Your choices changes the GENRE of the story! Almost EVERY NPC LIES to you at some point in the game! Live a life of adventure or a normal life! A game with true choices! An interactive story/game where you play the role of Ryou, a seemingly normal high school student in the land of Sorayama.
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"Fading Hearts is certainly a good visual novel game, managing to innovate in the genre by adding some big choices"

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Steam Achievements Added and Text Fixes

Your choices change the GENRE of the story!

Almost EVERY NPC LIES to you at some point in the game!

Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce that we have added Steam Achievement to Fading Hearts! Now you can know what to spoil and what not to spoil to everyone!

Take care and enjoy everyone!

Also please remember that NEARLY EVERY NPC LIES TO YOU at some point in the game. Just a friendly hint.

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Beta for small features is out!

Hi everyone!

We are testing steam achievements, the new edits and more multi-game data code functionality to see cross-over content in our future games!

Come on down and test the new features!

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“In terms of gameplay, the game takes 'choose your own adventure' to a whole other level. You literally have freedom to do whatever you want.”
Inside Anime Expo

“It has an interesting story to tell, which can be as realistic, convoluted or outlandish as you want it to be.”

“... it went beyond what visual novels usually do and, as usual, I found the life-sim and RPG elements highly addictive.”
87% –


Your choices changes the GENRE of the story!

Almost EVERY NPC LIES to you at some point in the game!

Live a life of adventure or a normal life! A game with true choices!

An interactive story/game where you play the role of Ryou, a seemingly normal high school student in the land of Sorayama. Solve the mysteries that surround him while maintaining his friendships and saving Claire. Remain ignorant of the secrets and live a normal life or choose to learn the truth. Be careful where you put your priorities for it may prove fatal.
  • Multiple end-game climaxes and endings!
  • What will be the final conflict?
  • Take control of your story or be swept away by it unlike ever before!
  • True choices! (Defined as choosing your own goal!)

Daily Life Sim! Player-Led Game/Story Genre Shifting!

Everyday choose what YOU want to do. Fight monsters in the forest on Monday. Hang out with friends on Tuesday. The player gets to choose!

Player-Active Storytelling! NPCs tries to manipulate you, the player!

This is what makes gamers like this game when they don't like Visual Novels and/or Dating Sims. Normally what you get is a storyline that you can sit back and just passively absorb. In Fading Hearts...

Players can actively manipulate story mechanics once they understand how they work.

Also there are many people trying to convince you to do things that may or may not be in your best interest. How do you figure out who to trust and not trust? Will you get enough information in time or would you have go with your gut feeling when it comes does down to the wire?


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows Vista, 7
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz x86 processor
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD Intergrated Graphics
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Older Intel Integrated Graphics Chips are not supported
    • OS: Windows Vista, 7
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz x86 processor
    • Memory: 1082 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Dedicated AMD or NVidia Grahpics Card
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.6+
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz x86 processor
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD Intergrated Graphics
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB available space
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.6+
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz x86 processor
    • Memory: 1082 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Dedicated AMD or NVidia Grahpics Card
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz x86 processor
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD Intergrated Graphics
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Older Intel Integrated Graphics Chips are not supported
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz x86 processor
    • Memory: 1082 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Dedicated AMD or NVidia Grahpics Card
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Before Fading Hearts i've played TONS of Visual Novels and Dating Sims. I knew nothing about Fading Hearts before I decided to pick it up not knowing what to expect. From the main store page it seemed interesting enough for the $10 I paid for it. I have to say, I was quite dissapointed to be frank.

First I'm going to go over what I liked about the game. The gameplay was really interesting and fun, definitely felt more closer towards a Dating sim. You get stats you can raise by doing various activities throughout the day and the stats (usually) have some effect on the game, such as how much money you get and beating certain monsters in the forest. There is a combat system, though not very in-depth, was entertaining for the first few times. And the game strongly encourages and is ment to be played with multiple playthroughs for all the endings, even including some cute dialouge at the end of each playthrough that provide hints on what to do on your next one.

