Nether is a first-person urban survival experience unlike any other. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Nether forces players to make life-saving decisions in a fast-paced struggle against players and the environment. Join tribes to battle for territory. Scavenge, craft , trade and loot your way to stay alive another day.
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Datum vydání: 5. čvn. 2014

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13. února

PVE Beta Servers are here!

Hello everyone! After months of waiting we are finally proud to release our first wave of PVE servers. This game mode is currently in Beta and may feel easy. However at Pure FPS we are striving to make our PVE equally as difficult as our PVP mode by bringing the fear of the Nether back into the game!

With our latest update you should be seeing out new game mode live with the words : PVE at the end of the server title.

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30. ledna

Nether PVE Coming soon!

Good afternoon everyone we are excited to share with you our newest game mode PVE! We should be launching this VERY soon with our current build being tested now!

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“it sets itself apart from similar games such as Day-Z”
4/5 – Invisioncommunity

“its impressive recreation of a fallen city, proves to be a game you can get lost in for quite some time”
8.5/10 – Cramgaming

“Nether is a fantastic experience that, in the end, comes down to personal preference on how you choose to play it”
8/10 – GodisaGeek

Informace o hře

Nether is a fast-paced survival game that forces you to make quick life-saving decisions in an unforgiving environment. In this post-apocalyptic urban world, death is waiting around every corner, at the top of high-rise buildings, and in the grasp of powerful teleporting creatures known as 'Nethers'. These creatures and the other players are real challenges to overcome, requiring tactical gameplay, awareness, stealth, and cooperation. To navigate this high-tension environment, you must use skill and cunning in order to scavenge, trade, craft or loot for food, weapons, supplies, and other resources necessary to stay alive in a desolate and dangerous city. Team up with other survivors and take advantage of group play, as a tribe, to complete treacherous world objectives, or play as a lone wolf in an attempt to endure the hostile environment. In the end you must decide whether to Prey or Pray.

Key Features

The game's landscape is a beautifully conceived vision of a post apocalyptic Chicago, ravaged by disaster and time. Almost every low and high-rise building can be individually explored in a cityscape that stretches 150 blocks. Beyond the city lies the Wastelands, an unforgiving desolate landscape that is slowly sinking into the earth.

Start off, armed only with a kitchen knife and scavenge your way through an environment on a daily battle to stay alive. Beware the Nether, poor mutated souls who roam the city in search of human flesh. Scavenge for food and water to stay nourished, and search for useful items that could be crafted into makeshift weapons to help in your battle for life. Hunt and kill Nether to trade their body parts to the mysterious Cult located in the few markets that scatter the city. Over time, build up your skills and earn rewards for surviving each precious new day. But always beware of the other survivors who may be only one moment away from death, and see killing you and looting your possessions as their only salvation.

Find safety in numbers by joining a tribe. Only tribes can capture and own territory, and the urban landscape is the perfect setting for turf domination. Compete with rival tribes in territory wars for control of the city by capturing strategic landmarks to reap resources and experience; prove your dominance over all other tribes. Spy on rival tribes or infiltrate and kill them by playing as a Nether. Ambush them from above by swooping in for the kill using the wing suit. Tribes change the survival experience by establishing a true social construct, with all the consequences of behavior that you would expect in the real world. Your actions have real repercussions enforced organically through reputation and standing.

Players can complete an assortment of individual or group missions to earn money, experience and reputation. Perform vital supply runs between the markets, work with your tribe to take down the swarms of Nether lead by the vicious boss Reaper that sporadically surge to attack neighborhoods, or keep the creatures out of the Safezones by working in groups to repair the anti-nether devices when they fail.

Nether offers a wide variety of character customization and allows you to play as a male or female character. There is a huge selection of cosmetic items and player taunts to assert your individuality along with entire outfits to play roles like survivalist, soldier and biker - or even just play in your underwear.

