A common legend pervades the galaxy-that of a powerful, highly intelligent ancient race that will one day deliver the universe. They are known as Humans. The Advent of Humanity Begins...
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Date de parution: 9 août 2005

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“...has a lot to offer in terms of gameplay, story, and sound...it brings original ideas and a good dose of personality to a genre that often focuses too much on just shooting people in the face.”
79 – IGN

À propos de ce jeu

Une légende commune se répand dans la galaxie : celle qu'une ancienne race à la fois puissante et extrêmement intelligente délivrera un jour l'univers. Ils sont appelés les Humains.
Certains disent qu'ils sont le messie. D'autres croient qu'ils n'existent que dans l'imagination des plus jeunes. Toutefois, les Seekers savent que les Humains existent et pensent qu'ils représentent un danger qu'il faut anéantir. Déguisés en explorateurs bienveillants, les Seekers parcourent l'univers et exterminent toute colonie humaine qui croise leur chemin. Jusqu'à maintenant.
En collaboration avec Orson Scott Card, auteur de science fiction primé, GlyphX Games a inventé une intrigue poignante qui va plonger les joueurs dans une incroyable saga intergalactique.
L'avènement de l'humanité commence...

Configuration requise

    Configuration minimale : Windows 2000/XP, processeur 2 GHz, 256 Mo de RAM, ATI 9000 128 Mo ou supérieur ou GeForce 3 128 Mo ou supérieur (sauf GeForce 4 MX), carte son compatible DirectX 8.1 ou supérieur, DirectX 9.0 (inclus avec le téléchargement), 5,5 Go d'espace disque disponible, carte mère/carte son NVIDIA nForce ou autre contenant l'encodeur de contenu interactif numérique Dolby Digital Interactive Content Encoder requis pour le son Dolby Digital, clavier et souris compatibles Windows
    Recommandée :Windows 2000/XP, processeur 3,4 GHz, 512 Mo de RAM, GeForce FX 5600 256 Mo ou supérieur ou ATI Radeon 9600 ou supérieur, carte son Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ou supérieure, manette
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Posté le : 22 août
Good game. It has a great story. Moreover, I think they made the story first and wrapped the game afterwards. It's just linear gameplay but the story makes it up. This thing also has A LOT of cinematics. and I mean A LOT.

There's an unofficial patch that makes the Cinematics better and ADDS more cinematics that was remoeved when they ported it to PC. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do the patch.

Mechanic--wise, It's your average TPS game. and similar to old TPS games. The BOSSES are a ♥♥♥♥♥ to deal with. I was stuck with ONE boss for 2 HOURS. It sometimes crashes but no big deal.

Rating this one a 7/10.
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Posté le : 27 août
Advent Rising is a game that I randomly found. I saw many steam reviews saying that it was one of their favourite games of all time. And had a person in my steam friend list who also was super excited about it. So, I recently played the game to find out if it was all nostalgia or if it really is a masterpiece.

You start the game off by getting on to a spaceship and receiving your training. You visit an alien form that warns you of another alien group that is about to attack. When you return to the ship it is under attack and you have to escape. I have to say the first 2 hours of the game really felt boring to me. The gameplay felt like you were just going from room to room killing aliens. The only positive was that you have choices in the beginning. Which you, sadly and strangely, don't have as you continue further into the game.

After those initial 2 hours it finally starts to get interesting. Also your weapons are levelling up and you are unlocking new cool powers (It comes over weird in the story that you randomly unlock new powers though). The game has so many powers and weapons that I haven't been able to try them all out. This may be because you are limited to one weapon or power per hand. Also, I have to say that the end bosses were pretty challenging overall, I wasn't expecting that. The driving sections in the game can become really exciting, except if you have to shoot. In the end the game took me 10 hours to complete on normal difficulty.

The story is pretty well written and had me coming back to the game. I am sometimes amazed that they actually did what they did with the story. I reached a part of the game that made me wish to stop playing, but the story helped me push through it. There are times when the story felt cheesy and cheap (And sadly the not CGI cutscenes looked really poor). It is also obvious that the screenwriting took inspiration from movies popular at the time of the game's release. The game has many slow-motion animations while jumping or finishing an enemy to make it more cinematic. This is pretty cool but after a while it can be really irritating, because you are just waiting for the animation to end.

The sound design of the game sadly feels strangely rushed. There are too many instances to list: The game is missing walking and explosion sounds and there are a lot of other strange audio issues. Such as an NPC having the same voice as the protagonist when they get hit. The soundtrack on the other hand is really great and done by a real orchestra. The Graphics thanks to the style and can look really great, but sadly the textures mostly look bland.
( I had that the game crashed several times, and sadly it never putted me at the last checkpoint. )

I would recommend if you play this game:
To use the Advent Revising Mod
Turn off auto-aiming

Final thoughts:
I think it is sad that Advent Rising is a forgotten game. The game was much too rushed in production and had a boring beginning and ending. However, I still think that if you can accept the complaints there is a great experience to be had in the game.
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Posté le : 16 septembre
I STRONGLY recommend this game and i tell you why:

1. It's old, but the effects, story and gameplay are so gorgeous.

2. The action and the intensity of this game is so awesome because he have so many battles with aliens, robots and bosses.

3. You have so many ways to kill the aliens, you have human weapons, alien weapons, grenades, melee and powers.

4. What it's so awesome at this game it's that you can level up your abillities like jumping, melee, powers and weapons and when you level up you make a SICK explosion which destroy everything around.
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Posté le : 30 octobre
I'm not going to rehash the story or go over a lot of things that other reviewer have done. I'll also keep this review brief and to the point, so here goes...

I found this game fun to play and I certainly do recommend it for fans of action and sci-fi games.

* Good Story (I can't comment on the ending due to only making it to Chapter 5)
* Good Abilities to choose from
* They over-amped the Gymnastics ability (imho)
* Controls can be very difficult at times (which is the reason I only made it to Chapter 5)
* Level design was kind of boring and boxy

There you go!
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Posté le : 14 octobre
Pros- cheap on steam, fulfilling the "want to play" remembered from ten years ago upon release.

Cons- Gliches, To Be Continued nature, aged so so
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