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Velocity®Ultra, el aclamado shooter que te sumerge en el control del único Quarp jet de la galaxia, una avanzada nave espacial que puede teletransportarse. Tendrás que salvar a los supervivientes de la colisión de un agujero negro, y para eso necesitarás tu poder de disparo y tu ingenio para superar los 50 niveles.
Fecha de lanzamiento: 12 Dic 2013
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“Ikaruga meets Portal”
Keza MacDonald, IGN

“This is a remarkable shmup and should appeal even to those who don’t like games of the genre.”
Chris Priestman, Indie Statik

Acerca del juego

Velocity®Ultra, el aclamado shooter que te sumerge en el control del único Quarp jet de la galaxia, una avanzada nave espacial que puede teletransportarse. Tendrás que salvar a los supervivientes de la colisión de un agujero negro, y para eso necesitarás tu poder de disparo y tu ingenio para superar los 50 niveles.

Con unos increíbles efectos visuales, un estilo de arte inspirado en el anime y una excitante banda sonora, Velocity Ultra combina la velocidad, la ferocidad y el estilo clásico de un juego arcade, a la vez que introduce un nuevo nivel de dificultad con puzles únicos.

Características principales

  • Pilota la nave espacial más avanzada de la galaxia a través de 50 desafiantes niveles.
  • Resuelve retorcidos puzles y supera a los enemigos usando una gran variedad de controles.
  • Integración de Steamworks, incluyendo más de 30 logros y una colección completa de Steam Trading Cards.
  • Marcadores online y un increíble sistema de puntuación para cada nivel.
  • Controles de teclado configurables y compatible con gamepad.
  • Con misiones de bonificación y minijuegos ocultos para descubrir.

Requisitos del sistema

    • OS: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NDIVIA GeForce series 512MB, AMD(ATI) Radeon series 512MB
    • Hard Drive: 650 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
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Before modern day "shooters" existed, the term "shooter" referred to games in which the singular player (or occastionally multiple players) destroys hordes of enemies whilst dodging attacks. The player usually takes control of an aircraft (or spacecraft) to do this, and today, we define this sub-genre as the "Schmup" (shoot-em-up). These games were such a staple of gaming's earlier developments that you can see thier DNA now infused with many modern games. The problem is that the more pure form of vertical and horizontal scrolling shooters doesn't seem to surface very often anymore. The more recent release of Radiant Silvergun in the x-box live marketplace makes up for some of this, but the modern shoot-em up world is still barren!

Enter Velocity Ultra-- possibly the most clever evolution of the classic shooter genre, since Ikaruga. This game takes the conventional shoot-em-up, adds an excellent teleportation system, throws you into it's more than fifty mini-playgrounds,
and challenges you to adapt to them while meeting certain requirements. Those that find an affinity with this game, as I have, won't be able to stop until they've gotten a gold medal in every stage.

The graphics are more than adequate, and have a consistent style to them that doesn't confuse the eyes or get in the way of the gameplay mechanic. The comic-like art in between missions is fun to look at, and serves as a throwback to the "barely-there" style of storytelling that most shoot-em-ups adhere to. Why tease the player with too much story when all that'll be needed is very twitchy hands? The comic-frames more than suffice. Music is above average techno (I understand that electronic music consists of multiple sub-generes, but "techno" seems to fit the profile here), and carries the game's pace nicely. Controls are fluid and responsive, with only the occasional failed teleportation to make the player question his or her controller. And even then, practice makes perfect is the bread & butter of this game, and evidences it's tight gameplay. I'm curious as to how the controls feel in the Vita original, and I'm even more curious to see how curve studios might integrate the teleportation controls in to IOS, or other mobile devices.

Buy this game. It's an evolution of one of the most classic genres of video gaming, and it does what it does very well. The price is certainly right, and we need to encourage more development of games in this genre! Oh, and did I mention the game has a built in calculator, as well as the game Mine-sweeper? Does this enhance the experience? No! Is it awesome? Yes!

9.1 / 10
Publicado: 12 diciembre 2013
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Full video review:

Shmups has been a genre of little innovation over the years; we see the same renditions every year with slightly more enemies, new tilesets and new gun types. The folks over at Futurlab have tried to innovate on this style of game with much success. It stays true to the roots of a Shmup while experimenting with things such as acceleration and teleportation.

