Iesabels' Internet connectivity is experiencing temporary problems. Due to the complexity of the issues, repairing it is time consuming and not easy. We are working to fix the issue but for the time being you may not be able to play in the co-op mode. We anticipate to fix the issue within 2 months. Single Player mode works flawlessly.
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Iesabels' Internet connectivity is experiencing temporary problems. Due to the complexity of the issues, repairing it is time consuming and not easy. We are working to fix the issue but for the time being you may not be able to play in the co-op mode. We anticipate to fix the issue within 2 months. Single Player mode works flawlessly and you can slash monsters in the campaign.

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“The flow overall is excellent, with action that never drags or races forward too fast.”
6 – GameSpot

“It's remarkably well done.”
8 – TouchArcade

“Iesabel executes everything in solid fashion.”
7 – ArcadeSushi

Steam 青睐之光


Iesabels' Internet connectivity is experiencing temporary problems. Due to the complexity of the issues, repairing it is time consuming and not easy. We are working to fix the issue but for the time being you may not be able to play in the co-op mode. We anticipate to fix the issue within 2 months. Single Player mode works flawlessly.

In the times of darkness, only the mightiest of heroes can save the world. Stand out against the evil all by yourself in epic single player mode. Swarms of bloodthirsty monsters, loads of epic gear to collect, dozens of skills to obtain. Grab your sword and fling yourself into action now!

- Simply breathtaking 3D visuals.
- Multitude of unique locations, villages, swamps, caves, crypts and more.
- Action-packed fights with variety of enemies: wildlife, undead, trolls, renegades and many more.
- A climatic soundtrack perfectly fitting the atmosphere of darkness.


- Powerful range and melee characters.
- Dozens of powerful skills to learn and use in your battles.
- Thousands of weapons and items to collect.
- Four categories of items: Normal, Unique, Epic and Legendary.
- Multitude of immersive quests to complete.
- Challenging fights with giant bosses.
- Engaging story of hope, heroism and betrayal.
- Hours of hack and slash mayhem.


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Dual core from Intel or AMD at 2.8 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce 7800, ATI/AMD Radeaon HD2600/3600
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • OS: OSX 10
    • Processor: Intel Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia 320M or higher, or Radeon 7000 or higher, or Intel HD 3000 or higher
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.4
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGl 2.1 compatible
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Graphics: GeForce 8800
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I've seen worst, still wouldn't recommend.
Go for Torchlight
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I first began to suspect something was fishy with this game when I noticed the tablet version has an infinitely smoother UI. That sums this game up well. Crappy port of a game built for a platform not ideal for gaming.

This game is poorly designed and has some horrible game breaking bugs. Im a reasonable person, and I know its an indie game so I can cut the devs some slack. I can do that much. But unfortunately what I cant do is play a game where when I click on an enemy, my spell fires way the ♥♥♥♥ in another direction. Additionally, the witches minions always lag 3-4 steps behind you, so basically you have to run into a crowd of mobs and aggro them then run back to get the minions to attack. This coupled with my characters ♥♥♥♥ty aim means that when my spiders finally do attack, they take damage too fast since most my attacks miss completely and the enemies dont die fast enough. If they devs arent going to take the time to correct something so critical as a spells aim, then Im not going to take the time to play it.
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This game is really poor. It's an action RPG, like Diablo or Torchlight, but with very poor controls, cruddy graphics, and very little to like. I gave it about two hours and finally decided it's more painful than fun to play.
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I started my first character and got to level 2 (which means 2 minutes of gameplay) only to be already hugely disappointed having encountered seriously frustrating bugs, appaling UI and gamemechanics for the Hack'n'Slash genre and catastrophic pathfinding and battle mecanisms. At that point I already wanted to give up.

I forced myself to level up to 10, and tried the same with the other class. The Soundtrack was getting on my nerves as it seemed a pale attempt to imitate Tristram Theme (Diablo) mixed with some Metal influences and the intent to sound kind of oriental. This impression got reinforced once I played the Barbarian Class and heard his voice. When you overdo something, well it doesn't sound genuine at all at the end.

