No Man's Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated universe.
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Release Date: Aug 12, 2016

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September 2

Patch Notes 1.07

No Man's Sky has been updated with our largest set of fixes and tweaks so far.

You can read a development update here:
Development Update

What’s different

Objectives and stuck without Hyper-drive Issues
  • Player no longer able to redeem your pre-order ship at a point which would then prevent you learning the hyper-drive blueprint (and if you have done this, we save you).
  • Player no longer able to bypass being sent to find hyper-drive tech by reloading a save in game at a very specific point.

Getting Stuck in the world
  • Fixed a couple of low repro bugs that could result in you falling through the world and getting stuck underground.
  • A raycast in some space stations could hit a very specific point that would put the player inside the floor.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause your ship to be thrown in the sky at high speed when taking off (in rare cases could in turn lead to getting stuck).
  • Fixed an issue that would cause your ship to get stuck in terrain and prevent you from taking off, if the player managed to out run generation of terrain LOD 1, and land inside an overhang.

  • Some players were unable to achieve the extreme survival journey milestone, this has been resolved.
  • Fixed an issue where some players had some technology types being reported as "already known" when they weren't actually known.
  • Under some circumstances a message was sometimes misinforming you that you learnt a blueprint when you hadn't, this has been fixed now.
  • It was possible you could use up all available slots for waypoints on the galaxy map and be unable to set new waypoints. This is much better now.
  • There was a bug that could cause objective markers to disappear when you loaded a previous save. This is fixed now.
  • Fixed a rare issue when scanning creatures that would cause all planets to show as 100% complete even if you had only completed one.

Save / Load
  • Fixed a bug what could cause some corrupt save games to not be loaded, this is now fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where saves made with the system clock set in the future could cause problems.

Crash Fixes
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes happen when warping into a system with a space battle in progress.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when interacting with an NPC.

Tweaks and Improvements
  • It is now easier to scan flying creatures.
  • Fixed height and weight stats being the wrong way around for creatures.
  • Gek towers can no longer be interacted with repeatedly.
  • The 'You have unredeemed items' message will now only show for the first 5 minutes.
  • Fixed getting 0% charge on Photon Cannon when buying a new ship and constantly being prompted to charge it.
  • Reduce Suit VO for life support warnings and only do life support VO on 25% and 50%.
  • Fixed grave being transferred to the new star system after you warp.
  • Fixed toxic protection 3 (theta) from having the wrong name.
  • Fixed incorrect marking of sea caves under floating islands.
  • Turning down music and SFX volume in the options will now work correctly (mutes the VO also).
  • If you change ship or multi-tool and then revert to previous save the ship should now be the one you had at the time.
  • Atlas station collision improvements to prevent you from bumping into them too much.
  • Fix for the stars not being discarded during load/warp (causing duplicate stars).

PC Only Issues
  • Editing the settings file and corrupting it could cause the game to crash. Instead of crashing it will now revert back to the default settings.
  • The inventory screen now works correctly regardless of resolution.
  • Added error message for older CPUs without SSE3 support.
  • Synchronise frame capping with the first vsync (removes some framerate issues).
  • Added steam id to login call to help track down some login issues.
  • Fixed the X key size on the galaxy map.
  • If you press Tab+P in quick succession, the game paused and didn't let you out of it.
  • Fixed a performance issue by defaulting your texture resolution to a sensible value based on available GPU memory.

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August 20

Patch Notes

Since No Man’s Sky on PC released last Friday the team has been incredibly busy. We’ve gathered all the support requests to, but we’re also tracking posts on Steam, GoG, Reddit and anywhere we can find online.

Right now the team is fully focused on categorising and fixing support issues in order of priority, based on the number of people they are affecting. The information and crash dumps you’ve posted have been indispensable in helping us track down and fix these issues.
We’ve now released 3 patches, and hopefully they really improve the experience for everybody. As you can see it’s been a huge amount of work for a small team. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Next week expect at least one more major update, which will enter testing on Monday once we finish working on it this weekend. Once all our support requests have been answered then we can begin improving the game with new features :)

See below for notes on all three recent patches!

Patch 1
The focus of patch 1 was to add greater support for more hardware. Either specific hardware configs, or hardware outside our min spec. We want as many people to be able to play as possible, and these were our most reported issues.

