High speed hack-and-slash action!Tonight, in the Queen's realm of Ilance, two prodigies representing the Knight and Aristocrat factions will do battle in ‘the Adjuvant Trial’. This ritual, which has been held since the founding of the nation, decides which faction will hold military and political authority, and protect the Queen, the...
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High-speed hack-and-slash action!

Tonight, in the Queen's realm of Ilance, two prodigies representing the Knight and Aristocrat factions will do battle in ‘the Adjuvant Trial’. This ritual, which has been held since the founding of the nation, decides which faction will hold military and political authority, and protect the Queen, the living symbol of the realm. The fate of the nation is at stake as these two girls set aside their childhood friendship and undergo a trial in which there can be only one victor.

Croixleur Sigma is 60FPS of high speed hack-and-slash arcade action game by Japanese indie developer souvenir circ. and featuring gameplay reminiscent of the Devil May Cry series' Bloody Palace mode.

Game Features:
  • Play as either Lucrezia Visconti or Francesca Storaro and battle your way up the tower through hordes of oncoming monsters to learn the secrets behind the Adjuvant Trial!
  • 20 Weapons to collect, each with a unique special move! Pick the load-out that suits your fighting style!
  • Simple but satisfying combo system, including Move Canceling, Attack Nullifying, Invincible Dashing, and Rigid Body States!
  • Take on the Adjuvant Trial in Story Mode with separate stories and multiple endings for both characters!
  • Test your mettle and hone your skills in Time Attack Mode, Survival Mode, and Challenge Mode!
  • Local 2 player co-op: take on the monster hordes with a friend in in Dramatic Battle mode!
  • Full Japanese voice over
  • 42 achievements, online leaderboards, and Steam Trading Cards!


    • 操作系统: Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7
    • 处理器: Intel Core2Duo (or equivalent) or better
    • 内存: 1 GB RAM
    • 图形: 512MB or more of VRAM
    • DirectX 版本: 9.0c
    • 存储空间: 需要 800 MB 可用空间
    • 声卡: DirectX9.0c or later compatible
    • 附注事项: Using a game controller is recommended!
特别好评 (297 篇评测)
( 35.7 小时(记录在案的) )
Very easy to jump into, doesn't require much time for each time you play, and with every step you want to achieve something more, the harder it gets. Coirxleur Sigma is a simply game: you fight on little closed spaces filled with some enemies, lots of enemies, or never ending enemies. If you don't plan to stick longer and planning to beat/unlock everything, then there is probably no point in getting into game. Like in kinda similar game, Fairy Bloom Freesia, you can beat game very quickly, which is not point in this kind of game. Besides killing enemies, you collect weapons, make higher scores and beating some challenges, everything of course as cute 2D girls. I enjoy games like that, even tho there aren't many kinds of enemies and many of them are just recolored, with sometimes controlls that feel really stiff, it's really relaxing game. I know that there are people who don't really like that kind of arena games - and if you don't know if you will like it or not, wait for sale. Too bad it never got any patch for multiplayer, it would make it a fun for even more hours.
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( 52.3 小时(记录在案的) )

Overall rating - 8/10
Graphics - 7/10
Audio - 6/10
Gameplay - 9/10
Replayability - 9/10

Croixleur Sigma is an fantastic little arcade hack & slash game. It is set in a small arena (or multiple arenas). The point of the game is to survive the onslaught of enemies or to reach the top of the tower. To survive, you will need to learn to chain your attacks, special attacks and your invincibility attacks. This game is perfect for any gamer lookign for a challenge.

I only have 1 complaint. That is, the PlayStation bias for this game. If you have a console, get it on there, because since it's release on PlayStation, it has recieved a graphical update and extra content which the Steam version DOES NOT have. All I, a non-console gamer, can do is hope that one day they will also patch the Steam Version.
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( 2.2 小时(记录在案的) )
Fail game , control setting stuck can't move , too many bug
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( 0.4 小时(记录在案的) )
Croixleur Sigma is a game that has plenty of potential. The combat is nice, and the character's are... Well, interesting.
Combat Thingies
There's different weapons to pick from, I actually enjoy the weapon design designs a lot. The combat is essentially a beat em up in a tower full of three monsters. Yeah, that's it. All the enemies are just recolors of the same three with a bit more health. Just copy and paste an area and then give them a bit more health, add like three more of the recolored enemy, pass it off as the next level in the tower.
Story Related Thingies and Gamemode Stuff
The story mode is incredibly short and easy, like, I'd say around 15 minutes. Even the giant knights that look intimidating turn out to be easy. Giant creature (gotta avoid spoilers) that's been built up with suspense at end of tower? Nope, weak. You beat the story that ended up being way too short and generally uninteresting then you unlock challenges. The first thing that comes to mind is "Hey! Replayability!" Sadly, there's not too much replayability even with the selection of different weapons and challenges. The characters have a lot of potential as well, sadly they end up being boring and feel a bit 2-Dimensional. The delivery of dialogue is just a picture of a character with text to the left of them. That's it. Ocassionally they change facial expressions, but they stay in the same pose.
So, should you buy it?
I wouldn't recommend that you buy it. There's one exception however. If you love playing games over and over, learning their mechanics, and constantly playing it to find the best possible ways to beat it. If you strive to master the game in the fastest way possible, easiest way, or even the hardest way. If you're one of those people, then maybe. Even if you are, there are way better games for that than this. Even when I picked this up for $3.99 at a sale, I can't recommend it at that price. It's such a shame, I was really excited to try this game when I saw it.
Game with great potential turns out to be short, easy, and has uninteresting story with bland recolored enemies you have to fight.
The real final boss is the disappointment you get after you beat the game.
Rating : 3/10
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( 1.1 小时(记录在案的) )
This is a doujin game. It is heavily reliant on its replayability. If you set your expectations accordingly, Croixleur Sigma is an entertaining, easy to pick up distraction.

