High speed hack-and-slash action!Tonight, in the Queen's realm of Ilance, two prodigies representing the Knight and Aristocrat factions will do battle in ‘the Adjuvant Trial’. This ritual, which has been held since the founding of the nation, decides which faction will hold military and political authority, and protect the Queen, the...
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"Hack n' slash score attack with good graphics, a short story mode and lack of netplay is balanced by its unlockables, multiple endings and leaderboards."

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26 Νοεμβρίου, 2014

Updated to v1.0.4! OST Now Available!

Hey all,

Today we rolled out a new build with the following changes:

★ Fixes a bug that occurs in the Challenge Mode achievements on the first play.

★ Fixes an issue when uploading Survival Mode scores to the ranking boards

★ Addresses a potential crash bug

We also added the Croixleur Sigma Original Soundtrack, which is available for 50% off until Dec 2nd in the Exploration Sale!


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24 Οκτωβρίου, 2014

Croixleur SIgma Build Updates & Improvements!

Hi all!

We just uploaded a new build of the game with several updates & improvements. Here are the changes:

★ CroixleurConfig.exe options and functionality for have been moved to the in-game Option menu and CroixleurConfig.exe has been removed
- Some options require the game to be restarted to take effect

★ The score ceiling has been raised
- The previous score ceiling was 1,999,999,999
- Now additional points are awarded depending on the number of enemies defeated
- Each enemy awards 1-9 points

★ The number of weapons collected is now displayed on the Weapons Select screen
- It's now possible to tell how many weapons there are left to collect

★ A 'Retry' option has been added to the Game Over screen

★ Some tweaks to better match achievement criteria to the descriptions

The game should automatically update from your Steam client.

Thanks all for playing!!

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High-speed hack-and-slash action!

Tonight, in the Queen's realm of Ilance, two prodigies representing the Knight and Aristocrat factions will do battle in ‘the Adjuvant Trial’. This ritual, which has been held since the founding of the nation, decides which faction will hold military and political authority, and protect the Queen, the living symbol of the realm. The fate of the nation is at stake as these two girls set aside their childhood friendship and undergo a trial in which there can be only one victor.

Croixleur Sigma is 60FPS of high speed hack-and-slash arcade action game by Japanese indie developer souvenir circ. and featuring gameplay reminiscent of the Devil May Cry series' Bloody Palace mode.

Game Features:
  • Play as either Lucrezia Visconti or Francesca Storaro and battle your way up the tower through hordes of oncoming monsters to learn the secrets behind the Adjuvant Trial!
  • 20 Weapons to collect, each with a unique special move! Pick the load-out that suits your fighting style!
  • Simple but satisfying combo system, including Move Canceling, Attack Nullifying, Invincible Dashing, and Rigid Body States!
  • Take on the Adjuvant Trial in Story Mode with separate stories and multiple endings for both characters!
  • Test your mettle and hone your skills in Time Attack Mode, Survival Mode, and Challenge Mode!
  • Local 2 player co-op: take on the monster hordes with a friend in in Dramatic Battle mode!
  • Full Japanese voice over
  • 42 achievements, online leaderboards, and Steam Trading Cards!

Απαιτήσεις συστήματος

    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7
    • Processor: Intel Core2Duo (or equivalent) or better
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB or more of VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 800 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX9.0c or later compatible
    • Additional Notes: Using a game controller is recommended!
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6.9 ώρες στο μητρώο
Αναρτήθηκε: 2 Σεπτεμβρίου, 2014
I bought this game on a whim when it was on sale because I'm a gigantic weeaboo fagget
My penor was pleased.

Skipping straight to the story:
You start as Lucrezia Visconti, who has a typical anime character design except her twintails seem to be gradient coloured and she's not a tsundere (HOLY SHIET!), in some weird ♥♥♥ tower that I forgot the name of (if it ever had one) that she has to complete to become the strongest knight or something.
THE CLOCK IS TICKING AND YOU MUST REACH THE TOP OF THE TOWER TO BECOME THE VERY BEST. How do you do that? Of course you kill goblins, flying eyes, huge demons, paladins and DRAGONS a la fast paced Hack 'n' Slash gameplay with your multitude of weapons that you acquire from progressing in said tower.