AMD Phenom Support
Game is now confirmed working on Phenom CPUs.
Thousands of lines of assembly have been rewritten to support AMD CPUs. The game code no longer relies on anything above SSE 2,
Havok Physics has also now created new libs for us to add Phenom support.

Alt-Tab has improved
Some systems/configs were crashing or not pausing correctly on Alt Tab. This should now be resolved.

Improved Performance
On CPUs with 4 threads or fewer, performance has been improved.
On CPUs with exactly 8 threads, performance has also been significantly improved.

Framerate Stuttering due to Shader Caching
Framerate was initially stuttering due to shaders not being correctly cached by the GPU on some systems. We have replaced the GPU caching system. You may notice some stutter during the Galactic Map intro to the game (the very first time you run), but it should be smoother from then on. This is particularly true on ATI cards.

Max FPS Cap
On some CPU/GPU configurations, setting Max FPS to 60 or 30 was not giving 60 or 30 FPS (causing stuttering). This has been fixed.

Radeon 6xxx
Added support for this GPU, which doesn't support OpenGL 4.5 fully.

Save Corruption
Solution to try to prevent saves getting corrupted no matter what’s going on in background processes (see Patch 3 below, where we also are attempting to recover corrupted saves).

Intel GPU Detection
We do not currently support Intel GPUS. We are working on this for a future patch, to expand our min spec.
In the meantime, the game will now let you know if you are trying to run with an unsupported GPU. This will hopefully flag for some users that their high end GPU has not been selected.

Gsync has been disabled by default, which was causing an issue for some users

Mouse Smoothing
Generally this is most helpful for players with sub-30 FPS.
Smoothing on mouse movement has been improved to prevent hitching or stuttering, and is now adjustable through the Options menu in “Mouse Smoothing”.
It defaults to off. If you feel micro stutters in framerate affecting controls, feel free to turn this up. If you feel the framerate is "slow" or "lumpy", please make sure that this is turned off

Patch 2
For patch 2 our focus was on the most reported bugs or crashes. Our aim was to improve stability, and make sure player’s saves are safe in future.

Stuck under the world
It was possible for players to save their game stuck under the terrain, leaving them stuck. This was caused by getting shot down in atmosphere, and their ship reaching ridiculous speeds as it crashed to the planet. This has been resolved.
Whilst it won't happen anymore, if you are currently already stuck under the world, we detect this and do our best to rescue you.

Crash after warping
Occasionally at random the game would lock up after a warp, or return to desktop. This was due to very specific timing in hardware (a threading specific bug) – meaning that unfortunately for some people it was regular, and for others they would never be able to recreate it. This was our most reported crash during gameplay, and has now been resolved.

Game failing to save until you died
If the player died, and then loaded the game ten times without saving, and then died, player progress wouldn’t be saved from then on until you died again. This is fixed now! This was also causing player’s saves to grow in size.

Crash fixes in scanning
Quite a rare crash, but in certain scenarios it was possible to scan from space or on planet and crash the game.

Crash warping inside a freighter
When warping into a battle sometimes the player warped into the inside of a freighter and everything went crazy :(
This is fixed now.

Patch 3
Patch 3 is targeted at our next most common support requests, fixing the next most common crashes, as well as trying to help players who have become stranded or have corrupted their save files.

Stranded in Space Station
If you died in your ship while in atmosphere of a planet with a damaged ship, you could respawn in a space station with your launch thrusters and pulse engine damaged. If you did not have the resources to fix them then you could no longer take off and be stuck there. This will no longer happen.

Loading Corrupted Save Files
Some players have corrupted save files, we’ve been working with them to still load saves even if they are corrupted (this can happen for many reasons outside of the games control). This fix has allowed many players to still load their save even if they have become corrupt on PC.

Crash fixes for next three most commonly reported issues:
- As the player gathers a huge amount of discoveries, there was a threading issue that becomes more prevalent the more discoveries you have, and could cause the game to crash.
- If you had collected a large number of blueprints, in a specific order it was possible to crash the game when you received a new blueprint. This has been fixed.
- Players who set a large number of waypoints could find themselves in a situation where they could crash the game in the Galactic Map, this is remedied now (PS. A better waypoint system is coming).

Overall these fixes should remedy around 70% of our current support requests. We're working on the next 30% right now. If you are still experiencing issues please do mail

Thank you,
Hello Games

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About This Game

Inspired by the adventure and imagination that we love from classic science-fiction, No Man's Sky presents you with a galaxy to explore, filled with unique planets and lifeforms, and constant danger and action.

