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Loren The Amazon Princess is a fantasy epic combining intricate turn-based battles with a heroic tale of overcoming evil - with a twist! In this tale, you play as a loyal servant of the hero rather than the hero herself.
Veröffentlichung: 15 Jan. 2014
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Includes base game, plus Castle of N'Mar and Bonus Content

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Battle speed update

26 Mai 2014

Hello all,
I've updated the currently live version with a fix for the battles.
In practice trimming the "battle log" so that would show only the 10 most recent actions resulted in a huge speed increase, in particular for long fights where the log was becoming very big.
The difference is more noticeable on low-end systems, but even on my relatively new system I can see the difference.

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Version 1.2.9 and Bonus Content + Deluxe Version now available

8 Februar 2014

Two big announcements. First of all the game was updated to version 1.2.9 with the following bug-fixes/improvements:

  • disables characters personal quests in chapter 4, preventing players from being stuck (you must do them before chapter 4)
  • should also prevent the "grid not full" crash that a few users are experiencing (replaced the grid UI completely so that should fix it! )
  • adjusted vertical alignment of actions so the "use item" icon is visible even if you have learned all the skills of the Thief class
  • some other minor bug-fixes

Also, now you can get the Bonus Content (Wallpapers+OST) on Steam too:

and in the store game page you can now buy base game + DLC + bonus all at once in the "Deluxe version":

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Über das Spiel

Loren The Amazon Princess is a fantasy epic combining intricate turn-based battles with a heroic tale of overcoming evil -- with a twist! In this tale, you play as a loyal servant of the hero rather than the hero herself.

Travel by Princess Loren's side as she searches for her lost mother, the Queen of the Amazons. Guide her choices and act as her valiant defender, meeting many colorful characters along the way. As the journey progresses, everyone will grow and change -- character development in games isn't dead! It's also impossible to see all the content in just one playthrough, with so many ways to customize the characters.

Hardcore role-playing games with replay value are becoming rarer in today's age of simplification for the masses. The developers of the hit title Planet Stronghold have dedicated themselves to keeping old-school RPGs alive through this new adventure.

Game Features

Customize Your Hero: Play as a male or female warrior or thief. Decide their backstory, initial stats, and personality. Help them rise from humble servant to legendary hero!

Train Your Characters: Select everyone's skills, weapons, and armor. Over 500 items can be used in 13 armor slots. Class-based skill trees combine with unique character-specific skill trees such as "Gladiator" or "Assassin".

Battles Demand Strategy: Your tactics will be challenged by over 100 enemies: take advantage of weaknesses and achieve combos with your characters by inflicting and then exploiting status effects. All that character customization has a major effect on how each battle plays out. But never fear: choose between two different modes of play when you start the game, as well as your desired difficulty level.

Story-based Gameplay: Over two novels' worth of in-game text depict vivid characters and flesh out a strong plot that reflects your decisions. Optional interactions abound, such as talking with your party members at camp to learn more about them -- or even to uncover a romance.

Inclusive to all demographics. A wide range of romantic interests are provided.

Theme song composed by Matthew Myers and performed by Christina Vee, game soundtrack by Michael Chait.

Useful links

Winter Wolves Official Site (find all the games made by us, also available for mobile platforms)
Winter Wolves Facebook page (become a fan to be informed on the latest news)
Winter Wolves Forums (join it to receive help and info about the games)

Systemvoraussetzungen (PC)

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1Ghz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX or OpenGL compatible card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 150 MB available space

Systemvoraussetzungen (Mac)

    • OS: Mac OS 10.4
    • Processor: 1Ghz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 150 MB available space

Systemvoraussetzungen (Linux)

    • Processor: 1 Ghz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 150 MB available space
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11 Reviews
11.7 Std. insgesamt
I wished for a 'thumb to side' as this game actually has some moments of enjoyment but they just can't outweight the disappointment, all here is just to basic to be seen good like the stats:
You have 3 stats:

