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This Myst-style horror-adventure game will bring fear into your heart. From the very beginning you are exposed to an overwhelming but invisible ghost presence – strange calls, footsteps, voices from nowhere. In order to help your brother and survive you will need to solve the mystery of this abandoned, haunted place. And remember!
Release Date: Jun 19, 2002
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“A very well-designed ghost story from a very promising developer, and well worth the purchase for suspense and first-person fans.”
7/10 – Adventure Gamers

“Proves that gameplay and story can (and always should) supersede flash and that a game does not need a big budget to tell a great story.”
8.6/10 – The Armchair Empire

“Taking about twenty hours to finish in all, it is packed with some of the scariest moments I have encountered in my gaming life.”
80 % – Gamers' Temple

About the Game

This Myst-style horror-adventure game will bring fear into your heart. From the very beginning you are exposed to an overwhelming but invisible ghost presence – strange calls, footsteps, voices from nowhere. In order to help your brother and survive you will need to solve the mystery of this abandoned, haunted place. And remember! Do not let it to find you! Do not let it to find you... Do not.. Let... find...

The game is best played in a dark room with your speakers turned up. Unless you're scared, of course.

The Story - many decades ago

The old, abandoned train station at Dowerton hides a history of disappearances, mystery and hauntings. The nearby Station Hotel was once a busy, bustling place for weary travellers to rest and relax...but something went wrong...on the night of April 29th, 1947, the guests and staff vanished without trace, never to be seen again.

The Story - present

You come back from work hoping to get a good night's sleep but then you notice light blinking on your answering machine. It was your brother – an architect redeveloping an old train station and hotel. He called to ask for your help. Alarmed by his frightened voice, cryptic information about some disappearance and strange whispers in the background you board a train without hesitation. From now on your adventure has just begun and soon you will realize that although no one is there, you are not alone...

Key Features

  • Explore the haunted hotel and train station, alone at night.
  • Use Ghost-Hunting Gadgets to ‘see’ into the past, and hear the dead.
  • An eerie, World War 2 setting is fully realised in 3D graphics.
  • Use detective skills to uncover secret places and learn long lost secrets.
  • Challenge the mind by solving many devious puzzles and enigmas.
  • Communicate with ghosts via a Ouijaboard.
  • Decypher an ancient, long forgotten, language.
  • A non-linear story by Jonathan Boakes, author of The Lost Crown.
  • Full cast of actors & sound to bring the haunted location to spooky life!
  • Utilise high-tech surveillance equipment, to watch supernatural activity.
  • Research local Ghost Stories to learn more about the Dark Fall.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP or Windows Vista
    • Processor: 1 GHz Processor
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 9
    • Additional Notes: Mouse, Keyboard
    • OS: Windows XP or Windows Vista
    • Processor: 1.4 GHz Processor
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 9
    • Additional Notes: Mouse, Keyboard
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[English text written below]

Джонатан Боукс, помимо своего увлечения видеоиграми еще и горячий любитель пощекотать нервы. И в данном случае я говорю отнюдь не о нервной системе игроков, а о его собственной. Мистер Боукс формально является охотником за привидениями и даже является членом некоей группы, что занимается поиском и изучением проявлений паранормальной активности. За эти годы Джонатан смог скопить достаточный опыт общения с паранормальщиной, чтобы, опираясь на свой богатый актив, создать не одну игру, сюжеты которых так или иначе вращаются вокруг призраков, мистики, эзотерики и прочего непознанного; вещей словно сошедших с обложек журналов и газет; историй, легших в основу телесериалов наподобие X-Files...

Все те гаджеты и приборы, использующиеся в игре, действительно находят применение в практике ловцов духов. Начиная от термосканера, улавливающего изменения температурного порога, электромагнитного датчика, сканирующего пространство в поисках возможных аномалий, сверхчувствительных камер и вплоть до обычного термометра. В результате все это создает осязаемую атмосферу и порой кажется, будто это ты находишься в проклятом отеле, и по спине начинает пробегать неприятный холодок.

