Mordheim: City of the Damned is the first video game adaptation of Games Workshop's cult classic tabletop game Mordheim. Set in the Warhammer World's decimated Empire city, Mordheim: City of the Damned is a turn-based tactical game where you lead warbands into bloody and lethal skirmishes.
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Mostly Positive (3,063 reviews) - 70% of the 3,063 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Nov 19, 2015

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Recent updates View all (46)

July 19

Full Release Patch 8 Quick fix

With the latest patch, we reported two known issues that could possibly impact your playing experience.
We worked on solving them and fixing a few issues reported by the community.

The version of the game has been updated to

Important Note
As we planned to do on last patch; if you had a combat save before the update it will be removed. Your Warband will be sent back to your hideout without any consequences. We apologize that it did not work in our previous patch.

  • Greatly reduced (by 10 times) the delay of GUI appearance.
  • Fixed an issue that made Pyre of Righteous reappear on reload.
  • Fixed an issue where empty loot bags were showing up in place of out of action Warriors who left the battlefield.
  • Prevented some spells from being cast again on players when looting Wyrdstone (e.g. Deny the heretic).
  • Fixed message in daily report when a Librarian sends you gold instead of a formula (please note that it has not been localized yet and will display in English only).
  • Wild Swipe can now properly be used with an Ulrican Axe.
  • Deny the Heretic: the mastery version debuff now properly lasts the duration of the AoE zone.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the completion of campaign missions while using ranged weapons on destructibles.

How to help us
If you find any bugs or need some technical help, please refer to the thread "Issues launching or loading the game. Read this first!", and the appropriate forum for bugs reporting and technical issues, and do no post in general discussions. The general discussion forum is very hard for us to navigate as there is a lot of movement, so we only look at it briefly.

If you experience a game breaking bug, such as a crash to desktop, please make a post in the Bug report section, and also send your output log and a copy of your combat log, found in your Steam install directory:
- Steam\SteamApps\common\mordheim\mordheim_Data\output_log.txt
- Steam\SteamApps\common\mordheim\combat.log

Email these logs to logs at and we'll take a look at it. Please link your post/thread in your email so we can return to it. A DxDiag can also be helpful, and if you managed to take a screenshot that will also help quite a bit.

We hope you enjoy this patch. Feel free to check the forums regularly to get information on what's coming next to Mordheim: City of the Damned

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July 14

Full Release Patch 8

Hello Everyone,

We are releasing today the 8th patch (v1.3.4.5) for Mordheim: City of the Damned.

We would like to thank the Mordheim community who helped us tremendously in fixing some of the hardware issues encountered with the last patch. Also a big thank you to everyone for their patience.

This version of the game has been built for DirectX 11 and DirectX 9, while previous versions were built only for DirectX 9. This should prevent crashes with certain video card drivers. These kind of issues are always difficult to track down and fix since they can be caused by various components on which we have limited visibility and control, like the engine or video card drivers. Rest assured that we'll always do our best to resolve these as quickly as possible.

This patch's size is a bit larger than 3GB unfortunately. This is caused by the switch to DirectX 11.

We hope you will enjoy these improvements, and look forward to seeing you fight in the dark streets of Mordheim: City of the Damned.

New Content
  • Sigmarite Great Hammer: a new weapon for the Warrior-Priest, Maiden of Sigmar, Sigmarite Matriarch and Sigmar’s Purifier which reduces chances to trigger a Divine Curse by 6/9/12% and bypass enemy Armor Absorption by 9/12/15%
    • Warrior-Priest initial Weapon is now a Sigmarite Great Hammer
    • Weapon is Slow
    • Deals 32-36 damage for the Normal version
  • Added a popup to notify the new players about the necessity of going through the tutorials before starting a Warband.
  • Tweaked timing of GUI appearance after certain actions to prevent FPS drops.

