Iesabels' Internet connectivity is experiencing temporary problems. Due to the complexity of the issues, repairing it is time consuming and not easy. We are working to fix the issue but for the time being you may not be able to play in the co-op mode. We anticipate to fix the issue within 2 months. Single Player mode works flawlessly.
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"got it for free, 69/69"


“The flow overall is excellent, with action that never drags or races forward too fast.”
6 – GameSpot

“It's remarkably well done.”
8 – TouchArcade

“Iesabel executes everything in solid fashion.”
7 – ArcadeSushi

Steam 青睐之光


Iesabels' Internet connectivity is experiencing temporary problems. Due to the complexity of the issues, repairing it is time consuming and not easy. We are working to fix the issue but for the time being you may not be able to play in the co-op mode. We anticipate to fix the issue within 2 months. Single Player mode works flawlessly.

In the times of darkness, only the mightiest of heroes can save the world. Stand out against the evil all by yourself in epic single player mode. Swarms of bloodthirsty monsters, loads of epic gear to collect, dozens of skills to obtain. Grab your sword and fling yourself into action now!

- Simply breathtaking 3D visuals.
- Multitude of unique locations, villages, swamps, caves, crypts and more.
- Action-packed fights with variety of enemies: wildlife, undead, trolls, renegades and many more.
- A climatic soundtrack perfectly fitting the atmosphere of darkness.


- Powerful range and melee characters.
- Dozens of powerful skills to learn and use in your battles.
- Thousands of weapons and items to collect.
- Four categories of items: Normal, Unique, Epic and Legendary.
- Multitude of immersive quests to complete.
- Challenging fights with giant bosses.
- Engaging story of hope, heroism and betrayal.
- Hours of hack and slash mayhem.


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Dual core from Intel or AMD at 2.8 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce 7800, ATI/AMD Radeaon HD2600/3600
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • OS: OSX 10
    • Processor: Intel Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia 320M or higher, or Radeon 7000 or higher, or Intel HD 3000 or higher
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.4
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGl 2.1 compatible
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Graphics: GeForce 8800
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根据这个游戏的剧情,本虎YY了个新的剧本,本虎觉得b( ̄▽ ̄)d











。。。当然,如果选择战士---王子开始游戏,就成了 战士王子 vs 法师公主。。。
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I am writting this review because I see it on sale. This is a negative review. This game is bad. I really did try to like it. It just feels broken. The controls feel broken, the skills are unbalanced. I only played a few hours. I just did not want to try anymore. It just wasnt worth it to me. Grim Dawn, Path of Exile, just so many more out there that are really good. This feels like a lazy port. It fooled me because the video and store page made it look so good. Im giving this review to help my steam friends stay away from it. Also it helps me to really study before I get another unknow game.
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Okay, first of all, I get it; This is a low budget, independent attempt to create an Action RPG exclusive for mobile devices and they've ported it to PC Platforms to widen their audience. Major kudos for people who put effort in this game, I really mean it. But, you see, when you develop a game or even any software on mobile devices, there's not much of an expectation because of the nature of mobile devices; Yet, when you port a particular piece of software that is designed to run on mobile devices, to PC Platforms, you raise the expectation bar pretty high. That's purely because a PC is much more stronger and a lot more customizable.

Now, why did I buy this game? Because I had a couple of bucks to spare and it was available on Linux - which is pretty much the biggest selling point for me, as we don't have many Action RPG titles. And, sadly, we still don't have that many good titles as they have on Windows.

I've read many comments and reviews about this game before buying it and I've realized that the game was in worse condition than this, as this is a PC Port. I can clearly see that they've made quite the UI Improvements, comparing to the Mobile Version of this game; Which is a good way to go but they should've made this happen at the time they were porting the game to PC. This is the main cause of the early negative user reviews and they are right, unfortunately, still the game's User Interface is pretty much useless and is still suffering from touch screen features.

So, there are porting problems but what about the actual game? - If you're a Hardcore ARPG Player, you will be disappointed. The game is painfully easy and has many design flaws; Not to mention bad controls. Playing this game with a mouse as a Witch, for me, was quite painful. That's why I don't use mouse, I use my keyboard to control my character and use my abilities; and again, since it's designed for mobile devices, you have the Option to turn on or off auto-targetting. - Which is ironically the best feature this game has because it's poorly designed for a Ranged Character.