One thing that interested me into buying the game was the "Player-Active Storytelling! NPCs tries to manipulate you, the player!" feature on the store page. I seriously did not feel this at all, in any of the playthroughs. I felt fully in control the entire time as with every dialogue option you can easily see what the consequences were and what path you were going to go down. The "Players can actively manipulate story mechanics once they understand how they work." was just a fancy way of saying choose A or B like you do in any other game/VN, nothing intuitive there.

You get stats and other progress bars that you can raise that can influence your money income, and combat stats. It had very good potentional to be very good but in the end it was pointless. You honestly don't need money that much, the only time you really would need to spend money is on things to obtain even more money. You don't need to touch the system at all and can do very well without, theres no real benefit it was a waste of time. You can also choose to do various excercises and train magic spells as well for combat. However, to reach the ending that relied a bit on combat you didn't need to be very strong at all. Once you hit a certain threshold (which isn't very high) it was pointless and a waste of time. It would've been nice if they added something that required or rewarded spending more time on raising those stats.

However, the thing that bothered me the most, is that the story was absolutely terrible. I definitely felt like it was more gameplay oriented storytelling than an actual story. Of course the story changes with your actions (as expected with multiple endings and such) but each time I was never satisfied. The climaxes to each ending felt very bland, and the actual endings were extremely cliche and predictable. The characters are REALLY flat and I'm not talking about their chests. They have little personality and no development whatsoever. Side characters are pretty irrelevant and you only speak to certain ones to obtain endings.

Lastly, the game is super short. I spent about 15 hours on the game but really thats because I left the game on while I fell asleep. Each playthrough is about 30mins-1hour long at most. If it takes longer, thats because you're trying to figure out what to do to get the other endings which won't take long. You can probably get all the endings in one sitting if you wanted.

The game had a lot of potential but I felt like it was released a bit too soon or the writing could've been better. The idea and design was good but it had no depth whatsoever.
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Literally the best game I have played in my life. It left me on an emotional journey and at 9 o'clock on a Friday night, feeling so saddened. While I sat alone by my computer, I realised I had given love to two fictional characters while I sat here with no one. Their love was not mine, but I had it for a brief moment. In the course of giving up my life, i gave two others love for awhile.

If you want to feel loved, buy this game. It will leave you feeling lonely but loved as you finish the game. You may have no one, but at least you let two others have love. For that lonely Friday night - I felt loved. And I never want that feeling to depart, so i just keep playing again and again, as if I'm watching my ex living out her life without me, when all I want is her back.
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11.6 小时(记录在案的)
This game was endearing and amusing. It's complicated enough to need to replay it a few times, short enough to replay without a major time commitment, and full enough to replay without getting bored. The twists and connections throughout the storylines are interesting, and surprisingly unexpected without being completely random.

Unfortunately the engine is a little broken, certain events aren't tied to flags, and therefore can be unlocked through illogical or unwanted means. The writing is also a little unprofessional at times, but that was easy enough to live with.

As the first project from this group I think is was wonderful and I look forward to seeing them grow through future releases!
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I havent finish all the endings of this game,but so far this game been awesome.The Intro of the game hooked us from the start,I would like to say that the author did a good job of writing an intro and this is not juz a crappy reading story all the time,you got to actually make choices of what your character want to say.The Gameplay is bit bad but the endings is the main part that make this game great,There are several endings like Sad,happy, and Glitched. This game is recommended to the people who are Emotional...

Sorry For Bad English but I tried my best to explain. hope you find this review useful.
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10.0 小时(记录在案的)
I am REALLY sorry to write a bad review of a VN.. (because I love them!)
But.. Fading Hearts had SO much potential!
It did just never used it...

Okay so let me get this straight:
I liked the idea of being able to make choices through the daily life so you could become stronger or earn more money. And that if you planned your moves correctly you'd be able to reach your goals without being too stressfull and on the same time be "social".
But not the fact that there is only TWO girls that you can interact with. (and you can barely interact with them)
The story is simply too short to only have two girls in it!
You don't get enough time to develop anything with them and the endings is basically only based on simple choices...