In No Man's Sky, every star is the light of a distant sun, each orbited by planets filled with life, and you can go to any of them you choose. Fly smoothly from deep space to planetary surfaces, with no loading screens, and no limits. In this infinite procedurally generated universe, you'll discover places and creatures that no other players have seen before - and perhaps never will again.

Embark on an epic voyage

At the centre of the galaxy lies a irresistible pulse which draws you on a journey towards it to learn the true nature of the cosmos. But, facing hostile creatures and fierce pirates, you'll know that death comes at a cost, and survival will be down to the choices you make over how you upgrade your ship, your weapon and suit.

Find your own destiny

Your voyage through No Man's Sky is up to you. Will you be a fighter, preying on the weak and taking their riches, or taking out pirates for their bounties? Power is yours if you upgrade your ship for speed and weaponry.

Or a trader? Find rich resources on forgotten worlds and exploit them for the highest prices. Invest in more cargo space and you'll reap huge rewards.

Or perhaps an explorer? Go beyond the known frontier and discover places and things that no one has ever seen before. Upgrade your engines to jump ever farther, and strengthen your suit for survival in toxic environments that would kill the unwary.

Share your journey

The galaxy is a living, breathing place. Trade convoys travel between stars, factions vie for territory, pirates hunt the unwary, and the police are ever watching. Every other player lives in the same galaxy, and you can choose to share your discoveries with them on a map that spans known space. Perhaps you will see the results of their actions as well as your own...

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit versions)
    • Processor: Intel Core i3
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GTX 480, AMD Radeon 7870
    • Storage: 10 GB available space
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
2,800 of 3,063 people (91%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
9.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 1
We need to petition a mass refund.
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1,950 of 2,155 people (90%) found this review helpful
256 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
32.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 28
The perfect scam:

Bait players into playing past the refund deadline, using false advertising, so Steam won't refund the purchase.



Welcome to the future of gaming, folks.

Edit: This review was a mistake.
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1,136 of 1,239 people (92%) found this review helpful
70 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
7.9 hrs on record
Posted: September 28
Let this be a lesson to us all: never pre-order anything.
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449 of 491 people (91%) found this review helpful
22 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
34.9 hrs on record
Posted: October 8
No Man's Sky, one of the worst scams of the 21st century.

-This game features 18 quintillion planets, they look the same and have the same glitches, resources and bugged creatures.
-Aliens that have no meaning, besides having very slow paced conversations, they do nothing.
-Space battles? They are a lie, the worst spacecraft vs spacecraft system I could have ever imagined.
-Factions? They give you a minor discount on items, faction vs faction doesn't exist.
-Survival? A pointless grind, the resource you need to survive is always nearby.
-Adventure? More like exploration without any dangers.
-Epic soundtrack? After 2 hours you will disable it and use your own music.
-Achievements? Never before has earning achievements been annoying, they interrupt your gameplay.
-Epic ending? It's the same as an empty box, there is nothing.

-Reasons to buy this game?
-No reason.
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408 of 458 people (89%) found this review helpful
422 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
6.5 hrs on record
Posted: September 30
You have learned the Gek word for 'disappointment'
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274 of 304 people (90%) found this review helpful
51 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
20.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 4
As wide as an ocean, but has the depth of a puddle.
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228 of 278 people (82%) found this review helpful
16 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
63.3 hrs on record
Posted: September 30
I want a damn refund...

for over a month now the damn game is unplayble for me.
crash after startup.
no reaction from the HG support.
no known workarounds are helping (reinstall, setting file editing ect.)

beside all that .. i really tryed to give this thing a fair chance... i really did .. for round about 60 hours.
honstly ... this game is the biggest ♥♥♥♥up 2016.

i just hope a lot of people learned a lesson from this.
i was against preoder and hype before this turd hit the fan,
but now i'm so against that even femnazis would think i'm to radical.

sriously from now on all devs can go suck a big one until they have prooven
that they have a finished product wich is in a working order.
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98 of 107 people (92%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
Not Recommended
32.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 23
I've been holding off making this review for quite a while now. I wanted this game to be good. I wanted to believe that Hello Games made an amazing game. I wanted to believe that this game was going to be the next big thing. Turns out... we were lied to.