  • Valve Anti-Cheat servers protect against hackers
  • First-person perspective creates a true survival experience
  • Meld of PvE (player versus environment) and PvP (player versus player) gameplay
  • New weapons and items become available as players explore the game world
  • Up to 64 players per game server
  • Single purchase, downloadable client allows full game access without subscription

Chosen Pack includes:

  • 50 Nether Gold
  • Chosen-Only Exclusive In-Game Item
  • 5 x 72 hour Guest Keys
  • Participation in Forums to Define Upcoming Game Features

  • Special Highlighted Name/Rank in Nether Forum

Believer Pack includes:

  • 20 Nether Gold
  • 3 x 72 hour Guest Keys
  • Participation in Forums to Define Upcoming Game Features

Watcher Pack includes:

  • Participation in Forums to Define Upcoming Game Features

Systémové požadavky

    • OS: Vista/Windows 7 *64-BIT OS REQUIRED*
    • Processor: 2.4 GHZ Quad Core or Better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 460/ATI Radeon HD 5850
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Windows Compatible Sound Card
    • OS: Windows 7 *64-BIT OS REQUIRED*
    • Processor: 2.4 GHZ Quad Core or Better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Windows Compatible Sound Card
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Přidáno: 9. října 2014

Let me start by saying Nether is an extremely fun game and sadly a very frustrating game as well. The high points in this game are a ton of fun especially if you enjoy open world pvp or survival pve. The low points usually make you turn the game off to cool down. Hackers/Glitches/Devs have ruined this game. As i type this it has been 2 weeks of Servers crashing until today where there are no servers left to join except for Last man standing PVP servers which let me stress is not the game you buy. I have checked their web site and they have not made a post since late August despite tons of people begging for help with servers being down and bugs that stop them from even opening Nether. It has now been 24-48 hours of no one being able to play the game and still not one word from devs as to what is happening with the game servers. It would be one thing if they posted saying server maintenance but it has now been 2 weeks of servers dissapearing with 0 communication. Steam should probably stop selling it as people will want there money back for this awful experience. So again I stress DO NOT BUY THIS. I will ammend this review if the Devs ever come back from their vacation.

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Přidáno: 2. ledna
Recenze, co jsou tu negativně a urážlivě napsány, neberte vážně! Hra funguje, nechápu co jim na tom nejde, možná to bude nějakou mentální poruchou.. Jak už jsem uvedl, hra funguje, registrace také (samozřejmě nejdříve Nether account, který poté propojíte se Steamem - jednoduché, popsáno a vysvětleno jak pro idiota [ne, vůbec to není narážka na ty hlupáky, co píší, jak to nefunguje])
Rozmýšlel jsem se mezi Infestation a tímto, tedy Netherem. Rozhodl jsem se pro možnost B, hlavně kvůli tomu, že v první volbě jsou stále, i přes nespočet měsíců co měli vývojáři na opravení, nepotrestaní cheateři a hackeři, což se vám zde nestane - určitě velké + když se ihned po vykouknutí ze Safe Zone neocitnete mrtví - zabiti hráčem, který je na druhém konci mapy. Nelituji, i když to celkové očekávání nesplnilo.

MILUJI SURVIVAL HRY, možná i proto mě tento titul v první hodině naprosto uchvátil (i přesto, že můj slabý notebook s full hd monitorem to rozjede na *minimum* a 1280x800). Bohužel více než strachu z nepřátel (Netherů) se po nějaké době naučíte nevěřit žádnému hráči, který jde kolem. Ale o tom až později.
Po vsazení do světa mě ihned uchvátila propracovanost lokace (i přes LOW grafiku) a celkový vzhled. Při prozkoumávání logicky nacházíte různé předměty, kterých není moc, o to více si nález užijete a pocítíte pocit euforie - ať jde o energetickou tyčinku nebo toaleťák. Důležitým aspektem je také levelování, kde získáváte skill pointy a XP, za které si poté vylepšíte dovednosti - minimálně delší sprint se opravdu hodí! To je jedna stránka, ta skvělá (z mého pohledu). Z druhého pohledu, jstě obět. Všechno vaše věci v inventáři lákají ostatní hráče, a pokud zemřete, automaticky všechno ztrácíte. Proto nečekejte moc týmové hry, připojil jsem se do týmu a spoluhráč mě zabil, protože se mu líbila moje čepice.. Zkrátka - ZABIJ, NEBO BUDEŠ ZABIT!