Jokes on you, the story doesn't matter at all in this game, it's the gameplay.
Just like any other hack and slash game you must whack mobs as fast as you can (or as stylishly possible if you think you're in Devil May Cry) and rack up points while you avoid dying. It's quick and it's fun.
Controls are simple, you have an attack button, a jump button, dash and an invicibility special. They all do exactly what it says on the tin. There are no variations to basic attacks but the weapons you obtain all have different skills that you can combine in your 4 weapon slots to create cool and/or devastating combos.
Pretty OK replay value thanks to various weapons in other areas not visited before, challenges, a score attack mode and a survival mode. Controller is recommended.

tl;dr lesbian swordswomen racing to the top of a tower with fast paced combat that's both kawaii and kakkoi
10/10 would recommend to any bored weeaboo or hack and slash player, heck, any bored player
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13 από 14 άτομα (93%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
4.1 ώρες στο μητρώο
Αναρτήθηκε: 9 Νοεμβρίου, 2014
+ Various modes of play to explore, though nothing particularly innovative
+ Includes a collection of challenges to complete, and bonuses to unlock
+ The system for unlocking weapons makes for great combos that are fun to use
+ Time attack and survival modes help to buff up replay value
+ Fluid, intuitive combat system

- Unplayable without a controller; the controller setup, too, was an absolute nightmare (I spent over an hour on help forums to finally get the game to recognize my controller past the keybinding setup screen)
- Even for an indie game, the graphics were very, very poor for a game in 2014
- Story mode is incredibly short (~10-15 minutes), placing heavy emphasis on the few other gamemodes for (somewhat) forced replayability
- Plot was generic and uninspired; the game's narrative took a complete back-seat to the gameplay, and felt almost "painted on"
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11 από 12 άτομα (92%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
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0.7 ώρες στο μητρώο
Αναρτήθηκε: 18 Δεκεμβρίου, 2014
Its like Devil May Cry but with little girls
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10 από 12 άτομα (83%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
2.4 ώρες στο μητρώο
Αναρτήθηκε: 13 Αυγούστου, 2014
One of the things I love most about arena brawlers is how they can take simple to understand and execute mechanics, and turn them into deep satisfying combat through various systems and enemy designs. Croixleur Sigma gets at least part of this right, but leans too heavily toward simplicity to have any long lasting appeal. Its mechanics are sound but excessively basic, and the limited amount of content makes it hard to wring more than an hour or two of enjoyment out of the experience, which ultimately left me wanting.

Nothing about Croixleur could be described as especially innovative, but that's not entirely a bad thing as it builds itself upon a proven design that has persisted because it works. Dropped at the foot of a tower, you ascend floors clearing out waves of enemies, ultimately ending in a boss and maybe a new weapon. The catch is that you're on a strict time limit, which if exceeded will lot you out of the real ending or fail you all together. It's a good method for pushing you to find faster more powerful combos, but it does mean that by design the game can be beaten in about ten minutes. There are two characters each with their own unique weapons to unlock and dialog, along with some trivial challenges and hi-score modes, but despite all of this the amount of content still seems far too little.

What Croixleur does well is its blisteringly fast button mashing combat, which feels fantastic once you get the hang of using the dash ability and various special abilities inherent to different weapons. The problem though is it doesn't go further than this. While it's fun to sprint around wacking baddies over the head, it's extremely repetitive and allows virtually no room to grow once you've mastered its few mechanics. The brainless enemies (though typical of the genre) are little more than practice dummies to beat upon, and with only a handful of different varieties become tedious to fight after your first few times through the tower. I also found the way special abilities work to be rather convoluted, requiring you to both push the correct button and be on the correct plane for them to work, and even then it was hard to predict which ability was going to activate as pressing a button repeatedly cycles through all your specials instead of simply activating whichever is assigned to said button.

