A common legend pervades the galaxy-that of a powerful, highly intelligent ancient race that will one day deliver the universe. They are known as Humans. The Advent of Humanity Begins...
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“...has a lot to offer in terms of gameplay, story, and sound...it brings original ideas and a good dose of personality to a genre that often focuses too much on just shooting people in the face.”
79 – IGN

Acerca de este juego

Una leyenda recorre la galaxia: algún día, una raza poderosa y muy inteligente liberará el universo. Se les conoce como Humanos.
Algunos afirman que son mesías. Otros creen que sólo existen en la imaginación de los jóvenes. Los Seekers, no obstante, saben que los Humanos existen y creen que son enemigos que deben ser destruidos. Disfrazados de benévolos exploradores, los Seekers rastrean el universo y erradican las colonias humanas que encuentran. Hasta ahora.
Con la colaboración del galardonado autor de ciencia ficción Orson Scott Card, GlyphX Games ha creado un argumento apasionante que sumergirá a los jugadores en una increíble saga intergaláctica.
El alzamiento de la humanidad ha comenzado...

Requisitos del sistema

    Configuración mínima: Windows 2000/XP, procesador a 2 GHz, 256 MB de RAM, ATI 9000 de 128 MB o superior o GeForce 3 de 128 MB o superior (excepto GeForce 4 MX), tarjeta de sonido compatible con DirectX 8.1 o superior, DirectX 9.0 (incluido en la descarga), 5,5 GB de espacio mínimo disponible en el disco duro, NVIDIA nForce u otras placas base / tarjetas de sonido que contengan el codificador de contenido interactivo de Dolby Digital para sonido Dolby Digital, teclado y ratón compatibles con Windows
    Configuración recomendada:Windows 2000/XP, procesador a 3,4 GHz, 512 MB de RAM, GeForce FX 5600 de 256 MB o superior o ATI Radeon 9600 o superior, tarjeta de sonido de la serie Sound Blaster Audigy 2 o superior, mando de control
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Publicado: 4 de mayo
Take part Mass Effect, part Halo, and throw in a dash of Star Wars and you get Advent Rising. This is the utmost praise, however, as Advent Rising is a fantastic game. It is clear that Mass Effect borrowed heavily from this game as the Geth seem to be ripped straight from it. The fiction behind the story is some of the most engrossing sci-fi I've seen in a while, which is no surprise since it was written by Orson Scott Card.

The gameplay is third-person, with the use of guns and special powers. The guns do feel really nice, but I found myself using the powers more often, especially in the later game. The level design is superb as well, and I never felt lost, even in some of the bigger environments.

The game is not without it's faults, however. Consulting PC Gaming Wiki is a must for essential fixes, but I still had a fair number of issues. There were graphic anomalies when things got intense and there were lots of explosions. cutscenes would sometimes hicup as well, although the dialogue did not skip. The most annoying thing were the game crashes which happened a handful of times. Thankfully, the game saved at the exact point of the crash so nothing was lost, but still annoying.

Iffy port aside, this game is fantastic. It really is a shame we will probably never see the planned sequels as this game builds a very promising lore and world around it. It's certainly worth playing, just know that it will probably never get a proper finale.
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Publicado: 25 de junio
Overrated game if you read other review websites. You can play fine unlike many of the older games(used Windows 8).

The screenshots fools you into thinking this game has some space battles, including the intro start of the game. Don't be fooled, this is not a "Space sim game". This is a third person shooter game. The screenshots are hover vehicles in land/volcanoe battle. If you are looking for a Space sim game this is not your type of game.

There are no secret to unlock for this game so you don't really have to be bother to play highest difficulty or looking for secrets. There are much better games than this during 2003 since its release. The only good thing about this game is the fighting system and skill perks which made this game unique for its time. It might disappoint some people as this is just a generic third person shooter with a good story and gameplay.

Should I recommend this to people? Maybe. I've been waiting to play this game so long since 2005, and after beating this game. It isn't a bad game, but, the gameplay didn't age that well. It kind of disappointed me. I was too hoping for a mix of space sim due to the screenshots.

Beware buyers: There are two endings for this game depending who you save at the very first mission. The real last mission happens after the credits scene. So do not expect that you have finished the last mission after the credit scene starts. This happened to me and most likely everyone else who bought this game.
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Publicado: 27 de noviembre de 2014
Extremely enjoyable third-person action-adventure game, involving space, alien worlds, super powers and a great soundtrack. Kinda like a Star Wars Jedi Knight game, but without the lightsaber. Shame it didn't sell well, the worst thing about the game is that it ends with a cliffhanger and we will never see how it continues.
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Publicado: 27 de febrero de 2014
One of my most favorite games, sadly ended with its first chapter because of a stupid Red Crayon in the Xbox. Storyline is fantastic (Star Wars meets Halo), Combat is fun (slightly reminescent of 3rd person Unreal/Halo mix). It is a little Glitchy but still stable enough to play.

I do recommend getting the Advent Revising UnOfficial Patch that fixes video playback (especially on Vista/7 or higher).

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Publicado: 21 de diciembre de 2014
One of my favorite games ever. Originally played it on the Xbox when it was first released, and have been waiting for a sequel ever since.

This isn't the greatest port ever made, but that doesn't detract too much from the experience. Framerates will sputter no matter how overspec'd your computer is, but the story is incredible, and the combat system never gets old. Worth every minute.
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