2.Po dalších dvou hodinách strávených zkoumáním světa a hledáním předmětů jsem našel spoustu skvělých věcí, no bohužel jsem potom narazil na bug a sice, že jsem skočil do vody a po vteřině zemřel :D ani to mě neodradilo a zvolil jsem si jinou postavu a začal znovu - tohle se mi snad nikdy nestalo, ta hra mě naprosto uchvátila a všem 100% doporučuji i přes výše zmíněné "nevýhody" - první zabití hráče, který mě napadl první, možná mému úsudku přidalo.. Byl to tak krásný pocit :D

07.01/// Začínám čím dál víc pochybovat o férovosti této hry, když se mi asi potřetí stalo, že jsem do hráče napral 4 střely brokovnící, on mě jednou seknul (FULL HP) a bylo po mě..

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Přidáno: 24. prosince 2014
Super uzasna epicka hra! Hral som to len hodinu a uz sa toho neviem zbavit. Uplne ma pohltila.
Obrovske prostredie s mnozstvom moznosti a aby sa tu clovek nenudil su tu aj misie, ktore survivalovku doplnuju o nieco co moze hrac robit. Recenzie typu je to na hovno nejde mi to su ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Y... Je to problem tych blbcov, ktori maju lamacky pocitac asi z ery win98. Su to lzi tato hra je vo vyvoji co znamena ze sa stale vylepsuje a pridavaju sa nove moznosti hrania.
Kupit tuto hru bolo naj rozhodnutie...Aj ked mi to ide iba na low :)
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Přidáno: 12. ledna
What ♥♥♥♥♥♥ protection does this game have ? Cheaters everywhere... people should stop releasing unfinished games, its waste of money and time. You have to own a very good PC to be able to play on some avarage graphic with more than 30 fps. And that idea when you die you loose everything and levels ? Crew that, I cant even get some rapid fire weapon without dying on hunger or by players and cheaters. Sometimes it fun, but most of the times it is not.
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Přidáno: 1. listopadu 2014
Recenze před vydáním titulu
Ok, blatently put, Nether is great or at least it was. Whilst this game was in Alpha, it was excellent. The ambience was top notch and the sense of lonliness was exactly how it should have been. Of course, every game comes with it's flaws but it wasn't too much of a deal given the game was in alpha and the bugs were only minor. A texture not loading here and there and a few sounds sometimes dissapeared. Everthing was going great untill the big updated started to happen.

When the motorbike was implemented through an update, it was obvious that this game was going downhill... and it did. Now what we have is more or less a focus on PvP to the point where it is now possible to play as the Nether (The creatures that inhabit the city). This removes all the ambience and idea of "It's them against us". Furthermore, the game began to degrade in quality. More bugs began to grow and the game began to just get more laggy throughout each update. They had also removed the ability to scavange the variety of weapons but instead replaced it by forging weapons together using the body parts of the Nether. Who knew that a demonic, spine, brain and eyeball makes an M9 pistol? Also, around the time that this game made it's movement from Alpha to Beta, all of the inventory, characters and accounts got reset. This also included the in-game money which some people paid for in the form of the Believers pack. All of the people who purchased these packs were going to be re-funded on the in-game money they may have spent. Now this is me speaking from personal experience so I don't know if anybody had the same issue, I had purchased the Believers pack back in the Alpha stages for £22.99 which means I had received about 20 of the gold coins or whatever the currency in-game was. After the reset, I was dis-heartened to find out that I actually was never refunded this in-game which I paid extra to receive.

In short, it shocks me that all those who paid for this game in it's Alpha stages now have a game which they didn't pay for and may possibly never pick up again. You had one job Phosphor Games... one job...
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Přidáno: 20. října 2014
Now I'm usually really lenient when it comes to reviewing a game, so much so that in the most case I feel it best to avoid doing so, so as not to "put off" players from playing a game. But in this case I am really sad to say that I almost feel obliged to write a review. Now the game itself is pretty fun, I won't take that away from it, but frankly there are major issues that need sorting and frankly they aren't the kind that can just be ignored:

There are a lot, and I mean A LOT of hackers in this game, to the point where you can be merily sauntering around the swamps of the game map, and then suddenly completely out of the blue be shot from across the entire bloody map by a person that can not and should not be able to see you. This literally makes the game unplayable at certain times and destroys the immersion.

GLITCHES AND BUGS EVERYWHERE! Many a time have I had super gear and then found myself falling quite ridiculously into a non existant hole in a highway, only to get stuck and either drown in inivisible water or just have to walk around aimlessly in a trap hole. Not really what I imagined for a post apocalyptic death scenario.