Croixleur Sigma isn't a bad game, in fact I had a great time with it, but it's mechanics are so shallow and its content so limited that it's hard to recommend entirely. It's amusing and colorful, satisfying to a degree, and solid enough to entertain, but just know that you are unlikely to put more than an hour or two into it before it grows stale. In the face of its many far more engaging and deeper contemporaries, it never manages to be anything more than average, but if you're just looking for a quite fix then at the very least it will satisfy your need for badass lolis that like to kick the living hell out of demons. That alone ought to count for something.
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8 από 10 άτομα (80%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
1.0 ώρες στο μητρώο
Αναρτήθηκε: 15 Αυγούστου, 2014
its a Hack & Slash, if you like them, and you like cute anime girls, its a win.
i beat the story pretty fast, but when i tried the survival mode, i maybe lasted 10 min. its so intense and fun!! it has a high replay value for the time attack mode, and survival... XD and the story is adorable between the two girls.

def worth a grab on sale, or if you have the money snag it up not on sale. <3
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9 από 12 άτομα (75%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
1.4 ώρες στο μητρώο
Αναρτήθηκε: 3 Νοεμβρίου, 2014
The question we must ask when buying a game like this is how much value are we getting for our money? The answer to that is, a 10 minute Story mode. It will than take about 3 minutes to complete all the "challenges" and than another 3 minutes to do a run through Score Attack mode. After that all there is to do is play Survival Mode over and over again and there really isn't much fun in that.

There is hardly much of a game here and for the full price of $8 this is pretty pathetic. You can experience the game in it's entirety in less than 20 minutes. About 3 standard enemy types and 3 boss types, all of which can be killed individually in less than 5 seconds. This is probably the easiest arena fighter i've played before.

Oh and one more thing, Local Co-op? I don't think so. The current steam version does not contain the required Setup.exe to set the controls for Player 2, so without that you cannot play Co-op. If you manage to track down that file (which I did) you can experience Survival Mode and Score Attack mode with another player, as they walk off the screen or kill you with their special attacks.

You are much better off buying any other game, as there are a lot of better action games for the same price or less. Hell there are even tons of better free games. Don't waste your money on this. I would say time but even if you buy it, you won't be spending much time with it anyway.

It's unfortunate though, the combat system is solid and the assets are nice, there could've been a fun game here if it tried but with such an insultingly small amount of content, this is shorter than most demo's.
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4 από 4 άτομα (100%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
4.7 ώρες στο μητρώο
Αναρτήθηκε: 13 Ιανουαρίου
PLOT: Lucrezia wants to take a bath with Francesca. Franny is all "NO WAY IN HELL" and runs off to a massive tower(paging Dr. Freud). Luc has to fight through a dozen or so floors of goblins, flying eyeballs, knights in shining armor, and huge beasts to drag Fran's sorry butt into the tub.

Okay I forgot the actual plot to this game. I assure you all that there is one and it's kinda-sorta-quasi-serious. But who cares about that nonsense? This is a supplemental-arcade-arena-slashemup. If you have less than 15 minutes to spare you can complete a play-through of this game. Yes, this game is a short one, but it's pretty sweet. There are no crazy mission designs, no escorting, no stealth, nothing but just slashing through hundreds of generic foes and grabbing coins.

Before the game starts you decide on your arsenal. There are 10 weapons per gal and they all have their own special moves. Basically you want a combination of weapons that suit your play-style. Special moves can be chained for more damage, and some are only effective in mid-air, or as anti-air (gotta account for the flying eyes). Don't fuss over your style rating though, this game rewards speed and efficiency above everything else. Yellow enemies drop in a single hit, blues go down in three, and reds take 4+. Once you memorize the basics all you have to worry about is dashing around and mopping everything up.

There are a variety of modes, but variety is a rather strong word when it comes to Croixleur.
Story - Kill Everything As Fast As Possible. Lots of plot and talks about baths.
Time Attack - KEAFAP in 3 minutes
Survival - KEAFA you want. Expect to see huge crowds of enemies.
Challenge - Definitely KEAFAP.
Bonus - This is the epilogue. Luc & Fran team up to bring the hurt on slightly tougher enemies. Don't forget to KEAFAP.

