Paragon is a sandbox space sim set in an alternative future heavily inspired by classic 80s sci-fi. Fight, trade and explore in a massive procedurally generated galaxy of millions of planets and stars. Amass money and power, upgrade and purchase new ships, and one day create your own small fleet with a base to call home.
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Дата выхода: 12 мая, 2014

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О чём разработчики хотят сказать:

“Paragon is still in early alpha, lots of features are unfinished, bugs abound and the rough edges might poke your eye out! Take the leap though and you'll find a rapidly evolving experience with lots of updates and constant improvement built on community feedback and participation. (completion Q4 2014)”

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25 августа

Alpha 8.02 Live

This announcement is for incremental updates 8.01 (last week) and 8.02 (today).

Summary of Changes:


  • Polishing for models and textures

  • Fixed player AI glitch when entering Sol
  • Fixed thruster trails rendering code causing crashes sometimes when in hyperspace
  • Fixes for invalid ships for tradeships and fulcrums
  • Fixed issue causing a black ship silhouette to appear in main menu sometimes
  • Fixed issues causing floating point exceptions
  • Removed unused hudtrail object
  • Several minor fixes

  • Implemented ability to buy and sell items in bulk
  • Changed galactic, economic, and system view background to be more consistent

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15 августа

Alpha 8 Final

Paragon Alpha 8 final has been released! Alpha 8 has seen significant work on improving the underlying functionality of the engine, including a significant re-write of the renderer (with improved shader support), multiple enhancements to the AI and integration of enhanced crash reporting capabilities that will help us to locate and fix bugs much more quickly from here on.

On the art front there have been upgrades to existing assets as well as several new ships and cockpits added to the game

For the upcoming Alpha 9 we're planning to focus on graphical and gameplay enhancements including improvements to the HUD, new shield and fuel mechanics, a greater degree of settlement variety and further development of factions.

Summary of Alpha 8 Changes:


  • New ships, including the medium class Unitech Long Range Explorer
  • New cockpits
  • New megastation hangar and re-modeled exterior
  • New transit drive sound effects
  • Changes to megastation textures and a few more minor modifications to assets.

  • New Transit visual effects (active when post-processing is enabled)
  • Better ship thruster visual effects
  • Lighting changes
  • New effects system with OpenGL 3.1 support
  • Ships and stations moved over to pattern based paint markings system
  • Crashes produce crash dumps for debugging purposes that we can use to reproduce the crash in the debugger. described here

  • New AI now handles all docking actions
  • Lots of AI improvements and moving NPC ships to new AI
  • Disabled piracy status on ship-ship collisions

  • Better crosshair and lock reticle
  • Autopilot/Comms UI changes

  • Fixed an issue causing crash when exiting hyperspace
  • Fixed issue causing messages to repeat in message log
  • Fixed instability issues caused by dlls with mixed visual studio versions
  • Fixed crash caused by perlin noise functions overflowing
  • Fixed crash caused by NPCs trying to fly around invalid bodies
  • Fixed issue that sometimes caused background in intro not to get rendered
  • Fixed issue with switching post processing on/off
  • Fixed issue with post processing causing a random crash on some machines
  • Correct version of Visual Studio 2013 runtime is now deployed with Paragon.
  • Fixed LUA crash that happens when switching to equipments tab if the language is non-english. Any string constants that are not defined by that specific locale will use english constants as fallback.
  • More external shared dependencies for linux have been included in the release following reports that libpng12 was missing.

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About the Game

Paragon is a sandbox space sim set in an alternative future heavily inspired by classic 80s sci-fi. Fight, trade and explore in a massive procedurally generated galaxy of millions of planets and stars. Amass money and power, upgrade or purchase new ships, and one day create your own small fleet with a base to call home.


A Vast Universe - An enormous universe built to a realistic scale; a galaxy thousands of light years across filled with millions of planets and stars.

Completely Seamless - Transition through hyperjumps between stars, transit across star systems and land on planets, all with no loading screens to get in your way.

A Fully Realised Starfaring Civilization - Across inhabited space freighters run the trade lanes, stations orbit lonely planets, and individual star captains wander the space between.

Deep Backstory - In an alternative future in which the Cold War never ended, the player takes on the role of an independent ship captain trying to make their mark in an unforgiving galaxy riven with intrigue and conflict. From dropping special forces into hot zones to kidnapping weapons scientists, assassinating dissidents to gun running, take a side in the conflict between power blocs or make a fortune by playing both sides.

Individual Player Focus - An emphasis on creating a strong single player focused experience and the sort of universe that players can lose themselves in.

Engaging Gameplay - An intuitive and visceral gameplay experience centered around giving players the freedom to achieve their objectives via whatever means they decide.

