8BitMMO is a retro-style 2D massively multiplayer game! It's a giant construction sandbox -- you can build a home or a castle in a persistent streaming world. Found and manage your own city. Fight evil LawyerCats and engage in Player vs Player battle.
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1.0 Launch!

A little more than a year ago, we launched on Steam Early Access. I'm excited to now transition to full release!

Based on user feedback, I've added during that time:

  • Music from chiptune legends Danimal Cannon, Zef, PROTODOME, and Honin Myo Audio
  • Many new buildables, including household goods and many new kinds of blocks
  • Laser Turrets
  • New weapons, like the Hammer or Laser Rifle
  • Achievements & Trading Cards
  • The Oven, to allow for transforming items into other items
  • New user interface, including improved inventory, quest window, and build tools that more clearly indicate what build mode you're in
  • Localization into Japanese, German, and Spanish
  • Performance enhancements
  • An all new megamap to handle the massive size of the world -- a player-built space now larger than the combined landmass of the United Kingdom.
  • Pocket Universes, your own private universe to build in without having to find a spot on one of the main maps
  • Pocket Townstones to allow players to start a town with only gold
  • Containers - store objects in a box with various permission levels
  • Seasonal events, like CalcMMO or the Easter Egg Hunt
  • Mac & Linux builds
  • Transponders, a whole new PvE/PvP game mode that rewards smart base building. Can you survive the attack?
  • And many other smaller updates

Thanks for being part of the community! I couldn't have done it without you :)

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New Combat Gamemode: Transponders!

After months of development and testing, the Transponder system is now available to all players to try on Primary server!

Transponders let you build & defend a base from an invading horde of monsters (and other players). You'll receive gold & EXP for participating in a match, and an even larger amount if you win the match.

To get started, build a base layout in your pocket that protects the transponder. Note mobs WILL destroy blocks when the transponder is activated! More advanced construction blocks will have higher defensive HP, so plan accordingly. The attacking force scales to your character's level, so it should be a challenge regardless of if you're a new player or an old one.

Once you're happy with your pocket fortress, use the Transponder to summon an invading force. If you want to fight against another player, you can ask them to use the new CombatPad in root at the same time.

At the end of the match, all participants will be given gold & exp based on how the match goes. If you want to instantly rebuild any lost blocks, type /restorelist

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“The most randomly awesome game I've played in a while”

“... generation upon generation of user-made structures dot the landscape, and oversized shapes and enigmatic letters mystify like Nazca lines. It feels free, like playing with Legos as kid. You have agency. There are all sorts of weird ways to play. You can transform into a zombie if you want, try and spread a plague, mix things up. Oh, and beware of LawyerCats. They’re out for blood.”
Indie Statik

“... this is a must play”
9.5/10 – Gaming Capacity


8BitMMO is a retro-style 2D massively multiplayer game! It's a giant construction sandbox -- you can build a home or a castle in a persistent streaming world. Found and manage your own city. Fight evil LawyerCats and engage in Player vs Player battle.


100% Player Built World - The entire world is built by players. Build your own house, town, voxelart, or dungeon. The world is massive -- there's plenty of space to build in, and it streams in as you explore (no load screens).

Be the Mayor - Start your own town and invite your friends. You'll have an array of management tools for overseeing your town.

Interactive Development - The entire game only has one full-time developer, and development is still ongoing. You can submit and vote on ideas -- many of the top voted ideas have been implemented into the game. Free updates with new content and features are frequently released.

Anti-Griefing Systems - Several systems protect players from griefing.

Free To Play - No purchase necessary to have fun. Support the developer and buy a fancy hat... or don't. (Premium items give NO competitive advantage)

Customize your Character - Wear hats, clothing, accessories, change your skin color

Become a Zombie - Want to be a zombie? You can! But you'll need a steady supply of delicious brains from other players. Don't worry, after you eat their brain, they'll be zombies too!

Fight Nefarious Enemies - Congressional Lobbyist Slugs, LawyerCats, and Hipsters oh my.

MegaMap - The world is huge, so the MegaMap interface (based on Google Maps API) is a handy way to browse the world and share your creations with friends.

Music - Enjoy chiptune from legendary artists Danimal Cannon, Zef, PROTODOME, and Honin Myo Audio.

Introducing the Steam Founder's Packs

Please consider supporting development by optionally purchasing a Steam Founder's Pack. You will receive a variety of benefits:

After you have purchased a Steam Founder's pack, please restart the game launcher for the game to detect the purchase.