With each class having one main stat (all warrior like classes have strength, etc) but there is absolutely NO point in leveling up ANYTHING OTHER than you main stat, in most RPGs that utilisize such a system lvl a stat that is not important for a class (for example strength for mages) provides at least some use, here... nope.
Then this priced thing yof you being the servant (read: slave) of the hero... well again it changes exactly... nothing
Oh exept that instead of '[PLAYERNAME] takes the party to X' it is 'Loran (your mistress) says that you go there', on most occasions you can just choose what -she- says, so there again is no real change exept for the change in the dialogues...
Which brings me to the next point: Dat text... the whole thing seems to be written by someone who SHOULD have contacted someone to actually LOOK OVER it because of: Typos, wrong grammar, sometimes simplistic (read: borderline Kindergarden-style) texts, etc... So0me of it even reminds me of da good engrish translations... Oh 'All your base are belong to us', what a meme

The story initself is as clichee as it can get, read some other reviews, when you want to know more about this, because i find that they describe the story pretty well, in short:
As clichee as it can get,
'Kill X to make me trust you' like quests for progression

'Hardcore role-playing games with replay value are becoming rarer in today's age of simplification for the masses. The developers of the hit title Planet Stronghold have dedicated themselves to keeping old-school RPGs alive through this new adventure.' when i read that after playing i just had to laugh since the combat was as simplistic, 'grind-like-hell'ish, 'just-smack-you-on-da-face'-style, no strategies required.

Again this is not a bad game per se but its not worth its money as is, haven't the DLC hence I don't know if this changes some of this.

EDIT: Forgot to add that the dialogue choices are annoying at best since there are only three... in every dialogue... remember those old games where your character seemingly hadn't enough brain to say anything other than variations of 'yes' or 'no' with no room for something like 'well cool but' or something like that now you've got 'Joking' 'Friendly' and 'Forceful' which are sometimes totally unintuitive. Image: You see you master arguing with someone, then both for some reason turn to the slave to ask for his/her opinion, since the argument started to get very heated you should think that 'Joking' brings your character to do something funny to loose up the situation... well no it could be that you just joke ABOUT either of the persons involved in the argument (read: A your master... probably not a good idea, or B: For example a major of some town... also not a good idea to provoke him... as a slave), I'm not saying that this happens everytime you cllick on joking its just that sometimes the result is just so far away from what you'd expect from that option.
Ofcourse you can just use your mousewheel to scroll back in the conversation but still this seems so annoying.

Lastly the 'romance scenes' for that you should read abundantgrace's or Striker Eureka's reviews
Verfasst: 28 April 2014
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6 Reviews
11.9 Std. insgesamt
I got curious about this game when I saw the idea of fusing RPGs and visual novels. Though I've seen the mechanic a few times, "Loren" seemed to focus on doing "more" with both of its parents.

I can't call the game an insta-buy at $19.99 - it's going to depend on wether it's for you. Me, a person who likes his RPGs with loot, skills, story, and choices (and now and then likes a game that you can sit down with for 30 minutes or 2 hours), thinks he got his money's worth. It is definitely a replayable game as well, so if you're the kind of person that likes to try different endings and plots, then that's a plus. I found a full playthrough is about 10 hours (winning unlocks cheat mode)

"Loren" is the story of an amazon princess who's mother vanishes, presumed dead, and promptly gives up her queenship to find her. She's given a single slave to help her - that's you by the way - and very quickly you're necessary as Loren is essentially a niave, unsubtle, combat machine. Very quickly Loren and your chosen hero/heroine (who you do get some customization of) end up caught up in wars and intrigue, and collect a ragtag bunch of somewhat familiar characters. So it's off to battle orcs, lizardmen, demons, and more because the world's problems are a LOT bigger than a missing queen . . .

The game mixes visual novel style branching storylines and classic "Camp" dialogue with point-and-click maps and classic RPG combat. It actually balances all of these pretty well - most events are "bite sized", combats don't drag on for long, and there's a pleasing level of detail in things like equipment, character development, and battle strategy. If you're an accomplished RPG player you probably won't find "Normal" too hard, though there are moments that will push you - you do have to pay attention.