For the most part Croixleur Sigma is a fast-paced and satisfying slasher. The controls are fluid enough and it's fun zipping around shredding everything. However there are some issues that I have with the game.

Certain moves have weak properties. One of the specials Luc can perform is a downward stab that causes a large shockwave. However, that shockwave is mostly for looks and only hits enemies that are practically under Luc. This tends to be the case with a number of special moves. They look like they should hit because you see the flashy trails and pretty lights connect with enemies, but instead they miss completely. It's...well not really that big an issue. I mean, it's not like it's inconsistent or anything. It would be much worse if the moves hit only some of the time.

Anti-cooperative play. When Luc & Fran team up, it spells trouble...for Luc & Fran. You have to give your BFF plenty of breathing space or she will hit you with her regular and special attacks (and vice-versa). This doesn't do any damage, but it will stun you, and can throw your rhythm off as well as waste time. Maybe the developer thought it would be too easy if this wasn't the case. Luc & Fran could just throw those special moves out constantly and be a whirling dervish of destruction. I disagree. Croixleur Sigma plays up the bestest buddies element, but then implements a design-decision that causes real-world friends to fight? That is a definite head-scratcher. Also during the bonus mode the game only ends when player 1 dies. Player 2 can die as many times as they like. This is something I abused for the cheap final battle.

Croixleur Sigma is like I said, a supplemental game. You play this title alongside your "main" game, or when you absolutely must play something, and don't have much time. It's not a deep game though, not even in terms of game-design depth. If Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae complements games like Devil May Cry and Metal Gear Rising, this game is best played alongside Dynasty Warriors. When you want a dumb 5-minute slashathon, but don't want to run around huge maps and listen to a bunch of talk about Three Kingdoms and whatever whatever, then play this game.
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6 από 8 άτομα (75%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
3.0 ώρες στο μητρώο
Αναρτήθηκε: 11 Οκτωβρίου, 2014
Croixleur might very well be one of the shortest games I have played my entire life. That doesn’t mean that it is a bad game. Sure in most cases I related a short game being a bad game. I have finally found a game where I can’t say that about. This might also be one of the shortest reviews I will ever do. Simply because of how short the game is. Let’s get to it then shall we ?

Croixleur is an action indie game with hack and slashing at it’s core. Simple yet effective combat. Keeping in mind I did not do the tutorial for the game as your reading this review. When you first start you pick between Story, Time Attack, or Survival and later unlocking Challenge mode. The story mode is timed. The trick is to get to the final floor and beat the boss within the allotted 15 minute time period. I started with story mode. It asks you which character you want to play but at that point I had only one character. So I had no choice but to pick her, and I had only one weapon to start with.

As the first level opened there was some nice anime style artwork with text as it’s cutscenes. I for one would have loved have seen some actual animation work for the cutscenes. The story was pretty underwhelming, generic. Not bad. Just…. not good. I won’t give you many, if any spoilers in that regard. So after the cutscenes end I walk through a portal and the first real level begins. As I fight I level up which to be totally honest I am not sure it did anything at all. As I played I also would unlock new weapons but could never figure out how to swap to them in combat. Up to 4 total at once and if I unlocked more weapons it told me I could change them at start of my next game.

Now the combat was simple but fun. Had more depth to it as noticed later on. You get your basic attack which you can chain together to kill things. A big portion of the game is to keep a high chain of attacks going without taking damage. The higher chain the better score you get at the end of the level/story. There was a dash that you could use to escape hits which also consumed mp. I often used this to dash through bosses to hit them without having the fear of taking hits myself. Then of course you got jump. There were several flying creatures that you had to jump and attack to destroy. These I found to be very annoying… SUPER ANNOYING… Especially seeing as how they were almost always the cause of me losing my combo..err Chain. Then you get a special attack. Seemed like it was the same no matter what weapon I had. It is possible it was the special attack for said character. I know the info for the game says each weapon has it’s own unique attack. I guess I just never figured that out.

The controls of the game I found to be very finicky, and super annoying at times. For one if you change your controls, the on screen queues don’t change. The camera controls often didn’t work at all. It didn’t take to much out of combat but there were a few times where I got hit from something behind me or off screen that I couldn’t see.