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Integrated graphics is fine, or really any wire & tin foil you can cobble together that looks like a GPU.
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
    • Sound Card: If you don't have one, just make beep & boop noises with your mouth when appropriate.
    • Additional Notes: You can probably get this to run on a toaster.
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Core i5/i7 processor (Fast CPUs allow lighting to render)
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
    • OS: Tested on OSX 10.9.2
    • OS: You should get one of the laptops with the glowing logo on the back, because I'm pretty sure that makes it go faster.
    • OS: Tested on Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit
    • OS: NOT Gentoo.
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The concept is good, but there are some things I don't like. First and foremost, there are way too many microtransactions (AKA in-app purchases). To build something, you need to buy every single block with coins. To gather enough of them, you have two options; either keep playing and get them (which takes forever) or buy them with real money. So, by that aspect, you may feel kinda scammed, like I did.

Regarding the gameplay, it is really difficult to build. You'll have a hard time trying to place a block over another. Try it for your own, you'll see. Sometimes, the block hiding system doesn't work, thus making it impossible to play inside a room.

But wait, there are positives; as I mentioned beforehand, I liked the concept, even though it's not new. There is also a fully functional anti-grief system, which I admire, as there is no such thing in Minecraft or Terraria (yet).
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I typed in the chat " Is there a way restarting the tuts " Then 4 people told me to F$#k off and kill myself

0/10 , Game full of children , and i got feelings... T_T
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I simply wanted to say this is neither 8-bit nor MMO, and a pathetic excuse of a game, but it seems like a lot of people invested significant amount of time to build and play this game, so I must add some thoughts.

I guess its selling point is 100% player built world, which explains why everything looks messy, half-baked and crummy. Remember seeing similar phenomenon in MC freebuild servers. Very few builder-type core players may create something that's actually worth looking at, but majority of builders aren't so talented or got better things to do that the landscape ends up being filled with featureless assortment of random ugly structures. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that builders often end up losing interest rather quickly and abandon their pet project to go somewhere else and start anew, leaving behind ugly husks of their former obsessions which only serves as roadblocks to newcomers trying to explore the world. And I mean UGLY. Can't even tore them down and they're littered with spikes which results in instant death for your newly created character. Really hope there were options for these abandoned structures to self-destruct and morph into forest or something.

I've no idea how some reviewers say "tutorials were fun as hell", but I dunno, different taste I guess. Starter dungeon is a joke. Rectangular cage with mobs that spawn all over the place and they won't even fight back properly. Having said that, fighting is a joke. Lag is crazy and you only have one weapon to "fight" moving around in 2D plain; go figure. NPC interaction is a joke. No storyline, no dialogue, no interaction worth caring. Had you ever played any other modern MMOs you'll know beyond doubt this "game" calling itself MMO is a joke. Quests are irrelevant, NPC jokes are equally terrible and quite frankly feels like the writers are insulting you for wasting your time playing this game. This game would've been good in the last century, but the year is 2015 and it is clearly out of time.

Music is pretty good though.
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i thought roblox was a ridiculous mess, this is ten times worse.

basically you are a little pixel guy in a big, creative world. except you are not in an actual game, it feels like a poorly made minecraft server with half-a-billion plugins all mashed into one horrid mess. random spam everywhere, trying to build 3d houses and dungeons in a 2d landscape is impossibe. all user created missions are complete crap, and there is lag everywhere. it might be good if you can tolerate its massive amount of problems, maybe then it might be worth a play.

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This whole game's one of the clunkiest I've played in a while, and not even the funny kind. Just straight up frustrating.

The construction is unwieldy as all heck. First, you have to buy all materials from the shop (I'll get to the cost later). Then it becomes a fight with the camera angle to even build a decent house with a roof. Let me tell you, a "slightly" top down view is NOT a good angle for anything construction related. There are even cases where the walls completely block certain tiles, not only making it feel like you're building blindfolded, but also forcing you to deconstruct everything just to build whatever it was the walls were blocking.

The combat... Oh the combat. Unless you're ranged, it's almost impossible to battle without getting hit. Normally this would be fine, damage is inevitable, but considering how few hitpoints you get, the damage adds up. Ultimately, you'll be finding yourself dying and going back to the beginning of the world. Even as ranged, there's also the case of extreme respawn times, so be prepared to get shell-shocked.

Speaking of worlds, quests are pretty much your only option to even hope of getting decent money and EXP. It takes an EXTREME amount of gold to get enough to build anything past a small house. So unless you like running at cheap enemies, you'll have to do quests. Again, this would normally be fine, but after the initial quests, every quest you get is randomized, and I mean RANDOMIZED. It takes no account what level you are or anything. With some quests taking place in worlds locked behind level requirements, this is a major problem. This is countered with the ability to talk to the quest giver for a different quest, but the number of awful quests to cycle through is astounding. From continuous pixel-perfect gauntlets given to beginners, to ultra vague scavenger hunts, it's like there was no effort put into filtering the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Finally, the cost. Like I said before, every block in the game costs coins, heck, even entering certain doors cost coins. I'm talking about an extravigant number of coins. With the small, convoluted shop menu, it's almost impossible to find what exactly you want. Pair that with the cost of everything, good luck trying to build something actually worth looking at. They're practically making you pay to get anything good, and even good's a strong word.

