The Devil has converted a tenement building into monsters-only housing in Unholy Heights, a mashup of Tower Defense and Apartment Management Simulation. Sucker monsters into moving into your building, charge them rent and keep them happy by buying them furniture.
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Data lansării: 16 aug., 2013

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"A nice little and cute management game. Grab during sale for some relaxed fun."

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21 august

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Ce spun criticii

“Unholy Heights is a 2D game that perfectly blends the freedom of an indie game with the notorious creativity of Japanese developers. The basic concept is simply wonderful and is backed up with fun, refreshing gameplay.”
7/10 – DarkZero

“Unholy Heights is bound to put a smile on nearly everyone’s face”
4/5 – Video Game Writers

“At the end of the day, it's a cutesy fun experience . . . and horribly murdering adventurers is really quite satisfying.”
Total Biscuit

Despre acest joc

The Devil has converted a tenement building into monsters-only housing in Unholy Heights, a mashup of Tower Defense and Apartment Management Simulation. Sucker monsters into moving into your building, charge them rent and keep them happy by buying them furniture.

Unfortunately, heroes have caught wind of the Devil's plan, and will stop at nothing to wipe him out. Knock on residents' doors to call them to battle, trap heroes in devious pincer formations, and command your troops to victory. Monsters get jobs, fall in love, have children, and even skip out on their rent. Keep them happy or you might not have anyone to fight for you when heroes come knocking.

Being a landlord is a difficult job, but it can't be harder than running Hell...right?

Key Features

  • Every monster is different. Some are lazy. Some are strong. Some are perverts.
  • Use an intuitive mouse-based control scheme to command your troops into battle.
  • Encounter more than 20 different monster species, and take their money.
  • Build a reputation with different monster families based on your performance and play style.
  • Take on quests at your pace to unlock new monsters and furniture.
  • Build a stronger army as residents have children far stronger than themselves.
  • Get monsters in the mood for love with inappropriately shaped erotic cakes.
  • Look on in horror as lovingly hand-drawn monsters and humans horribly slaughter each other over money.
  • Monster occupations, hobbies and desires are all procedurally generated to keep you on your toes.

Cerinţe de sistem

    • OS: Windows XP (SP3 or newer) / Vista (SP1 or newer) / 7
    • Processor: Pentium III 1.0GHz or faster
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader Model 2.0 or better
    • Hard Drive: 50 MB available space
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Postat: 3 aprilie
This game is too emotional for me

This game is cute and cruel at the same time. All the reviews about those cruel and ridiculous events are all true.

A tower defense game where you are a landlord, taking care of monsters... or so I thought.

You have an absolute power over the occupants. My first playthrough I read every details of the game. The jobs my occupants have. Their satisfactory meter. I always check how they feel and what they want, trying my best to fulfill all of their wishes. There is an option to evict them, but I don't intend to use it at all. Later on, my cheepy is the first one to find his lover. And the first one to have a child/chick. I am so happy for them. I max out their satisfaction. And try my best not to increase the rent too high.

To my ignorance, this is not how you play the game. This is not sims! It's a tower defense game! You need money to upgrade your 'fort'. But my progress is really slow because I care too much about them. Those cheepies are extremely poor as they have low-income works. As time goes on, I accidentally kill the cheepy's lover. I fast-foward the time but I was too careless. For that, a cheepy lost his wife... and the child/chick lost his mother. Killed by those filthy humans that try to attack the building. I feel so bad about this. The early feeling of happiness has gone in the blink of an eye. Sorrow creeps into my heart.

To make things worse, the father-cheepy and the daugter-cheepy didn't say anything. But at least, I wanted them to complain, to at least blame me for I have done. They did none of that... as though they understand what was at stake.

Perhaps, they think that I am already kind enough to give them shelters against those dangerous humans. It could have been worse. The enemies only get much stronger with each quest.

I was quite shocked by the incident so I paused the game for a while.

Something must be done in order to fight against those vicious humans.

After much deliberation, I, the kindly landlord, evicted those remaining cheepies... They both pack things and leave obediently. They are both crying, yet firm and understanding. They know I need to make rooms for the stronger monsters.

Father and daughter.... now homeless... without wife or mother... Both of them... Hobos lol

The situation alleviates for a while. Stronger monsters now occupy the tragic-filled room of those cheepies. Completely unaware of the sacrifices I have to make.

Despite all this, the lesson I have learnt is not 'sacrifice have to be made' but rather 'Guilt can comsume the sanity of a man'. Unwilling to bear the emotional pain much longer, I seek the easy way out. Knowing only cowards would choose such a path. But at the time, believe it or not, I do not care. I just want to end the pain. Therefore, I committed suicide... (Or what one might call 'uninstalling the game')

One </3 heart out of One ❤

3/5 Would get stupidly emotional again.
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Postat: 29 martie
What a really nice game.

I'm a fan of the tower defense genre, but sometimes it tends to get a little boring with those games. Sure build your tower, level up, stock better weapons to defend agains stronger enemies... la di da.
Only a few games in that genre manage to really stand out and - congratulations to Unholy Heights - this is one of them.

It's not you classic tower defense game, but it still fits the genre somehow, weird but true.

In the game you're the landlord of a motel where instead of towers your defenses are your inhabitants, but there's an other twist.

Towers don't just walk out on you or get scared, your renters do.

It's really annoying when you've leveld up your renter and once he has a family he decides to run out on you, 'cause he's afraid of the villagers who attack the motel. It's really, really, really annoying, but also such fun, since it keeps you on your toes.

A lot of tower defense game still follow the old set-it-and-forget-it principle, so you spend most of an attack just watching the masterpiece you've build do all the work, with little interaction required from you. Unholy Heights is different, if you just lean back an expect your renters to defend the motel without you, you'll pretty soon run out of money (villagesr not only kill your monsters, but also steal your money once they've reached the upper level of the motel) and renters.

I'd totally recommend this to any fan of tower defense games, since it's something new and not the same-old-same-old, plus it's also a game for people who don't acutally like tower defense games; those kind of people won't even know they're playing a TD ;-)
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Postat: 22 martie
Apparently skeletons can have babies, demons and centaurs hate each other, and the chicken guys are cheap scumbags. 10/10. Extremely addicting.
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Postat: 13 iulie
got this one during the summer sale and was really happy with the outcome :) its a very cute tower defense game that starts off all nice and easy and then you start getting yo a** handed too and you realize how hard this game gets and the sad events that take place to these cute creatures in the game. the game is cool in the since that you recruit creatures by letting them move in into a complex (which you have to keep them happy by buying them what they want and lowering the rent price to what they like or else they get sad which is not good.) now you earn gold by doing quests and killing enimies that try to attack. Now easily the most annoying part of the game is when you are in battle and one of the creatures decides to go on a walk right before the complex is attacked which can get a bit annoying. you just have to learn when to start a quest what type of creatures to have etc etc. when you lose a battle you don't just restart you lose money and all the creatures that were there are dead forever you have to get new creatures to move in and it really does suck but its a part of the game. for the price that the game is at I say it is a must own on steam! Overall really fun but hard defense tower game but I would say give it a try!
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Postat: 2 mai
A classy little tower defense/rpg hybrid where you're a demon overlord letting minions of your domain live in apartments.... Interested yet?

You get a wide variety of tenants all with their own strengths, weaknesses, and personalities (some have wet dreams and read dirty fanfiction.... relatable yet?)

In all seriousness it's a rather fun little game that at least deserves a try.... it has a NISA feel to it as well so if you've played something like "What did I do to deserve this my lord?" It's the same concept.... Keep the overlord safe from heroes.
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