  • Sending Wyrdstones to your main faction will now always provide Reputation, even if it’s a required shipment
  • Executioner now has his item slots blocked except the same 1 (to use for books)
  • Flagellants will now be able to wield Maces
  • Fixed an issue where a Trap would wrongly give the “Stealth Climb” buff
  • Veteran Ranks 11, 12, 13 and 14 will now give 2 Veteran Skill Points each. Warbands who already achieved those ranks should receive the Veteran Skill Points retroactively
  • The Regeneration of the enemies in the Cult of the Possessed Story Mission 2-1 and the Sisters of Sigmar mission 2-4 has been reduced to 50 wounds (was 75)
  • Ulrican Axe: will now properly be easier to Dodge for victims
  • Extra Arm mutations: they now all bypass Dodge by 15% (was 10%) and don’t bypass Parry anymore (was 10%) since armbands completely negates Parry already

  • Burn the Witch: the combat cost of the skill has been changed to 2OP and 1 SP (from 3 OP to use)
  • Riposte Stance: a successful parry while using this stance will now also reduce the cost of Counter-Attacks by 1 OP
  • Fanatical Zeal: the using cost has been reduced to 2SP (was 3)
  • Boons of Chaos: the effect of this spell are now Stackable
  • Infused Globe: the animation when healed will now show the buff animation properly

  • Healing Hand: the range of the Mastery version has been reduced to 3 meters (same as the Normal version)
  • Word of Damnation: the duration has been increased to 2 turns, but the All Alone/Fear and Terror penalty have been reduced to -15% for the normal version (was -25%) and to -30% for the mastery version (was -50%)
  • Warp Accretion: increased the duration of the initial buff to 2 turns
  • Blessing of Ulric: the critical damage bonus has been reduced to 10% (was 15%) for the regular version and to 20% (was 30%) for the mastery version but the duration has been increased to 2 turns

Veteran Skills
  • Contact Librarian: the chances to get items for the mastery version has been reduced to 15% (was 20%)

GUI Improvements
  • Reduced Mission Objective's font size and paragraph width
  • Adjusted Item Tooltips to fix the hidden information issues with long descriptions
  • Adjusted layout in Hideout screens to avoid issues like hidden characters and overlapping buttons

  • Fixed issue that blocked at 98% the loading of a mission save
  • Fixed the visual issue on the Witch Hunters flails
  • Fixed some visual issues with bodyparts
  • Fixed issue allowing the Executioner to loot when multiple interaction are available
  • Fixed issue with the overview which were not displaying current warrior and warband wagon properly
  • Fixed some issues with translation in various languages
  • Fixed the issue with the totem in mission 3 of the Witch Hunters, preventing players from completing the mision
  • Fixed an issue with the AI stucked in the search position
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the Continue button top show up in the main menu
  • Fixed an issue in the options menu that was crashing the game on close
  • The Executioner attack animations have been given more dynamism and rhythm
  • Improved highlights visibility
  • Improved invitation flow.

Known Issues​
- Pyre of Righteous: If you reload a save game after a Pyre of Righteous has disappeared, it will still be there. This will not be the case if the Pyre is destroyed.

- GUI appearance: The timing of GUI appearance, after certain actions, might be longer on the procedural maps

Special Notes

- If your video card does not support DirectX11, or if you encounter any other problems, you can try launching the build in DirectX9 by setting the following launch options: -force-d3d9
(Right-click > Properties > General tab > Set Launch Options > enter -force-d3d9 > Ok)

We hope you enjoy this patch. Feel free to check the forums regularly to get information on what's coming next to Mordheim: City of the Damned

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“A solid tactical game centered around survival of the fittest and eking out every advantage”
8/10 – The Escapist

“Great longterm and re-play motivation”
81% – GameStar

“Une réussite”
8/10 – Jeuxvideo com

Special Offer

The OST will be downloaded as MP3 files to the game folder in your Steam Directory: […]\Steam\steamapps\common\mordheim\Mordheim City of the Damned OST

About This Game

Mordheim: City of the Damned is the first video game adaptation of Games Workshop's cult classic tabletop game Mordheim. Set in the Warhammer World's decimated Empire city, Mordheim: City of the Damned is a turn-based tactical game where you lead warbands into bloody and lethal skirmishes. The game blends RPG elements, fast-paced tactical combat and intricate unit customization in a time wrought by chaos and rivalry where only the strongest survive.

