Nether is a first-person urban survival experience unlike any other. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Nether forces players to make life-saving decisions in a fast-paced struggle against players and the environment. Join tribes to battle for territory. Scavenge, craft , trade and loot your way to stay alive another day.
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09 月 9 日

Last Man Standing Stress Test - Play Now!

Hello Everyone,

Sorry that this message is getting our a bit late as we are currently updating our servers with our latest update.

Servers should be coming back online as well as our new Last Man Standing Servers which will be up during our stress test.

Last Man Standing

All new game mode where the goal is to be the last player alive through the means of survival and elimination. (Up to 16 players)

Players can obtain items during the match by exploring areas throughout the map OR by killing nether, which have a chance of dropping items for your player to use.

Once the match ends, rewards will be handed out to the 3 MVP's and winner of the match

(Reward items are placed in your Global Inventory and can be used in the regular game mode)
(Reward will not be places in your Global Inventory if there is not enough space for the reward)

MVP rewards are given out to players who performed exceptionally well during the match:

• Most Eliminations
• Most Damage Taken (HP loss from hunger is not counted towards this)
• Most Valuable Inventory (Sell value of each item in the player backpack when he/she dies)

We've also place a new "Leaderboard" function in the controls menu for bring up the score-board during the Last Man Standing match. This is currently defaulted to the "Tab" key but can be assigned to something more preferable.

Please feel free to try out Last Man Standing and tell us what you think. We look forward to seeing you on the server.

Thank you!

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08 月 19 日

August Update #3 - Minor Fixes - Launcher fixes + Gold Value Changes

Update # 3 for August is a small update with some small fixes

-Various bugs in launcher have been fixed.

-Gold currency now has a different value and will be updated upon logging in
-In game store prices have been changed.

Please let us know your feedback on this current minor update.

While developers are still providing effective patches on smaller issues there is still a heavy focus on the current hacking situation.

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“it sets itself apart from similar games such as Day-Z”
4/5 – Invisioncommunity

“its impressive recreation of a fallen city, proves to be a game you can get lost in for quite some time”
8.5/10 – Cramgaming

“Nether is a fantastic experience that, in the end, comes down to personal preference on how you choose to play it”
8/10 – GodisaGeek


Nether is a fast-paced survival game that forces you to make quick life-saving decisions in an unforgiving environment. In this post-apocalyptic urban world, death is waiting around every corner, at the top of high-rise buildings, and in the grasp of powerful teleporting creatures known as 'Nethers'. These creatures and the other players are real challenges to overcome, requiring tactical gameplay, awareness, stealth, and cooperation. To navigate this high-tension environment, you must use skill and cunning in order to scavenge, trade, craft or loot for food, weapons, supplies, and other resources necessary to stay alive in a desolate and dangerous city. Team up with other survivors and take advantage of group play, as a tribe, to complete treacherous world objectives, or play as a lone wolf in an attempt to endure the hostile environment. In the end you must decide whether to Prey or Pray.

Key Features

The game's landscape is a beautifully conceived vision of a post apocalyptic Chicago, ravaged by disaster and time. Almost every low and high-rise building can be individually explored in a cityscape that stretches 150 blocks. Beyond the city lies the Wastelands, an unforgiving desolate landscape that is slowly sinking into the earth.

Start off, armed only with a kitchen knife and scavenge your way through an environment on a daily battle to stay alive. Beware the Nether, poor mutated souls who roam the city in search of human flesh. Scavenge for food and water to stay nourished, and search for useful items that could be crafted into makeshift weapons to help in your battle for life. Hunt and kill Nether to trade their body parts to the mysterious Cult located in the few markets that scatter the city. Over time, build up your skills and earn rewards for surviving each precious new day. But always beware of the other survivors who may be only one moment away from death, and see killing you and looting your possessions as their only salvation.