Graphics aren't that bad. Not a challange, compared to other titles like Path of Exile, Grim Dawn or Diablo III. But it's okay; Not many ARPG fans do actually care about the graphics, rather than optimization of the game to allow players play the game at a higher level of smoothness and frame rates. - So far, I haven't encountered such a problem. Kudos for that.

I loved the Soundtrack. OST is probably the best thing about this game and it's pretty good, you may or may not agree with me. - It gets a bit too repetitive, though. Voiceacting will seem decent to a point. But, yeah, you'll get annoyed by it anyway. And, again, it's a low-budget game, I wouldn't use this as an argument. I understand.

Controls are.. well, not optimal. - As long as you bind your skills to the letters around your "S" key, which is the default Auto-Attack bind for the game, you're good to go. You really don't need to play this game with a mouse. Playing the game with numbers 6-9 is pointless, at least for me. - One other thing that will majorly bug people who'll choose to play this game as a Witch, when your enemy is near you; Your character will start Melee your enemy if you're using your Default Attack. Needless to say, it's weak and will most likely get you killed.

There's absolutely nothing interesting about Characterization and Building up your character. It's pretty generic and quite dull. - Story, so far, is too cliche. Storytelling is weak. Dialogs are badly written and you really won't care about the Lore, when your screen is filled with Character Dialogs, talking about nonsense. - It could be developed better. But, yeah, I don't think this is their selling point anyway, since it's a freaking Action RPG for Mobile Devices.

I really don't want to be harsh. But, again, when you port your game to PC, you'll raise the expectations and when those expectations could not be feed with proper features, your game will get downvoted for many many reasons.

But, let me be honest, I've had good time with this game. and the ability to play an Action RPG on Linux is always a good thing for me. Yet, this game looks undone. That's why I will not Recommend this game. - Until the development provide the proper fixes to the gameplay, this isn't a game that worths its initial price. But from a discount, yeah, maybe. If you have time to spare or don't expect that much, you might entertain yourself for hours, just to beat the game and get some achievements.

Iesabel might be a wasted potential. I'll never know. But I hope they learn from their mistakes and develop better games for PC. - Again, thanks for porting your game to Linux. It means a lot.
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1.8 小时(记录在案的)

Rules tell me to be polite while writing a review for this game, and I'll try. It's very hard to do. This game is what you call PURE EVIL. When you love action RPGs like Titan Quest or Diablo, you go and make something like Path of Exile or Grim Dawn. But when you see those games getting support and want some too while doing especially nothing, you make Iesabel. This game is not just bad. It's one of the worst I played, and from my profile you can see I play a lot. I also had PS1 back there and PS4 now, plus Wii U and 3DS. I never seen such a catastrophy of a game.

The worst thing in Iesabel is the controls - and I can't explain it, it just feels broken. Your character moves whenever he or she wants, and you cant realize, what's blocking your path, because ground texture is like... I dont want to use the s-word here, but this is perfect analogy. Graphics is unappealing to say the least. Character progression is broken too - skills are not only stupid, but unbalanced.

Just do yourself a favour and dont support this kind of lazy "indie" developers. They should be punished, not supported.


Эта игра просто отвратительна, я давно не встречал ничего подобного. Когда кто-то пытается лениво склонировать Диабло и постричь денег на популярном некогда и переживающем второе рождение благодаря играм вроде Grim Dawn и Path of Exile жанре, получается нечто плохое. Но Иезабель - это не просто нечто плохое, это НАТУРАЛЬНОЕ ЗЛО.

Играть в эту игру просто нереально. Управление уничтожает любые попытки получить хоть какое-то удовольствие. Ваш персонаж движется как марионетка на веревочке, а уж какп рименять скиллы... Это даже не буду комментировать - это надо самому прочувствовать, НО НЕ СТОИТ. Более того, скиллы ужасны и несбалансированы, а количество персонажей то ли пока, то ли до определенного момента в игре равно ДВУМ, что не дает даже надежды на разнообразие. И, повторюсь, подбор навыков у этих двух классов уныл.