Альфред Хичкок сказал: "Нет ничего более пугающего, чем закрытая дверь". Господин Боукс прекрасно об этом знает. Настоящий страх - он не в монстрах, выпрыгивающих из-за угла. Страх всегда кроется в нюансах, в деталях, в скрипе половиц, в топоте чьих-то ног наверху, в странном черном силуэте, промелькнувшем в конце коридора. Ощущение беспомощности, уязвимости и неизвестности заполняет сердце страхом, заставляя его биться в учащенном ритме, словно барабанная дробь. И зеркала, зеркала, зеркала... В игре много зеркал и, каждый раз вглядываясь в любое из них, где-то на подсознательном уровне ожидаешь увидеть в них что-то, что не сможешь ни понять ни объяснить.

Dark Fall нарочито консервативен и старомоден, как педантичный английский джентльмен, неспешно потягивающий ароматный виски, сидя у камина и неторопливо перелистывающий страницы свежего номера "Довертон Пост". Начиная с рабочего разрешения в 640x480, пиксель-хантингом, практически полным отсутствием музыки и заканчивая архаичной системой сохранения. На другой чаше весов лежит великолепная атмосфера, отличный сюжет, логичные загадки, саспенс и крохотная щепотка старого доброго английского ужаса.

Jonathan Boakes being a fan of videogames, also stands out as a hardcore fan of tickling nerves. And I am talking about his own nerves, because mister Boakes is actually a member of ghost-hunting group of brave souls who enjoy fiddling around with paranormal, poking their noses into all sorts of creepy stuff, searching through old abandoned houses, cellars, looking for ghosts and apparitions of any kind. Throughout these years, Jonathan has gathered more than enough experience to make a game about his hobby which resulted in a number of eerie adventure titles such as Dark Fall, totalizing and giving out an ultimate X-Files experience.

All those gadgets and devices we see in the game are being put to use in reality and stand out as a must in every self-esteemed ghost-hunter's gear. Starting from thermoscaner to electromagnetic devices, ultra-sensitive cameras and ordinary thermometer. It creates a fascinating atmosphere, making you think you're the one unlucky fellow who stuck in a ghostly hotel.

Alfred Hitchcock once said: "There's nothing more frightening than the closed door". Mister Boakes knows that rule. True horror comes not from mosters jumpscaring you out of the darkness. Real fear is always hidden, it's invisible and untouchable, it lurks in the shadows... floor creaking, door slamming, mysterious black silhouette in the far end of a corridor. Feeling of uncertainly, helplessness and vulnerability gives you true fear. And mirrors, mirrors, mirrors... The game has a lot of them. And everytime you look into one, you expect to see someone, or something you could neither explain nor understand.

Dark Fall looks and plays in an old-timer style. With 640x480, pixel-hunting, almost total lack of music, scarcity in sound effects and archaic model of game saving. It's fully compensated by great atmosphere, nice spooky storyline, logical puzzles, suspense and a pinch of good old English horror.
Posted: July 6th, 2014
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+ spooky and dark atmosphere
+ great horror story, a true horror adventure game, about the supernatural being told in a believable way
+ logical puzzles, lots of stuff to read, gameplay is just great for a point and click adventure game
+ art is awesome, although not hd, still i find it to fit overall
+ great sound

- dated presentation , very low resolutions supported
- you have to take notes in order to solve puzzles, an in-game notepad that many adventure games have, could be really usefull
Posted: January 16th, 2014
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Beautifully woven narrative, evocative sound and atmosphere combine to make this a true adventure gamers feast.
Posted: April 9th, 2014
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Worth the $1:00 I paid for it.

Just remember, The spectral goggles are behind the boxes of electronics, not in them. I had to cheat to find them, i must of checked the "super close but wrong" location like 5 times.

Also, it seems not to turn off for me. When i close the game, and try to reopen it, steam says im already playing, and i have to turn off my computer to play again. Also it counts time during this psuedo off mode too, wich is why i have like 40 hours, when it really took me about 10 hours to beat it.
Posted: April 12th, 2014
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This game is very fun and just chilling. Some people can handle this kind of game. I can. If you are into spooky kinds of games this is for you.(I have played it for longer than my game time says)
Posted: April 2nd, 2014
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