The map is huge, and this is not a negative. In fact I think the map is brilliant, the choice of either open fields of death or narrow streets and high rise buildings to be sniped from. These elements add a real sense of fear to the game and I believe that is what makes me keep playing the game.

The PVP aspect, oh god I hate this bit. Unless you intend to play with a group of over 5 bazillion people, don't bother trying to be friendly or nice to other players. They will gun you the f*** down without a moments hesitation, steal all your stuff and then get shot themselves by someone watching from a far off place. PVP sucks in this game, and even with friends, you aren't safe. BUT, credit where credit is due, this again adds a serious fear element which I can really appreciate, a proper struggle for survival in a world where no one gives a ♥♥♥♥ what you do.

The AI monsters (or nethers) are pretty f****** scary, and when you encounter the wrong type, wow can you be killed quick! They are exactly what they should be, something to avoid rather than something to attack. The benefit though is when you have the right gear to fight them, because then you can reap the rewards of your triumphant kill, sell off their body parts and make money or items haazah! That is of course, unless you get sniped by someone 5 miles away....

Servers is my last issue now, seeing as when I started playing this game, to even get to the server screen was awful. You had to wait over 15 minutes just for the main menu screen to load! But now I look back fondly at this time because at least back then there were servers! Now you are handed a pathetically small list of servers, of which the main ones are the god awful new gamemode last man standing (don't ask). SO if you want to actually play this game, I wish you luck trying to find a bloody server to play on....

Okay so that is pretty much all I have to say, I wish it wasn't so negative because I am still adamant this game has massive potential, and it really is a shame that it was released in such a s*** state, because I do enjoy it. YES! Despite all the terrile bugs and the terrible gameplay, and the not so great textures, it is still a fun game. Why you ask? Because in its errors and faults, there is a weird charm that just makes me keep playing it. And yes I cry and damn near wreck my room when I've spent 3 years trying to get this one gun and then suddenly *SNIPE* and all my progress is gone, but that just makes it all the more challenging, fighting for survival in a world where you start off as an underdog and remain that way for the entirety of the rest of the game! So my advice to you potential player, don't go into this game with high expectations, because it won't meet them, but rather see this game as a continuous work in progress, or even as a very human version of an apocalypse. My reason for the "No" recommendation? Merely because I am hoping if enough people downvote this game they may actually fix it, and then we can all go about sniping each other legitimately!
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Přidáno: 4. listopadu 2014

I will not lie, This game was god damn Fantastic when I first played it in Nov,2013. The Production company that worked on the game "Phosphor Studios" has long abandoned this game (Scumbags) and left it to Nether Productions who clearly are way over their heads. Game is clearly broken they make ZERO progress in fixing it and or making it playable. I BEG you NOT to buy this game or further endorse it.

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Přidáno: 3. listopadu 2014
10/10 Best buyers remorse simulator 2014
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Přidáno: 14. října 2014
Let's start with the good stuff : It's a nice game, lots of fun, realistic stuff and blablabla.

Now bad stuff :
1. Server are always full.
2. In those server 90% of the player wanna kill you because you are lvl 31 and got some epic stuff
3. No PvE server
4. Spawns kills
5. Loots are always the same, only luck will give you weapons
6. If Server aren't full, it's because you can't connect
8. If you fid a nice looting zone, there is a moth*****er behind you
9. If you walk more than 20 min without being shoot at, it's because the player that tried to kill you got killed by another one, keep running the other one is following you
10. If you get out of a safezone when tere is more than 20 player in the server, RUN ♥♥♥♥♥ RUN, or you gonna get spawn kill
11. When you first play, good player give you stuff and there friends, bad player, kill you and give it back to his friend, the loop restart
12. Did you said buggy? More like ♥♥♥♥*ng bugged car that will NOT save your ♥♥♥
14. Hacker, Hacker everywhere
15. There is no ''13.''
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Přidáno: 11. října 2014
Short Version:
This game sucks and I want my money back.

Long Version:

This game has a multitude of problems that are being paid no attention to despite the outcry on the forums to deal with said problems. The developers have basically abandoned the game and left a small team to use it as their little playground as they release 'fixes' that don't fix anything we NEED fixed. So many silly things that make this game either impossible or boring and just plainly rob you of your experience.