Find safety in numbers by joining a tribe. Only tribes can capture and own territory, and the urban landscape is the perfect setting for turf domination. Compete with rival tribes in territory wars for control of the city by capturing strategic landmarks to reap resources and experience; prove your dominance over all other tribes. Spy on rival tribes or infiltrate and kill them by playing as a Nether. Ambush them from above by swooping in for the kill using the wing suit. Tribes change the survival experience by establishing a true social construct, with all the consequences of behavior that you would expect in the real world. Your actions have real repercussions enforced organically through reputation and standing.

Players can complete an assortment of individual or group missions to earn money, experience and reputation. Perform vital supply runs between the markets, work with your tribe to take down the swarms of Nether lead by the vicious boss Reaper that sporadically surge to attack neighborhoods, or keep the creatures out of the Safezones by working in groups to repair the anti-nether devices when they fail.

Nether offers a wide variety of character customization and allows you to play as a male or female character. There is a huge selection of cosmetic items and player taunts to assert your individuality along with entire outfits to play roles like survivalist, soldier and biker - or even just play in your underwear.

  • Valve Anti-Cheat servers protect against hackers
  • First-person perspective creates a true survival experience
  • Meld of PvE (player versus environment) and PvP (player versus player) gameplay
  • New weapons and items become available as players explore the game world
  • Up to 64 players per game server
  • Single purchase, downloadable client allows full game access without subscription

Chosen Pack includes:

  • 50 Nether Gold
  • Chosen-Only Exclusive In-Game Item
  • 5 x 72 hour Guest Keys
  • Participation in Forums to Define Upcoming Game Features

  • Special Highlighted Name/Rank in Nether Forum

Believer Pack includes:

  • 20 Nether Gold
  • 3 x 72 hour Guest Keys
  • Participation in Forums to Define Upcoming Game Features

Watcher Pack includes:

  • Participation in Forums to Define Upcoming Game Features

Guest Keys

Nether "Believer" and "Chosen" packages come with Guest Keys that you can award to anyone.
For each guest key activated, you will receive one gold coin in game.
After creating an account and logging into the game for the first time, you will be able to see these keys on your "Account Profile" page. You can award one to a friend by copying the corresponding URL link into an email. Once the key is activated there is a seventy-two hour window of real time in which they can play without charge.
  • Note: Our guest keys will only allow players to join our unsecured servers. Please look for the [Unsecured] tag in the server browser.


    • OS: Vista/Windows 7 *64-BIT OS REQUIRED*
    • Processor: 2.4 GHZ Quad Core or Better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 460/ATI Radeon HD 5850
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Windows Compatible Sound Card
    • OS: Windows 7 *64-BIT OS REQUIRED*
    • Processor: 2.4 GHZ Quad Core or Better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Windows Compatible Sound Card
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6 人之中有 5 人(83%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
1.4 記錄時數
張貼於:07 月 1 日
3 人之中有 3 人(100%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
1.2 記錄時數
非常差的遊戲....場景素材設計的很隨便...也沒有故事主線...操作性差...而且地圖過大完全遇不到人可以互動...東西少怪物又強...攻擊判定很爛...= =基本上只能算是BETA階段的東西..還要那麼貴實在很差..
張貼於:06 月 7 日
4,358 人之中有 3,790 人(87%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
14.7 記錄時數
Do you like wastelands? Do you love guns?? Does the idea of having no fear whatsoever of horrifying monsters send a tingle up your spine? Then this is the game for you! In Nether you can find an assortment of things to do such as: Getting killed by a monster! Starving to death! Blowing your brains out over your keyboard!

Welcome to Nether, where our slogan is, if you see it, shoot it! We'll get you hyped up over Co-op and helping eachother out, while showing you that you can be betrayed at anytime. But ♥♥♥♥ that ♥♥♥♥! If you loved getting tied up and force fed a rotting banana in DayZ, you'll love mercilessly getting shot every time you spawn in Nether! Don't want to get shot? We introdue a brand new feature of spawning in a safezone! But guess what, ♥♥♥♥ you because it will be breached by Nether and will infact be a terrible place to spawn!

