Oozi: Earth Adventure is a classic 2D platformer with old school gameplay - no puzzles, no punishment, just 100% pure classic platforming fun! Its most prominent features are HD visuals and beautiful hand-drawn art, but despite its visual style, it’s a good fit for all kinds of gamers.
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リリース日: 2013年12月5日


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Oozi: Earth Adventure is a classic 2D platformer with old school gameplay - no puzzles, no punishment, just 100% pure classic platforming fun! Its most prominent features are HD visuals and beautiful hand-drawn art, but despite its visual style, it’s a good fit for all kinds of gamers. The variety of difficulty levels – from Kid to Hardcore – allows everyone to enjoy the game regardless of their skill level. It tells the story of Oozi - an alien spaceship pilot who crashed on planet Earth, lost his space suit and needs to find his way home.

The game heavily utilizes Steam integration, including Achievements, Leaderboards, Cloud Save, Trading Cards and special feature – Quantum Ghosts, holographic recordings of players from alternative universes.

  • Relive an old-school platformer experience - this time with beautiful, high-definition visuals.
  • Four difficulty levels, including Kid difficulty - made specifically for the youngest gamers
  • Quantum Ghosts - watch how players from alternative universes played through the game
  • Challenge mode - additional 44 short, but extremely difficult levels with various objectives
  • Fight various enemies and discover new gameplay mechanics in distinct worlds - jungle, cave, lab or even an alien planet.
  • 5 hours of story mode – 20 levels and 4 boss fights
  • Steam Achievements, Leaderboards, Cloud Save, Trading Cards and Full Controller Support

  • Oozi Earth Adventure offers an addicting platformer experience that hearkens back to the days when "scrolling parallax backgrounds" were super hip and the entire summer's agenda was to set a new high score. - Impulsegamer
  • Fantastic visuals and tight platforming - extraguy.com
  • Oozi: Earth Adventure feels like it deserves pride of place in a SEGA Mega Drive compilation - dealspwn.com
  • ... absolutely stunning to see... , with a lush array of colors... impressive 2D artwork as the lush environments and bright world look fantastic... - armlessoctopus.com
  • ...provides a solid platforming experience, complete with lush visuals and challenging gameplay... worth playing for any fan of 2D side-scrollers... - extraguy.com
  • ... fun platforming game with magnificent visuals ... - gamerdork.net
  • ... it’s strong in every department, and it’s an absolute must buy ... - writingsofmassdeduction.com


    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 2Ghz
    • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
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A cute fun bright little platformer. Good buy. Even has a kid level and goes all the way to hard if you want. Cool.
投稿日: 8月21日
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Not a bad game. If you're into platform oldschool typeof game as Super Mario bros, Yoshi's Island, you will love this game !
投稿日: 6月8日
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Highly addictive! Also plays way better than it looks in gameplay videos. Definitely recommended, if you're into platform games. 8/10
投稿日: 5月13日
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記録時間: 4.6 時間
The game is childishly cute and the story is kept simple. The sound fits in very well with the game's atmosphere. You jump around, gather stars, stomp funny looking creatures on the head while avoiding falling into lava, water and being crushed (among other things) on your way to the exit.
There are 4 difficulty levels to choose from, ranging from being immortal to 1-shot you're dead. However, loads of checkpoints make dying a minor issue so if you got some experience from this type of games then hardcore's the way to go.
As you progress in story mode you'll unlock extra bonus levels that offer new, unique challenges that'll keep you going once the story's over.
Something I believe to be very important in this type of game are the controls and I'm glad to say that they were excellent. Easy to learn and the little alien do as he's commanded (and yet I somehow managed to drown it in lava more than once).

I wouldn't recommend this to a hardcore gamer who's looking for something difficult to sink his or her teeth into because the game's not that hard. If you're looking for a fun, casual platformer however then it's great!
I would also definitly recommend this to parents who seek a game for their kids but don't like all the blood and gore that's so common in most games today. If your kid is old enough to understand the controls then this is a really good game!

Personally, being of the NES-generation I actually did have a lot of fun with this one and although I'd never give it a 5 I can't see any reason as to not give it a 4 =)

1 - Crap, don't buy
2 - Fun for an evening
3 - It's an alright game but not my taste
4 - Great game
5 - One of the best I've ever played
投稿日: 5月11日
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I'll keep it short: Oozi is a competent platformer, but it doesn't offer anything to differentiate it from all the other platformers that exist. You could play it, and have an okay time, but why bother when there's more interesting platformers out there?

投稿日: 8月31日
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投稿日: 2月22日
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