type were displayed in the specialization list if a specialization level was skipped
  • The beginner tutorial no longer loses functionality after the player changes game options
  • Debug text is no longer displayed in the Hero Ship Design screen when inspecting a hero on the Marketplace
  • The player can no longer access the technology screen before it becomes available in the beginner tutorial
  • The Virtual Dustylizer now displays which population is going to be sacrificed, like the Chain gang program does
  • Fixed systems failing to update Riftborn manpower infinite improvement when a quest unlocks a new version of the said improvement
  • Curiosity expedition is now considered as failed if the fleet is destroyed during the expedition
  • It is no longer possible to invade a system several times in the same turn by using the retreat option after an invasion
  • Fixed an issue where Advanced Report Damage Gauges were glitching when total damage done was 0
  • Fixed systems sending growth to themselves
  • Fixed random technology quest reward sometimes giving a technology that should not be available
  • Fixed GUI displaying incorrect information when Cravers try to change government
  • Fixed an issue where Planets disappeared from System View if the player clicked on System Management View and then clicked the left mouse button again
  • Fixed player being unable to decolonize home systems of other empires after capturing them
  • Fixed an issue where the Lumeris’ faction-specific Infinite Improvement, Political Theater, did not replace Public 3D Printing after being researched
  • Alliance victory conditions are not taken into account anymore when a player leaves an alliance
  • Fixed an issue where the notification of the "A Swarm of Locusts" quest displayed improper information when only one empire completed the quest
  • "Righteous fury" religious law now allows to go through closed borders
  • Fixed privateers not crossing closed borders when in auto-explore
  • Fixed automated ships not delivering their content when arriving (instead, waiting for the system to refresh or the end of turn)
  • Fixed automated ships tooltip displaying erroneous information
  • Fixed an issue where fighters that chased bombers drifted when their target was updating its trajectory
  • Fixed some saves with corrupted systems not being able to load
  • Fixed a situation where leech sometimes stops at end of turn
  • Fixed battle rewatch not working
  • Fixed colonization sometimes causing issues
  • Fixed multiplayer saves being loadable with modding tools enabled

  • Ocean, Jungle and Atoll Planet cost for Custom faction increased from 10 to 15
  • Perfect Genes cost reduced from 15 to 10 (level 1) and from 30 to 20 (level 2)
  • Pathfinder cost reduced from 40 to 25
  • Guardians cost increased from 25 to 40
  • Crowded Planets I & II disabled for Ship Bound factions
  • Social Chameleons cost reduced from 20 to 15
  • Increased custom faction cost for Democracy and Republic governments from 5 to 10
  • Reduced effect for Skillful Traders from +20% to +15% Star System Trade Value on Star System
  • Added "Fast" bonus to Civilians, and changed to "Very Fast" for Explorers
  • Added bonuses "Squadron Technicians" (+10% Health on Squadrons) & "Veteran Pilots" (+10% Damage on Squadrons) for Carriers
  • Balanced values for Trade Companies’ gains in Dust, Science and Luxury
  • Reduced XP needed to level up Trade Companies
  • Reduced Science gains from Trade Companies
  • Reduced maximum number of Trade Companies to 3 (4 with faction trait Extended Consortium")
  • Changed the formula for the Length modifier of Trading Company so it starts having diminishing returns once there's more than 10 Nodes in a Route
  • Added faction trait "Extended Consortium", costing 15 points
  • Reduced steepness of the nerf for Trade Companies research gain and Trade Companies level impact
  • Decreased from 8% to 3% XP gained from improvements built for governors
  • Increased XP gains of admirals from battle by x10
  • 3 new empire improvements linked to stage to increase civilian ship movement points
  • Increased costs of Faction Trait "Mutual Understanding I" from 5 to 10 and "Mutual Understanding II" from 10 to 15
  • Reduced Lumeris Hero Senator Skill "Lucky Windfall" effect on Star Systems Trade Value from +50% to +10%
  • Reduced Luxury Resource "Drift Buds" effect on Star Systems Trade Value when used in a Star System Upgrade from +70% to +20%
  • Reduced "Solar Security Operations Base" effect on Star System Trade Value +100% to +25%
  • Reduced "Xhuyin Cartel" effect on Star System Trade Value +50% to +25%
  • Reduced "Borer's Guild Bourse" effect on Star System Trade Value +50% to +25%
  • Fixed luxury Resources deposits not applying their Approval bonus per Population
  • Reduced the Approval bonus per Population of Transvine deposits from +4 to +3
  • Fixed "Spoils of War" law applying its effects twice
  • The player will now receive resources instead of an outpost in chapter 1 of the United Empire quest if they selected the 2nd choice, if they are playing with a custom faction with Shipbound or Vines affinity
  • The reward for completing the final chapter of the Riftborn's questline is now functional for custom factions
  • Dust election actions are now tied to Dust inflation
  • Approval bonus from the "Destroy" option of the "Mind Matters" event is now functional
  • The "Church on High" Vodyani tutorial now progresses past the second step when the player selects a system as instructed
  • Added a Medium range to beam weapons (with a x2 cooldown between shots)
  • Flotilla Ranges now do the correct accuracy adjustments for beams
  • Evasion now has max value of 0.95 instead of minValue of -0.95
  • Fixed flaks bringing their DPS to feedback in the detailed view of DPS in ship overview
  • The Metaplot quest can no longer erase the ENFER star system to turn it into the Metaplot system
  • Rejuvenation Haze now increases regen ratio on Docked Fleets, not just Fleets in Hangar
  • Promoter of Diversity's laws counter now works
  • Reduced the necessary quantity of T1 Luxury Resources for Star System Upgrades
  • Increased the necessary quantity of T3 Luxury Resources for Star System Upgrades
  • Reduced over colonization penalty per system over the threshold (-15 --> -10)
  • Reduced Custom Faction cost of starting on a Jungle from 15 to 10
  • Increased XP required for hero ships to level up
  • Reworked hero XP computation (added passive gains to Governors and Admirals)
  • Renegade Master now applies its bonuses correctly
  • It is no longer possible for factions with the Riftborn visual affinity to find star system improvements they cannot use through curiosity exploration
  • Mount Zelevas (Quest United Empire, United Empire ending) can now be built
  • Nerfed all Kinetic weapons’ damage by 10%
  • Fixed Industrialist "Fortitude" law not applying its health bonus correctly
  • Increased Heart's Ward health bonus from 45 to 50, increased shield absorption, shield bonus from 350 to 500
  • Reduced Gjallarfire Damage from 22 DPS to 17 DPS
  • Increased Heart's Hammer from 34 DPS to 62 DPS
  • Increased Pirate Laser damage from 8 DPS to 13 DPS, increased Critical Chance from 5% to 10%, cost reduced from 40 Industry to 35

