GoD Factory: Wingmen est un jeu multijoueur de combat spatial tout en vitesse en stratégie qui se joue en match à 4 contre 4. Personnalisez vos vaisseaux et livrez des batailles tactiques acharnées avec vos amis pour survivre au feu nourri des joueurs ennemis.
Évaluations des utilisateurs : Plutôt positive (278 évaluation(s)) - 74% des 278 évaluations des utilisateurs pour ce jeu sont positives.
Date de parution: 29 août 2014

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"A fun Multiplayer Space Ship Third Person Shooter. Its great fun but its hard to find a server."

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21 avril

GoD Factory: Wingmen is now available in German!

Thanks to the invaluable contribution of one of our players, Derpylz, we now have a German translation for GoD Factory: Wingmen! This update is effective immediately, and we also proceeded to some server changes.

We are happy to be able to reach out to more players with this update. We are still committed to finding ways to get the game into the hands of more players!

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10 avril

Outward - The Adventurer Life Simulator

Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce that we have just launched our Kickstarter campaign for our next project, Outward.

In short, the game is an open world RPG and it want to answer the question: "What would it really be like to live the life of an adventurer?"

What does this mean? Well, you will have to hunt to get food, mount your camp to sleep, prepare for your next fight, and so on. You also won't have to do this all alone as the game will feature both online and splitscreen coop! Though if you prefer to be alone, it will also be possible.

We encourage us to come read the full feature list on our Kickstarter page.


Please note that you can also come ask us questions about Outward during our Wednesday streaming session while we play GoD Factory: Wingmen. We might even show more footage of Outward!

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“Bien joué Nine Dot. Vraiment bien joué”
4/5 – Calm Down Tom

“L’expérience vidéoludique qu’offre GoD Factory : Wingmen est tout simplement géniale !”
8/10 – N-Gamz

Nouvelle mise à jour

Version 1.1: Galaxie

La version 1.1 de GoD Factory: Wingmen, la mise à jour Galaxie, est maintenant disponible! Nous avons écouté les joueurs en intégrant des fonctions qui étaient demandées: de nouvelles cartes, un meilleur support pour les joystick complexes et même la reconnexion de match!

3 nouvelles cartes avec des caractéristiques de jeu uniques :
• Champ de magma: capturez des émetteurs de plasma pour créer des zones brûlantes qui endommagent les vaisseaux ennemis.
• Carrière de glace: capturez des stations de recharge, qui régénèrent votre bouclier.
• Chantier spatial Krier: un réseau de portes spatiales catapultent votre vaisseau à travers la carte.
• Version améliorée de l'ancienne carte, la Forêt astrale.

Support de périphériques améliorés
• Menu avancé de calibration de périphériques
• Les périphériques avec plus de 20 boutons sont supportés, incluant le X-55 et le X-52 Pro de Saitek.
• L'utilisation de plusieurs périphériques en même temps, comme un joystick et des pédales, est maintenant supporté.

Reconnexion aux Matches
• Vous pourrez rejoindre un match que vous avez quitté si votre connexion internet ou votre ordinateur a eu un problème.

Corrections de bugs et équilibrage
• Plus de 30 problèmes de balance et de fonctionnalité ont été réglés! Allez sur notre forum Steam pour voir la pleine liste.

Obtenez la version Galaxie maintenant et maîtrisez toutes les nouvelles cartes!

À propos de ce jeu

Vos vaisseaux. Votre équipe. Vos victoires.

GoD Factory: Wingmen est un jeu multijoueur de combat spatial tout en vitesse et en stratégie qui se joue à 4 contre 4. Ce mélange unique de compétition multijoueur et de combat spatial tactique vous occupera pendant des centaines d'heures.

Amenez un ami et détruisez le croiseur ennemi !

Livrez bataille dans l'espace et menez 4 races originales à la victoire devant des GoD silencieux qui défient les lois de la gravité. Développez et personnalisez des vaisseaux puissants et lancez-vous dans une bataille tactique avec vos amis ! Partagez vos vaisseaux, coopérez et expérimentez le multijoueur pur, où la contribution de chaque joueur est importante. Survivez au feu nourri des joueurs ennemis dans ce jeu de tir spatial visuellement époustouflant et détruisez le croiseur de vos adversaires !

Configuration requise

    • OS: Windows XP or Later
    • Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.0 Ghz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512Mb memory
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectSound compatible
    • OS: Windows XP or Later
    • Processor: Intel i5 2.4 Ghz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1024 Mb memory
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectSound compatible
Évaluations intéressantes des utilisateurs
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0.8 heures en tout
Posté le : 6 mai
This game is pretty damn cool.

Space combat sim, fast-paced, bright, clear, strategy and resource management necessary - it's fun as hell. There's one gaping problem:

No one is playing. Logged in, ran the tutorial, bought a little missile group for my ship, hit quick match and!!.....no players online. Nothing.

So, I start a pure bots match. Worst idea ever. No-one to communicate with, no one to learn from, no one to play with. Bots seem to have the perfect reflexes, can pull off all these neat little manuver combos that leave you dead and them from in front of you to behind, left, up, and stabbing you with a stick while you feel like you're picking your nose.