This game has no soul. It feels like something thrown together and then presented as an enchanting ground breaking indie game. It doesn't even try to hide the amount of cynicism it throws at you. Even what few NPCs are shown are extremely cynical. Jokes are fine, but having sarcastic remarks the only things NPCs say to you in an already soulless husk of a game just spits in your face. I'm sorry.
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At least it's trying, but still feels repetitive. The humour feels forced, the false low self esteem trope has beed milked more than your mothers breasts and using LEL FUNNEH INNERNET MAYMAYS as a selling point is asking for trouble.

Enough of the outgoing selling, but what about the game?:
Nice ideas but not all that original, I found problems with the way the game likes to replicate the feeling of dungeons; The way it draws roofs over areas to engage an idea of mystery but when you get close the roofs disappear, this would 5 times out of 10 halt rendering the other sprites, like the enemies.

The art style of the game is generic as all hell. Game devs: please don't be as lazy because of "nostalgia".

Overall, not original and forced humour.
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No. Just. No. This game may only be in beta, but it's so bad I almost cried at how bad it is. The mechanics are bad, the tutorials take forever, the quests drag on, and have no point, and they have player-made quests meant only so you'll see their crappy towns and buy a spot in it. It's nothing but a poor way for the devs to make a quick buck, while ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ all over the players. Not only is all of the above true, but you won't find anyone on here that's friendly, helpful, or interesting. Everyone just argues about stupid crap, and tries to get you to buy ♥♥♥♥ from them. It tries so hard to be funny, and their attempts are definately in vain. They make jokes that stopped being funny about five years ago. They basically downplay RPG's of all sorts with the guide's personality being so poor, and this also proves to be a poor strategy, as the game is an RPG. -30/5
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I played this, I tried to make my own pokemon center only to find that the possible items are like.. 10 all in all. If you're going to make an 8bit game then for heaven's sake make 100 at least items or make a creator and let the users in a workshop do your dirty work. The weapons are also 8 or something (including a sword, a blue sword, a red sword... (not kidding)). Again if you're going to make an 8bit game put spells and stuff or at least an axe and a spear or a bow. Placing gray boxes with a roof cannot keep you playing even if you do it with friends. This game has the same effort put into it as a school project or a hobby you're not that much into...
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actual code swabbed from the game:

internet funnies lololololololol

actually thats the only code...
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Its a Nice concept its got Nice music but with mostly all Free to Play games there are Microtransactions and this just ruined the game for me, you need plat to become a Zombie, you need plat to buy cool stuff not everyone is going to buy that and the Leveling up takes so long there are no Aussie servers it takes so long to earn Gold.
With all these Microtransactions it feels like a Pay to Play game
8BitMMO? More like 8BitMicrotransactions
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this is the worst possible game you could ever play i want my money back and i didnt even pay money
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Its a good idea, except for the fact that it has a terrible community and is impossible to start. Like. seriously, what am I supposed to DO? The only "fun" aspect is slaughtering the lawyer cats, which gets boring after like 5 seconds. I assume many of you played minecraft, and let me say this: Its pretty much that one server with a massive, empty spawn-hub place, stupid minigames, and is full of annoying pay 2 win losers.
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Such a good torture device to send to your buddies!
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At this time my answer is no. The concept is alright, but execution is limited, as I found that most of the gameplay content appears to be player-made mazes and gold hand-outs.

Maybe one day this will be fun and engaging for MMO players, but for now it is not something I can stand to play for any length of time.
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This is the most pay-to-win I've ever seen in a video game, even passing EA's dungeon keeper on mobile. You can't build anything without either grinding for hours on LawyerCats (yes. lawyercats.) Even if you got rid of all this pay-to-win, the game isn't that fun, with cheesy dialogue trying to be funny and a pretty bad engine.

DO NOT GET THIS GAME. I'm so happy it was free.
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The best part about this game is the x in the top right corner.
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Ever wondered "What if Roblox was an 2D MMO where every main quest would be community created?"


This game is pretty much just that.
People spamming signs everywhere and 10 year olds breaking quests written in poor english.

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very hard to see where anything is, placing it, interacting with it, etc... everybody leaves their lower tier items on the ground and since they can't be picked up by anyone, it clutters up the wilderness. good concept but bad execution. also, when you walk under things they dissapear and when you walk under a bunch of things as you walk it flashes and it hurts. the screenshots displayed are the least cluttered things ive seen in the game. the camera angle is fixed and there is no fisheye so everything is rendered the same, making it very hard to know where things are going. the building mechanism is painfully repetetive, and you end up rebuilding your whole building for one small detail. not worth the download time. has really good music though.
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