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Alternativa te llevará a un mundo muy distinto al que esperarías que hubiera en 2045, a un mundo destruido por guerras y revoluciones, a un mundo gobernado por una dictadura cruel y opresiva. Una aventura gráfica basada en un original guión de ciencia ficción/cyberpunk, compuesto a su vez por historias cortas que te guiarán a través de...
Fecha de lanzamiento: 3 Nov 2010
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Acerca del juego

Alternativa te llevará a un mundo muy distinto al que esperarías que hubiera en 2045, a un mundo destruido por guerras y revoluciones, a un mundo gobernado por una dictadura cruel y opresiva.

Una aventura gráfica basada en un original guión de ciencia ficción/cyberpunk, compuesto a su vez por historias cortas que te guiarán a través de las vidas de los personajes y un mundo ficticio y futurista.

¡Un asesinato, el poder de unos pocos, y traición por parte de todos!


  • Aventura gráfica clásica
  • Más de 120 escenarios modelados con detalle
  • Juega con hasta cuatro personajes diferentes en la historia
  • Historia original de ciencia ficción en un mundo repleto de detalles
  • Controles sencillos, usando únicamente el ratón
  • Secuencias de vídeo renderizadas
  • Dos niveles de dificultad
  • Diálogos interactivos con múltiples opciones
  • Banda sonora original

Requisitos del sistema


    • SO: Windows XP ® / Windows ®Vista
    • Procesador: Intel Pentium IV ® a 2.0 GHz o compatible
    • Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: Compatible con Shader Model 2.0 y con 512 MB de RAM
    • DirectX®: DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Disco Duro: 2 GB de espacio libre
    • Sonido: Compatible con DirectX 9.0c ®
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Aventura gráfica con 0 pretensiones y, como era de esperar, se queda en eso: una aventura gráfica que no aporta absolutamente nada al género y que nadie recordará. Está ambientada en un futuro cercano y... bueno, lo típico: supercorporaciones malísimas, robots, y todo el rollo ése ya gastado. No por el fondo, sino por la forma del mismo. Jugándolo tenía en mente juegos como Nikopol, que son primos hermanos.
Con todo esto no quiero decir que el juego sea malo, porque a mí me entretuvo y cumple su papel con la dignidad de un juego de dicha categoría (baja, por cierto). Es como una hamburguesa aplastada del McDonalds. ¿Apetitosa? No mucho. ¿Eficaz cuando tienes hambre? Sí, eso sí.
El juego es algo corto y fácil. Cuando digo fácil, quiero decir fácil de C-O-J-O-N-E-S. Si no puedes pasar de cierto punto, que sepas que experimentos hechos con ratas en un laboratorio ha demostrado que las ratas son capaces de pasarse el juego.

No me creo lo de las ratas. Que sí, hombre. Que viene en la prestigiosa revista científica "Muy Interesante".
Pero, ¿qué dice el experimento? Pues a 120 ratas se les hizo un perfil de Steam a cada una, y controlaron sus progresos con las estadísticas que ofrece el sistema de Valve. Por otro lado, se les puso a un grupo de control otro juego, en concreto el "Maniac Mansion" para ver si también se lo pasaban y resulta que las ratas de laboratorio son en realidad unas cracks con las aventuras gráficas, pero no. Sólo acabaron el "Alternativa".
¿Pero usaron guías? No. Sus cuentas estaban capadas y no tenían acceso a ninguna guía.
¿Por qué se llama "Alternativa" el juego? Porque es muy fácil buscar una alternativa a la tarea de jugar al juego, de lo prescindible que és para un aventurero de pro.
Publicado: 4 mayo 2014
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this is another example of the point and click adventure games' resurgence that has been happening lately.

the best part of the game is undoubtedly its art style. backgrounds are nicely prerendered/drawn, locations do feel different, yet appropriate and both backgrounds and charactess have the same art style. animation of characters could be better at times but is definitely passable (or even surprisingly good for a budget game). 3d characters on prerendered/drawn backgrounds is a decidedly oldschool way of doing things and the developer has chosen to fully accept the limitations apparently without seriously considering mitigating these. it is not all bad as you might think, fixed resolution inherently means that the visuals do fit together incredibly well.

a bit on the technical aspects - i want to say visuals are great in general but unfortunately these remain within the confines of the technical capabilities of the game (or the engine). resolution is limited to 1024x768 and aspect ratio setting only changes the ratio leaving resolution the same - the ar correction setting (that has been mostly misunderstood in forum conversations) is aimed at displays not able to preserve the aspect ratio by themselves. looking at the other settings - without antialiasing the characters are horribly aliased thanks to the low resolution but fortunately enabling it incurs only a very minor performance hit.

story is about a near-future dystopia-ish society with a decidedly eastern- or middle-european take on the sci-fi genre. it is focused on the society and people with sci-fi technology remaining essentially just a backdrop. as customary for this, story does not wrap up too nicely and does not reveal all the details. story progression is slow and calm but not overly so.

story follows richard, a man who in a world of big corporations and oppressive state (more hinted than shown) gets fired from one of the all-powerful corporations of the future and whose future prospects with that go from bleak to worse. standard fare of resistance, conspiracies, family history etc. ensues.

point and click works as well as expected from such a game today. there are not too many interactive objects and these can be hinted at to prevent pixelhunting. puzzles are very logical (but not always easy), the only annoyance is some degree of having to move over 4-5 screens and back for some puzzles. this is not critical though thanks to double-click acting like a quick-move (run to the object when double-clicking on one and practically immediately get to the next screen when clicked on screen transition).

finishing the game took me around 5 hours. definitely recommended for an adventure game fan (who does not dislike sci-fi setting) - it contains several hours of very good fun.
Publicado: 9 marzo 2014
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Alternativa is a sci-fi adventure that recreates a credible alternative future. Unfortunately many of its ideas are not properly developed and the final result is not as good as could have been.Remarkable adventure shows how the world could end after the next global war and its catching story lets you (most of time) forget about the obsolete visuals.
Publicado: 8 marzo 2014
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"Wait... Really? That was it? WTF!" That's pretty much the reaction you'll have at the end of the game. The story isn't very engaging and by the time you get any sort of meat to sink your teeth into, it ends. You get a few solid plot nuggets throughout the game which ultimately go unresolved leaving you unsatisfied and wondering what the point of it all was in the first place. Honestly, it feels as though they had unfinished 3 plot concepts squished them together and hoped for the best.

Well, at least it was a challenge and fun to play right? Nope... It encapsulates one of the most reviled characteristics of the classic point and click adventure games. In order to progress through an obvious puzzle you first have to interact with something 10 screens away so that the option then becomes available. The constant backtracking, the inability to collect stuff without you'll obviously need before interacting with something unnecessary and the occasional pixel hunt make the game play nearly insufferable.

The sad thing is, despite the game having a largely unfinished feel... Actually, I think it's safe to say it is unfinished. The art work is actually pretty good. Some of the sub plots are fairly dark and interesting, even though most of the story is just hinted at, and no real plot is there. This game could have really had potential but it is ultimately doomed by a clear disinterest in actually finishing it.
Publicado: 6 abril 2014
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Wasted potential here. Good ideas, good setting, but sloppy and clunky game. Also, very short. Not bad if it goes down to £1-£3, but can't really recommend it to anyone but a hardcore adventure gamer.
Publicado: 28 mayo 2014
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