Epic Battle Fantasy 4 es un RPG de combate por turnos, inspirado por los viejos clásicos. Lucharás contra grupos de enemigos adorables, mejorarás tus personajes, explorarás un mundo diverso, resolverás puzzles y, finalmente, salvarás al mundo de la destructiva Diosgato.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 25 de feb. 2014

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"JRPG that doesn't take itself too seriously. Turn based combat, crafting, skills, awesome characters, creative enemies, beautiful art style - Major Fun!"

Acerca de este juego

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 es un RPG de combate por turnos, inspirado por los viejos clásicos. Lucharás contra grupos de enemigos adorables, mejorarás tus personajes, explorarás un mundo diverso, resolverás puzzles y, finalmente, salvarás al mundo de la destructiva Diosgato.

Características principales

  • Más de 140 enemigos diferentes para aniquilar, desde animales esponjosos hasta dioses.
  • Más de 170 objetos para equipar, y 150 diferentes habilidades utilizables, permitiendo una gran variedad de customización de personajes.
  • Gran cantidad de humor y referencias de videojuegos y animé.
  • Inspirado por los RPG de la era de 16-bits,...menos las molestas características, como batallas aleatorias y puntos de guardado.
  • Una mezcla musical de orquesta y electrónica, realizado por HalcyonicFalconX.
  • 25 horas de juego, además de JuegoNuevo+, modos de supervivencia y fiebre de jefes.
  • Lo mejor para jugadores tanto casuales como hardcore.

Requisitos del sistema

    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 400 MB available space
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Publicado: 9 de marzo
Es un juego con un argumento tremendamente simple y la trama no despierta mucho interes. Solo teneis que buscar 4 piedras, pero eso no es todo el juego...
Es un juego que mezcla las cosas buenas de muchos RPG, y aunque al principio puede parecer muy infantil (que ojo, lo es) puedes mejorar armas encontrando objetos, tanto en el mapa, como los que te dan los enemigos. Tiene algunos puzles divertidos, muchos secretos, y aunque el mapa es relativamente pequeño, está construido de una manera que se nos hará largo y no nos dejará acabar el juego almenos que juguemos mas de 15-20 horas.
Algunas magias y armas os harán soltar alguna carcajada.
El nivel normal al principio es muy facil, pero como luego no mejores armas y aprendas habilidades los jefes y submisiones que hay repartidas en el juego os seran imposibles.
Para acabar, los dialogos son sosos, pero adaptados a la actualidad.
Una cosa que tiene el juego es que podemos huir del combate, cambiar dificultad, grabar, quitar habilidades una vez aprendidas y otras cosas cuando queramos. Eso le resta dificultad.
Conclusión: Si nunca has jugado a un RPG o no te van mucho, este es tu juego. Y si te gustan los RPG tambien es tu juego. Recomendable al 95%. No te aburriras y seran unas horas bien invertidas.
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Publicado: 29 de octubre de 2014
This game is a funny joking, breaking the forth wall, RPG. It's all good fun in the world of EBF4, with jokes coming left and right, and all being masterfully crafted so that none fall flat you won't stop laughing. Enough about how funny the game is, let's talk about gameplay, the game focuses on the goal of collection and completion rather than harsh and numerous battles, the creator has also made it so that character's not battling will also gain experience so that you won't have to grind for any other character at a later time. The collection will included things such as: chest locations, random drops for armor and weapon upgrades, those weapons and armor themselves, certain creatures to fill that damn bestiary, ect. All battles are fair and equal as long as you do a little side searching here and there to gain a little extra exp. Jokes, fair battles, and no grinding sounds like a good game to me.
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Publicado: 31 de diciembre de 2014
There's an achievement for clicking Natalie's breasts and making them jiggle, stealing underwear, and leaving a character dead at the end of the battle.

So, basically, you are rewarded for teasing a busty girl, running away with her intimate clothing and leaving her dead in the end. Just like real life. 10/10

But here's the real review.

Originating from a browser game, the fourth installment of Epic Battle Fantasy is on Steam, and for a very good reason. I haven't seen a lot of turn-based fighting RPGs like this one, but it really hits the spot.