There is a few "secrets" that will give the story a little "push" or give you a few more moments to think about what you're doing but they don't even affect the main storyline.

(SPOILERS.. Kinda)
In the end of the story where a "bunch" of magic-stuff happens VERY fast (I'm talking two plot-twist's in a row). There is this "final fight" where you would think that you would have to be a high lvl anything to actually beat this thing. But no.
I didn't really make any progress in any of the training-things and I only learned one spell but I still beated the crap out of that thing.
And after that I got one more choice to a good end and that was just... Just... Just THAT.
The ending did absolutely nothing to me because it was just "what now?".
The reasons why it wasn't special is that there was a huge lack of character development...

Another thing that ♥♥♥♥es me off about this VN is all the "dreams/visions/hallucinations/daydreams" whatever you call them..
They show up when you're resting, exploring or sleeping and they do NOTHING for the story..
I don't know if this is a cheap trick to add more reading to the storyline but one thing is for sure:
These little "side-stories" doesn't matter. The only thing they do is sometimes add a little + on your personal strenght (which you need for some reason that hasn't been clear enough to me because the conversations doesn't seem to change either way)

So buy this game if you need to try something different for a change..
But don't buy it with high hopes of something EXTRORTUNARY.
I'd personally rate it 3.9/10
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11.2 小时(记录在案的)
It is a great Dating Sim, the storyline is great. only if the story could be extended, it would be even better.
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5.5 小时(记录在案的)
Difficult to recommend for anyone other than big fans of the visual novel genre, and I deliberated on whether or not this was worth recommending. Leaning for no. If you're a fan of VNs (like me), this game will be worth your time; otherwise, I would look elsewhere.

The game promises you the ability to change the genre of the story, but the consequence of that is that too many different plot elements all seem to merge together into some kind of overwhelming mass, making the first playthrough very daunting. For all the directions the game can take, they don't see particularly refined. The result is a rather schizophrenic experience that can leave various threads unresolved, even with subsequent playthroughs. This game DOES improve with replays, and there are definitely elements of the story I really like (especially concerning Alex and Rina), but it requires significant investment to dig that up.

The stat-raising element of the game also disrupts the pacing of the game significantly. I found that I was grinding up knowledge or stats quite a bit in anticipation of something, anything to happen. The plot takes a backseat to however you intend to break it, and it doesn't really flow. This makes replays something of a chore, and the UI isn't well suited for that.

This is the first product of Sakura River and it offers a lot of potential for where they're going. I look forward to seeing more of what they produce in the future.
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3.9 小时(记录在案的)
Hmm ... Fading Hearts is a good game, good visual novel, has a lot of interesting things. It could be better, but somehow it doesn't deliver alone. Don't misunderstand me is a good game, very entertaining, and i would recommend it. But if you are very fond of visual novel games (hardcore visual novel gamer?), maybe this game will not meet your expectations, but for the rest I think it can be a nice experience.
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5.2 小时(记录在案的)
this is my first review so if i had made any grammar mistakes please forgive me

the game was alright, not the best visual novel but it was good.

it had a good concept

has a good art

has wide varity of choice making decisions

i like the freedom they give players

they did a good job at blending genres together

and most of the story was good

there was a few things i didnt like about the game though

Most of games mystery was a bit plain and sometimes it was very obvious

The rpg combat system was very generic and i would have liked it if they added little more animation

After you exceed the number your choices you have left from gathering information from Sophia and your future self , they leave as soon as you try to talk to them. it would have been a little more better if you could talk to your future self alot more about how he got stuck in time or maybe your future self could have gone crazy after being lost in time for so long and he might start misdirecting the player (maybe a boss fight could be included) . or maybe they could have added a route for Sophia and follow a different path.