Системные требования

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: ntel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom™ X3 8750 processor or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader Model 3.0 Graphics Card with 256MB of Ram or Intel HD 4000 Integrated
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS or equivalent Debian Based OS
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader Model 3.0 Graphics Card with 256MB of Ram or Intel HD 4000 Integrated
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
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Довольно таки не обычный проект, купить его однозначно стоит, но играть трудно- дизайн интерфейса оставляет желать лучшего. слишком "массивный".
Собственно не понятно чего делать надо в самом начале. Сыровата, но годна.
Опубликовано: 14 мая
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Интересная задумка. Напоминает старый добрый Elite (космосим)
-Процедурная генерация
-Огромный космос
-Возможность опускаться на планету
-Приятная графика
-Игра напоминает старые досовские симуляторы, чем-то.
-Всё криво работает
-Буратинское управление, слишком аркадное и не доработанное
-Сохранения не работают
-Нет режима обучения
-Еще слишком сырой продукт, хотя уже можно поторговать, попутешествовать.

В общем надо помогать разрабам, писать о всех багах и не доработках...надеюсь они не забьют на свой проект и допилят игру.
На деле очень даже хорошая задумка. Особенно, если учитывать, что сейчас ничего нового в космосимах нет.
Ценителям советую.
Опубликовано: 2 июля
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Обзор продукта в раннем доступе
В игре интерфейс точ в точ такой же как в космосиме - Pioneer space simulator - управление такое же!!! даже русский язык присутствует - похожесть рактически 100% единственный минус крашится игра!!!!!! а так если вы не играли в Pioneer space simulator - поиграйте лучше в него - по сути это таже игра!!!!! и геймплей более лучший!!!!! да он еще и бесплатный - качайте с офф сайта - - ведь тоже самое!!!! разве что тут навигация по проще чем в PSS - жаль нельзя на нейтральный отзыв поставить!
Опубликовано: 20 октября
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One of the first reviews for the game, now that the dev has got the missing executable error sorted out!
Where to start, where to start...
(scroll down for tl;dr)

The moment I started this, there I was, docked in the middle of a city, with a text tutorial and no idea at all how to do anything. My half hour spent on the game has been spent working out game mechanics, flying, buying, missions and all of that.

The graphics are real pretty for an indie game by a small dev team. Flying up into the atmosphere and seeing all of nothing around you, seeing planets, suns, space stations and cities from a distance. Ive only seen Earth and the moon from the Sol solar system, and seen countless random other planets and stations in other random systems, but so far I am impressed with the depth, size and look of the game.

Flying is a little weird - you use the mouse to do most movement, but you also need to use the A and D buttons for the roll function. Switching out of the mouse movement mode to go to autopilot, manuever and transit modes.
It may take a little while to get used to still.
Edit: So it would appear that there is the option to change your key bindings and mouse usage, also being able to us the directional keys to control the ship. Apparently there is partial controller support at this stage too, though I am yet to try it.

So far I have worked out how to get off the planet, learnt how to get around to others, learnt how to dock at cities and space stations, learnt all the interfaces.. but getting a mission that requires me to leave the starting area? As of What this needs is a more comprehensive tutorial, I think, but as its only build 7 of Alpha, and super early, all in good time :)
Edit: Finally worked out how to get out of the starting system to explore the universe in its glory. Hydrogen and jump drives. Who knew.

Remember, its only in alpha, and really early alpha at that. Its playable, but the learning curve at this stage is steep. There's a few killer bugs as well (my autopilot into a space station killed me for example) but nothing too game breaking.
I have high hopes for this, and it already looks really promising.
Definitely worth the money I paid to support it - but don't expect a totally finished game because you'll be disappointed.
I will update this once I learn more features and the game is updated :)
The devs are pretty cool too, and are really active on the paragon forums and are really interested in what the community has to say. They are really intent on making this game the best it can be!

- Im loving this game.
- Its pretty
- No comprehensive tutorial as of yet
- Control scheme may be a bit difficult to handle at first
- Steep learning curve
- Bugs. Its in alpha. Expect bugs.
- Pretty sweet devs
- Its pretty.

This is the first early access game i fully support and actually want to help find bugs to help make it a better experience once finished!

On a less serious note, flew about 5km into a gas giant and exploded. 10/10 for realism.

Note: I have now made a comprehensive early game tutorial in the guides section explaining certain mechanics for new players. Lots of pictures and numbers. Hope it helps.
Опубликовано: 13 мая
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There is one thing we have to get out of the way: Paragon is a mod/fork of the open source space sim Pioneer, a modern reworking of the great space sim Elite by David Braben that we were all raving about since 1984. As it stands this is as close as you are going to get right now to having Elite itself on steam, which is no bad thing ......
Well worth the purchase price for that little convenience alone.

So the 80s style (done perfectly) comes as no surprise, and the artwork (cockpits etc) are good quality.
Music is top notch as well, hinting at radiophonic and kraftwerk, it goes to make a perfect background to this space sim. Runs like a dream and you can max the graphics on a modest PC.
It really does have the spirit and feel of Elite.

So my recommendation is a thumbs up with crossed fingers, trusting that the development of Paragon will continue along its own lines and not fall down like so many other early access titles have been doing on steam over the last few months.
Опубликовано: 13 мая
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