I'd reccomend this game if it only had a player base. As it stands?

I wish I could get my money back.
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19 personne(s) sur 21 (90%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
1 personne a trouvé cette évaluation amusante
27.1 heures en tout
Posté le : 12 mai
I recently acquired GoD Factory: Wingmen through the humble multiplayer bundle. The reason why I bought the bundle was not this game; in fact, I had never even heard of it before and it just seemed like a nice added bonus.

Boy, was I wrong!
Here's a quick run-down of the pros and cons:

+Get in the mood! Starting in the the main screen and throughout the entire game, the music is excellent!
+Eye-candy all the way! Space combat has rarely looked so good!
+Riveting gameplay! Blow away your opponents while just barely avoiding the giant debris floating around!
+Work as a team! Throw out tons of damage with synergies and combos!
+Coordinate! Succeed together with the easy-to-use communication system!
+Play your way! 4 playable races and a huge amount of ship customization options!
+Become stronger! With the progression system, there is always something new to reach for and discover!

-Steep learning curve. Some people might find it hard to get into, but the tutorial is great and really helps with that. Plus, experienced players are very helpful and are happy to give you some pointers!
-Small player base. We need more people to play with! Fortunately, literally everyone I've met in-game so far has been nice, helpful, and fun to be around!

After having played GoDF for a while, I can say with absolute sincerity that I am in love with it. Nowadays, I rarely find new games with so much attention to detail, where you can really feel the passion poured into it by the developers. I consider every aspect of it to be well-executed and highly enjoyable.
Plus, you can really feel the impact of all your choices, whether in the hangar, building completely different ships or in combat out in the field, fighting alongside your allies!

If you're looking for a breath of fresh gaming air and friendly people to play with, GoD Factory: Wingmen is definitely for you!
So what are you waiting for? Start building your gunships and join us out in the field!
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Posté le : 9 avril
So, what is "GoD Factory: Wingmen"? well, it's a very unique throw on the MOBA genre. In this game you get to play as a completely customized ship built to your liking, in a purely skill based action game. You don't have to worry about people outleveling you, as there are no levels in this game. Items are ship parts that do different attacks, for example, one cannon could be a lock on type, and another could be a skillshot that deals three times more damage than the one previously mentioned. This allows you to play any which way you like, instead of having to find one hero or champion out of many. you never feel like losing was someone else's fault, and that's a nice jump from the toxic blaming of normal MOBAS, and for a guy with over 1k hours in DotA 2, I can say for a fact that this game has an amazing community compared to the average MOBA. The "ancient" or "base" is very unique, as there are multiple parts on the enemy base that when destroyed, give you a bonus and the enemy a handicap they have to play the rest of the game with. This game is very refreshing, and the only reason i have not played much of this game is well, the problem with this game is how small the community is.

the problem with this game is that the community is a little bit to small, and it can be hard to find a match. this is probably because as a skill based game, the people that stick with the game will obliterate you untill you have about 3-4 hours of practice, and even then you can barely keep up with them. i pre-purchased this game, and i stopped playing it because of how small the community is, and i would not say that it is worth a 20 dollar price point. but when this game goes on sale, pick it up. it is worth your time.

So, here's a quick summary for you if you were to lazy to read that.

-Very good graphics for a MOBA
-Unique, and refreshing
-Great community, Dedicated for the most part
-You can unlock everything in the game, and tweak your ship to your own playstyle
-The Devs are very dedicated to this game

-the only con in this game is how small the community really is.

Would i get this for 20? no. but when it comes on sale, pick it up. you will love this game if you are into thrilling, fast paced games and MOBAS. And if not, this game still probably has something for you.

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270.0 heures en tout
Posté le : 7 juin
If you are in desperate need of Armored Core-ish multiplayer experience on Steam, GoD Factory: Wingmen is just the thing for you. There is a whole lot of parts to pick for your favorite gunship. Flak guns, cannons, homing missles, mine dispensers, shockwave blasts, chain lightning shots, rockets, machine guns, satellite doomlasers just to name a few! And thats just the weaponry, constructing the actual gunships body features a ton more equipment to use, including: cockpit, wings, generator, forcefields and targetting devices. GoD Factory: Wingmen encourages players to experiment and have a lot of fun while at it. Each unlocked achievment gets you reward of credits to buy/upgrade parts and various color schemes to make your gunship beautiful in addition to deadly. Game features remarkable visuals and soundtrack, additionaly it is frequently maintained by developers and in my experience has a pretty welcoming and helpful community. In conclusion: if you are into Mecha themed stuff and/or marvelous dogfights in space, this game is a must have for you.
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5 personne(s) sur 5 (100%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
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14.5 heures en tout
Posté le : 25 avril
Absolutely fantastic game, great controls, loads of options, loads of fun. Plenty of learning to keep it interesting.

The pro community are helpful and not the least bit arrogant, which is a very nice addition to the experience.

Comments about playerbase are not relevant after it became available on Humble, there is enough people to always get a game.
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