It has excellent humor, and I often find myself laughing uncontrollably as I press space to advance through the chatting/cutscenes, seeing hilarious lines being announced by the characters, either in the arguing present everywhere in the game (because Natalie's boobs/Matt being a disgrace/Anna living in a tree/Lance having microcameras stored in his armor to "look" at Natalie's boobs), or in the battling of hundreds of enemies (because they are too weak/strong/disgusting/cool/tasty/scary, or because they resemble Pok*mon too much).

The characters are beautifully designed, and their personalities are constantly clashing with each other due to their differences, creating a constantly interesting atmosphere to get your mind off the battling and strategy if you're playing on Epic. There's things to like in all of them (and if you look at my profile you MIGHT find out which one is my favourite), and the soundtrack is amazing as well.

All in all, it sounds like I'm reviewing a GOTY title. And I can't say I don't love Epic Battle Fantasy the Fourth. Thank you Matt Roszak for making this game.
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Publicado: 7 de noviembre de 2014
you know what i like about this game? there are almost NO FLAWS. the gameplay is addictive and the gui is well put together. the music is really good. i like the artstyle (especially the cutscene art). and the characters are charming memorable and humorous. not for everyone, but still worth the pricetag for me at least.
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Publicado: 12 de noviembre de 2014
Panty Thief
-Steal some underwear. Perverts pay good money for stuff like this.

Indie game 2014
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Publicado: 6 de noviembre de 2014
I played kupo's games since 2009. Yes, 2009, the beginning of the Epic Battle Fantasy Series. That was even before I knew about Steam. I played the hell out of those games and still to this date, they're amazing.

It is one of my favorite, or I can say my favorite Series of RPG Gaming. I am glad to see that on steam, because I wouldn't remember the old times, when I didn't saw the Steam Notification about EPF4's release.

I love this game, but sadly, I cannot record it, because of the lagspikes, that happen when I move my mouse. I hope, that there will be some solutions to that problem. Maybe someday, I make a full video about this franchise.

Kupo, you did make me happy with it and I hope, that you will do that in the future too with more EPF. I highly recommend it for everyone, who loves turnbased combats with a mix of humour.
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Publicado: 18 de abril
It's been a while since I've played a true traditional RPG. I've not particularly taken to the RPG Maker trend and even stalwart supporters of the genre, like Square Enix, have edged their games into more action-oriented mechanics. Ironically, at one point in the Playstation age, I felt the genre had become saturated and stale; nowadays, I'll jump on anything that strips back the gimmicks and offers a wholesome predictable journey.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4, as you have probably determined, is part of a long running series none of which have graced Steam before. Luckily, there's absolutely no reason why you can't just jump in if you haven't played the predecessors; the storylines are simple, rather trope-filled affairs and all the better for it. They're wrapped up by the end of the game and the only continuation between the titles are the main characters and cameo moments that serve as fan service. If you're looking for an epic tale of tyranny, betrayal and sacrifice then you might be disappointed. If you have the time for a charming, genuinely funny and surprisingly deep RPG experience then EBF4 provides in every sense.

Your team of four party members aren't limited to class setups like most games. Instead, you'll develop each character using a huge selection skills that eventually make every character capable of wielding devastating spells and life-saving buffs. This flexibility keeps the combat interesting throughout, with enemy resistances calling for constant experimentation and fluidity of tactics. For a game with such an irreverent tone, you'll be greatly punished if you don't approach the battles cautiously. The ability to rush through battles spamming physical attacks is at an absolute minimum and while some battles drag on longer than I'd have liked, it's always preferable to feel engaged at all times.

Surprisingly, I had most of my fun with EBF4 in the world map. Most areas you travel across throughout the game will have a handful of chests, optional battles, NPCs with sidequests and incredibly well-hidden secrets. Scrubbing the screen with the cursor, looking for a hidden package of loot became quite the obsession and really reduces the tedium of back-tracking or getting lost. With items that grant new skills and powerful equipment on offer for those with a keen eye, it's easy to get swept up in the mechanic and see the battles as a distraction. Thankfully, the monsters appear as sprites on the map, so if you feel that way, they're easily avoided.

Grinding is kept at to a minimum, with the rare moments I felt under-powered quickly corrected by fighting a few mobs I'd opted to pass a few screens ago. There are many options to improve your party's powers if you're struggling. Rare stat-increasing foods are plentiful, spells can be trained using AP accrued from each fight and gear is improved by crafting upgrades using miscellaneous loot. There's always something new to aim towards, especially if you have an interest in achievements; there are some great situational challenges and the developer did a fantastic job of avoiding a conventional and dull list.