- You can be the exact thing you might very well be hunting in the games.
(Golems, Watchers)

Yeah, didn't see that coming, did you? That was the only redeeming part of the game for me.


- The 'About this Game' section is full of complete ♥♥♥♥. There is no life-saving decision because there is no way to save your life. The game is riddled with hackers that seem to go unnoticed by the developers. This, combined with numerous bugs pertaining to weapons, stamina and the game's skill system make it impossible to play.

- The servers are constantly down or screwed up beyond all relief. There used to be between twenty to twenty-five servers, and now there's ten at the most with about three or four of them being US East and a similar number for US West- One not monitored by Steam VAC [which doesn't work with Nether by the way] in each category. There's currently a bug going about that makes it impossible to join servers. You click to join, it loads you in, then sends you back to the server select screen.

- None of the weapons are balanced in any way and all of them can kill you in a few meager hits, or even one. The game's enemies- the Nether -pose absolutely NO threat unless you try to intentionally get them after you by running into screamers, hordes lead by reapers or dropzones. Otherwise, there's barely ANY Nether around and they can be killed so easily that it's not even funny. It may take a bit, but odds are you'll leave unscathed if you follow the basic tactic of [W], [Mouse 1], [S].

- The game is VERY Pay-2-play. Some may disagree but your Nether Gold can be used to buy weapons, food, ammo and Nether Potions which allow you to turn into weak Nether that die far too easily.

- The only vehicles in the game don't work and actually explode or fly into the air on you if you try to get in them. I know this from experience, and it was a painful experience.

- As expected, the only people who you can really trust in that game are the people on your friend's list in Steam who you probably knew before you bought this trainwreck. Tribes mean nothing and hold no value as tribemembers will still gladly slaughter other tribemembers- even during location takeovers so their negativity with their tribe is entirely abolished once they capture it and make it out with your hard-earned items.

- Spawn locations for weapons and ammo aren't too far in between as a shotgun can be just a few steps away from an SMG or sword that does about 225 damage per swing, not including the game's skills.

- Hitboxes in this game are VERY poor, as well as the weapon system. Instead of a simple animation to slightly lean in to focus your aim, the game immediately changes your field of view, forces your perspective forward and puts the sight of the gun directly into your face in the course of a millisecond.

- Safezones can be attacked, and disabled for up to an HOUR unless players can band together to reactivate anti-Nether arrays in the safezone. People often hide in buildings around the safezones, an example being Lakeside, the biggest and most common safezone, and snipe down at anyone who walks in. Even if they killed you once, they will continue to kill you until you give up. This makes the game unfun and unfair.

- Medpacks and energy boost items can be hotkeyed, but they have absolutely no cooldown. You can keep downing pills in the midst of battle.


- To be a Golem or Watcher, you have to pay in the game's 'funbucks'. You can pay with in-game money, but it costs $1,250 just to be a Crawler Nether- only 1250 HP with about 125 damage output. You can also get a single one from completing the beginner tutorial. You only get three lives and do minimal damage whereas the human survivors get weapons that do up to five-hundred damage per shot. That's six shots to end your life just for you to spawn miles away from the actual players. You slowly die if you don't kill anyone to refill your food bar and have minimum damage output so this makes it impossible to do properly.

- As a Nether, you can get caught in a LOT of things in this game, especially the stairs. Trying to go up them often results in you being trapped in the stairs, and unable to move. While it is possible to get out, it's still ridiculous how traversing stairs seems to be impossible.

- As a Nether, when you teleport, your physical entity is still above ground. If you disappear and move around- you can still be killed by spray-pray.

- As a Nether, if you go to an outpost currently under attack and wait there until the outpost is secured, you can keep the Outpost in an 'attacked' state. Players may fire, Nether may still enter, but not spawn inside, and as long as YOU are within the Safezone as a Nether, it will remain this way, whether you're shooting or not.


