Men of War: Assault Squad 2 features new single player style skirmish modes that take players from extreme tank combat to deadly sniper stealth missions. Commanders can now faceoff against opponents on various new multiplayer 1v1 – 4v4 maps.
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"f you haven’t played Men Of War before, then this is a rich and rewarding place to start. And you *really* should play something in this series."
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We would like to thank you, our community, for the successful weekend! Men of War: Assault Squad 2 peaked at more than 2,900 (3,016) concurrent users today. ːhonorː

Exciting times are ahead, as we will continue to support and improve the game. Check out the latest Developers Update to find out what's coming next:

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Daily deal - 75% off!

Men of War: Assault Squad 2 is 75% off during the daily deal on Steam!

Check out the latest Developers Update here.

Have fun!

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“If you haven’t played Men Of War before, then this is a rich and rewarding place to start. And you really should play something in this series if you have the faintest whiff of interest in RTS, because it is one of the great masterworks. To not play it is to waste your life.”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“With a substantial graphical upgrade, a bunch of new units and a fleshed out multiplayer component (as well as skirmishes, finally), every fan is bound to get hours upon hours of fun, visceral and emergent gameplay. In case you haven't had contact with an Assault Squad game and you're an RTS gamer, you will not be disappointed. That's a recommendation right there.”
Mouse N Joypad

“Accidentally discovering something awesome will soon become a four-word summary of my time with Assault Squad 2. [...] I love Assault Squad 2, but it was not an easy romance. Its brutal difficulty spikes and hands-off approach to training should serve as a warning to all but the most grizzled of armchair generals: this game is war, and war is hell.”
PC Gamer

Steam Workshop

Despre acest joc

Men of War: Assault Squad 2 features new single player style skirmish modes that take players from extreme tank combat to deadly sniper stealth missions. Commanders can now faceoff against opponents on various new multiplayer 1v1 – 4v4 maps. To truly bring the battles to life though there is the new extreme game mode designed for huge battles on spectacular maps.

This new Assault Squad game brings significant game engine and visual improvements as well, with special attention paid to ones that were highly requested by the players.

Key features:

  • advanced multi-core support
  • advanced shader technology
  • direct control every unit as if you were playing a 3rd person shooter
  • interface and AI improvements, including unit kill counts and squad icon information
  • new multiplayer interface
  • camouflage depending on season
  • fully updated inventory items with new graphics and updated vehicles
  • sound improvements, including voice acting
  • Steam features, including Steam multiplayer, matchmaking, achievements, cloud, player statistics, leaderboards, voice chat, Valve anti-cheat, friends invite and workshop
  • player level up and ranked system
  • in-game video recording, and much more.


  • 15 new single player skirmishes plus 25 reworked ones from the original Assault Squad
  • eight player co-op support and an all new multiplayer extreme game mode
  • 65 multiplayer maps and five gamemodes
  • more than 250 vehicles at your command
  • more than 200 soldiers with unique equipment
  • five factions and various battlefields in Europe, Eastern Europe, Northern Africa and the Pacific
  • development tools such as 3d model exporter and map/mission editor, and much more.

Deluxe Edition:

The Deluxe Edition of Men of War: Assault Squad 2 is the most prestigious version of the game. Display your dedicated support as one of the grandest online commanders with unique interface elements and faster collecting of experience.

  • Receive a five star general ribbon for your main menu badge
  • Receive an unique five star general achievement
  • Receive a special icon for your player avatar visible to everyone during a match
  • Receive an outstanding HUD element visible while playing and recording matches
  • Receive a slight XP boost for all factions in multiplayer to unlock units faster

Free Premium Service:

Digitalmindsoft guarantees you to release several free game updates including new content and features during the lifetime of the game. Because games are our passion, we are always eager to listen to community feedback and to improve our games. As an example, we released more than 10 free game updates for the original Assault Squad including plenty of new units.