Yes, you can explore countless planets. Yes, you can gather resources, upgrade your equipment and discover new flora and fauna. Then you realize... that's it. That's all there is to it. Mining resources over and over again becomes really tedious (especially for those needed to keep your life support functional), combat is very minimal, planet topography differs little between planets and lack variety (some waterfalls, deep canyons and larger mountain formations would have been nice), texture pop-in is constant and numerous bugs (including one where you literally fall through the planet's surface) are present. Also, for a universe with literally quintillions of planets, you would think there would be more than three alien races. Also, where are those epic space battles? Where's the deep, engaging story? Where's the variety in the gameplay? More importantly, WHERE'S THE GAME? It's sad when Empyrion- Galactic Survival (an Early Access title that isn't even a year old) has more features and gameplay than this.

All-in-all, it pains me to write this review, because as I said, I wanted this game to be good. But I learned this lesson the hard way: never believe in the hype. Honestly, this is going to make me second-guess buying a game from Hello Games again, and I will no longer buy games on day one, and neither should you unless you're absolutely sure that that game is going to be worth your money. To Hello Games: You make a better product next time, or no one will support you. This game is a disaster, and it makes your company look irreputable.
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90 of 103 people (87%) found this review helpful
6 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
4.4 hrs on record
Posted: September 30
Hello Sean Murray.

I understand, your game isn't what you thought it was be, basically a mere shell of what you had hoped for.

But your continued silence after more than a month is damning...

Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
55 of 59 people (93%) found this review helpful
5 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
50.0 hrs on record
Posted: October 2
I'm not sure what they did here was even legal, total flat out lies and then total slience.....

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Recently Posted
22.4 hrs
Posted: October 28
No deapth, no real discovery beyond the first 10 hours. Other reviews say it all. AVOID!
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13.4 hrs
Posted: October 28
Not worth the money
Helpful? Yes No Funny
50.4 hrs
Posted: October 28
(drunk and full of emotions) I am slow so i took me 3.5hours to see this game is repetative as hell.... Played for another 40+ hours to find a reedeming spark, some thing, anything...... NOTHING! ..... I was not on the hype train, i got the game day before the release...... But still for **** sake!!!!! I am a 30year old male!!! Games should be fun this, this is, this is life simulator9000..... Everything is token, if you use it, you need to refuel it.... Life grind simulator... Dont get me wrong, I played guild wars, i know what grinding is, but you atleast have bad ♥♥♥ stats, have mad swag(look cool)... But here... Ah, never mind.... W.P. Hell(o) Games.....
And also Steam should side with the community(wow spelled it right) here... Ask if we want a refund, that money stays with them, but with other devs, publishers.... I talk(type) too much..... Love You All
Helpful? Yes No Funny
13.2 hrs
Posted: October 28
just stupid
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9.0 hrs
Posted: October 28
Anyone who recommends this game is lying to themselves.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
44.7 hrs
Posted: October 28
I've played indie games better than this POS. Wouldn't recommend even if it was free!
Helpful? Yes No Funny
9.8 hrs
Posted: October 28
This is my first review on Steam. I'll play most anything and I like most anything. For about 9 hours, this was actually a pretty decent game. I had hope that I'd start seeing all of the things that were promised in the trailers. I had warped through a couple black holes. And then it hit me: this was the game. There was nothing more than what I had seen so far. Granted, I've gotten $10/hr of decent fun, but I could have bought a couple other indie games that were worthy of my time and money. I'll come back to this if they ever patch the game, and I'm more than willing to change my opinion, but this is the biggest disappointment in a game I've ever had.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
0.1 hrs
Posted: October 28
Nowhere near as bad as people are making it out to be, but nonetheless it does not deserve a £40 price tag. The steam version didn't run for me so I bought the game on GoG, played around 50 hours, and sincerely enjoyed every moment of it. Nonetheless, it isn't good enough or big enough to warrant an AAA price tag. Lots of space, little to do.

This review would be positive if the game costed £15-20.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
0.8 hrs
Posted: October 28
I was denied a refund for this lie because I have owned it for longer than the set time. Why didn't I refund it sooner? Because they promised to release an update to fix everything that was wrong.

This is a petition to have a mass refund for the game, and I think it would be wise to sign it:
Helpful? Yes No Funny
250.5 hrs
Posted: October 28
Lacking many features that were promised even just a few months before launch. Actually game is quite bland compared to the trailers. Explorer's Edition has been delayed several times and has still not shipped. Would not recommend. Too bad I can't get a refund. :-(
Helpful? Yes No Funny