After a twin tailed comet crashed on Mordheim, the City of Damned turned into a terrifying battlefield where rival warbands fight fiercely for the control of key neighborhoods, looking for glory and fortune by acquiring the very valuable Wyrdstone fragments.

Choose from iconic Mordheim warbands - Sisters of Sigmar, the Cult of the Possessed, Skaven, Mercenaries from the Empire - and lead your troops to battle. Recruit new units, equip them with enhanced gear. Evolve and customize your warband with the experience gained from each successful mission, transforming them into a terrifying force on the battlefield.

Devise the best strategy to annihilate your rivals. If you fail, some of your units might lose a limb... or worse. Keep in mind that in Mordheim: City of the Damned, a dead unit is lost forever! Consider the environment when formulating your battle strategy, exploiting the unique buildings, ruins or the layout of the streets. Deploy your troops carefully and anticipate the actions of your adversaries to set up ambushes! Organize ingenious battle plans where the talents of your units will be as important as your own luck during key moments of combat.

Loot items and weapons hidden in the ruins, or steal those of fallen opponents. Survive the dangers that abound in the City of the Damned and collect as many Wyrdstones as you can, but remain ever vigilant. Mordheim is one of the most treacherous places in the Warhammer World!

In these epic battles where fame and glory await, your strategy will definitely be your best ally! Visit the four corners of the City of the Damned to complete multiple missions in the solo campaign, or challenge other players in enthralling multiplayer modes.

  • Fully customize your warbands
  • Choose from a multitude of classes with unique abilities to create unique strategies
  • Take your troops to battle and test their synergy on the field
  • Gain experience to unlock Player's special abilities
  • Spend the Wyrdstones to acquire powerful items and unlock more choices and features
  • Face other Player's Warbands in head to head skirmishes

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista 64bit, Window 7 64bit, Windows 8 64bit, Windows 10 64bit (32bit OS not supported)
    • Processor: AMD/INTEL Dual-Core 2.4 GHz
    • Memory: 4096 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 1024 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible AMD Radeon HD 5850/NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or higher
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9 compatible
    • Additional Notes: Internet connection required for online gaming and game activation
    • OS: Windows Vista 64bit, Window 7 64bit, Windows 8 64bit, Windows 10 64bit (32bit OS not supported)
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K @ 3.3 GHz or AMD FX-8350 @ 4.0 GHz
    • Memory: 4096 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 2048 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible AMD Radeon R9 270/NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 or higher
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9 compatible
    • Additional Notes: Internet connection required for online gaming and game activation
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Recently Posted
28.4 hrs
Posted: September 25
fun, wish there wasn't a badge for online - or make ai for the badge
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512.6 hrs
Posted: September 25
This is an excellent port from the tabletop version of the game. As an avid Mordheim player for the better part of two decades, it was great to finally have a platform version that does not suck something fierce. My only gripe is that all of the original warbands from the book are not here. Two Mercenary factions are missing and the Undead are completely gone. I am looking forward to the prospect of other warbands being included like the Chaos Dwarf Slavers, Night Elves, and the Clan Skyre for the Skaven. Also different map scenarios like Rush for the Treasure that were expansions in the Town Crier for the tabletop version. These additions would make Mordheim complete for me.
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3.9 hrs
Posted: September 25
Mordheim: City of the Damned had the potential to be an interesting and challenging game. The progression system is deep and filled with interesting choices and options, and the Warhammer Fantasy Universe provides sturdy groundwork to create your own tale on top of. But the gameplay is monotonous, the technical issues are annoying and the game is among the most frustrating I’ve played in some time.
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62.8 hrs
Posted: September 23
This game is complete and utter garbage for one reason only. The random number generator is broken as all hell in this game.
At first I loved this game and thought it was the most accurate conversion of a GW game that I had played, but when all your hard work and tactics is thrown under the bus in every single match its insulting to the player that the Developer is either so inept or so careless that their "random number" generator is bias and broken.