The game's story mode is under 15 minutes long. It is intended to be replayed to unlock all weapons, optimize your time, unlock the better endings, and unlock the second playable character.

The game's biggest failing is the choice to make its dash/dodge cost MP. Croixleur Sigma has strict time limits. You should never be moving on foot, and instead should be dashing everywhere to optimize your time. This quickly turns MP management into a chore.

There is also lesbian flirting in this game.
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( 2.3 小时(记录在案的) )
Oh this game. Lol

It's an arena hack n slash type game. If you like that sort of thing, this game is totally up your alley and for its price you can't really go wrong.
It's super fun and entertaining.

The only qualms I have about it are the fact that there wasn't really an explanation to anything (you have to manually go seek out the tutorial, I didn't even know there was one at first) and the controls still show the original from the console version.
If you have a gamepad, you can map your keys no problem, but if you're trying to play with your keyboard and you don't know what button the weapon on "C" is mapped to, looking in the controls won't help you for that.

Other than that, it's pretty fun. I come back to it every now and again just to smack stuff with ma swords. =]
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( 14.4 小时(记录在案的) )
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( 1.0 小时(记录在案的) )
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champion of the world
( 0.1 小时(记录在案的) )
Cute little anime game with terrible controls, bad graphics and terrible gameplay.

It's not all bad, it's fun for a good while, I got around 20 hours out of this game on my alt account, sadly that's about all you'll get, if you even get that.

It's really bland, feels pointless and the gameplay mechanics are repetitive.

Yeah, i'd pass on this one.

EDIT: This is why I review games, because I love downvotes!

Also, i'm not lying, this game is trash. The ONE gameplay mechanic will get boring, and does get boring. It's attack, dodge away, attack, dodge, attack, dodge, attack, dodge, they die, do it again.

It's boring as all hell. The "story" mode will give you like 20 minutes, and that's about it... You can do the other modes, but it's the same thing just either longer or more tedious.

Maybe if this game was $4.99, or $2.49 i'd like it more, but it's $8, and that's pretty steep for the little content you get.
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( 3.9 小时(记录在案的) )
The game: Turn on Vsync to not be like a, "rabbit on speed running at the speed of light"

Otherwise good during a sale
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2.5 小时(记录在案的)
首先,游戏操作性很棒,快速移动+攻击,动作流畅, 秀走位装逼 简直爽
其次,关于限时通关这种设定,对玩家的技巧要求很高, 装逼 走位同时不能过度和敌人周旋,对本人这种动作游戏苦手来说简直地狱 死个一两次就不用考虑通关了
关于CO-OP模式,由于没通关,表示很期待 估计通关还要一段时间
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9 人中有 5 人(56%)觉得这篇评测有价值
0.8 小时(记录在案的)
这游戏简直无聊到爆!关卡一样,几小关一大关的轮回。敌人一样,区分敌人强弱的就是颜色.......人物就两个,一个隐藏人物,就是开头看到的另一个萝莉。完全没有悬念啊~ ~招式单调,就来回砍,没想到还有特殊招式·`就一个大招。换了武器招式还是一样,升级升高没有区别。除了日式萌系,不知道还有什么可取之处~ `这游戏的优点就是卡牌值钱......乘早都卖掉,没什么好看的背景...... 我感觉扫雷好玩多了。
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7.9 小时(记录在案的)
A retelling of the classic story of Devil May Cry, only if Dante and Vergil were both young ladies and if Dante really just wanted to have a pure innocent bath with Vergil.
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24.7 小时(记录在案的)
Croixleur is a cute and polished game that delivers arcade-like fast paced arena action game.

Developed by Japanese Doujin studio Souvenir Circ., Croixleur offers a Devil May Cry's Blood Palace mode in which players must fight against waves of increasingly difficult monsters. The game which was originally released in the west last year by Nyu Media and has been since refitted for Steam with a new name Croixleur Sigma and a number of enhancements like 2 player co-op, multiplayer, online leaderboard, Steam achievements, Steam Trading Cards, improve visuals.

The Japanese audio is a delight addition that compliments the beautiful artwork and soundtrack.

The graphics is simple, a flashy and full of colorful effects. The artwork is cute to look at.

Don't expect much story because the real focus of the game is combat. The controls as expected in an action game is responsive.
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