Behind a veil of secrecy the evil Empire is creating a doomsday army - one that, if finished, will become the final cog in the Empire's arsenal of terror and domination. Your Mission? Join the Rebel Alliance's covert operations division, infiltrate the Empire, then battle every man and machine the Imperial Forces can muster.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 15 feb. 1995

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Acerca de este juego

Tras un velo de secretismo, el malvado Imperio está creando un ejército terrible, uno que una vez terminado se convertirá en el último engranaje del arsenal de terror y dominación del Imperio.
¿Tu misión? Unirte a la división secreta de operaciones de la Alianza Rebelde, infiltrarte en el Imperio y luchar contra todos los hombres y máquinas que el Imperio pueda reunir. Busca pistas por una inmensa galaxia, ataca las bases enemigas. Todo en un intento desesperado para detener la activación de esta nueva arma temible.
  • Entornos completamente interactivos: paredes y suelos cambiantes, plataformas móviles, cintas transportadoras y relistas efectos atmosféricos y de iluminación
  • Combate terrestre en primera persona. 10 armas a tu disposición para luchar contra 20 clases de enemigos
  • Explora de cerca el universo virtual de Star Wars
  • Escala pasarelas, mira y dispara hacia arriba y hacia abajo, salta y agárrate a salientes, ábrete paso a través de la basura

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
    • Procesador: 486 o superior
    • Memoria: 16 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: DirectX
    • DirectX®: DirectX 5.2
    • Disco Duro: 80 MB de espacio libre
    • Sonido: Dispositivo de 16 bits

    • Nota: Debido a la antigüedad de este título, los usuarios pueden sufrir problemas de compatibilidad si utilizan un hardware actual. Por favor, consulta los foros para tener más información.
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Publicado el 27 de marzo
Podemos entenderlo como una excelente revisión de DOOM, donde con una historia propia y una ambientación única podemos ponernos en la piel del agente Katarn, para infiltrarnos y luchar contra el imperio. Un juego de su época y que a ojos de hoy obviamente, el paso del tiempo no le ha hecho demasiada justicia.

Para los que lo jugamos en su dia, puede resultar divertido recordarlo dandole unos minutos más de juego. Pero cuidado, porque sin darse demasiada cuenta aún tiene su gancho!
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Publicado el 21 de noviembre de 2015
not bad at all! this game must have been very impressive playing it on dos back then.
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Publicado el 2 de enero
The lives system will leave you shouting at your monitor, and the lack of mouse look will have you cursing the name of auto aim. Apart from those small niggles, Dark Forces plays just has good as it did 20 years ago, and provides a nice amount of challenge to those wanting to beat an Old School FPS

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Publicado el 7 de noviembre de 2015
SW + DOOM = it can't be bad
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Publicado el 13 de febrero
Devo's dropping the mike...AGAIN!

Disclaimer: I am a huge Star Wars fan, and have played this game a lot as a child/teenager, so as my foot note points out (see the bottom of my review pages), this review may be biased.

Title Information
Review Title Star Wars: Dark Forces
Review Date 13th of February 2016
PC Release Date 15th of February 1995
Developer LucasArts
Publisher LucasArts, LucasFilm, Disney Interactive
Genre 1st Person Shooter
Series Dark Forces (1st in the series)
Single Player Yes
Multiplayer No

Category Score
Story 8/10
Single Player Gameplay 7/10
Multiplayer Gameplay NA
Graphics & Art Style 8/10
Replayability 7/10
Overal Rating
(See bottom of the page for ranking descriptions)

Devo's Seal of Approval?:
Absolutely. Fans of retro 1st person shooters shouldn't miss this nostalgic inducing, challenging, pixel art title. Considering this game was made over 20 years ago, it's held up remarkably well, and in my opinion is better than Doom.

  • Captures the essence of Star Wars in a way that even George Lucas ("The Maker") couldn't capture with the prequel trilogy,
  • Beautiful level design inspired by classic movie locales,
  • A wide range of interesting weapons,
  • Classic Star Wars characters, including a brief appearance by Boba Fett!!!
  • Lots of Stormtroopers, Imperial Officers, Mouse Droids & Gamorean Guards,
  • If you played this as a child, get ready for nostalgia overload,
  • Classic Star Wars to the core,

  • No Y-axis mouse control,
  • Becomes quite cheap towards the end of the game, particularly on the last level,
  • Some unintuitive puzzles,
  • I personally couldn't get Steam Overlay to work,
UPDATE please see @Kill-Cam Celebrity's comments dated 9th of March 2016 for a detailed workaround regarding the steam overlay issues. The review remains unchanged because this is only a work-around, and not a straight-forward one at that. Big thanks to @Kill-Cam Celebrity for providing this.


"Look how old you've become". BUT WHO CARES! YOU'RE STILL AWESOME! What a great visit to my childhood. This classic Star Wars experience, heavily inspired by the original trilogy, is a morsel of gaming history. In thier glory days, LucasArts really did excel at game development, and they hit all the right beats with this title too...on so many levels.

Revisiting this game after 20 years really highlights how much of the original trilogy LucasArts packed into this experience. From the classic enemies and weapons, to the incredible level design and vistas. It was great fighting Stormtroopers on a level whose interior was inspired by the Corellian Corvette from Episode IV, and undertaking a platform puzzle while jumping between pillars which look remarkably like the Death Star tractor beam controls.

This game brought back so many memories from my early days of PC gaming, and I thuroughly loved it. I can't wait to "hook into" the rest of this series, and i'll definately be plaing Dark Forces again in the future.


Score Description
1 This pile of c%$p made me want to take a break from gaming!
2 Avoid this title like a fat man on a diet avoids cake.
3 Why did they even bother? Oh wait...they didn't, so niether should you.
4 I wouldn't play this unless I was really, really desperate, or the biggest fan alive.
5 While there are some interesting aspects of this title, there are just too many faults to recommend it to anyone.
6 An "average" title which has some redeeming qualities, however, be warned that it also has its fair share of flaws...
7 A good game and it probably shouldn't be missed by fans of the series or genre, but be warned there are better games out there which are more deserving of your time and money.
8 An excellent title which shouldn't be missed if you can help it. I found it hard to put this game down, and I hope you do too.
9 A master piece! As close to perfect as any title can get. You are truly missing out on an unbelievable gaming experience if you do not play this game.
PERFECT. Nothing more needs to be said

  • All ratings and opinions expressed in this review are subjective, and therefore are effected in part by my own preferences & predisposiitons.
  • I have not received any gifts or gratuities froma any party for this work.
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