In 2032 an Earth that knows only peace is forced to relearn the art of war. Twenty years have passed since the population of Earth did a fine job of destroying nearly everything in one final struggle for power by the politicians and military leaders.
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In 2032 an Earth that knows only peace is forced to relearn the art of war.

Twenty years have passed since the population of Earth did a fine job of destroying nearly everything in one final struggle for power by the politicians and military leaders. Twenty years have been spent building a near Utopia, a society where currency and finance are irrelevant, a planet without hunger or poverty. All weapons have been destroyed to ensure peace. But hidden away in an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, a cabal of old-world magnates: ex-leaders, financiers, politicians, and despots, are planning a return to the greed fueled, hate filled past. And there in no way to fight them. Except this one last remaining Adaptive Cruiser – The Antaeus.

Antaeus Rising combines explosive action with powerful real-time strategy. Take command of powerful aircraft carrier/manufacturing platform. Create military units with your carrier using the most advanced nano-technology known by the modern world and lead an army against the forces of the Old World Cabal. Plan your assault from within your carrier and than enter your units for some third-person mayhem! The fate of world is in your hands, are you able to hold it?

Requisitos de sistema

    • SO: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
    • Processador: 1 GHz Processor
    • Memória: 1 GB de RAM
    • Placa de vídeo: 3D graphics card
    • DirectX: Versão 9.0
    • Armazenamento: 505 MB de espaço disponível
    • SO: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
    • Processador: 1.4 GHz Processor
    • Memória: 2 GB de RAM
    • Placa de vídeo: 3D graphics card
    • DirectX: Versão 9.0
    • Armazenamento: 505 MB de espaço disponível
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Ligeiramente positivas (197 análises)
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Publicada: 26 de junho
One of the greatest games I have played. This game won´t let you get bored!
Cyber Ortek
( 24.9 horas registradas )
Publicada: 10 de junho
Produto recebido de graça
Anyone who searched this game out can't be that easy. And if u haven't played this game before just forget it, this game is probably hostile to new players...
( 10.0 horas registradas )
Publicada: 24 de maio
Not even starting on r9 380 and FX-8350.
( 10.5 horas registradas )
Publicada: 22 de maio
Produto recebido de graça
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Publicada: 10 de maio
Produto recebido de graça
You see, this game is about 15 years old, and for what it offers it's pretty good. The voice acting is amazing, the gameplay is kind of alright, even though the graphics really ain't that great. If you really mind the graphics on your games then you probably shouldn't buy this game.
Remember Byron
( 0.1 horas registradas )
Publicada: 9 de abril
Awesome AWESOME game.

I played this when it first came out and have played it though countless times. Still have the disks, but thought I would give the steam version a go.

They simply just don't make them like this anymore, sadly. So many current games lack the ingenuinty, depth, immersion and involvement that this has

To say it is a brillaintly concieved cross-genre masterpiece does not do it justice, it combines many game aspects and knits them all together in a seamless way. Jump right from a tactical overview into the first/3rd person perspective any vehicle on the battlefield and take direct control of it, issue orders to all your other wingmen; enjoy the action right up close or direct the whole thing from afar and watch your ai squad handle it.

A superb mixture of playstyles too: not just guns blazing, but stealth, careful planning, tactics and strategy a-plenty to accomplish the mission tasks.

The storyline and concept is excellent and engaging, and drives the mission structure superbly, and the characters, acting and script all add to an awesomely immersive game experience.

This game needs a sequel, or a remake, but I cannot think of any current games company that would be up to the task of pulling it off.
( 18.1 horas registradas )
Publicada: 5 de abril
One of the most criminally underrated and unknown games out there.
You play as the last functional Adaptive Cruiser, the Antaeus - a vessel capable of building combat units from scratch with its on-board Creation Engine - fighting on behalf of the global utopian society that had abolished war. Your advesaries are the Cabal, the "old guard" of tyrants that had once ruled the world, and seek to do so again.

- Great voice acting, the characters... have character. They'll chat to one another during the missions, complain if you put them in their least favourite type of vehicle, each have lines for calling out specific enemy units, reporting their vehicle's status, even whether or not they're able to engage an enemy they're being attacked by.