The care and attention put into EBF4 is impressive; even when an enemy could be considered a palette swap, there will be little touches to the model to suit the change in power or element. The Zelda-esque key items that can remove obstacles encountered earlier in the game encourage a lot of exploration and reward players generously. With it taking upwards of 20 hours to complete everything, it's surprisingly to see even more work put in to encourage multiple playthroughs. The value for money takes it from being a budget purchase for genre diehards and into the arms of anyone that's ever launched a Firaga into a flan's face and loved it.

Despite being a fantastic game overall, there were moments of frustration. The occasional enemy will throw instant death moves that feel a little cheap, though nothing compares to bosses that can heal themselves. These situations are few and far between thankfully and do little to overthrow an RPG that remains so consistently enjoyable.

With so little competition in the world of traditional RPGs, EBF4 could get away with minimal effort and still be devoured by starving fans. As such, it's hugely refreshing to see so much love and attention combined with a proficient and challenging adventure. There's little I can say against the game which, in turn, is one of the best things I can say in its favour. If you fancy something traditional that isn't entirely predictable then I'd say there's no better choice on Steam than Epic Battle Fantasy 4.

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Publicado: 27 de febrero
This game is an awesome bundle of fun.

It has a lot of the charming qualities that old turn-based RPGs had and it also has some decent writing to boot. There's a large equipment pool and a good variety of enemies. It's technical enough to be fun without dubming too much down. Proper preparation prior to battle can mean the difference between a 20-second battle and a 1-minute battle.

As far as difficulty goes, the game is not very hard. The endless battles, monster marathons, and boss rush modes can provide a mild challenge if you play on Epic difficulty.

Achievement-wise, there are some very simple achievements along with your standard beat-the-game achievements. There's also ones designed for hilarity (click on Natz' bewbs and touch the chicken)! You can tell the person who designed the game has a good sense of humor. The only thing I didn't like is how tedious the game felt while going through the 3rd playthrough. Since I am an achievement hunter, I felt compelled to 100% the game and trek on through playthrough #3 in order to get one of my last few achievements. One thing that I felt could have been done better is some variety when it comes to consequent playthroughs. I found myself picking up chests which served no purpose because it gave equipment I already had. If anything, those chests you've opened on older playthroughs should have something else.

I recommend this game to turn-based RPG fans. It's a good deal and provides 10-15 hours of fun on each playthrough if you casually go through the content.
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Publicado: 7 de marzo
This Game Is Pretty Fun And It's Great It's Almost Like Final Fantasy But With A Twist. I Highly Recommend This Game To Get. Rating 10/10 :)
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Publicado: 20 de diciembre de 2014
Alright, to begin with let's get the tricky stuff out of the way.

First of all, this game is cheeky and doesn't shy away from cracking jokes at everything, itself included. If you're easily offended, you might want to keep that in mind when making your decision, but ultimately it's all light-hearted and carefree. So don't make it a political thing, it's not.

Secondly, while it's true you can play this for free on Kongregate, the Steam version (like Kong premium version) adds extra features (including new game plus), an entire new zone with bosses on illegal stimulants, supports more resolutions and you get the entire soundtrack, which is, might I say, really, really good.

Now with the disclaimers done and over with, let's get to the actual game.

It looks old school and cartoony, with turn based combat in which you slash, hack, blast and nuke your way through loads upon loads of critters, ranging from cute bushes (never thought I'd use that phrase seriously) to intimidating elementals. Elemental strength/weaknes system is in play, and there's plenty of elements and status effects to play around with. There's a lot of room for experimentation with gear and skills, and even bosses can be beaten through different approaches.

The soundtrack, as I said already, is AWESOME. No really. Just listen to it and appreciate it. It does a lot to round up the game experience. HFX has done an awesome job yet again (the only kind of job she ever does it seems).

