A fast-paced mashup of roguelikes and first-person shooters.
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发行日期: 2014年4月24日


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First-person shooters and roguelikes have finally tied the knot! Their offspring, ROGUE SHOOTER, tasks you with navigating a space station run amok. Blast aliens and kick robots in the face as you traverse each level; collecting weapons and gaining experience along the way. How far will you go when death lurks around every corner? Will you reach the 100th level and destroy the source of the station’s corruption? Probably not, but it’s worth a try.

  • Fast-paced and challenging gameplay!
  • More guns than you can shake a stick at! We wish you would stop shaking it though, it’s making us nervous.
  • Level up and pick from the finest perks this side of the Mississippi!
  • High score charts track your best attempts. Brag to your friends about yours, they surely won’t hate you for it!
  • Play mini-games to hack into secure computers. Just like real hacking!
  • You can battle with robots, aliens, and giant carnivorous plants! You can also battle with your low self-esteem and crippling alcoholism, but those aren’t included in this game.
  • Unlock backgrounds, difficulties and enemy weaknesses.


    • OS: Windows
    • Processor: 1.6Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Storage: 100 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
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I've had this game a while and I'm giving a negative review based on the fact the last patch introduced a bug and about a year later it's still there because it has been abandoned. The game had been on Steam barely any time, and they took the money and ran.

Specifically, the bug I'm mentioning is that you have to redo all the gfx settings every time you start the game. These types of games are meant to be played for 15-30 minutes then you quit and do something else. This bug makes the "natural" way of playing this game more work to start up than it's worth to play.

The gameplay itself isn't too bad. I kinda like it, there's enough different classes that give varying equipment and abilites to keep it interesting for a while, I'd be playing more often if not for the bug. The movement is a floaty, but that's part of the "arcade style" of the game. A way to sell it positively would be to say combat "flows" well.

The enemy variety is good, as are the level conditions. The weapon variety as well is nice, and you'll develop favorites for different situations or enemies.

I'd recommend this game if not for its total abandonment and multiple standing "minor" bugs.
I notice it's only $4.99 so if having to reset gfx settings every time you start and having to watch not to upgrade your weapon too much don't phase you, It's fun for what it is, but... Buyer beware.
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Short Review Incoming:
Remember the time when DOOM got really popular and every dev wanted to have a slice of this cake? ROGUE SHOOTER falls in exactly that catagory, but it's a roguelike and it was made in 2013! And actually it's nothing more: A randomly generated DOOM; a very good one I might add. This game has everything you want: Tons of classes and weopons, a great variety of enemies and it's a rather lengthy task to finish the game. If you like DOOM or just the roguelike genre in general, check this one out!
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ROGUELIKE FROEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


rogue shooter是窝接触到的第一款FPSroguelike

在之前有没有同类型窝不知道 但是至少窝玩的都是一些走格子或者横版的

既然是一款roguelike 那么就必定不能脱离 随机地图 不停的刷怪 升级 捡新装备 下一层 死了就重来这些元素




名字非常直接的说明了这是一款 The FPS Roguelike




从DOS的时代到今天 roguelike群体还是有大量的游戏在坚持ASCII码的画面




像德军总部 doom 毁灭公爵这一水老式FPS的固定镜头+纸片模型 还顺道走了一次复古风



比如什么打不到怪啦 被卡墙角啦


教程基本上可以无视 不如直接玩


职业系统 技能系统 合成系统 修理系统 镶钻系统 充值系统【雾


游戏采用了死后累计积分解锁职业这样的设定 当然泥过越多关分就越高



除开游戏开始 游戏每三关就会有一关安全关卡用于购买子弹 武器 补血 修理装备等等

这个游戏装备分 护甲 武器和道具

护甲和武器会被消耗耐久值 而道具是一次性的不会



背包的容量是固定的 只能装下除了正在装备以外的八个物品



游戏中规中矩 虽然有一些缺点但是完整度还是很高的



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Atrocious music, hilariously bad graphics, and a trailer that seems half-baked... Is it all intentional? Yes, quite possibly. I decided to pick this up particularly because of it's mid 90's "shareware" graphics and I was pleasantly surprised to find a halfway decent game underneath. If you grew up playing games like Blood, Blake Stone, Shadow Warrior, Rise of the Triad, or any of those first person DOS games, you'll feel right at home.

Excellent roguelike design, lots of interesting unlockables and persistence, tons of stuff to see and experience, quaint set of humor, and genre appropriate difficulty make this ruddy shooter worth the purchase and the time involved. ...Just make sure to mute the music early.
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Let's get this out of the way first: this game isn't for everyone. If you don't like old school (and I mean, Doom/Quake era) gameplay and hardcore randomization, then you shouldn't buy this game. That being said, if you enjoy either/both or are open minded, this could be right up your alley.

Rogue Shooter blends rogue-like elements (permadeath, random levels/items) with gunplay from the shooters of yore. It does have a couple of technical limitations (the lack of a volume slider, locked resolution, and oddball fullscreen modes), but the gameplay more than makes up for it. Weapons feel satisfying and varied, enemies are diverse, and levels (while basic) are never quite the same. Furthermore, the higher difficulties are challenging and give you a good space to grow into as you graduate from noob to veteran.

If you're a fan of modern roguelike hybrids, classic shooters, or just plain old innovative games, then Rogue Shooter is worth a shot. Don't take my word for it-check out the demo and see for yourself.
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