Around level 6, noticing there was an extremely fast repop of all the mobs on the map and thinking that was kinda cool... I met "The Shaman". Well horrible story telling and shallow scenaristic choices there. Then, I found out my XP bar after going up insanely fast at start, did not go up at all. And that is one very very very bad design choice to go from "I get so much XP in no time" to "I can kill a million monsters and there will be no progress" in regards of the game economy.

So let's talk about that, game economy. Setting up my skills after leveling up, I find that I have to choose between some battle skills, some stats enhancing skills and the alchemy - the crafting "novelty" for the genre. Well, to craft a potion (beside the fact there is only a chance to achieve that depending on the level of the skill) I need to buy vials, and have a few ingredients found all over the map. So far so good, right? Well no. Buying a potion directly from the shopkeeper do cost slightly more than a vial, well actuallly nearly as much... so why even care about the alchemy then since it present so little benefits on top of taking skills points you could assign somewhere else? - Well kind of somewhere else since it is not like there is much customization options or cool skills or even synergies which require ambiguous choices from you. Falling flat once again.

Additionnaly, the respawn of all mobs, the poor and dumb loot (opposed to "smart loot concept" - as I was getting more stuff for "the other class" than for the one I played, and to mention that I found no stash or even less shared stash so basically every epic/legendary you drop that is not for your class is only trash loot - or worth a bit more money than actual trash loot), the stamina system and the XP lock (or extremely steep reduction of XP gain) makes it senseless to stay in an area to farm it (to upgrade your character) as the cost of fighting the mobs may be higher than the benefits of doing so, and even if you took self-regen health skill the action of farming remain pretty boring since the only benefit you get from it is (poor and rare) loot. Then the Stamina, you can hardly cross the village without getting exhausted... seriously? No one in the design team thought about turning that off in the village? baahhhhh...

I really really kept trying to play, despite the below par graphics, the horrible pathfinding of my spider (Witch), the inability to a destructible object while I am standing 2 pixels away because the attack just does not want to trigger just like it also happens when NPC's accompany you and for some reason prevent you from attacking the mobs (Barb) and the voice acting and dialogs which at some point I would have like to switch off ("this area stinks like hell!") but instead had the option in the setting to set my zoom level (which works with the mouse wheel as well). I really tried to enjoy this ga... *sigh* ...thing.

But it feel like everything in it is an attempt to populate the UI and to imitate what has been done before in the category in terms of gameplay, without having actually thought about the gameplay as everything is highly unbalanced and utterly lacking depth or innovative thoughts (also I do understand that with such rigid game mecanics, it may have seemed hard to do more).

Well, I did not pay so much for the game myself - though in terms of time spent on it it has costed me much more than Diablo series, Torchlight series or Van Helsing series combined. If you enjoyed any of the latter, you may not enjoy Iesabel at all as it fall short in all aspects it tries to clone and also fail to add value with the crafting system. I uninstalled and will never discover what pleasures and scenario twists awaits me in the mid and end game and well, I can't recommend this to any gamer who respect himself as such.
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Invisible walls everywhere, you never know where to go and spend hours aimlessly wondering around in circles. I can not complete the first quest where it says find the hut.... I am standing inside the freaking hut.
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Good Concept, but Lack of Multiplayer on a game listed as Multiplayer. It's a NO-GO!
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Multiplayer broken, host cannot load a Hero so game cannot progress. Custom keybindings are not possible, avoid.
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To tell you what I was looking for buying these hack and slash games I'll explain what I found in previous experience.
Granted I've lost much of my patience and commitment towards games. I was obsessed with Diablo 2 back and the day, and still play D1 every new and again.

I Loved the playstyle, the feel. The types of monsters, like the annoying fallen, and the badass looking balrog thingies (can't remember the name), all in big juicy groups too. and andarials boobies! i remember when i first noticed them, i was like, Look at that, game ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Also, the challenge without being too annoying aspect of D2, I could always go back and grind catacombs, or durance for the loot. You knew what was out there, just had to find it! Like a treasure hunter with a very vague map.

With that said. If your seeking nostalgia, this game is not it. i could oinly stand maybe 30 minutes of, let's just stick with it and see.

-Pretty nice graphics,
-auto gold pickup is always a plus,
-health orbs, Makes one of the cons less annoying
-inventory layout was to my liking. classic, simple, and on the side of the screen where it belongs.