It's not a hardcore RPG, even if it offers its challenges, but that makes it no less fun. Just a word of warning: If you decide to play this, better wear a helmet, because those shards of the fourth wall are going to be a-flyin' all over the place.
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Publicado: 24 de diciembre de 2014
There is an achievement for stealing panties.
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Publicado: 1 de enero
Epic Battle Fantasy 4 is by far the best parody games I have ever played. It pokes fun at a lot of classic console RPGs, but the real heat of the game is the way they combined what made so many other games so memorable.

The game is a simplistic true turn based RPG on the outside, but stesses a depth of strategy with a wide variety of equipment and monsters that have elemental strengths and weaknesses. There isn't a single weapon or piece of armor in the game that is optimal for each and every battle (there are some that come close to defying this though). You strenthen your weapons and armor through a basic crafting system that requires a hunt of scarce materials, but offers an item shop near the end of the game where you can buy the materials you might need at a hefty cash price. There is even a achievement for poking... Uh... Nevermind. The storyline and plot is pretty flimsy, but on the flip side, there isn't a need to grind to complete the game.

I strongly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys console RPGs of the 90s, even if they didn't grow up in the 90s. There isn't any need to play the earlier iterations of the games to keep up with the jokes.
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Publicado: 2 de febrero
Well I first played ebf3 years ago online and loved it then i played the sequel... It was great! When I found it was on steam I knew I had to get it. Kids remember the first thing you need to do after unlocking natz is get the pervert achievement
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Publicado: 27 de noviembre de 2014
Cute, fun, and epic. Easy to learn the ropes, yet still provides a worthy challenge for the daring. I love it!
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Publicado: 12 de diciembre de 2014
play this game if u want to get goofed
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Publicado: 10 de abril
Okay, so, theres three senarios on why you'd want this game:

1. You completed the Free Flash Version And Wanted To Find Some More Adventure In The Same Game! And, Yes, This Is Extended - But Not Exactly How You'd Think.. (You May Not Have Completed It.)

2. You Are An Epic Battle Fantasy Fan And Find It On Sale Here, Ready To Buy. You Didn't Play No.4, Yet Alone Know It Was On Steam, Or You Didn't Even Know No.4 Was Out!

3. You Are Looking For A Decent RPG Game, Or A Friend Recommended It, And You Come Across This. You Would Have Purchased It Already If You Didn't Notice The Big Fat
Tag On It, Emplying Its A Further Installment In The Series And Had Such High Pricing, So You Look At Reviews.

Well, I say ALL of the above is why you should get this game! To support the maker, To play a new game, and to have fun with a fresh game to you. The story is a continue from Epic Battle Fantasy Three, so I recommend playing that first. Maybe the characters will be a little knew even in that game, but you should get used to it. Even in number one the characters werent explained! Once you play that, get this game for:

It has cute characters like kitten gods as your main foes, loot that you wouldnt find anywhere else, epic storyline, challenging puzzles, imagination behind the idea, RPG adventure, weapons of extroadinary looks, cutsences with emense artisrty, extended fights, major fun, enchanting music and more! I recommend this game for all of that.

The exclusive content to the full PC release on steam are:

• Includes Kongregate’s Premium Pack, which adds:

• 8 new bosses, 27 new equips, 8 new skills.

• Huge new area to explore.

• Survival mode and boss rush challenges.

• Newgame+ feature, with higher level monsters.

• Support for different window sizes and fullscreen resolutions.

• Uncompressed audio and various visual improvements; the game looks and sounds better than ever.

• Integration with Steam’s achievements, trading cards, and most importantly, cloud saving.

• Includes the soundtrack. (26 tracks!)
Added Awesomeness: 100%



The Cute Ones Deserve It!
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Publicado: 16 de febrero
Can be hard but it's fun. The amount of jokes and innuendos will push you through the game.
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Publicado: 14 de marzo
Amazing little game which I really love. The music is amazing aswell! Would recommend to the world! 8/10
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Publicado: 1 de enero
Epic Battle Fantasy 4 is a light-hearted game with a lovable cast of characters. The relaxing nature of the game carries over into even the more intense battles, and the music sets the atmosphere well.

A great experience that I would reccomend to anyone, casual player or advanced.
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Publicado: 1 de marzo
Best game from Kongregate ever.
Now in PC port.
Its a remastered version of flash one,where change where made(i.e new music,battle arena,new enemies,endless mode and such).
The soundtrack is a blast as well.
Definetly must buy.
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