Cerinţe de sistem

    • OS: Windows Vista/7/8
    • Processor: 4.0 GHz single-core, 2.0 GHz dual-core or higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 10/11 compatible
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 6 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 10/11 compatible
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Postat: 11 noiembrie
Click for Gameplay Trailer - Review
+ detailed battlefields
+ great rendered vehicles
+ many units animations
- soldiers look a little clunky

+ there is something to see everywhere
+ fully destructible environments
- units and environments seem a bit sterile no history

+ no overpowering super units
+ 5 levels of difficulty
- no tutorial

+ all units speak their own language
+ nice battle varying noise-Inferno
- only a few feedback messages of units
- weapon sounds usually thin

+ Tanks have correct-acting weight feeling
+ many infantry variants
+ stationary weapons, artillery, mortars, machine guns etc.
+ more than 250 different tank units

Game Size:
+ 5x8 "historical" Skirmish missions
+ missions sometimes very extensive
+ around 40+ hours playtime

Rattling runs just ordered my Wolverine tank destroyer on the battlefield. Quickly, I want to select the tanks and send them to gain my lying under heavy fire ranger at the front.
But wait! I can not click the struggle device partout. Instead me in pale green, the name of another player is displayed. He has not, however, noticed that I him - had given a new tank - for whatever reason. So the tank destroyer rattling leisurely to the front and I can only watch in despair as a 88mm Flak makes the valuable vehicle kindling. It's great.

The reason the solo player is moderately well catered for is that the game has a huge stack of scripted skirmish missions, which can be played by you alone, or with friends.
As far as I can tell, Assault Squad 2 incorporates everything from the previous game, too, making it quite the truckload of content.
The new missions are as strong as anything in the previous games, and sensibly err on the side of huge battlefield brawls, with plenty of armour, although there is some less intense variety in the mix.

What’s significant about Assault Squad 2, however, is that it goes much further into the multiplayer landscape that the previous game had already conquered.
This time you can play an 8v8 game mode, and while some people are still suffering technical difficulties (the series has always run fine for me) new CPU-exploiting optimisations mean that this should, in theory, be the best-running Men Of War game so far, even with these huge new player counts.

The ultra-detailed damage system could occasionally frustrating, but also the source of much of the good things about men of war fighting.
In combination with stack control direct function of the number, which allows you to zoom in and take manual control of each unit on the field, it makes for dynamic and exciting battles. Grabbing control of an anti-tank cannon ball during a fire fight and just sending a round through an oncoming tank armor, it is to explode in a satisfying fireball always a good time.
Speaking of explosions, is the environment in Men of War almost completely destructible, which, quite apart from looks pretty bloody sexy, leads to some interesting tactical options - carving a path through a village for your foot soldiers by smashing through them with tanks, for instance.

Micro-management specialists are happy about the limitless possibilities that this entails: as battlefield kleptomaniacs they arm their troops with Dropped enemy hardware and recycle the enemy abandoned vehicles. Familiar comfort casual players, however despair that every soldier like in a role-playing game carries its own backpack and must be supplied individually to supply crates or trucks with fresh ammunition.

Men of War is nothing for after-generals, that's for sure. Nevertheless, there is a lot of fun, if a planned attack with unexpectedly low loss works or a desperate defense with a last surviving light anti-tank gun hair's breadth succeed.
It’s not a perfect game, and indeed can often be a frustrating one. While it throws off the unwanted shackles of unit trees and resource management, it introduces its own clunky sub-systems that take almost as much time to master. The interface could do with tidying up, and the AI is occasionally dunderheaded.
Men of War: Assault Squad 2 provides an exciting and singular war gaming experience.

Score: 74 / 100

Sorry for my bad english. This is my review account, because the low playtime.
Thanks for reading! If you Like my Review, give me a Thumbs up in Steam.
Your help is greatly appreciated :)

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Postat: 7 noiembrie
you see Ivan, you published same game twice you have twice Rubles
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Postat: 26 octombrie
It is only when you watch one GI in a jeep stare at another, it's metalwork pinging from the sounds of .50 cals, the engine block busted and on fire, the jeep itself totally surrounded by German soldiers, only for seconds later both of them to casually get out of the jeep, on fire, and run screaming from it into the street only to fall dead on the sidewalk that you will realize that this game is possibly the most insane piece of programming ever put to sale.

You will also realize however that its god damn brillant.
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Postat: 26 octombrie
This is my review of Men of War: Assault Squad. I mean Assault Squad 2. Same game, really.

I bought the same f**king game twice. The same missions, the same troops, the same skins, even the same animations between troops.(all riflemen have the same animation no matter the weapon, all smg, ect ect.) What little HAS been changed, isn't worth $35. Not by a long shot. Some say that what was added couldn't simply be patched into the first game. Well fine, but offer me a whole new game for that price. They didn't. It's the same f**king game. Some say that you can download a lot of mods from the Steam Workshop. Fine, but admit that the dev's chose that as the easy way out, instead of actually taking the time to make a Single. New. Mission. They expect you to pay thirty f**king five f**king dollars for an hour's worth of work done to the same f**king game. F**k you.