When your leader has a 75% or more dodge rating and EVERYTHING HITS HIM EVERY TURN, it shows how broken it is. I understand that occasionally you get back luck and bad rolls, but this game consistantly ruins your efforts. Dodges are failed enmasse, and yet when you attack an enemy with an 85% chance to hit and you fail 5 attacks in a row, every turn it demonstrates that the developer has skewed ot the numbers to fail you and favour the AI.
This is an enormous deterant to playing seeing as your Warband has to carry from game to game with all its failures and setbacks while the enemy AI gets a fresh team every single match.

If this was just a difficulty setting I wouldn't mind so much. If it was bad luck every now and then I wouldn't mind so much. However all the high percentages set in my favour, fail about 80% of the time. Whenever the enemy has a low percent, they seem to succeed 80% of the time.

It breaks the game and mean no matter how much effort you put in or how much time you spend learning the mechanics, it means ♥♥♥♥ all. Because its auto set to fail you.

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12.4 hrs
Posted: September 22
This game looked really promising and I was excited to play it. It look complicated but not too complicated. The tutorials were really helpful and gave me a strong sense of what to do. BUT then I was released on my own. And that's when the ♥♥♥♥ hit the fan. My first mission went well, but then I started having to pay for upkeep and for injuries. Which is fine, except you really don't make much money in this game. Not at first atleast. Your funds quicky run dry and you try to loot as much as you can in a mission but each character's carrying capacity is very low at first as well. You can return items back to your cart, but of course that's not easy to do if you are on the otherside of the map. Then the awesome GARBAGE ♥♥♥ supposed rolls of each characters' action start to happen. You notice quicky that the enemies "rolls" are consistently higher than yours. You notice that it's nearly impossible to keep your soldiers healthy while also not suffering permanent injuries. Situations like your character suffered a blow to the head and now he/she has to roll a stupidity check every turn. If they fail to roll high enough they are completely useless for that turn. There are garbage situations like this that absolutely destroy anything exciting about this game. And I'm stating this as a person who's played D&D for years and other games that use this dice rolling mechanic. Maybe I've had badluck for my 12 hours worth of experience. But that's more than enough to tell you, I'll be deleting this game off my hard drive. This is not a game for those of you who get frustrated easy or don't like to feel cheated while playing a video game. This is a thumbs down for me.
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76.6 hrs
Posted: September 21
I am sure with 100's of reviews you can get a good feel playing a Workshop Videos if this game is for you. It is a board tactical turn based games with a lot to like and a lot not to like. It will infuriate you and challenge you, and rewards great strategy and knowing when to equip the right items. However, since failure is deadly in this game, especially in story campaign, many will give up, especially the novice or inter. player in that their hard work doesn't pay off. You count on luck, not skill, especially early in the game.
If you adore strategy games, turn base games, there is a lot graphically to like, but I caution the cons.
A: Like X-com wonderful camera perspective in this game. It is in your face graphics and terrific action finishing sequences
B: Simple puzzle solving and map planning
C: PC controller friendly with instant switching from mouse to controller
D: Nice customization, terrific factions with I am sure more DLC factions to come and fun skills and abilities to match
E: Fun storymodes for all factions
CONS and there are a bunch
A: The lack of save kills your replayablity-Your faction continues like it or not. You don't get do overs. Now inter. and expert gamers may love this, but novice gamers, may not. Really up to your style. A novice player will get extremely frustrated because he will feel unrewarded for properly distributing skills, armors and positioning. It is all dice rolls.
B: It is simple Stratego Flag positiing, Rock, Paper, Scissors and luck.
C: One of my biggest issues is armors are useless, because of Armor Penetration, swords rule and again not rewarded at all for armors.
D: Heavy Weapons which can do so much damage, have too many negatives to warrant use. For example, you can have this mighty hammer and have an initiative penalty, tire and get just destroyed by dual weaponry with high initiative, agility and armor penetration, no sense. Attacking 2-3 times will nullify heavy armored units.
E: Early your range members are awful.
F: The game needed more complextion in its choices, A Diplomacy section, Proper Medical Section where u can interact and have strategic value to it, strategized goals or have great scenes of resolvement to the character you invested in. In faction character interactions, treason, more inentive skill chocies etc. Adding more player choices, would have enhanced the core or rock, paper, scissors. It honors the board game but it is stuck in that mechanic.
G: Another killer is the objectives are pointless in any battle. Collecting material mid battle is a waste since all you have to do is let them collect them and kill them to get the goals. See? makes no sense.
H: Skirmishes can get one sided quickly. Novice players may feel inferior at times.
OVERALL: I can only give my take on it. I would wait as I did till Mordheim is less that 10 bucks and try it. I got it a 75% it's not worth it at full price. There is a wonderful beginners tutorial in workshop and if you wanted to try it. If you love Mordheim, that is great. Nothing I will say will change your mind. I found the battles to get too redundant, and even as the party grows, it is all gang up warfare. I do think this game will be improved upon in either another version or additions. It is possible they add some missing mechanics and elements, but don't hold your breath. Also follow the system requirements, lower older machines may not handle the game well. Mordheim is a good start.
MY SCORE: 2 of 5 stars and barely passing.
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274.2 hrs
Posted: September 20
As most reviews will tell you, this game is not for everybody. Myself, I have really enjoyed my time with Mordheim. If you like Warhammer, Necromunda, and XCOM, I would definitely give this game a look. After reading most of the reviews, I'm going to highlight only a few points. Read other reviews for a more complete picture of the game.