Словом, ни в коем случае не поддерживайте этих лентяев.
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Maybe I'm just burnt out on the errand-running style of RPGs in general, but I found Iesable very dull and painful to play.

The gameplay is okay and sort of fun at times, but targeting and aiming abilities is very difficult to control and this makes the game extremely frustrating and annoying to play.

I want to like this game, but the truth is that it's really nothing more than a sloppy Diablo clone and I would recommend you steer clear of it!
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Iesebel is a Diablo-style top-down RPG. It's not good at that. The UI - which is absolutely essential in games like this - is a blurry mess with no explanations whatsoever. There is noticeable lag for every UI action and the UI text is barely readable. The game's graphics are okay-ish, but the game runs way too slowly for that level of quality. The story is not engaging at all and feels cliché.

Verdict: Skip this and play Diablo, Torchlight or Path of Exile instead.
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I'm generally VERY accomodating to most games. This game compelled someone who does not write reviews for Steam to write one, and unfortunately not for a positive reason.

-Interesting concept

-UI and overall presentation are awful to the point of near unplayability
-Bug ridden
-Poor introduction
-Broken game mechanics

Actually I could list 20 or more reasons to avoid this game. Please, don't waste your time on this.
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It's a mobile game. Regret.
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No, just no. Not even when you see it on sale for 99 cents and think surely there is 99 cents worth of entertainment, there is not.
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+ Could be recommened if on sale, as it's fair way to pass the time if you're bored... or you've exhausted all the GOOD top-down ARPG options (Diablo III, Dungeon Siege III, Torchlight etc.)
+ Great music that creates a unique ambience.
+ Some nifty, unexpected physics effects that add a bit more visual flair.
+ The GUI (HUD, menus etc.) has some nice moments for a budget/indie game, with a pleasant aesthetic (jagged & illegible text aside).

- This game is a mobile port, and it clearly shows in the lack of polish and exciting content. I could imagine playing this on the bus on the way to work... but as a fully-fledged PC gaming experience, it falls significantly short of the competition.
- $15 USD may be asking too much, when there are similar experiences of higher overall quality for a lower price out there.
- The basic combat is unresponsive, which too often results in awkward, unenjoyable experiences. Combat being the bread & butter of the game, this quickly becomes tiresome.
- Character designs are often poor, or just bland, and the quality of their models match this.
- The animation is APPAULINGLY amatuer. This makes the game incredibly dull, rendering the world's inhabitants devoid of any personality or energy.
- The sound assets are a joke, and have that overall "canned" feeling: terrible voice acting and sloppy effects.
- On the UX (experience) side of the UI, there's a lot of work that could be done. Navigating the game's interface often feels unintuitive.
- Very few in-game graphics options, with the absence of features like AA being particularly noticeable.
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This game is incredibly bad and boring. Just bought it because I had to play in a ♥♥♥♥ games marathon. It definitely was good for that.
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Diablo-style action RPG that doesn't bring enough new to the table to earn it any merit, with some fairly crippling flaws.

Control scheme is the number one reason to avoid this title. If it included the option to rebind arrow key movement to other keys, that'd be pretty awesome. Being able to use WASD would mean that I could devote my mouse movement entirely to manual aiming, because the default aim is off and marginally broken.

I could go into some detail about how the game managed to perform mediocrely in most other areas that I could tell, but it's hard to objectively review those within the context of the above game-breaker.

On a positive note, my biggest regret with uninstalling is that the music was actually pretty enjoyable, and I had yet to be able to listen to more than a few of the soundtracks.
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As it stands, this game is riddled with bugs. From quests, exp. gain, map markers, mob targeting, etc., it is beyond awful. Obviously there will be no updates to this one, so please, bypass.
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I mean I got it for like £0.79 or something stupid so I can't really complain, but it is just a cheap Diablo knockoff. The skills and stats menus are identical, as is the quest menu. The voiceacting isn't very good, and I keep cringing whenever I hear the woman say "Not enough mana".

Buy Diablo II instead.
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Not bad at all, but as much as you can expect from a mobile game.
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Don't buy this crap
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Just don't do it. Not even for $0.99.
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-内衣脱掉也看不到什么,因为缩放很远,而且装备界面没有形象。给你看,看不着,气死你!oh yeah
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