-annoying minimap, and an over abundance of stupid looking overcomplicated stuff.
Only 2 different characters to pick,
-didn't care what their skills were. guessing, hitting stuff, hitting lots of stuff and shooting shiny stuff at stuff, possibly a summon or 2. Who knows.
-You regain health constantly (not too rapidly), so you lose lots of health and have to wait around as a barbarian, frequently. potions didn't last me too long.
-Found a waypoint, no town to go to, yet. Was wierd looking as well. one big circle in the middle and bunches of little circles around it.
-Some crafting thing, also didn't care to learn.
-Monsters were lame. mosquitos, wolves, and totally unimaginativly dull stuff.

So, if your a sucker for pretty graphics, here you go. Thats about all you get, as far as I am concerned.
Bye everybody! Happy hunting.
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for £2.74 this game is an absolute steal, well worth the money without the 75% discount
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A subpar action RPG. Not completely atrocious, but doesn't do anything well.

The controls are the worst part, especially with the ranged character. There's no "stand still" button, so if you miss the enemy's click box by even a pixel, you'll run toward it. Abilities target awkwardly, and often incorrectly. The magic arrow spell travels in the direction your character is facing rather than where your cursor is aiming, while the summon spell frequently gives error messages saying you "can't do this," forcing you to move to a spot where you can do this.

Graphics are uninspired in design and crude in execution. Dialogue is written in Engrish with numerous typos and grammatical errors. Voice acting is flat and apathetic. Some games can make up for mediocre gameplay with good presentation. Iesabel is not one of them.

I lost interest when the game locked up. Protip: If you're being attacked, avoid area transition gates.

Iesabel might be fun for a bit if you get it as part of a bundle, but I don't recommend purchasing it on its own.
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I was hoping that this game had a Diablo feel to it, but it didn't. don't care for the combat.
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I tried to like this game. I tried really, really hard, but I just couldn't.

the skills are horribly thought out, or simply not thought out whatsoever. some skills are so weak compared to others that they lose all value, and crafting skills come at the expense of combat skills. levelling skills beyond their bare minimum also seems to lower the value of those skills, given that the mana cost for the skill increase is much lower than the benefit of levelling the skill. overall, the entire skill system seems as though it was simply thrown in at the last minute, or that it was half completed when the game was considered complete, and so they added a bunch of filler to make it at least seem like there is a worthwhile skill system in it.

gameplay is also horribly broken. if you're playing as the ranged class, it isn't as broken, but it is still broken. horribly broken. the game feels both unresponsive, and poorly designed in the gameplay aspect, especially targetting, in which the player always seems to target the 'closest' mob, regardless of which mob you are clicking on, unless 'manual targetting' or whatever is enabled. manual targetting doesn't completely fix the problem, but it does alleviate it a tiny bit, so that it is (very) slightly more playable.

the item system is also terrible. it, like the skills system, seems as though it was simply thrown in at the last minute, or half completed and thrown in anyway, with some filler included. at least this, however, comes with some explanation, if you find the pane which describe the benefits of the stats. this, much like everything else in the game comes with almost no hint of where to find it, or its' usefulness.

the levels are mediocre, with very basic enemies, and the poor player responsiveness, as well as the terrible targetting system makes the game so trying, that you end up resenting the time you spent trying to like the game.
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This is a wanna be RPG/Hack'n Slash attempt at Diablo. Great graphics, semi-decent background music. Voice acting for the barbarian is someone attempting to talk with a deep voice that isn't very good, but tried to cover it up with voice editing. The gameplay is pretty bad. 2 classes, gender locked, only one skill tree is different of the two. No real "skills" to speak of. Pathing is terrible. If you are looking for a good Hack'n Slash there are MUCH better ones out there.

Graphics - 5/5
Gameplay - 1/5
Sound - 2/5
Voice acting - 0/5
Replay Value - 1/5

There are much better games out there.
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Everything about this game is very good, minus the fact that you can't use your controller, but that's to be expected because there are too many buttons to press.
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Terrific game, play reminds me a bit of Diablo I & II. Great way to pass the time
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Well it's no diablo at all but could be much more if the developers patch it and give it a bit more polish, until then it's mediocre.
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Don't, just don't.
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No Multiplayer game!
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OMG !! This is the worst piece of garbage in gaming history !! Don't waist your money on this CRAP !!