Epic Battle Fantasy 4 es un RPG de combate por turnos, inspirado por los viejos clásicos. Lucharás contra grupos de enemigos adorables, mejorarás tus personajes, explorarás un mundo diverso, resolverás puzzles y, finalmente, salvarás al mundo de la destructiva Diosgato.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 25 feb. 2014

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"JRPG that doesn't take itself too seriously. Turn based combat, crafting, skills, awesome characters, creative enemies, beautiful art style - Major Fun!"

Acerca de este juego

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 es un RPG de combate por turnos, inspirado por los viejos clásicos. Lucharás contra grupos de enemigos adorables, mejorarás tus personajes, explorarás un mundo diverso, resolverás puzzles y, finalmente, salvarás al mundo de la destructiva Diosgato.

Características principales

  • Más de 140 enemigos diferentes para aniquilar, desde animales esponjosos hasta dioses.
  • Más de 170 objetos para equipar, y 150 diferentes habilidades utilizables, permitiendo una gran variedad de customización de personajes.
  • Gran cantidad de humor y referencias de videojuegos y animé.
  • Inspirado por los RPG de la era de 16-bits,...menos las molestas características, como batallas aleatorias y puntos de guardado.
  • Una mezcla musical de orquesta y electrónica, realizado por HalcyonicFalconX.
  • 25 horas de juego, además de JuegoNuevo+, modos de supervivencia y fiebre de jefes.
  • Lo mejor para jugadores tanto casuales como hardcore.

Requisitos del sistema

    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core (more cores and/or GHz recommended for higher settings)
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 400 MB available space
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Publicado el 9 de mayo
No es un mal juego, me gusta y podría decir que me vicie, pero no lo compraría a no ser que estuviera de rebajas, es mi opinión, pero podeis gastaros los 10€ que vale ahora xD.

Buen juego, me gusta su modo de aprender y mejorar las habilidades, magias y equipo.

Lo recomiendo cuando este de rebajas.
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Publicado el 18 de abril
It's been a while since I've played a true traditional RPG. I've not particularly taken to the RPG Maker trend and even stalwart supporters of the genre, like Square Enix, have edged their games into more action-oriented mechanics. Ironically, at one point in the Playstation age, I felt the genre had become saturated and stale; nowadays, I'll jump on anything that strips back the gimmicks and offers a wholesome predictable journey.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4, as you have probably determined, is part of a long running series none of which have graced Steam before. Luckily, there's absolutely no reason why you can't just jump in if you haven't played the predecessors; the storylines are simple, rather trope-filled affairs and all the better for it. They're wrapped up by the end of the game and the only continuation between the titles are the main characters and cameo moments that serve as fan service. If you're looking for an epic tale of tyranny, betrayal and sacrifice then you might be disappointed. If you have the time for a charming, genuinely funny and surprisingly deep RPG experience then EBF4 provides in every sense.

Your team of four party members aren't limited to class setups like most games. Instead, you'll develop each character using a huge selection skills that eventually make every character capable of wielding devastating spells and life-saving buffs. This flexibility keeps the combat interesting throughout, with enemy resistances calling for constant experimentation and fluidity of tactics. For a game with such an irreverent tone, you'll be greatly punished if you don't approach the battles cautiously. The ability to rush through battles spamming physical attacks is at an absolute minimum and while some battles drag on longer than I'd have liked, it's always preferable to feel engaged at all times.

Surprisingly, I had most of my fun with EBF4 in the world map. Most areas you travel across throughout the game will have a handful of chests, optional battles, NPCs with sidequests and incredibly well-hidden secrets. Scrubbing the screen with the cursor, looking for a hidden package of loot became quite the obsession and really reduces the tedium of back-tracking or getting lost. With items that grant new skills and powerful equipment on offer for those with a keen eye, it's easy to get swept up in the mechanic and see the battles as a distraction. Thankfully, the monsters appear as sprites on the map, so if you feel that way, they're easily avoided.

Grinding is kept at to a minimum, with the rare moments I felt under-powered quickly corrected by fighting a few mobs I'd opted to pass a few screens ago. There are many options to improve your party's powers if you're struggling. The less common stat-increasing foods are a viable source of instant power, spells can be trained using AP accrued from each fight and gear is improved by crafting upgrades using miscellaneous loot. There's always something new to aim towards, especially if you have an interest in achievements; there are some great situational challenges and the developer did a fantastic job of avoiding a conventional and dull list.

The care and attention put into EBF4 is impressive; even when an enemy could be considered a palette swap, there will be little touches to the model to suit the change in power or element. The Zelda-esque key items that can remove obstacles encountered earlier in the game encourage a lot of exploration and reward players generously. With it taking upwards of 20 hours to complete everything, it's surprisingly to see even more work put in to encourage multiple playthroughs. The value for money takes it from being a budget purchase for genre diehards and into the arms of anyone that's ever launched a Firaga into a flan's face and loved it.

Despite being a fantastic game overall, there were moments of frustration. The occasional enemy will throw instant death moves that feel a little cheap, though nothing compares to bosses that can heal themselves. These situations are few and far between thankfully and do little to overthrow an RPG that remains so consistently enjoyable.

