Platformines è un platform 2D unico nel suo genere, ambientato in un vasto mondo sotterraneo a 16 bit, ricco di esplorazione e di elementi GdR e sparatutto! Rendi unico il tuo personaggio, padroneggia tutti i livelli di difficoltà e scala le classifiche per dimostrare il tuo valore!
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Data di rilascio: 28 mar 2014

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“Platformines is looking really promising. An enormous game in its beta form”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“It's an addictive loot grinder, a punishing technical platformer, a slick SHMUP and a free-roaming explor-a-thon all rolled into one; brought together with attractive artwork and infinitely replayable randomisation.”

“Platformines is Borderlands 2, if Borderlands 2 was a 2D platform shooter with retro graphics”

Steam Greenlight

Riguardo questo gioco

Platformines è un platform 2D unico nel suo genere, ambientato in un vasto mondo sotterraneo a 16 bit, ricco di esplorazione e di elementi GdR e sparatutto! Svela i misteri di un gigantesco complesso di miniere mentre tenti di ricostruire la tua astronave. Ti attendono scontri con nemici letali, trappole, tesori e molto altro. Rendi unico il tuo personaggio, padroneggia tutti i livelli di difficoltà e scala le classifiche per dimostrare il tuo valore!

Giocabilità illimitata:

  • Un numero infinito di mondi da esplorare generati in modo casuale, ognuno con le proprie trappole e nemici!
  • Azione non-stop vecchio stile e 3 livelli di difficoltà da padroneggiare!
  • Scopri i forzieri nascosti o saccheggia i nemici per ottenere tonnellate di oggetti e potenziamenti!

Personalizzazione illimitata:

  • Crea un personaggio e modificalo scegliendo tra le numerose opzioni a disposizione.
  • Durante il gioco troverai oggetti bizzarri, come cappelli e parrucche, per una personalizzazione ancora maggiore.

Divertimento illimitato:

  • Esperienza retrò con grafica 16 bit e musica classica reinterpretata.
  • Meccaniche di gioco classiche e semplici per un divertimento immediato: salta ed elimina i nemici!
  • Dimostra la tua abilità e scala le classifiche!

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: 1.8 GHz or faster
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256mb Video Memory
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 260 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller Supported
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Gamers love exploring caves. From scripted spelunking in the likes of Super Metroid, to randomly generated environments like Terraria, the process of slowly moving through untouched caverns is a traditional thrill within the video game medium that never seems to get old.
Platformines is a title that attempts to fuse the ideas of the random and the scripted. Every run of Platformines takies place in a uniquely-generated labyrinth filled with key collectibles you need to grab to escape. This is then topped off with collectible gear and guns that appear, at least aesthetically, to bear more than a passing resemblance to the Borderlands titles.
It’s an admirable concept to be sure and, initially, it presents something rather compelling. The games art style and reliance on midi versions of classical music gives it an early 90’s PC vibe, while the mix of rigid platforming and shooting is simple but alluring.
So the idea of Platformines is that you move around the maze following an objective arrow to find colour guns with which to re-build your ship to escape the mine. As you move around the mine you can grab precious minerals to sell for money, and money can be used to buy equipment such as guns and headgear, as well as big buffs to your pocket capacity and health. The maze is also filled with checkpoints. Hitting one of these allows you to instantly warp back to base camp to refill your health and do all the bartering and escape vessel construction.
Platformines is a game full of great ideas. For example, your health dictates the size of your field of view, giving you an incentive to keep health high and think before you leap. It’s tense to find yourself low on health, barely able to see five fingers in front of yourself, when you’ve a backpack full of precious material you wish to sell. Go back the way you came or try and reach the next checkpoint?
It’s a shame, really, that the execution is what lets Platformines down. The most glaring example is that death is pretty pointless, on the lowest difficulty anyway. Checkpoints aren’t too infrequent, and it’s super easy to retrace your steps. The game is cruel, frequently, but on your initial run this cruelty just aggravates due to the minimal punishment. Death is only a truly worrying factor on higher, unlockable difficulties.
Why? Because the combat is all too basic. Titles like Spelunky are simple, but they augment their fighting through a host of items and elements. Platformines’ combat is frightfully ridged. You have access to four weapons – pistol, shotgun, machine gun and bazooka – but they all largely serve the same purpose; shoot forward. Well, forward, up or down, there’s no twin stick or free aim here. This makes the combat feel very clunky, and it pretty much stays like this regardless of the game’s presentation evoking Borderlands.
Platforming, too, is mostly unsatisfying. From the off it’s possible to jump five times from an initial hop. One, two, three, four, five. It gives the actual jumping a loose, careless feel. It’s likely a safety net for the random level design, but it comes across as lazy and unsatisfying in play.
Now, all of this isn’t to condemn Platformines as a bad game. It’s actually quite a serviceable time waster, but it’s impossible to avoid the notion that the designers’ desire to have random environments has led to undernourished gameplay. The reason a game like Metroid or Steamworld Dig work is because they’re games designed around abilities and worlds working in harmony, full of interesting, key moments that genuinly reward the exploration. Progress in Platformines just gives you more clunky combat in different coloured environments.
Platformines isn’t a bad game, it’s just a largely unpolished one. The mechanics feel either loose or under-developed, leading to a game that’s entertaining but never spectacular or truly engaging. If you’re a Spelunky addict and need another fix then Platformines may give you a few hours of enjoyment, but those who prefer a bit more order and polish to their game design would do well to be cautious.

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Pubblicata: 25 aprile
Platformines starts out pretty fun; jumping, running, looting, and shooting your way through levels. Enemies get progressively tougher, but you compensate by buying better weapons. Unfortunately, the endgame spoils most of the fun. When you have to collect the final item, you'll have to face enemies that you can no longer kill in one shot (or even two or three), there are way more obstacles to deal with, and you'll die in a flash. The spawnpoints are pretty annoying, because frequently there will be some trap or a bunch of enemies, forcing you to basically teleport back and forth to recover until everthing in the immediate vicinity is dead. While I don't mind games where you die a lot, it shouldn't be for the frustrating reasons you'll die in this game. By the end, the only reason you'll finish is because the entire game takes you less than five hours (unless you want to collect all chests) and with about twenty to thirty minutes of perseverance, you'll get the final item. But where in a game like VVVVV, you feel like you've accomplished something, with Platformines you'll just be happy that it's over.
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Pubblicata: 5 agosto
Actually a really decent game!
It can be repetitive, but it has a few lovely effects, it's the usual "go there - progress - gear up - repeat" game
But it's kinda relaxing to play it, I just found my self play it for more than an hour in a row, which I rarely do
with these kinds of games

+Smooth controls (only tried keyboard)
+Lovely colors!

-Repetitive music
-lack of options (In the menu, such as volume and such)
-can be repetitive fast'

But overall a really nice "unplug your brain" game :) !

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Pubblicata: 13 agosto
Platformines is a side-scroller in a randomly generated world whereby you navigate to collect 9 different items that will help you fix a drill to escape the mines.

Game loop:
Teleport to the closest portal (once you have used you can navigate portal-to portal) to your objective.
KIll baddies on the way to said objective and collect their gear and "gems".
Hope you get another portal on the way.
Activate closer portal.
Navigate back to base.
Sell stuff, equip better gear, or buy better gear.

- No crafting of any description. Even if it looks like all those games.
- No coop that I saw (just leaderboards).
- I used a wired 360 controller. It played fine.

The game is fun and can be beaten the first time in around 5 hours. Since the world is random, there is a lot of replayability. Worth a shot if you like side scrollers.
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