- A pretty interesting plot, narrated by Tom Baker no less. Nothing amazing, but the worldbuilding and the way the plot progression influences the gameplay is.. cool.

- Simple arcade-vehicle gameplay but with a relatively deep strategy/tactics layer on top.
You can spend the entire mission just ordering your units around from the map and watch them do their work (Though the "RTS" view is not Real-time), or build a unit without a soul-chip (ie an AI pilot) to use for yourself. You can also take direct control of any vehicle piloted by your NPCs, which is another thing they'll comment on.
You have a lot of freedom to set your own objectives and tackle them in whichever order you see fit. Some mission-critical objectives require you to act pretty fast, but generally speaking you can go at your own pace.
The enemies will have their own production facilities meaning you're almost always either attacking, or defending your resource operations. Sometimes they go hand-in-hand. You can destroy their energy production which will (after the reserve power runs out or is destroyed) prevent their facilities producing vehicles, or go straight for the buildings themselves. You'll have to watch out for the million flak cannons that are in each mission though.

- Diverse "cast" of vehicles, weapons and components; Shields, Armour, Cloaking, Long-range precision Lasers, Howitzers, Missile launchers, Helicopters, Hovercraft, Tanks. Each combination of weapon, vehicle and component(s) can be effective.

- Likewise, lots of enemy stuff to destroy. They have Tanks, Self-propelled Guns, Mammoth tanks, Attack and Scout helicopters each based on real-world designs. There are emplaced AAA sites, howitzers, autocannon turrets and bunkers. Each poses a differing level of threat to each of your units. They're.. "upgraded" later in the game, and ultimately replaced by things much more sinister.

- Simple in-game ordering system. Though the interface/controls for it are a bit archaic, after a few minutes using it it becomes muscle-memory. Order all your pilots to follow your vehicle and engage targets at will along the way, tell a specific unit to attack a specific target etc.

- Resource system: Instead of a mine or forest you gotta tell your little people to chop down, there's only really one way to gather resources in this game: Blow ♥♥♥♥ up. The enemy vehicles and facilities you destroy will be turned to debris, which you must harvest either with a helicopter sling-loading it to your carrier, or by a dedicated Recycler unit, the Scarab. Some of the situations you'll find yourself in will prevent you from keeping a resource collector at a source Later in the game, you will gain access to a vehicle that can carry out both this and a combat role at the same time.
Most missions will have areas full of pre-existing debris, or empty structures for you to harvest, but they will only net you so much energy before you have to move on to the next.

- The game has poor replayability. There's no facility for loading a specific mission after you've completed the game (Unless you save for each one - however there are only 9(?) save slots and more than 9 missions), there's no skirmish or multiplayer modes. That hasn't stopped me coming back and playing through it again every couple years. For the asking price now, that shouldn't be much of an issue because other than that, the game stands as it is.
That said, there are cheats that let you skip through missions and access the entire tech-tree in any mission, but I'd advise against using them your first play-through.

- Slightly archaic control schemes - As I mentioned earlier, this mainly extends to the command interface - When you're not using the map, if you want to order a unit to do something, you press the appropriate number for that unit, and use W/A/S/D/Q/E to navigate the menu. The problem here is those are also the controls you use to move. This results in 1: the unit you're controlling stopping dead while you issue the order and 2: Possibly inadvertently issuing the wrong order because you were also using those buttons to move.
If you really need something done at that specific moment and the unit you're controlling is going to die if you rescind control for even a second, you're better off just going to the map screen and issuing orders from there since it pauses the game. Not a huge issue, but it's probably the most prevalent throughout the game. Otherwise, it's easy to get used to.

- No difficulty levels. The game is sufficiently challenging, but there are a couple of missions, one too easy to the point of tedium and one that's pretty damn hard. Fortunately the latter one is later in the game, so hopefully you'll be prepared for it.

- This game doesn't hold your hand. The first three missions serve as a tutorial essentially, letting you get to grips with the resource collection, combat and ordering mechanics. Beyond that, the only direction and help you'll receive is from the mission briefings by Church and Walker - And what they say is almost always relelvant.