(1) RNG: The RNG is solid and accurate, especially compared to a lot of other games I have played. Outliers do not seem to occur with the same irritating, oxymoronic frequency they do in other games. I have put a lot of hours in, seen many, many samples, and I feel confident in that assertion. The percentages the player sees are mostly accurate. It is worth noting the percentages the player sees when they use defensive stances are porbably not accurate only because the enemies' skills, stats, weapons, etc. will most certainly modify defensive abilities.

(2) Mordheim can feel like a tabletop experience: I'm a fan of Necromunda, the tabletop game. I have been wanting to play a small-scale tabletop game again and Mordheim has been "scratching that itch." Mordheim takes about as long to play as a small-scale tabletop game and the pacing is nearly identical. HOWEVER, this "tabletop experience" did not come about until I made it well over the learning curve.

(3) UI: The UI is a bit odd. But, the UI has become a non-issue for me since I became comfrotable with it. The map and deployment system need some work. The deployment system is plain irritating (you can auto-deploy). The map itself is okay, but it is your only overhead view of the battlefield. Some other view would be nice. Also, I watched videos of someone playing Mordheim (Arch Warhammer) before I ever touched the game. That probably made the UI no where near as confusing or off-putting as it may have otherwise been.

(4) AI: The AI is pretty inconsistent. Sometimes it's just plain bad. Sometimes it's serviceable. Sometimes the enemy will suprise you, suddenly becoming very tactically sound. Generally, the AI performs much better in the story missions, as the level layout and enemy placement isn't random. The worst aspect of the AI is the enemy's impressive (their biggest, toughest guy) frequently gets stuck on the enviroment and isn't a threat at all. - Multiplayer is good if you want to avoid the AI. If not, after you get over the learning curve, I would suggest playing the higher difficulty missions.

Overall, I'm impressed by what Rogue Factor produced. I definitely got my money's worth. I would really like to see Rogue Factor make a Necromunda game in the same vein as this one.
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1.7 hrs
Posted: September 18
I really wanted to enjoy this game but it has major flaws that made it unjoyable. First off don't get me wrong some strategy and warhammer fans will enjoy this but to others its a pretty bad game.