Now while these innovations change how the game plays, it doesn't mean it'll suit everyone. Personally I suffer from motion sickness in some games, games such as Battlefield and Hotline Miami are prime examples, with either narrow FOV or with large amounts of moving elements. Velocity Ultra suffers from the latter, with the addition of acceleration you'll be jumping between snail crawling speeds to being able to do the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs. This is worsened by the quite zoomed in nature of the game and how you're encouraged to use your blink ability ASAP which causes you to move to the top of the screen, only seconds later being forced to draw back, these jumps up and down across the screen are the main offenders to motion sickness. Narrow game sections are a similar affair, with sometimes 70%+ of the screen being covered in repeating tilesets.

Now if you're not a panzy like myself and can actually play more than 5 minutes without having to take a break you'll love this game, and I can say that to people who may not even be Shmup fans. It innovates enough that it can appeal to a large audience while still being a Shmup at its core with hundreds of enemies, online leaderboards and multiple weapon types. It features a great soundtrack and the cutscene art is a favourite of mine, the style it's done in is breathtaking using a small palette of green, blue and red with thick outlines is a sight for sore eyes.

The game controls well and supports keyboard + gamepad, runs at 60FPS which is always nice to see. Options while somewhat limited should not be an issue as this game seems to run well on nearly every setup. Only major complaint would be the lack of audio sliders and maybe an ability to zoom out further (though that could make certain teleportation segments slightly easier).

Check this game out it's worth the money, has lots of cool interesting things which I haven't seen in a Shmup. It's just a shame that this will be a game I won't be able to fully enjoy because of the constant acceleration and teleportation.
Publicado: 17 diciembre 2013
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Velocity Ultra is a cool shoot 'em up, where you can complete most of the levels at your own pace. You can scroll through the levels at a faster pace with the press of a button. Your ship can also teleport and hit walls without taking damage. It's an impressive spaceship, really. There are many levels, about 50 or so, and completing a level will earn you xp; xp that can be used to progress through these many levels as some of more difficult ones will still be locked at the beginning. And it's not just about navigating levels, you also have to shoot enemies (with upgradeable weapons later on) and collect escape pods. Collecting and shooting these will help you earn a bronze, silver or gold medal and these are tied to your xp. I should've mentioned that a tiny bit earlier maybe, but what the hell. Anyhoo, to make a long story short, or a short story shorter; it's an amusing game with, for me personally, not enough content to keep me coming back for more. Then again, it's a shoot 'em up and I've rarely seen one with tons of content. Still, entertaining. Certainly not bad.
Publicado: 26 diciembre 2013
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I highly recommend this game for Shmup and puzzle fans.
I'm only halfway through the game, but it has some good musics and addictive gameplay. You need to clear every levels and save the survivors, but for that, you'll have to use teleporters, dive ability, booster and or course : shooting.

The game is in 2D but that's fine, it's beautiful, and smooth. The difficulty increases for every zone you'll unlock.

This is like a race game mixed with Ikaruga and Portal. There is leaderboard and high replayability to gain every possible gold medals. (and "Perfect").

Also, you have a minesweeper mini-game into one menu. Enjoy !
Publicado: 14 diciembre 2013
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Have you ever gone into an arcade and played one of those scroller games with the space ship shoting millions of enemies while dodging through a maze of seemingly endless porportions? Or even better yet, remember back in the day on SNES "Raiden Trad" or the "R-Type Final" series?

Well if you answered yes for anything mentioned above, then you will probably like this game.

Graphically looks like it was made in flash, so theres a very 2D feel too the game; which is actually very nice for a change :D
I thoroughly enjoyed and am still enjoying playing this game, and reccememend picking it up!
for $10, its a good steal.

Originally i DID NOT like the teleport feature, having too teleport through walls, but it really adds another level or depth too the game itself making you think almost a second ahead.. And how they reinitialize from your starting point from telelport and don't allow where the mouse is pointing is a more realistic teleport feature (you need your origin [0,0] before you can do your end [X,Y] 2 Dimensionally ofc) which did take a little too get used too, and using a mouse and keyboard isn't too challenging.

I do think that based on the fact that the ship could teleport, that it should also be able too rotate via something simple of a concept as a 0 - through - 360 thrusters based on different power levels, but for simplicity sake only being able too shoot upwards and using bombs for your left, right and down is ok..

...Think 'twitch' sniping...

all in all...

Publicado: 12 diciembre 2013
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