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Epic Battle Fantasy 4 is a light-hearted turn-based RPG, heavily inspired by old classics. You will battle through waves of adorable enemies, grow your characters, explore a diverse world, solve puzzles, and finally, save the world from the destructive Godcat.
发行日期: 2014年2月25日

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Epic Battle Fantasy 4 is a light-hearted turn-based RPG, heavily inspired by old classics. You will battle through waves of adorable enemies, grow your characters, explore a diverse world, solve puzzles, and finally, save the world from the destructive Godcat.

Key features

  • Over 140 different enemies to slaughter, from fluffy animals to gods.
  • Over 170 different items of equipment, and 150 different usable skills, allowing for lots of character customization.
  • Lots of humor and references to video games and anime.
  • Inspired by 16-bit era RPGs, minus the annoying features like random battles or save points.
  • A mix of orchestral and electronic background music by HalcyonicFalconX. Full Soundtrack included!
  • 25 hours of gameplay, plus Newgame+, survival and boss rush modes.
  • Suitable for both casual and hardcore gamers.


    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 400 MB available space
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说实话这游戏画面略奇葩(不要被过场骗了!) 但是音乐很不错 系统也很强大 属性繁多 技能也不算少
但日式rpg通病 装备不多且缺少变化 很容易上手 总体挺不错 推荐给日式rpg爱好者

If you are a jrpg fans,take a try and it won't let you down.
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Epic Battle Fantasy 4 & EBF系列相关介绍:http://steamcn.com/t103198-1-1
Epic Battle Fantasy 4 全成就指南:http://steamcn.com/t103848-1-1
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Like RPGs?
Like Some honest to god decent humour?
Wanna be a good guy and help out a guy who has made a ton of free games buy giving him some money?
Want a cool soundtrack for free?
Do you have a thing for anime boobs? *slapped* ok ok

This game is worth every penny and don't let the people saying "oh no you don't have to pay its free on kongregate" fool you.

The steam and prem Kongregate version has additional content to the base game and provides much more content then you'd expect!

Also the steam version gives the soundtrack for free so a plus there.

Give it a whirl on Kongregate if you are really cautious about the games you buy and make your choice there.

I still say you should buy it to support the dev who really puts more work into his games then a lot of other devs that make free games (also give his other games a try while you're at it)
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This game is a must-buy for any RPG fan!

While its style is distinctly western, in everything but art Epic Battle Fantasy is very much a JRPG. The combat is heavily based on elemental advantage/weaknesses – brute force is rarely an option in harder battles, instead the key to victory is using correct skills and gear.

Speaking of gear, uniquely among RPGs, newer weapons and armor you acquire are not direct improvement of your old equipment. Instead, each weapon and armor has properties that make it good in some situations and mediocre to bad in others. The result is that no equipment becomes useless, and some of early gear may very much be an option for endgame battles.

Instead of acquiring stronger gear, the game features upgrade system for your equipment, allowing you to improve your gear as you progress through the game (most later upgrades require items that are not available until later). And on final note about gear, each item your character wears, from weapons and armor to small badges visibly changes your appearance, which is really a nice touch!

The story doesn’t even pretend to be serious, but it will accomplish what it sets out to: make you laugh from start to finish!

Overall, Epic Battle Fantasy is all kinds of awesome. If you like turn-based RPGs, give it a try and it won’t disappoint!
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Thank goodness I got this game, Matt has always impressed me with his epic battle fantasy series, and when I heard that the fourth installment was going to be on steam I just couldn't keep quiet about it, I was extremely excited for this coming out on steam. It is definitely worth the £8.99 I spent on it. In fact I think it's worth much more than that! Turn based RPGs has always been my thing. The game also tickles me ribs with it's humour, crying with laughter at some points. I really enjoy some of the references to animes that you make. I like the roaming around, puzzles and the mini-games too. Honestly Matt, I love this ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ game so much. Would absolutely recommend to people who love a good, lighthearted turn based RPG.