  • The AI is now able to refresh ship designs during the turn
  • Added new behavior and feedback that detect diplomatic demand abuse
  • The AI now handles happiness in a better way to reduce the number of cases where AI collapses under its own economy
  • Removed transition in alliance state based on impossible predicates (demands to ally are forbidden) resulting in strange mood messages
  • Fixed an issue with difficulty limitation in war transitions that was stopping AI from going to war when the player had declared it
  • The AI now responds to diplomatic contract and no longer sometimes gets stuck calculating terms
  • Tweaked leecher and vineship fleet size
  • Tweaked Offensive Military Power Threat Threshold to reduce trespass occurrence
  • The AI now uses and reacts to force peace mechanic
  • Changed Truce negotiation Modifications - Ai should now be harder to sue for peace when it’s not trying to put an end to the war itself
  • Fixed issues in minor factions behavior
  • Fixed fighters bombers compositions and ship designs
  • Fixed an issue in balance contract resource amount adjustment
  • Fixed an issue where ship designs were not improved in some cases
  • Fixed several issues with trespassing notification

  • Added several Intel cards to diplomacy hologram compatibility
  • Added Intel Iris 6100 to the hologram compatibility
  • Apply compatibility lists if -compat used on the command line

  • Adding Intel HD5500 to the list of cards that trigger lower-performance mode

We hope you enjoy this update. Let us know what you think!
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September 8

'Target Locked' is coming soon!

Hey everyone,

Buckle up and get ready for take-off: the Target Locked update is coming to Endless Space 2 on September 12!

This update will bring fighters & bombers, along with specific Battle tactics to make your fighter squadrons shine, & modules to support this new kind of weaponry. Look forward to our guide explaining how to best use fighters & bombers, when to build them, which fleet types will benefit from them, and how you can defend against the onslaught. But that's not all!

Target Locked features a dedicated quest which, starting in Military Era 4, will give players a chance to discover who exactly has been assembling huge amounts of fighters and letting them loose on the galaxy, with an attractive reward for the winner.