You'll be thrilled when you finally lose your ♥♥♥♥ and join in the murder frenzy! Kill on sight and loot corpses then discover that you've paid $15+ for the biggest game of Call of Duty ever made! Minus the assortment of guns and perks you're prety much just trying to kill other humans.

But wait, there's more! The totally no existent story will leave you in tears begging for more, and the newly added tribes will make you wish you had just spent the extra $15 for pretty much any other ♥♥♥♥ing game!

Did we mention all of the special features? Boss battles that totally suck, nether surges, which you'll just avoid because ♥♥♥♥ that, and cosmetic items!

Last but not least, the player base! All 300+ of our regular players will swear up and down that Nether is the greatest game ever and there is nothing more fun than sitting outside of a safezone and sniping new players. Because who wants their favorite game to be successful? Not our playerbase, that's for sure!

So if you're a homicidal maniac who sucks at Call of Duty and feels the need to kill people in an indirect fashion; then this games for you! And if you're on the fence about giving it a try, here's some words of advice: Don't waste your ♥♥♥♥ing money.

Edit: Games you'd do better spending money on-Dark Souls, DayZ, Dark Souls 2, Demon Souls(PS3), State of Decay, Banished(Hardest/most enjoyable game I've played after Dark souls, oddly enough).
張貼於:06 月 11 日
4 人之中有 3 人(75%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
295.3 記錄時數
剛開始 很難玩 可能需要點時間才能上手

視野很遠 有時玩家不動很不容易發現
這遊戲是狙擊手的天下可是狙擊手需要預備大量 食物更醫療

如果可以希望 怪物 會追隨氣息
會的話 可以大量減少 定點等其他玩家經過的人


遊戲內容 地圖內求生
基本 :
找食物 藥品 武器

以及 少量補飽食可是會回復體力


怪物 :

" 步行者 " 移動數度快 最常見
動作 : 地上 手腳撐地
血量 : 中下 (菜刀砍需5下)
體型 : 正常
特徵 : 更四腳動物一樣移動
特徵聲音 : 為尖銳 吸口水聲
地點 : 任何地方
分析 : 非主要擔心 可是攻擊起來危險
掉落特殊物品 : 無
傳送距離 : 10公尺

他的任何攻擊 你都可以格檔
發現玩家會吼 可是其他怪物不會理會他
基本能力傳送 她穿進去底下出來那瞬間會攻擊
他會從四面八方鑽出來 她有個癖好 喜歡跳起來打人
對付方式 一子移動 看到他跳躍 就知道他要攻擊了
死亡後物品稀少 內臟 好運 彈藥 太好運 小槍

" 自爆者 "

動作 : 懶惰式移動 身體扭動
血量 : 特少 (菜刀正常砍需1下)
體型 : 中
特徵 : 頭腫大 有小段尾巴
特徵聲音 : 人類哀號聲
地點 : 教堂 地鐵
分析 : 不要讓他靠近你
掉落特殊物品 : 極少量錢
傳送距離 : 無

他的移動極度緩慢 威脅不大
可是他受到攻擊時 會自爆
只要你不打他 他就會慢慢走向你 之後用手攻擊

如果可以不要讓他有機會靠近你 和朋友 除非你想死
他自爆之前會抱胸口 之後開始哀號 身體腫大
爆炸後 會有舒坦聲 傳說 他只想一心求死

" 刺蝟 "
動作 : 戰鬥姿勢不太會移動
血量 : 中上 (菜刀正常砍需7下)
體型 : 微大
特徵 : 胸口有類是裝甲物品
特徵聲音 : 低沉
地點 : 巷子 或任何地方
分析 : 缺錢找他就對了
掉落特殊物品 : 胸甲 各式彈藥(少量)
傳送距離 : 10公尺

特殊技能 他會先看 左邊 之後 胸口挺直
180度使用噴針 無法格檔
如果可以馬上先敲他 他會停止
死亡後 雖小單單內臟 好運 彈藥 小槍 鐵鍬 補品
太好運 以上 外加 主要槍械