- Mandatory stealth mission. Yeah, one of those. The mission fails if you're detected (Up til you've completed a particular objective), but as above, the guidance offered by your superiors will help you prevent it.

- Little music. There are a few tracks, but they're reserved mainly for the main menu, the briefing and cutscenes with none during gameplay, bar one (short) mission.

- Graphics are obviously dated, but still serviceable. Probably one of the better-looking games of its time.

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Publicada: 10 de junho
Produto recebido de graça
Anyone who searched this game out can't be that easy. And if u haven't played this game before just forget it, this game is probably hostile to new players...
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Publicada: 7 de dezembro de 2015
Gráficos ✗
História ✓
Jogabilidade ✓
Dificuldade ✓
Diversão ✓
Variação de inimigos ✓
Variação de cenários ✓
Variação de personagens ✓

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Publicada: 21 de setembro de 2015
O jogo é tão bom que se auto-desinstalou do meu computador.
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Publicada: 30 de janeiro de 2014
Hostile Water: Antaeus Rising is one of my favourite older games.
From the moment i played the demo back when it was released! I was hooked unfortunetly for me at the time I had no method of obtaining it.

Basically you control a carrier ship which is 1 of two left in the Antaeue Project with the second being out of commison which has the ability to construct certain vehicles Land/air which will expand in variety as you play the game. The pilots for your vehicles are actually the soul of someone who died piloting one of the vehicles you harvest that have been recorded into a soulchip.

Construction happens because of the creation engine which is full of tiny nanites that can build things really fast due to sheer number of them however without energy you will not be able to make things.

You will need to collect energy via harvesting metallic objects that are littered throughout the levels.
To upgrade units/unlock tech you will need to fight and analyse vehicles/weapons.

From what I can tell thus far this is original untouched code that still play's well. The Resolution is still pretty low but don't let that put you off.

This is a strategy game that is in dire need for a HD remake or a sequel.

I am now a happy owner with 3 copies. 1 from amazon, 1 from gog and now thanks to steam I now have it in my steam library.

So what are you waiting for Captain? Buy it and play it.

Last time i checked this game is missing the 1.3 patch which is really needed.
This game is old so don't expect widescreen support.
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Publicada: 30 de janeiro de 2014
The game itself is excellent, but the command system is what makes this game shine.
While piloting a craft I can order an AI pilot pick up a tank and drop it where I'm looking with just a few key presses.
Take a look in the manual at page 19 for example.
A basic (but nice) combination is to pilot a hovercraft youself, and have a heli cover you.

Another excellent touch are the competent AI pilots, and how you can take control or give it back at anytime.

It also have a non-trivial story told in (for its time) wellmade movies.
Yes, this game is more than 10 years, so the textures and polygon counts are bad, - but this game is still among my all time favorites. (I still have it on physical disc, but couldn't help buying it here as well)
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18.2 horas registradas
Publicada: 6 de agosto de 2014
A perfect mix of a strategy and action game. A maximum of 10 units (usually 6-7 being used) active at once, along with the strategic view always pausing the game, makes it a much more enjoyable experience for those hating micromanagement (like me). The story is fantastic, it could very well come from an A-rated movie. The characters here have a soul and their constant banter makes you feel as if you weren't playing alone. It truly gives you the feeling of being a captain who is in constant touch with his soldiers over a commlink.

The game strongly hints at a sequel, but nothing's come up so far. It has potential, pick it up Valve ;).
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Publicada: 31 de janeiro de 2014
This is one of my favourite PC games of all time.

It's pretty much a forgotten gem, which is a great shame. It is a unique game that manages to combine strategy with blowing chunks of metal out of people. It's possible to manually control everything, manually gather resources (like a strategy game), manually shoot at people who would shoot at you (like a dumb tank shooter). Alternatively, you could leave it to the AI and plan your attacks out, just like a strategy game.

This game therefore turns the strategy genre on its head, allowing you to have more direct control over your units. You can have the AI do all the boring stuff, taking land vehicles from the carrier deck to the actual land and then go looking for resources, while you take control of the aircraft taking people out.