Ultimately you work your away against time and things trying to kill you to get to the top of the tower… Or was it the bottom… Either way you are there to learn the secrets behind the Adjuvant Trial. I saw maybe five different types of monsters the entire game. The basic melee unit, a spell caster, a flying eyeball thing, and a giant knight that looked almost mechanical. Now the mobs would spawn with different colors showing they had different strengths based on their color. This was rather uninspired if you ask me. The game would be so much well… cooler if there were more things to kill. I honestly felt like I saw all the game had to offer in a single eleven minute run that it took me to complete the story.

As you play through the levels ever so often it gives you two ways to advance. I’m not sure how much effect this actually has on the game but I know when I got to my final boss it was a dragon. Or it looked like a dragon at least. This was undoubtedly my favorite part of the game. Mostly because of the dialogue!

The boss fight was fun. The best part of the game for sure. After beating it I unlocked Challenge mode and did a few of the other game modes. Ultimately it is just the same thing. Over and over. The price of the game is $7.99 which isn’t bad. If your someone who enjoys scoregasm action games then you might want to pick this up. I can say that the action was fun, and it is likely that I missed a lot of the game itself by not doing the tutorial. But COME ON!! Who does those anymore!?

I give this game a Drastik Measure 7.2/10

It is not the worst game I have played. Definitely not the best. Easily a game to pick up when your bored and want a quick burst of something to do. The price might still be a tad steep but if the game is fun that is what matters most. The game is super shallow from my point of view and thus why it gets such a low score. I don’t see myself replaying this game. There are others very similar that will hold my attention longer.
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5 από 7 άτομα (71%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
1.2 ώρες στο μητρώο
Αναρτήθηκε: 22 Δεκεμβρίου, 2014
This is a hack n slash I received through a humble bundle i purchased a while ago. I would say that the story is extremely thin, the game can be beat in a few hours, and the levels/environments don't really change much. Its fun to play if you just want to klil some time, but its not a game that I am looking forward to hopping on as soon as i get home from work. If you can get it for like 3 dollars I'd say its worth.
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6 από 9 άτομα (67%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
1.0 ώρες στο μητρώο
Αναρτήθηκε: 13 Αυγούστου, 2014
Waste of my $4. The setting is cool, but it contains no plot progression, the monsters only become tankier instead of having unique&difficult to dodge attacks, and the boss is so easy to beat a 1 year old can beat it probably by bashing random keys.

It would have probably been a 10/10 game if it had a larger variation of monster types and better plot progression. Unfortunately, this isn't the case, so it deserves only a 6/10 imo.
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2 από 2 άτομα (100%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
2.0 ώρες στο μητρώο
Αναρτήθηκε: 18 Αυγούστου, 2014
Really a nice game even it a short game. I really enjoy this game <3
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2 από 2 άτομα (100%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
18.5 ώρες στο μητρώο
Αναρτήθηκε: 20 Αυγούστου, 2014
I get a lot of enjoyment out of this game. I would say that you should be very aware that it is a simple game, and if you expect extensive combos or anything such as that, you will be disappointed. Personally, I consider the game to be a nice way to kill some time. While some may not like that it is incredibly short, the appeal is that it does not require significant investment of time if you want to play. I found the story to be.....the story....I doubt it was ever meant to be the primary focus of the game. I would recommend this if you like trying to beat scores, and if you enjoy simple combat based on reflex and timing.
I get some significant screen tearing most of the time, but I have not personally experienced anything else in terms of issues; while annoying, I have not found that the tearing makes the game unplayable.
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6 από 10 άτομα (60%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
4.7 ώρες στο μητρώο
Αναρτήθηκε: 12 Αυγούστου, 2014
Look at this, It's a pretty fun CRAZYYYY action game. I love how fluid and smooth it is! Being able to dash so much and cancel any attack including your specials into a dash is great.

Unfortunately, it suffers from the same flaws as Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae, which are repetition and being stuck inside of an arena, as long as you're OK with only having a few enemy types and the close quarters of it, you should be able to have fun!