" 尖叫 "
動作 : 手腳 開開 移動 左右看
血量 : 下 (菜刀攻擊3下)
體型 : 微小
特徵 : 黑色 胸口紅色
特徵聲音 : 尖銳 哼哼聲響
地點 : 任何 微高處
分析 : 沒槍別惹他 有槍又想刺激 鬧他就對了
掉落特殊物品 : 胸口 .50手槍(槍聲極大)
傳送距離 : 10公尺 以內

喜歡吐胃酸 無法格檔

可是他的特殊能力 能使任何人容易死亡
看到他 能秒殺他 就秒殺 別讓他叫出來
否則乖乖蹲下 繞遠路
她的尖叫 是一瞬間的一被他發現他會馬上叫

" 惺惺 "
動作 : 手腳 撐地上 移動緩慢
血量 : 大 (菜刀攻擊10下以上)
體型 : 特大
特徵 : 有著龐大的身形
特徵聲音 : 喜歡敲地上
地點 : 教堂 空曠區
分析 : 沒槍別惹他
掉落特殊物品 : 頭 .45衝鋒槍(消音)
傳送距離 : 5公尺上下

雖然血量後 可是攻擊緩慢 如果願意 可以
了解牠攻擊頻率 可以簡單拿近距離武器殺他
攻擊方式很好破解 刺擊 以及 雙手垂攻擊
刺擊攻擊遠 傷害約300 可以打非玩家
雙手垂攻擊 傷害高達500或更高

" 偵查 "
動作 : 手腳開開
血量 : 中上 (菜刀攻擊6下)
體型 : 中
特徵 : 頭上一根東西 眼睛會發紅光
特徵聲音 : 不詳
地點 : 個高處
分析 : 被他的紅光範圍照到 準發現
掉落特殊物品 : 眼珠
傳送距離 : 15公尺

此怪物 威脅不大 可是當有會殺人的玩家

" 空行者 "
動作 : 拍他的翅膀
血量 : 大 (菜刀攻擊10下以上)
體型 : 大
特徵 : 有著大大的蝙蝠翅膀
特徵聲音 : 低沉 鴨子聲
地點 : 高樓
分析 : 沒槍械別找他
掉落特殊物品 : 翅膀 下巴 .45衝鋒槍 .50沙漠之鷹
傳送距離 : 無

他的任何攻擊你都別想擋下 只能退後

此怪物 危脅性高 因龐大所以有容易引起玩家注意
他的缺點是 眼力 聽力 很差
他會使用 抓 吐火 以及 俯衝著地


最後 最致命的怪物
動作 : 正常人走路
血量 : 特大 (菜刀無法預估)
體型 : 特大
特徵 : 比惺惺旁大
特徵聲音 : 不詳
地點 : 地圖會顯示 有生命週期 短短10分鐘
分析 : 除非必要 否則不要
掉落特殊物品 : 雙手 不詳
傳送距離 : 20公尺

如果可以 不要惹他
他的單單刺擊 可以打飛你 還可以拿走你的500上下血量
他追擊你的距離 無限 你從地圖 最右邊跑道最左 他一樣更著你
除非你到安全區 喔對了 你衝刺跑不過他

分析檔案人倖存者 : 迪爾 ( DIRE_27TW )
目前狀況 : 樂觀 可單挑各式怪物
能力 : 亂衝 掩護隊友 給人裝備 職業單人維修壞掉安全區
特徵 : 喜歡攜帶個式防毒面具
出沒地點 : 任何 郊區機率較大
分析 : 缺裝備 在安全區找他就對了
經常掉落物品 : 紅色 . 黑色 背包
散彈槍 .45狙擊槍 UZI

喜歡直線奔跑 跑時不看左右
經常恍神 心軟不愛殺 綠色基本背包者
張貼於:09 月 26 日
29 人之中有 24 人(83%)認為這篇評論有參考價值
1.7 記錄時數
這款遊戲注重pvp 玩家互相殘殺才是重點,要玩的人請三思,不喜歡玩pvp的可以考慮找別款的合做生存!
張貼於:2013 年 12 月 23 日