First off if you are expecting a game like Xcom you will not be greeted well. This game has a steep learning curve and is confusing. The combat is atrocious since the turn/attacking systems is completely random and doesnt follow any pattern (also its stupid that when you climbing and dropping between floors in a torn up building you can take damage. The graphics in this game is surprising good and developers achieved a dark and grim atmosphere. Overall I didn't really enjoy this game (6/10).
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Not Recommended
50.1 hrs on record
Posted: August 27
Being a fan of the tabletop game, I really wanted to like this version of Mordheim. Sadly, I don't.

The game does a number of things well, starting with presentation. The graphics style matches what I always imagined Mordheim to look like, and the music and sound mesh with the art very well. And at the tactical level, the actions your characters can perform are varied and useful enough to keep things interesting -- stuff like climbing walls to gain elevation advantage, intercepting enemies who enter your AO, providing overwatch, and so on.

That said, this game has significant issues. Some of the more minor ones include camera positioning that ranges from awkward to actively infuriating, a clumsy and unintuitive control scheme, data feedback that misrepresents the true gameplay mechanics, and AI that's a lot bigger on the "A" than the "I".

All of the above problems are small enough to be forgivable if it wasn't for the hot mess they made of the strategic level gameplay and multiplayer aspects of the game. Where the original Mordheim was a skirmish-focused game with some RPG elements, the devs have chosen to place the cart before the horse and create a game where the battles are just a chore you muddle through to drive the ridiculously extended character progression and loot collection. Gone are varied victory conditions that might reward creative play and create memorable matches; now every fight revolves around grouping your warband into one giant mass and rolling it at the enemy until they rout. Which you'll be doing A LOT of, because the pace of campaigns has been slowed down drastically to account for the CRPG tropes that were shoehorned into a game that didn't need or benefit from them.

But the most astouding failure of all is that there is no support whatsoever for multiplayer campaigns. Let me say that again: THERE IS NO SUPPORT WHATSOEVER FOR MULTIPLAYER CAMPAIGNS. IN A GAME THAT CALLS ITSELF MORDHEIM. All you get are one-shot battles where you use the same warband that you spent 60 games grinding against the crappy AI with. Ugh, I'm done.
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107.8 hrs on record
Posted: September 18
This game is not going to be for everyone. Here’s a checklist for deciding whether or not you should buy it:

  1. You like turn based, squad level tactical games. For instance Xcom or anything from the Jagged Alliance series.
  2. You like harder games that actually have consequence. Ever play Xcom on Ironman mode? Do you like roguelikes with perma-death? This game has it.
  3. You know and like the source material, are a fan of GW’s WFB world, or played Mordheim on the tabletop, and are looking for a game that somewhat replicates that experience in a PC setting.

If you can say yes to 1 and 2 then you should probably buy it, assuming you don’t hate the fantasy genre. If you say yes to all 3 then buy away, no question.

It’s an interesting game. The UI needs a little work, but it’s not unplayable or broken. The models look great, and the dev team is adding more warbands. 5 are currently in the game if you buy the witch hunter dlc. The game is mostly about the single player experience with the option to take your warband into multiplayer with either consequence or no consequence depending on your choice. I have not done multiplayer yet so will refrain from commenting further on it until I have done so.
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6 of 8 people (75%) found this review helpful
320.9 hrs on record
Posted: September 10
I really really love this game. There is alot of content. It's turn based in a 3d environment. (mind blown) and there is equipment and skill and spell capabilities. (insert changed pants here)

I was never a fan of Warhammer the table top but I loved the idea and concept. This is an excellent atlernative to someone who wants to avoid measuring tapes and overthinking situations.

Granted occassionally the environment makes the AI dumb you can always play with another live player which is an exciting if not terrorizing concept.

This game can be unforgiving to mistakes or going out alone with one of your heroes. (Stay together least you come back missing a leg or arm, for spellcasters that is TERRIBLE)

I'd like to see more warbands and some more customization come to the game but this does not detract from the fact that this game absolutely took over my life and I am no where near completing all I want to do with all the warbands.