The best part of the combat and character building are how different factors interact - Status effects are a big part of the game, and soon you'll be trying to figure the best way to put your foes off guard. Classes are meant to work together, especially in boss battles - and every character is "dual classes" with a generic class and a specialty class, adding a nice but of customazation to the usual trinity of Warrior-Mage-Theif. In short you're always "this basic class and . . ."

The story is the big selling point, and frankly, "Loren" delivers a giant heaping helping of common fantasy elements and characters that we're all familiar with (perhaps too much), but then actually goes the distance to add little personal details that bring the characters and events to life. Sure the prose has a purple tinge, and some elements border on stereotype, but it's fun and you'll find a few surprises - you actually get a nice amount of character backstory if you dive into it, as well as interesting romantic complications. There are parts that will definitely pull at your heartstrings, and I found myself geniunely liking some of the cast.

So a buy? I'd say if you like your RPGs with story, want a good RPG you can play in short bursts or long sessions, and if something a bit experimental like this appeals, go for it. I think this is also a game to encourage, because the fusion is quite satisfying - and I'd like to see more.
Verfasst: 26 Januar 2014
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4 Reviews
20.4 Std. insgesamt
The game isn't bad. Let's be clear about that, but it has some flaws that detract from it's fun factor (for me anyways).

The graphics are good - about what you'd expect for this genre of game.

There's a lot of story. It's not badly written, but it's not best seller material either - again, about average for the genre.

I do like that there are places where the plot diverges - I haven't put in enough time to see if it's just a case of B then A, instead of A then B, or if it's a permanent change to the game.

My main complains with the game have to do with the combat system .Since that's the main point of the game other than the story, I consider them pretty serious issues.

First, I'll explain the skill system. Each "skill tree" consists of 6 or 7 skills, each of which has 3 levels and some skills require other skills to unlock. Each character has 2 skill trees available. Every character has one of 3 basic class trees (mage, thief, warrior) and their own class tree of unique skills.

Some skills seem almost pointless. Others seem very counter intuitive.

Example of a pointless skill - from the basic class FIghter tree.

Power Strike (Lvl 1/2/3) - activate to do (15%/30%/45%) extra damage but lose (10%/20%/30%) speed for (3/4/5) turns.

So at level 1 it does 15% extra damage but you attack 10% slower for 3 turns. So each turn will take 1.1 'time' than normal.

The 3 attacks take 3.3 'time' to complete to do 3.45 'attacks worth' of damage. Sounds like a *small* bonus. But activating the skill takes about 0.33 'time' of an attack - so it's actually 3.63 'time' for 3.45 'attacks worth' of damage. In addition it costs you stamina to cast it. Also, if you use any of those turns to do something other than attack, you're just taking a slow turn with no benefits. These type of skills would have been much more useful if designed as single turn attacks with a smaller stamina cost.

A skill that seems counter-intuitive

The Archmage tree is basically 5 (6?) elemental types. Each skill is an AOE attack with a chance of a status effect (burn for fire, freeze for water, etc).

As you increase the level of the skill, you DECREASE the damage the attack does but you increase the chance of the status effect kicking in.

At level 1 - all the skills do 300% base damage and have a 10% or 30% (depends on the status) for the status to take effect.
At level 2 - it's 250% damage and 20 or 40%
At level 3 - it's 200% damage and 30 or 50%

Again, it's not that combat is awful, it's just many of the skills seem.. less useful than they could be.

Perhaps I wouldn't be so critical of the skill system had I never played Monster's Den and Monster's Den:Book of Dread - free games on Kongregate that use the same combat style but with much more interesting and varied skills.

The other problem is grinding. Each town has 3 grind battles available. As far as I can tell, each of these battles is always the same with zero variety in creatures (so fighting undead in the dark elf town means 3 skelly fighters, 2 skelly archers, 1 necro... never 3 archers or 2 necros and an archer.. never ANY variety.