^the phone system in the game has a similar problem. once you called have rina and claire enough times to hang out you will eventually run out of scripts and the call list will eventually be empty. it would have been better if you could call more people to hang out (for example you could probably call Alex to hang out at the arcade or maid cafe, or maybe call sophia to hang out and go somewhere, this could also work well with my idea of sophias route) or maybe they could add certain out going events (like a convention or a amusement parks) to keep rina and claire in the phone book.

there was also a few things that i didnt like about the story
but the one i mostly didnt like about it is:

Y2k bug orphans SERIOUSLY..... let me explain what the y2k bug is
"In the beginning of computer era, many information systems stored dates as two-digit numbers - e.g. 12/22/99. That practice continued to a large extent throughout 1980s and 1990s". however when the year 2000 came along many types of data information wasnt made correctly to change the date into the year 2000 because the data relied in 2 digit numbers. so at around that time instead of the system saying its 1/1/2000 it would actully say the date is 1/1/1900. this bug lead to errors in systems, incorrect information and other mechanical and software faults.

so back to the game.......Why would they make the main characters back story about the y2k bug like it was some sort of sickness was spreading around that time, if i was the developers i would have choosen something different like "our parents died in a car crash" or "there was a sickness growing and our parents didnt make it".

overall the game is an alright but with a few improvements it could be great so i am going to give it an 8/10
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4.0 小时(记录在案的)
I can't recommend this game because it doesn't live up to what is promised.

The game bases itself on two premises:

1. Don't trust anything any character says, everyone lies at some point.
2. You can change the genre of the game by your own choices.

It fails on the first one because the game's central plot-driving story element is something you, the Main Character, are told about but never directly see. You're supposed to accept it unreflectively as the main premise of the entire story. This contradicts the emphasis on not believing everything the other characters say.

It fails on the second in that the non-dating sim elements of stat management and RPG battles feel tacked on and ultimately unnecessary. They're pointless at best, and repetitive at worst.

Fading Hearts is just too ambitious. It tries to do too much, and what is there is not well executed. It just comes off as lacking in focus. It's not completely without merit, but I can't recommend buying it. Nor do I think people who skip the game will really miss out, even if they're fans of the genre.
一名开发者在 8月19日下午12:06 作出回复
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18.2 小时(记录在案的)
*spoilers, though kept vague, you are warned*

My favorite part is when the main character resolves himself to have a discussion with one character about the fate of another mentally, and then instead that character is never mentioned again by anybody

This is probably my least favorite visual novel ever. I bought it blind because I wanted to support the genre getting more releases here, but now it is my hope that this is not anybody's first visual novel, because it might just turn a person off from the genre forever.

Lots of neat ideas, but they are not executed well, mostly because the game lacks any sense of timing or exploration of emotional impact of events.
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2.0 小时(记录在案的)
So me and my freinds from college came over and started dubbing over the characters and now my roomate is super happy about dating the girl lol
10/10 would date again
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8.0 小时(记录在案的)