This game is pretty awesome. It's a no brainer to purchase if you love Turn Based.
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9 of 14 people (64%) found this review helpful
171.3 hrs on record
Posted: September 3
This game is definatley not for everyone and at times will make you want to chuck something at your monitor, but overall I've had fun playing this. The game is not too terribly hard when you grasp the mechanics, but even when you plan things out well they can still go terribly wrong to due the incredible amount gameplay based on rng... I would stay away if you frustrate easily.
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6 of 9 people (67%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
19.5 hrs on record
Posted: September 18
Overall - I recommend you only buy if you're going to play against others, such as friends.

Good - I love the idea of having a group that you control and level up over time. You could really get a sense of achievement if it was done correctly. The way they handled the turns and player perspective is great. You're not really playing from overhead (though there is a map). Instead, you see what your active player sees, which improves the immersion.

Bad - Improving your gang (warband) members has no meaning. As your gang gets stronger, the AI will automatically match them. As your gang gets bigger, the AI will automatically match that, too. Add a big guy to your gang - you'll be seeing those on the other teams, too. GW games have this approach in table top games so that anyone can sit down, play a game with someone they just met, and things are balanced between the two players - even if one has a much stronger team. In the PC games, it kills all sense of progression and meaning. If everything around you scales to match you as you progress, you never really feel any sense of accomplishment. This kills the game and actually only increases the penalties for failure. Losing a strong team member and replacing them with a basic new member weakens the entire team and that individual can't really contribute. You'll see people online trying to find workarounds - such as never levelling anyone up or having gangs split up into an experienced set and inexperienced set. Ultimately, you'll eventually feel like there's no point, though.
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129.3 hrs on record
Posted: September 17
Didn't expect much, but lack of turn based games made me buy this. Wow what a blast I have had playing this. Post apocalyptic fantasy settings with forced ironman mode, permanent injuries and dead crowned the cake, things that old Blood Bowl player loves.

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23.3 hrs on record
Posted: September 21
Mordheim is pretty impressive I have to say. A wonderful turn based strategy game, where you build up a warband of adventurers. Taking to the streets of this doomed city in pursuit of the ultimate treasure; Wyrdstones. A mystical magical element that is somewhat of a byproduct from a cataclysmic event. A bit like Aspertame being pooped from E.coli. That sort of thing.

As a paper and pencil RPGer (in my youth) and having to deal with stats upon stats. This is a veritable wet dream of numbers and calculations. All required just to make sure you don't trip up over your boot laces while swinging heavy chunks of sharpened (or just blatantly heavy), metal around. Usually in the direction of something nasty. And there are plenty of bad guys to go around. Though this is a Warhammer based game, so who is good and who is bad is usually down to how many different shades of grey you are willing to tolerate. Each of the four factions (plus one available as DLC), have their own agendas and each will be pitted against you one at a time as you rummage through the ruined city, seeking your fortune and glory.

But beware, Mordheim is not an easy game. It is no doubt as harsh as it's tabletop counterpart and just as unforgiving. I started my first campaign with the Sisters of Sigmar. A sect of violent battle NUNS with big hammers and even bigger thighs. And by the end of the second mission, three out of my five starting units had been hospitalised. My Hero unit had been laid up with internal bleeding. Then I had one lesser unit down with a shattered jaw. Good thing she wasn't a magic user, as she won't be uttering any incantations any time soon, if ever. And finally one poor lass got her leg chopped off and is now hobbling around with a broomstick shoved where only an orthopaedic surgeon would dare to go. And that's just the first TWO days (gametime), of their campaign.