With so little competition in the world of traditional RPGs, EBF4 could get away with minimal effort and still be devoured by starving fans. As such, it's hugely refreshing to see so much love and attention combined with a proficient and challenging adventure. There's little I can say against the game which, in turn, is one of the best things I can say in its favour. If you fancy something traditional that isn't entirely predictable then I'd say there's no better choice on Steam than Epic Battle Fantasy 4.
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Publicado el 22 de junio
You enter a battle with five generic looking monsters! Suddenly from behind you, a tank fires an armada of bullets at the enemies for no reason, accompanied by a cat with no legs that charges towards them with a wooden sword and shield. Your swordsman jumps in with his sword and then suddenly summons a sword out of thin air due to his sheer love for swords. You click on your mage's chest only to find out that her boobs give you an achievement. Your ranger looses her arrow towards the final enemy, but it doesn't do enough damage, that is until a giant wooly mammoth falls from the sky and crushes it.

This is just a typical battle in Epic Battle Fantasy 4.
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Publicado el 25 de junio
Key supplied by developer for review.
Epic Battle Fantasy 4
Read on for the full review!


While there are a couple downsides(and only a couple,) Epic Battle Fantasy 4 features many positive aspects of classic RPG gameplay, while also lightheartedly poking fun at RPG, anime, and video game tropes. It's cheap, too, so you should definitely pick up a copy!


+ RPG: It's oldschool!
+ Options: All there
+ Graphics: Cute, colorful, and with nice animations.
+ UI: Remembering the last used spells is sooo convenient!
+ Humor: Very much present.
+ Price: Low, especially for playtime.
+ References: EVERYWHERE.
+ Combat: It will keep you doing different things.

- Not higher resolution!
- KB Mode still requires mouse

+/- You'll have to fight alot of waves of monsters.
+/- You'll also have to backtrack quite a few times.


Epic Battle Fantasy Four...now that's a name! Like its name, EBF4 seems to be a parody of all things RPG. It sports fairly good writing, self-aware humor, a wealth of items to find, and the equipment all has unique art assets. We're off to a good start! So what's the story like?

It's a bit like this. You're a girl from a small woodland village. Three protagonists from the previous titles in the series have ransacked your village, and its prized jewel is gone! You track them down and force them to join up with you, after realizing they didn't steal the jewel, as repayment for their pillaging. You then go on to the next village to find their jewel is also gone. Okay, you should grab some popcorn for this: The jewels are meant to be seperated, and when brought together could spell doom for humankind. This is because of Catgod. Yes. Catgod. Catgod created the world, and all its creatures. It created cats in its image, but became jealous of their relationship with humans, and decided to take the cats' arm and legs, and destroy their greatest works in the world. Now someone, maybe these cats, wants to even out the punishment! You must take your lovable band of misfits and stop them!

So, we're already in for an interesting ride. What else is there you ask? Read on!

This is the kind of game where the more I play, the more I appreciate it. There is humor in spades, which sometimes falls flat for me, but it's very self-aware, so I still appreciate it. Something also everywhere is references, and I LOVE references! Other things are also everywhere, such as: skills, summons, equipment, upgrades, monsters, quests, hidden treasure, and barriers blocking your path.

The graphics are cute, with much of the stuff in the game sporting decent and equally cute animations. There are plenty of options in the settings menu. There are overworld monsters, so when you feel like skipping battles, you can. The blockades barring your way actually keep things interesting, since your equipment will all remain useful depending on what enemies you are fighting, and everything in this game can be upgraded or scales with your level. This sets a great pace for exploration, and encourages you to find all the hidden unblocked treasures you can get your grubby hands on.

Progression has a good curve. You'll level up, find items, get new weapons, and clear areas at a steady pace. There's also a lot of content to this game, for only 12$ off sale, so you'll get your money's worth, too. The game likes to parody cliches found in anime, games, movies, you name it. The humor will keep you going even if the gameplay gets old, and if it does, a quick break is all it ever took for me to fix that.

For example, I once started a battle with a woolly mammoth to then inadvertantly drop a woolly mammoth on top of it right after my party commented about how tough the fight would be. I was close to taking a break, but instead laughed plentifully and wanted to keep going. There are plenty of other nice things that will keep the game convenient and easy to play like the ability to scan monsters and instantly see their strengths and weaknesses, the ability to leave a battle without having to play a minigame or roll dice, zone teleports, instant healing slimecats, recently used spells list, and more!

Getting around in Epic Battle Fantasy 4 is easy. The UI is simple enough, although slightly clunky. There are keyboard and mouse movement options, but keyboard mode still requires the mouse for battles, unfortunately, and there's no controller support. The game also maxes out at 720p, which is quite low for modern displays. There is also, on the negative end, ocassional lag and stuttering. There are plenty of settings to mess with so you can likely find a setting that fixes that for you.

All in all you'll want to experience this game for the story, humor, characters, references, varied battles, and sheer number of items, equipment, and potential upgrades.


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Publicado el 10 de abril
Best jiggle physics in recent games ever.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 used to be a browser game. I used to play games from Miniclip and other websites that provide flash games, but for some reason I didn't came across this one. Boy did I missed out. In case you couldn't tell, its a turn-based RPG. It has funny jokes, fourth-wall breaking and references to other games all over the place.

Like every RPG, you go around killing enemies to get materials to upgrade equipment, doing quest and side-quest and buy stuff from shops, you know the usual stuff. And thats what makes this game great. Its a very nostalgic feeling of how a RPG should feel, but they removed one key mechanic that made this game even better.


Item drops from enemies for upgrades can be bought from shops so you can grind or if u have gold u can just buy it from the shops. This made me so happy to see because so many games rely on grinding to extend the gameplay which is extremely tedious.

The characters are great, the music can be better (tho i usually play the game with the music and sfx muted cuz i can play while doing something else) and the achievements are challenging and fun.

RPGs lovers have no reason to not get this. This game is great. Cant wait for EBF5 whenever thats gonna be.

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