Can't fault the rest too much Graphics are nice, the voices are just wonderful, and sound's fine. I have no complaint with the controls either.

Really wish you could do longer chains, of course, and that the game was bigger. I'm hoping it gets a sequel that improves on things!

Easy it isn't! At least if you're shooting for achievements and records, anyway.

Zero reason for you to not use a controller, it'd probably be far better than a keyboard, good thing you should keep in mind.

If you like cute girls and fast-paced combos and action games in general, this game should be up your alley! Just keep the limited arena in mind and try out the demo!

All in all, a good first attempt and I hope the next game is even better whenever it comes out! (PS read the first word of every line! Truly lovely.)
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1 από 1 άτομα (100%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
2.9 ώρες στο μητρώο
Αναρτήθηκε: 7 Σεπτεμβρίου, 2014
One floor, I went autopilot. I wasn't slaying the enemies, I was doing what came naturally. I let my attacks flow (and now my right hand's cramping, thanks controller). I got giddy, and further into the combat, losing the human faculty of spit control, but I was further into the zone than I had ever been. Much like Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae, Croixleur Sigma succeeds in doing one thing and doing it so very well - intense hack and slash combat that prefers speed and crowd control over style. The cute, or shall I say, kawaii, anime characters are mere vehicles for your skillicious wizardry. How will I pull off this combination of items? How will I deal the most damage at this moment? Oops, better dash out of the way. Or better yet, dash INTO the way.
Terrific stuff.
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1 από 1 άτομα (100%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
4.5 ώρες στο μητρώο
Αναρτήθηκε: 19 Αυγούστου, 2014
Very fun Japanese indie game with a fair amount of different modes that need to be unlocked. Some of the modes are pretty challenging as they can put more enemies onsceen than you will find in the story mode. Story mode is useful to find new weapons which will give you new special attacks. You can have up to 4 special attacks at one time and there is an invincible attack which is useful during the toughest situations, but the invincible attack makes any situation easy... Overall I'd say this is a great Japanese indie game with great gameplay.
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1 από 1 άτομα (100%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
2.4 ώρες στο μητρώο
Αναρτήθηκε: 18 Νοεμβρίου, 2014
simple HnS game with easy to learn controls and gameplay, but using arrow keys for movement doesn't work for me (even though its set as that initially), but thankfully you can change controls. Its also annoying how they it thinks we are playing on a controller and refers to keys with ABCD, but overall great game, but be warned that its designed to have a short story mode (10~15 mins), but a lot of unlockables and challenges so you have to re-do it.
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1 από 1 άτομα (100%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
1.4 ώρες στο μητρώο
Αναρτήθηκε: 9 Ιανουαρίου
This game makes no attempts to hide what it is: a series of rooms where you beat up monsters. The combo system is a bit shallow until you start unlocking weapons to round out your repertoire. Even with a weapon to give you a launcher or a dashing attack, your base combo never changes much.

Most of your enjoyment will come from what you can get out of score chasing the highest combo by abusing the mechanics as far as you can, such as chaining combos together by stringing them together with dash cancels and AoE sweeps. But for a game that promises just a great action-fighting experience, I believe it delivers.
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1 από 1 άτομα (100%) βρήκαν αυτή την κριτική χρήσιμη
0.3 ώρες στο μητρώο
Αναρτήθηκε: 23 Δεκεμβρίου, 2014
After some fiddling with the keyboard configuration and playing a bit of the game, I conclude that smooth gameplay can't be conducted with a keyboard.
Don't buy the game if you don't have some kind of controller.

With that said, I can't really..... reccomend it. I WILL say, however, that you should check out Fairy Bloom Freesia and play the ♥♥♥♥ out of that game.
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Fun little hack and slash game, but I mainly recommend if 50% off or more. Nothing super special about it, but it's worth playing through its modes a few times.
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Αναρτήθηκε: 11 Αυγούστου, 2014
The gameplay is fast, solid, and actually very smooth. On top of this, the voice acting is actually outstanding.

10/10 Moe sword-slinging.
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