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The Memory of Eldurîm is a 3D open-world action RPG set in an original fantasy world. Terms like "Action RPG" and "Open world" get thrown around a lot these days, so let's be a bit more specific. The Memory of Eldurîm is a 3rd/1st person game where you control a character that lives in an unique fantasy world.
Data di rilascio: 7 Feb 2014
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Why is The Memory of Eldurîm on Early Access?

The magic of Early Access is that it allows gamers and small independent studios to reclaim the game development process. When you buy the Memory of Eldurîm on Early access your money is going directly to the improvement of the game.

How long do plan to be in Early Access?

We have big plans for The Memory of Eldurîm. We want it to be a game that you can always come back to, to see what's new and what we've been adding. We have been working on putting in a story line. Once our story line has been finished and it is ready, we will release it, and bring our game out of Early Access.

What is the current state of the game?

Right now the game is a fully playable. It takes place on a large island that is fully explorable. There are enemies to fight, loot to find, spells to cast, bosses to defeat, and the very early beginnings of what will be our story line. Most importantly, the game is at a state where we update it often with significant changes that improve the gameplay.

What features are you planning to add to the game?

So many features. We will be adding in stealth combat, different combos for different weapon load outs, a lot more armor and weapons, more enemy types, more story line elements, stealth, faction interaction, more landmasses to explore, crafting, mounts, customizable character, improvements to the UI, and more.

We are going to add these features, and more like them for sure - but is there a feature that the community really wants? We are going to set up a system where users can submit ideas to be implemented in the game and vote on which ideas are the best. We want our community to help us determine how to make the Memory of Eldurîm the best gaming experience possible.

What is our pricing strategy during and after Early Access?

The Memory of Eldurîm will be a game you'll purchase only once during and after Early Access. You can buy now with confidence that we won't switch to a new model and leave you feeling cheated. We don't want to sell additional content via DLC, we want to keep content updates free for the life of the game. If our game is successful we would then sell additional games (e.g. The Memory of Eldurîm 2).”
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2-26-14 Patch Notes

26 Febbraio 2014

-Fixed various crashing bugs
-Implemented impedance system (and buffed current spell damage)
-Implemented the storm shard
-Added a couple more items
-Added Xbox 360 and PS3 controller support
-Buffed bow damage
-Fixed mace skill
-Added camera zoom (via mouse wheel)

The new character animations are coming along quite nicely, and we are going to begin the process of revamping the combat system very soon. New content (new items, bosses, etc) creation has been slow due to our artist preparing to move out, but he will be arriving this week, so new content creation will speed up greatly.

We are also working on a UI redesign that probably wont be done for some time, but we are trying to keep the PC and console in mind while designing it (we want it to feel good for both). Currently, controller support for the UI is not very good (just mouse emulation), but that will change with the new UI.

The new impedance system will change how magic works quite a bit. Your spells will be much much more effective, but you wont be able to cast them nearly as often (or risk death!) as a result.

As always, we are always in need of bug reports and certainly welcome feedback and suggestions. Thanks!

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The Memory of Eldurîm is a 3D open-world action RPG set in an original fantasy world.
Terms like "Action RPG" and "Open world" get thrown around a lot these days, so let's be a bit more specific. The Memory of Eldurîm is a 3rd/1st person game where you control a character that lives in an unique fantasy world. The combat is fast paced. You'll have to time your attacks, blocks, and dodges for maximum effectiveness.

From the first second you get in the game you are able to go to any part of the game, granted you are strong enough to take on the enemies that reside there. There will be large cites and small towns, enchanting forests and icy mountain tops, there will be deserts, swamps, jungles, and any of the other biomes we can create.

The game will reward you for your attention to which weapons and spells are strong and effective against which armor and composition types. Certain enemies will be easy with the right load-out but nearly impossible when approached unwisely.

What makes this game special?
We are indie developers with a serious passion for making games. Everything you see here was done by a team of less than 5 people who have put off searching for traditional employment without getting paid all with the hope that the community can understand that we want to make a game for the gamer. We are the first indie company to be approved for an indie license by CryTek to use the powerful CryEngine.

We hear our community. We take your input as to what features get implemented and in what order.

Of course this game will have a fantastic story line, magic, swords, bows, crafting, exploration, homes, mounts, mining, factions, side quests, stealth combat, and all the rest that a game such as this must have. We want to hear what else you think it needs. We want you to be involved in determining the future and the ultimate destiny of The Memory of Eldurîm.

How does leveling work in The Memory of Eldurîm
Instead of hard set levels from 1-99 you will become better at everything you do as you do it. If you hit an enemy with your sword you will immediately become better with swords. You'll even become a bit better at 1-handed weapons, and general combat. You gain health by taking hits and surviving through the damage, and you get more stamina the more you use it. Right now this applies to many aspects of the game, but it is our goal to spread this idea even more.

But won't this eliminate a strong sense of progression? Leveling up feels so good!

We do not want to cheapen the RPG experience in any way. We have added in other aspects of the game that are very discrete. For instance you'll unlock spells and combos the more you use a shard or weapon, and you'll unlock the potential of a weapon the more you use that weapon type. We are still balancing and experimenting with all the finer details but we don't want to rob you of the joy of leveling. We want to add to it in new and exciting ways. As always, we want to hear feedback and new ideas from the community.