I don't hold out much hope for a successful outcome. It all seems so hopeless and against all the odds, yet I am having a total blast with it. The strategy elements are functional enough and it's about as near to any tabletop simulation that I have ever encountered. The background simulation is completely RNG based and as a result you have to prepare yourself for a beating. Though to be fair, the game does warn you regularly that it's more about how you cope with one atrocious situation after another. As opposed to being a total wargod and beating everything, all the time. Winning is a luxury and Mordheim reminds you of this constantly. With the high price of blood, sweat and tears that it takes, just to get the smallest of victories. However, if you are patient, keep your squad together and play smart. There is quite a bit that you can do to lessen the impact of injuries and fatalities. Neither of which are an absolute certainty, should any of your team come a cropper and be knocked out of the game. You can get lucky and have some just walk away from the ordeal with minor cuts and bruises. Again, this will be randomly decided at the end of the match. And is something you will be hoping for, considering the alternatives (Broken bones, severed llimbs, amnesia or even permanent brain damage etc..). Which will result in that particular unit being forever handicapped in some way. Sometimes to the point of being rendered completely useless. But it's OK. Should this happen, you can always fire your crippled units as any decent humanitarian commander would.

It could do with a little more "oomph" in the graphics department (Though I did come to this straight from playing DOOM. Which as you may or may not know, is glorious to look at. Even if the game itself is a bit rubbish). So Mordheim may appear to lack a bit of polish on that front, but it looks well enough and does feature some well designed characters / monsters. Other than that, it's just a really good game. With stacks of options and an excellent selection of customisation for each individual unit. If turn based strategy is your thing. And you want a challenging TBRPG that would give even The Darkest Dungeon a run for its money in toughness. You won't go far wrong with this one.

Brilliant 8/10
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Posted: September 14
Mordheim: City of the Damned is a tactical, turn based strategy game inspired by Game Workshop's tabletop minataure game of the same name.

The game itself is beautiful, in as much as any game based in a city torn apart by plague, cthulu-esque dark gods and magic, and skirmishing adventurers can be beautiful. The designs for the maps and the members of each warband are well designed and suit the 'feel' of each unit type.

The A.I. whilst at time prone to bugs and occasionally being incredibly derpy is for the most part well rounded and intelligent. Each unit has it's own specific feel and then is reflected in the A.I. with Skaven swarming as much as possible and often retreating incrdibly early. Chaos are glass canons, hitting hard and constantly coming at your band with very little self survival instinct but dying fairly quickly compartively. Mercenarys are from the little I've experienced long range specialists with a good well rounded unit structure and the Sisters of Sigmar are tanky, with large amounts of hit points and heavy armour- charging into battle and hitting like frieght trains, but falling underneath swarm tactics fairly quickly.

All in all the difference in unit types, attitudes, playstyles and structure mix in to create a well rounded and appealing game.

The mechanics themselves are interesting and certianly appealing, if at times being a little slow to react. But considering the map sizes, the warbands avaliable at the fact the number generator for everything is a true random number generator I can forgive a few misinterprated actions and slow load times here and there.

The only advice I would give to anyone considering is buy it, choose a faction based on your specific style and if a skirmish or campaign takes more than 3 minutes to load close the game and restart it.
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Posted: September 14
This game has everything!! from screeching battle harpies (sisters of sigmar),chaos loonies,OP skaven and an RNG that'll leave you bald,depressed,insane and angrier than a demon who's just been castrated
This game has severly p****d me off numerous times,first of all it IS a fair game,my previous experiences with Blood Bowl has hardened me somewhat to these kind of games,some of you may know exactly what I mean.

NEVER (if you can help it) Go up against any foe alone, always outnumber them and flank them.
NEVER try to go for wyrdstone and attack the enemy at the same time,As soon as the AI finds you, they will send all their forces at you, you'll find yourself quickly outnumbered,Tied up in combat and having to abandon all hopes of the lovely green stuff.Even sending one guy off alone to flank/steal wyrdstone while your forces are commited is risky, especially if they are caught alone, as the AI never fully commits all their forces....I found this out the hard way :(
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Posted: September 12
I love how always when there is sale or free weekend this game gets hammerd down with reviews from noobs that dont know how to play. I played old Mordheim and this game is super ! Only thing that is bit frustrating is that there isnt any chill out difficulty , this game holds your neck and balls at same time for whole game session. You never know when you will meet someone who is stronger than you (I AM LOOKING AT YOU FLAGELLANT !) And your team will die ... horribly. If they only added more Warbands it would be awesome. Thumbs up for me !
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