I don't know that I find the story compelling enough to complete the game when the combat system is so.... static and repetitive compared to other games I've played with the combat system.

Verfasst: 7 Februar 2014
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1 Review
7.3 Std. insgesamt
After playing Loren the Amazon Princess, I had to read the game description again and laugh. The game promises vivid characters, a strong plot, and meaningful decisions but delivers none of the above. A demon lord, who looks like someone traced a picture of Sauron off a Lord of the Rings DVD box, wants to take over the world. You must convince each race (elves, dwarves, humans etc.) to fight the demon by completing a task for them (killing something.) It's the plot of Dragon Age without the nuance and well written dialog. Writing your own "backstory" consists of choosing whether you were a stable slave or a castle slave in order to get either thief or warrior stats. Customization is extremely limited. For instance, the thief talent tree is 20 different ranks of inflicting a status condition on a staggered enemy. Overall this was a simplistic and boring game with simplistic and boring characters. It feels unfinished, since they clearly meant for the player to be able to choose to be a mage and they made the romance option nothing more than pressing a big button with the word "(romance)" on it. I can't help but think that this is a placeholder for real dialog that they never got around to writing. Don't let the word "novel" trick you into thinking that there is a good story to be had.
Verfasst: 4 Februar 2014
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7 Reviews
11.9 Std. insgesamt
I liked it, I will buy more of the company's products.
Verfasst: 18 Februar 2014
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11 Reviews
18.5 Std. insgesamt
Bei dem Spiel handelt es sich definitv nicht vorrangig um ein RPG und spricht deshalb auch diese Spielerschaft nur kaum an. Generell sind die Spielmechaniken zwar funktionstüchtig und auch durchaus spaßig, durch den leichten Schwierigkeitsgrad, selbst auf "Hart" werden sie aber mehr oder minder obsolet. Wer also vorrangig ein taktisches, rundenbasiertes RPG sucht, dem würde ich von diesem Spiel abraten und ihm andere ans Herz legen.
Das mal bei Seite halte ich das Spiel für unbedingt empfehlenswert, da die Geschichte, wenngleich für sich genommen nicht bahnbrechend, sehr solide erzählt wird und dadurch immer noch sehr interessant ist, zumal einige der Charaktere bekannte Fantasy-Stereotypen durch eine oder zwei "Macken" in einem ganz anderen Licht darstehen lassen. Die vielen möglichen Enden sorgen für ein gesundes Maß an Wiederspielbarkeit, wenngleichder ♥♥♥us vor allem auf unterschiedlichen Paarungen der Abenteurer zu liegen scheint, was dann jeder für sich entscheiden müsste, ob ihm das gefällt.
Der Art-Style gefällt mir persönlich sehr gut, da er nicht der generischen japanischen Masse folgt, sondern sich ein wenig Einzigartigkeit bewahren kann., was Winterwolves zum ersten "westlichen" Publisher macht, dem ich die Entwicklung guter Visual Novels zutrauen würde, denn darum handelt es sich bei diesem Spiel letztendlich.
Der Preis mag unreduziert jetzt sehr hoch erscheinen und letztendlich ist er das wohl auch. Dennoch war er mir das Ganze durchaus wert, schon allein um mal ein wenig Abwechslung in meine Steam-Bibliothek bringen zu können.
Zur Spielzeit kann ich sagen, dass ich für meinen ersten Durchlauf auf "Hart", bei dem ich mir viel Zeit für alle Nebenquests und Gespräche im Lager gelassen habe, etwas mehr als 18 Stunden brauchte, was sich sicherlich noch hätte ausdehnen lassen. Somit relativiert sich der Preis gegebenenfalls für einige.
Dem Rest würde ich nahelegen einen Sale abzuwarten, jedoch nur, wenn der Gedanke an ein anderes, weniger actionreiches Spielgeschehen nicht abschreckend ist.
Verfasst: 23 Januar 2014
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