An Important Note:

The Memory of Eldurîm is still in the alpha stage of development. This means that the game is not in a complete state and that future updates may delete saved games. It also means that you may encounter bugs, glitches, and exploits that are unintended aspects of the game. It also means, however, that you will be part of a living video game experience. You will see (and even help influence) rapid changes and growth as we develop the game to make it better and better. It is a different experience than buying a game that is already complete and ready for the shelf, but it is very rewarding. Thank you again for supporting us and we hope you really enjoy The Memory of Eldurîm.

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows 7/8
    • Processor: Core 2 Quad equivalent or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible (GTX 400 series or later/AMD HD 6xxx or later)
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8.1 64 bit
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 11
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Shall keep this short.
Some nice ideas but feels like a group of friends have thrown a canvas together for testing purposes, not much more as it stands. When you boot the game it does state "this version is a pre-alpha prototype" which pretty much hits the nail on the head but doesn't sound nearly as charming as 'early access' now does it. :)

Fingers crossed this project doesn't get abandoned like lots of other 'early access' releases.
Will definitely be kept installed to see how it progress but for now I would suggest holding off. Unless you have the spare cash and don't mind supporting 'ideas' and not expecting a complete or close-to complete product.

@devs Keep listening to the community and pumping out the patches and content, because it could well turn into something lovely. Got a very risen/gothic vibe about it and I say this in the nicest possible way.

edit: This review was made with the inital version of the game. I have not had the time to go back and see whats been changed yet. afaik progress so far has been more behind the scenes work for future content. I would still advise to wait and see what the team produces in the future.
Pubblicata: 9 Febbraio 2014
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Don't mind the amount of time I have played on this game, it only shows how long I've kept the launcher open, and changes my status back to Online when I click the play button. I'm assuming when the launcher process closes, steam thinks I closed the game.

This game is pretty sweet, actually. I heard about it a while ago, but haven't looked into it until now. The graphics are very well done for an early alpha game, and are actually quite intensive. Make sure your computer can handle games such as Skyrim before looking into this one. I play Skyrim on High quality with no lag and this game I have to play on Normal quality. I realize that it is still early alpha and that the FPS drops (such as in towns) will most likely be tweaked in the future.

My computer has an NVIDIA GeForce 750M graphics card and an Intel Core i7-3630QM CPU. It runs things smoothly most of the time on High quality. This is just for comparing purposes.

Alright, so into the game. When you run the game, a launcher opens up with your settings, a link to the forums, and (obviously) the Play option. The settings menu allows you to change your resolution, video quality, etc. PLEASE note that you cannot re-map your controls at this time, so if you're left-handed and don't use WASD, you have an issue. I would wait to get the game if you are left-handed.

When you click play, it throws you directly into the game, stating it as early access. You start out as a peasant with just a sword and shield and villager clothing. Your character starts in a town with probably around 10 NPCs in it. You can talk to only one of them as far as I can tell. The rest of them just stand idly around and don't do anything. NPCs are pretty basic.

Combat in this game feels like a cross between your typical MMO first person hack-and-slash combat and your open-world RPG type combat. Unfortunately, it's a little bit too "hacky-and-slashy" at the moment, but one of the main devs just recently posted on the forum that they have a new animator, so hopefully things go forward from there. There's no stealth system or anything yet, and the NPCs that you attack will just come at you from anywhere if they happen to see you.

Animations are average, but that's to be expected for such an early game. The combat animations are pretty interesting, but they could be worked on. The team does need to work on walking sideways, and diagonally, since as of right now they use the animation for walking forward. Hopefully, the new animator will work on these small details soon.

The models are really good for the trees, rocks, and all of the world objects I've seen so far. The textures are absolutely wonderful; I love them. Even on low quality the textures are very clear.

My favorite part of this game besides its features is the lighting quality. The developers of TMOE use a game engine known as CryEngine. CryEngine and Unreal (and also known as Unity) are rival engines that many studios and teams use for their games. CryEngine has very nice bloom qualities. If you don't know what bloom is, it is the way the light filters through the game entities, and bounces off of entities and surfaces. The lighting is very advanced for this stage in alpha. It adds a nice friendly effect to the game that most fantasy simulation RPGs (such as Skyrim) do not have.

The sound effects are not very high quality, but that's also expected since game teams don't have as much money as normal studios.

Overall, if I had to rate this as an EARLY access game, I would rate it an 8 out of 10. Right now the developers need to get the forums going and work on animations.
Pubblicata: 11 Febbraio 2014
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Obviously in an early alpha state, but lots of promise here. Looking forward to seeing further development, and hopefully increased focus on 1st person mode.
Pubblicata: 9 Febbraio 2014
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An Early Access Pre Alpha Game!!!

That being said if you love Elder Scrolls especially Skyrim and can't wait for an Elder Scrolls VI (not ESOnline, and actual ES6) and if you have the time and patience to help these guys develop a really nice game with a huge amount of potential then defenitely get this game. I've only been playing a little bit, and have already noticed a bug or 2 and had a crash, but I do really like this game and the potential it has. As I said before, this game can be truly awesome. Please, if you have the time and patience help this game to reach it's true potential buy buying and playing it.
Pubblicata: 12 Febbraio 2014
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In understanding that this game is very early alpha, it could result in a worthwhile game. I do support their effort and encourage financially supporting the title. The skill progression based system where even stamina is increased upon running is akin to morrowind/ultima online. There are a few exploitable NPCs right now that give amazing gear immediately upon login. I've found one boulder throwing boss in a cave that was tough for a bit. Lots to explore. Let it be known that I can't find a way off the first island, as I think there is no additional content yet.
Pubblicata: 11 Febbraio 2014
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