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Velocity®Ultra, el aclamado shooter que te sumerge en el control del único Quarp jet de la galaxia, una avanzada nave espacial que puede teletransportarse. Tendrás que salvar a los supervivientes de la colisión de un agujero negro, y para eso necesitarás tu poder de disparo y tu ingenio para superar los 50 niveles.
Fecha de lanzamiento: 12 Dic 2013
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“Ikaruga meets Portal”
Keza MacDonald, IGN

“This is a remarkable shmup and should appeal even to those who don’t like games of the genre.”
Chris Priestman, Indie Statik

Acerca del juego

Velocity®Ultra, el aclamado shooter que te sumerge en el control del único Quarp jet de la galaxia, una avanzada nave espacial que puede teletransportarse. Tendrás que salvar a los supervivientes de la colisión de un agujero negro, y para eso necesitarás tu poder de disparo y tu ingenio para superar los 50 niveles.

Con unos increíbles efectos visuales, un estilo de arte inspirado en el anime y una excitante banda sonora, Velocity Ultra combina la velocidad, la ferocidad y el estilo clásico de un juego arcade, a la vez que introduce un nuevo nivel de dificultad con puzles únicos.

Características principales

  • Pilota la nave espacial más avanzada de la galaxia a través de 50 desafiantes niveles.
  • Resuelve retorcidos puzles y supera a los enemigos usando una gran variedad de controles.
  • Integración de Steamworks, incluyendo más de 30 logros y una colección completa de Steam Trading Cards.
  • Marcadores online y un increíble sistema de puntuación para cada nivel.
  • Controles de teclado configurables y compatible con gamepad.
  • Con misiones de bonificación y minijuegos ocultos para descubrir.

Requisitos del sistema

    • OS: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NDIVIA GeForce series 512MB, AMD(ATI) Radeon series 512MB
    • Hard Drive: 650 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
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I am a big fan of games with Cartoon Style art in them, and this Game is absolutely amazing in that aspect. But not only does it have great graphics, the music is also amazing, and the game-play is well thought trough. Boosting and teleporting around the world work well and the loot you find helps you out quite a bit.

Would recommend this Game just for the Graphics and the Music alone.
Publicado: 17 mayo 2014
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Velocity Ultra is a different spaceship game. The focus here isn't to fight enemies, but solving puzzles and rescue survivors while you run against the clock. You have the ability to teleport, and this adds a nice and refreshing new mechanic to the genre. The controls take some time to get used, and it's a bit hard to master at the start, but with some practice you'll do well. It's important to say that this is not a bullet hell title. If you are looking for a completely new experience, you might give this game a try.
Publicado: 10 julio 2014
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Velocity Ultra is amazing, it feels like an HD remake of an imaginative Amiga game, down to its soundtrack. Game got it all: puzzles, racing, shoot 'em up, super twitchy and incredible responsive controls.
Publicado: 30 mayo 2014
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Fun shmup with some very light puzzle elements.
Publicado: 22 agosto 2014
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To be fair, i bought the game in a bundle and therefore got it without actually wanting it. Still i am a huge fan of scroll shooters and tried it out.

In Velocity Ultra you try to rescue as many survivors as possible and finish the level as fast as you can to gain the maximum score.

While this is a different approach to the scroll shooter genre than the usual "kill everything", it doesnt seem to work very well. Even though all levels are different, they just feel the same, as all you do is collecting rescue pods that are hard to reach.

The fights feel really bad, as the opponets ships are all looking the same, are not animated and just feel wrong. They die in one shot and even though you get special weapons, its no difference as they are not fighting back. As the screenshots tell, this changes at some point, but the game was so boring that i couldnt make it to those levels without falling asleep.

The only challenge in this game comes from the high speed and the locations of the rescue pods that need to be collected.
A game that is about getting the best time and score, should offer scoreboards and allow the player to compete for the best time. However, in velocity ultra there is simply a maximum score you can get which totally desotroys the competition.

I recommend watching a couple of videos before hitting the "buy" button, as this is not the typical scroll shooter. As a huge fan of scroll shooters, I did not like this game at all.
Publicado: 9 agosto 2014
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Before modern day "shooters" existed, the term "shooter" referred to games in which the singular player (or occastionally multiple players) destroys hordes of enemies whilst dodging attacks. The player usually takes control of an aircraft (or spacecraft) to do this, and today, we define this sub-genre as the "Schmup" (shoot-em-up). These games were such a staple of gaming's earlier developments that you can see thier DNA now infused with many modern games. The problem is that the more pure form of vertical and horizontal scrolling shooters doesn't seem to surface very often anymore. The more recent release of Radiant Silvergun in the x-box live marketplace makes up for some of this, but the modern shoot-em up world is still barren!

Enter Velocity Ultra-- possibly the most clever evolution of the classic shooter genre, since Ikaruga. This game takes the conventional shoot-em-up, adds an excellent teleportation system, throws you into it's more than fifty mini-playgrounds,
and challenges you to adapt to them while meeting certain requirements. Those that find an affinity with this game, as I have, won't be able to stop until they've gotten a gold medal in every stage.

The graphics are more than adequate, and have a consistent style to them that doesn't confuse the eyes or get in the way of the gameplay mechanic. The comic-like art in between missions is fun to look at, and serves as a throwback to the "barely-there" style of storytelling that most shoot-em-ups adhere to. Why tease the player with too much story when all that'll be needed is very twitchy hands? The comic-frames more than suffice. Music is above average techno (I understand that electronic music consists of multiple sub-generes, but "techno" seems to fit the profile here), and carries the game's pace nicely. Controls are fluid and responsive, with only the occasional failed teleportation to make the player question his or her controller. And even then, practice makes perfect is the bread & butter of this game, and evidences it's tight gameplay. I'm curious as to how the controls feel in the Vita original, and I'm even more curious to see how curve studios might integrate the teleportation controls in to IOS, or other mobile devices.

Buy this game. It's an evolution of one of the most classic genres of video gaming, and it does what it does very well. The price is certainly right, and we need to encourage more development of games in this genre! Oh, and did I mention the game has a built in calculator, as well as the game Mine-sweeper? Does this enhance the experience? No! Is it awesome? Yes!

9.1 / 10
Publicado: 12 diciembre 2013
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