A common legend pervades the galaxy-that of a powerful, highly intelligent ancient race that will one day deliver the universe. They are known as Humans. The Advent of Humanity Begins...
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2005년 8월 9일

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2018년 3월 14일

Trailer & DLC

Hi everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know that we're continuing to add content and updates for the fans of Advent Rising.

The store page on Steam will include a pre-launch trailer that we found in the archives for everyone to enjoy and to get excited once more about the franchise's potential.

Within the next couple of days, you'll receive notification that we've also added two DLC packs, covering both the soundtrack for the game as well as the comic book series (six issues).

Both will be free of charge for anyone that currently owns or will purchase the game in the future. They'll also be available for purchase separately from the game.

We have a lot of exciting things in store and I can't wait to share it with everyone.
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2018년 3월 7일

Intro and update

Hi Everyone,

My name is Ryan and I’m an Associate Producer here at Majesco. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and share some news with the community.

We first launched Advent Rising in 2005 and to this day we’re constantly amazed and humbled by the dedication and love shown to the game by fans. Even here at Majesco, Advent Rising holds a special place in our hearts. While we don’t have any new titles to announce at this time, I’m pleased and excited to announce that we have various updates planned for the original game, starting with an update to make the experience more enjoyable on modern systems.

We’ll have more details on the first update very soon. Until then, we’d love to hear from the community, what would you like to see from these updates and Majesco moving forward?
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“...has a lot to offer in terms of gameplay, story, and sound...it brings original ideas and a good dose of personality to a genre that often focuses too much on just shooting people in the face.”
79 – IGN

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혹자는 그들을 구세주로 여깁니다. 인간은 젊은이들의 상상 속에나 있는 존재라고 여기는 사람들도 있습니다. 그러나 시커 종족은 인간이라는 종족이 실제로 존재한다는 것을 알고 있으며 그들을 파괴해야 하는 적이라고 믿고 있습니다. 시커는 호의적인 탐험가로 위장한 채 우주를 철저히 탐색하며 인간 정복지를 찾아내 파괴하고 있습니다. 지금까지는 그러했습니다.
GlyphX Games는 수상 경력이 있는 SF 소설가 오슨 스콧 카드와 함께 게이머들을 놀라운 우주 세계로 이끌 멋진 스토리라인을 구성했습니다.
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    최소: Windows 2000/XP, 2.0GHz 프로세서, 256MB RAM, 128MB ATI 9000 이상 또는 128MB GeForce 3 이상(GeForce 4 MX 제외), DirectX 8.1 이상 호환 사운드 카드, DirectX 9.0(다운로드 시 포함), 최소 5.5GB 하드 드라이브 공간, NVIDIA nForce 또는 기타 마더보드/사운드카드(Dolby Digital 오디오에 필요한 Dolby Digital Interactive Content Encoder 포함), Windows 호환 키보드 및 마우스
    권장:Windows 2000/XP, 3.4GHz 프로세서, 512MB RAM, 256MB GeForce FX 5600 이상 또는 ATI Radeon 9600 이상, Sound Blaster Audigy 2 시리즈 사운드 카드 이상, 게임 패드

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