It also features introduces a new heroine, pirate ace Jennifer Rach. Using the Seeker and Scavenger hero trees, will be an incomparable asset when it comes to leading squadrons of fighters and bombers into the fray! Finally, the game also adds a new Unfallen view to the main menu, to change up from the Lumeris and Vodyani... and then there's page after page of balance changes and fixes, all of which will be listed in the update notes on Thursday!

Can't wait? Actually, you might test an early version of the build. While it is lacking a few changes being worked on following VIP feedback, it might scratch your Fighters & Bombers itch until next week. Follow this link to find out more. 

Fancy seeing all this in action? Then join us for a Twitch livestream, Tuesday, September 12th, at 5PM CEST!

See you there!
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“My new beau is Endless Space 2, and it’s got its hooks in me deep.”
Recommended – Rock Paper Shotgun

“GOLD AWARD - The most immersive and complex 4X strategy of recent years.”
88% – 4Players

“A new masterpiece of the genre, as simple as that.”
9/10 – Journaldugeek

Digital Deluxe Edition

Official Digital Soundtrack

All Endless Space 2 tracks created by FlybyNo in mp3 format.

Pathfinder Hero Ships’ Skin (Cosmetic)

Adds a selectable alternate “Pathfinder” skin set for all hero spaceships.

Pathfinder Academy Heroes (Cosmetic)

Adds “Brunem Berto-Lancellum” and “Kinete Muldaur” to the hero cast of the game.

About This Game

Endless Space 2 is a strategic space opera, featuring the compelling “just one more turn” gameplay, set in the mysterious Endless universe. As the leader of your civilization, will you impose your vision and build the greatest stellar empire?

You will explore mysterious star systems, discover the secrets of ancient races, develop advanced technologies of unthinkable power, and, of course, encounter new life forms to understand, to court or to conquer.

Your story unfolds in a galaxy that was first colonized by a people known as the Endless, who rose and fell eons ago. All that remains of them are mystical ruins, powerful artifacts, and a mysterious, near-magical substance known as Dust.

EXPLORE the Endless universe

The new Galaxy Generator has been completely overhauled to provide unique star systems and curiosities to explore, different planet types to colonize, luxuries and strategic resources to exploit, the mysteries of the Dust and new lifeforms to master, and a host of strange cosmic anomalies to deal with.

EXPAND beyond the unknown

Claim new systems by establishing outposts, and develop your planets into feared stellar fortresses or fabulous utopias full of wonders. Train your heroes to become fleet admirals, system governors or influential senators to guide your populations and make your galactic civilization thrive.

EXPLOIT every opportunity

Collect Dust, luxuries and strategic resources that are tradable on the marketplace, discover amazing new technologies, and keep one step ahead of the competition through trade corporations and subtle diplomacy.

EXTERMINATE all resistance

Design your ships, build your fleets and carefully choose your battle plans to overcome up to seven opponents in online confrontations. Watch epic real-time space battles unfold, and improve your strategy for your next confrontations.

EXPERIENCE a galactic saga

Discover each civilization’s story, from the Sophon’s AI gone berserk to the traditional Lumeris families facing an ambitious young upstart. Learn more about the origins of the lethal Endless creation called the Cravers. Find out more about the Heretic, a mysterious and powerful character hunted by the Vodyani… The galaxy will belong to the civilization that controls Dust and uncovers its secrets… but were the Endless alone in the galaxy? What is the true origin of Dust? Are the rumors around a mysterious organization called the Academy real?


Press Space anytime to activate the Amplified Reality view and reveal in-depth contextual information about your systems, trade routes, diplomatic stances and even your ship stats during battle!


Follow the development of the game and get to know the talent behind the scene. Make your voice count by giving feedback on the game, submitting ideas, and voting for Art and gameplay elements. Participate in contests and design content that will be created by the studio and added to the game!

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows (64bits only) 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
    • Processor: i3 4th generation / i5 2nd generation / A6 series
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD 4000 / AMD Radeon 5800 series / NVidia 550Ti
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DX11 compatible
    • Additional Notes: Minimum Resolution: 1280 x 720
    • OS: Windows (64bits only) 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
    • Processor: i3 5th generation (or newer) / i5 3rd generation (or newer) / FX4170 (or newer)
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD Radeon 8000 series or newer / NVidia GTX 660 or newer
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DX11 compatible
    • Additional Notes: Recommended Resolution: 1920 x 1080
    • OS: 10.11 (El Capitan) or 10.12 (Sierra)
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 2.7Ghz
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 775M | Radeon HD 6970 | Intel Iris Pro
    • Storage: 8 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Minimum Resolution: 1280 x 720
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