更新:花了5个小时打出了一个ending,剧情长度还是相对比较短的= =本来想走Rina线却阴差阳错走进了Claire线的Good End, 而且Rina死了(为什么剧情一下子变黑了,而且男主、Rina、Claire之间的关系有种诚哥世界和言叶的既视感)算了还是少剧透一点吧= =,最后是全年龄GAL的标准结局——KISS。不过留下的剧情谜题还很多,看来需要再打一遍了(没有被+1真是太好了) Google到了一个攻略: 才发现这个游戏的内容居然这么多,我只不过玩到了极小的一部分
全作可攻略角色有Rina、Claire和Sophia(但是Sophia没有约会和KISS的场景,谈话均在校内),森林里的马猴烧酒目测也可以,Rina是原配,所以NTR剧情出没你懂得 女仆Maid只能用来养眼,没有任何和攻略有关的选项
加入了一些RPG元素来替代一般的好感度设定,主线之余男主还需要提升自己的Personal Strength(约炮技巧?)并赚钱来作为各种行为的资本(说不清楚到底是好还是坏的改变)
目前只有英文,英语不行的还是算了吧(本人大四水平玩起来还是有些吃力,而且有些御宅族词汇真的跪了:otaku=宅这还好说 诸如天然呆=什么什么 还是要百度一下,外带自己推测才能猜到)从来没想过这类词汇的英文是什么= =
文件总大小只有183MB 所以对游戏流程长度有些怀疑(一般的gal都至少2-3G吧,还有11G的schooldaysHD什么的)这种大小也就相当于一个同人游戏的大小啊。。。虽然据开发者说之后会增补路线和章节但还是没底)
总之吧,对于宅而言,要不是像我这种推遍天下GAL的死忠(hentai?)要入的话还是等打折价格更低时再说吧(目测一年内75%off) 不是宅还是别买了,省的+1
最后在扯一点 不知道各位有没有发现,寒蝉鸣泣之时(Higurashi when they cry)已经过绿光了,不知道什么时候可以上steam呢(神作必买,梨花酱赛高!)
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7.9 小时(记录在案的)
首先没卡片给个差评。我个人并不是很喜欢Galgame,只玩过Fate stay night(才不告诉你们为了看补魔),何况这游戏还是欧美人做的。但既然买了总要试试是吧,身为英语渣的我毅然决然的开始了游戏。
开始有一段意义不明的文字,某二代被世界背叛什么的。。。真的意义不明。然后这个游戏的城市叫sorayama,目测11区,背景也不是普通日常,而是由于U2K BUG(好像类似千年虫那样的)引发的3次世界大战后,男主和一个女主就是战后孤儿。人物嘛玩了不久,目前只熟悉两个女主,一个性格开朗的傲娇,一个健忘的天然呆,很正常的设定。人设类似2005年左右的日漫画风,还算不错。剧情目测不会很日常,有出现一些马猴烧酒和怪物作战的传言什么的。。。后续还不知道。

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1.8 小时(记录在案的)
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27.4 小时(记录在案的)
Played this game before it came to Steam and love it through and through!

There are visual novels with longer and deeper storylines, but Fading Heart managed to be more enjoyable than most of them; its characters are downright endearing, and the story is interesting with its share of twists and mysteries.

Among things that makes Fading Hearts favorably stand out among other VNs is that it gives you a lot of actual choice, rather then deciding the route for you based on often- unobvious dialogue choice. For instance, most VNs require the player to focus on pursuing specific girl, often at expense of being cold or downright rude to other girls to avoid getting unwanted “points” with them. Fading Hearts recognizes that being nice to a girl doesn’t mean you are romantically interested in her, and ultimately places decision of who to pursue into your hands. It encourages supporting all your friends regardless of your romantic interest, which I find a refreshing change from many other VNs.

Not to say that the plot can’t force something upon you, it sure can. But even when the choice is taken from you, it is the result of what you choose earlier – choose poorly!

To sum it up, I fully recommend Fading Hearts to everyone who enjoys VNs. And for people not familiar with the genre, I’d say it is a good choice of the first VN if they want to try them out.
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7.1 小时(记录在案的)
This game instantly captured my heart!

Its cute, interesting and fun, I enjoyed it so much I had to call in sick the next day since I was captured with getting to see all the beautiful endings!

It gets a 9/10 from me, it got alittle repetative (especially work part aka read book, work some, read book, work more, work more, work more etc several days in a row) also the music was nice making the game far more enjoyable especially with the lack of VA.

I'm looking forward to more games from "Sakura River Interactive"

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8.2 小时(记录在案的)
This game does a good job of making the player develop feelings towards the characters, and giving you the freedom to choose how you want to build your friendship/relationships with them. Though to get the full experience, you might have to play it multiple times. The choices you make in this game do affect the vast number of events that happen in the game. Though I feel like the writing and directing could've used a bit more work, because towards the end everything happened way too quickly and was very anticlimactic, which left me disappointed and a bit depressed.

If you have patience for lots of reading, drama, and romance, this game is well worth your time.
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11.9 小时(记录在案的)
Whelp, I've played my share of VNs, good and bad. I had doubts about this one, everyone speaks proper to the point of seeming unrealistic, for example... But then came a fantastic double-sided conversation that explained some of the games mechanics to the player while SIMULTANEOUSLY being hypothetical advice to the main character. Fantastic.

Someone capable of that deserves a chance.