I just wanna throw this out there as well. I bought the Chosen edition- When it was $40, thinking I was about to have one of the best experiences of my life. A week later, the price dropped and the game was still total ♥♥♥♥. The developers don't try to talk to the community or interact, they just do what they want. Even as I typed this, they've released a DLC that forces you to fight other players, something that already happens day to day in the game if you can even get into it's ♥♥♥♥♥♥ servers. I guess I should have expected this coming from guys who make mobile games chock-full of pay-to-play bonus ♥♥♥♥ that's similar to Farmville or Candy Crush. On their website and even their Twitter, there is nothing about Nether, only 'WARP', their ♥♥♥♥♥♥ 6v6 mobile-MOBA. Nether so much potential and I can definitely see it going somewhere, but with the people working on it as it is who seem to think they can scrape by the bottom of the boat with such horrendous features running it, it's doomed to die and may have already died.
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Přidáno: 27. října 2014
Dont buy filled with hackers...
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Přidáno: 24. října 2014
Recenze před vydáním titulu
Terrible, terrible game. Very obvious re-skin of Infestation:survival stories aka 'Warz'. Worst purchase of my life and it sickens me that I actually gave money to these scammers. I was threatened with a ban when asking for a refund. Stay classy steam.
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3.1 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 19. října 2014
Don't buy this game. It has too many bugs for it to be even close to playable, and the spawning system is trash.

Save your money and buy the competitor's survival games.
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Přidáno: 21. listopadu 2014
While Nether would have gotten a negative review from me 2 weeks ago, since they've started banning hackers the game has drastically improved going from 'dam he had an aimbot' over to 'my aim was better'. While the game does have a decent learning curve if your not used to this genre, it becomes really fun once you learn how the Nether world works finding weapons, food, and ammo, as well as dispatching most nether's with ease. Would recommend if you have a friend that can play with you, and if not solo is still pretty damn fun!

If you do read any reviews for this game, make sure they are november 2014 or newer, thats when bans started~
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Přidáno: 24. října 2014
Made my friend Colby cry.
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Přidáno: 29. října 2014
If you don't hack, don't buy it, it was fun before all of the hacking.
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Přidáno: 27. října 2014
If you were looking to avoid the boring pointless tedium of games like Day Z or Rust, you're looking at the wrong game. Nether is basically just a heavy retooling of the same, tired, boring, unbalanced and unforgiving genre of "survival" concepts. There's little to no incentive to co-operate with other players therefore there's little point to survival. Treat each game more like a disposable burn session, there's no long-term here.

All-in-all, if you're just in it for the mindless combat, trolling players or exploring a post-apocalyptic wasteland which resembles Chicago bordering Detroit with some of the crappiest suburbs in-between, then you might enjoy it just for that. Otherwise, don't expect any spectactular story, end-game or goal-driven gameplay. If the Enemy players or AI aren't trying to kill you, then don't worry. The surrounding environment will do a great job to make up for that as your character can't swim in waist-deep water and despite being above water will begin to drown or take damage anyway.

If you're still not convinced then don't let the screenshots deceive you. Even at the highest quality settings, the game looks NOTHING like what you see in the screenshots or video. This game looks worse than Fallout 3 at the lowest settings even if you have the newest fanciest card. At one point this game did have promise and potential, however it doesn't appear to have lived up to any of it.
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Přidáno: 28. října 2014
a nice game where you can be spawn camped by greivers all day long. No need to look any further for a game that is not only pointless but encourages players to wait for others to leave safe havens to get an easy kill for not other reason than "heh, gotcha." Today I spawned in the world only to find myself on a bridge in wide open area. I took 10 steps and was promptly executed for my trouble. This is troubling as I spawned in the world with only 9 people on the server. Which means the game couldn't or didn't want to put me in the world where I could actually move without being shot down immediately. So much for gearing up and stealth play if the game lands you right in front of greiver.
The game really is pretty including the hordes of demons. I can deal with them. I cannot deal with asshats that play a game just to screw with the guy that just respawned. The game is expansive with no visible stoppage of play with movement and the massive and complex buildings and territory is amazing.
Honestly, you'd have a better time playing DayZ.

This game is a nice concept except for previously mentioned problems with "Safe Zones" being safe in the time you're there. Just wait until you leave. If someone doesn't follow you and kill you, you'll have a griever sniping you as soon as you leave. Again save your money and time.
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Přidáno: 14. ledna
I only thumbs up because the uninstall button works.
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Přidáno: 29. října 2014

This game sucks in all aspects, dont get me wrong it has a lot of potential but it never made it.
cant say anything else about it other than its a money grab.

and once again DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!!! just garbage.
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