As the game goes on, you get cool upgrades, new weapons, armour, different units, all kinds of stuff. You get more AI characters to control your ever growing army, and you'll end up with some intense battles against the hordes of... well, hell if I know. The story is a bit weird. The gameplay is where it's at.

I haven't played a game like this. It's a shame really, this game is really innovative and I would have enjoyed a sequel. Unfortunately, the developers went out of business. Kind of a shame, they started off in my birthplace.

You won't regret buying this game if you like explosions or strategy. Oh, a small bonus since you read this far: hold down the right mouse button when you are in the Antaeus construction room and move your mouse. Ahh, I love random attention to detail!
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Publicada: 6 de novembro de 2014
(Despite my short playtime, I've owned the disc since 2001)

It's been over a decade since this game was released. I thank my dad for buying me this game. The game was well presented. The story was very powerful, and the narrator had you at the edge of your seat. As for graphics, they will obviously be ugly compared to those of more modern games, but, hey, this game was made in 2001, so give it a break. It was great at the time. Now for the gameplay. What a wonderful combination of real-time strategy and third-person shooter elements! Yes, it has the action, but you really need think, and start being strategic. And I love the resource management. The sound and music were excellent as well. What pains me is that there was no multiplayer. If it had multiplayer, then it would be a great game perfected. Unfortunately, the game only has a story mode, so once you beat the game, that's it. But it takes about 20-30 hours to complete, and a second playthrough is worth it, so that's like 40-60 hours. In conclusion, this is the best game nobody plays. I hope one day, someone will remake this game, solve all its issues and I'll buy it on day one.
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Publicada: 1 de fevereiro de 2014
I'm not ashamed to admit that seeing this on the store page managed to raise a smile, along with more than a few happy memories of this absolute gem of a game from back in the day. Despite having this beauty on what we old timers refer to as a 'CD', (look it up kids!), I could not resist picking it up right away.

Any game that puts you in direct control of a nicely varied selection of modular vehicles then sets you free to cause mayhem and destruction throughout a well written & voiced campaign mode is worth a look. Steadily escalating your capabilities in a brilliantly paced way that ties directly into the plot throughout will make it well worth your time.

Adding to this tapestry is an ever increasing rosta of varied AI wingmen which all work under and alongside you to their own unique strengths and personalities. Making the very means of their inclusion a major plot point & using them to add some character to the overall campaign is a great touch. An early example of these would be your typical grizzled tank commander who will chew you out if given anything less than an artillery cannon to pound his enemies into dust with.

Yes, the characters are often familiar, but very cleverly done as this serves to guide you as to where they would be best suited on the battlefield. When put into their prefered roles, they truly do shine. Showing off some incredible ai for the day, they will carry out their roles with an impressive degree of independance. With their battle chatter and relevant feedback to you and each other adding yet another layer to their realism, they help make your typical mission feel extreemly vibrant and organic.

If only you could provide the player with an unbelivably intuitive command system for said wingmen, allowing you to issue on-the-fly instructions to these guys & gals.. who would then act on those orders in a contextually sensible way the likes of which are rarely seen even today. Yeah, you can do that. Want that hovertank to guard your resource collecter? 3 buttons. Transport chopper to bring your laser turret to high ground? 3 buttons. Deranged chopper pilot to provide you air support? Well you get the idea. All easilly done whilst blasting enemy factories/dodging missiles/going sightseeing.

Not a fan of sending commands whilst in the thick of it? Relax and enjoy the accessable yet thoroughly satisfying command overview screen where you can issue units waypoints, co-ordinate attacks, set up resource gathering, construction queues, and transport duties etc from the comfort of your very own holo-map thing. THEN get back into the thick of it and blow the absolute hell out of stuff whilst you watch your masterplan unfold around you.

The sheer ambition behind this game managed to light a fire under me all those years ago, a fire which has been rekindled by simply seeing it on the store front. A genuine classic which I would put up on a pedestal beside the likes of Deus Ex & would not hesitate to recommend to anyone. If for no other reason than to get a good idea of what a game created by true talent and vision can -and should- feel like.

My only gripe is the lack of options to extend the life of the campaign after that first, (awesome), playthrough. Oh, and I'd absolutly kill for a good multiplayer mode :)
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