This concludes my review of Men of War: Assault Squad. I mean Assault Squad 2.
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Postat: 7 noiembrie
Some minor tweaks to the game engine - thats it.

Still no campaign - the skirmish missions are exactly the same.

Crappy reinforcement design for mp games. Why do my reinforcements get randomly dished out to other players.

Do not pay full price for this one. Get it on sale!
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Postat: 8 noiembrie
Men of War: Assault Squad 2 suffers from being a small step forwards from the first. If you haven't played the first of the Assualt Squads I have no hesitation recommending this for purchase if you have an interest in a deep WW2 real time strategy. Particularly if you played the earlier MoW and want a bit more then you won't be disappointed.

For those that haven't played any of the series MoW is an extremely deep RTS, each of your units has an inventory containing their weapons, ammo and equipment (including hat). Each of these units can also be controlled directly by you at any moment. This makes for glorious moments where you crawl a single man with TNT up behind a enemy Tiger and blow it to kingdom come, or your single tank goes on a rampage causing chaos everywhere. In addition to inventories and direct control there are a bunch of game mechanics to consider, the cover system and terrain is essential to keeping the squishy bits on the inside of your man shaped meat sacks. The ballistics and penetration mechanics are supremely important to tanks, angle your armour and more shots will bounce, shoot through buildings and your rounds will lose kinetic energy. Oh and you can destroy pretty much any structure if you fancy it.

The problem arises when contemplating a step up from the first Assault Squad. At first glance it doesn't appear like there is that much of a difference, it looks and plays very much like the first one with a few interface tweaks and improved graphics. Many of the improvements over the first are "behind the scenes" such as improved kill count mechanics and multiplayer functionality. The major game changer is the steam integration, massively increasing the availability of content and (most of the time) the ease with which you can play it. Sure the quality of a scenario or map will vary but there are good ones out there and reviews and comments make it reasonably easy to find them.

The new content is solid if a bit uninspiring, but new units and fixes are being dripfed into the game and what was a bit of a disappointing release in the beginning is getting nicely rounded out. So if you can get this at a discount then do it and check out the workshop, if you want a first time foray into the series then this is the one to get, the depth of the MoW series can not be oversold and when you get it, it is a thing of beauty. It should probably be mentioned most of my experiences are through co-op to give some kind of perspective. PvP is tense, painful, frustrating and beautifully rewarding in equal measure.

Just keep stealing hats and MGs and don't mention the voice acting.
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Postat: 7 noiembrie
Just my two cents. Not a full review. If you have Men of War Assault Squad 1, don't buy it unless it's on sale for really cheap! Since it's only around $5 during todays daily sale, give it a shot if you have the cash to spare and enjoy mow in engeral. Anyhow, MOWAS2 doesn't seem to have too many innovative improvements from it's predecessor. However, the integration of steam workshop and the move to direct x10 is a nice improvement. With that said, it's not perfect and seems to only improve on the last title in subtle ways. Definitely worth a play for the right price.
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Postat: 14 noiembrie
Finally a game about ww2 without one-sided balance.
You can die for the Motherland, Fatherland, Churchill, Freedumbs or Emperor without yelling that everything enemy has is OP (japanese tanks will make you raise your eyebrows tho). Everything feels good: how tanks react, how infantry throw grenades or change weapons depending on target on their own, tanks and artillery operate at beliveable range, armor thickness and angle seems to work in realistic fashion too. However some weapons that should penetrate 160mm of armor can't kill pz4 which may be just bad luck, but is irritating for sure. Also it's always a big fanservice to me when each faction speaks on it's own language, instead of "Kill that faschistsky ♥♥♥♥ for stalin comerade boris tovarichs brat comerade" nonsense.

But, and it's a big BUT (Y(__|, there's some things that really SUCK:
1) it's basically same as previous game with like 5 new maps, fancier graphics and ♥♥♥♥tier netcode, yet costs full price and it seems that AS1 servers are closed.

2)If someone in same match as you have PC FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES, you will have tremendous lags too.

3)Units' pathfinding is probably most infuriating thing i encountered in my life, and believe me, living in Russia you will get thing or two to be ♥♥♥♥ed at in your lyf. Units will try to go through impassable terrain and get stuck if you wont control them like babies, infantryman, after an order to throw grenade can start doing modern dance moves and catch a bullet instead, SU-122 will agro at infantry and will get shot by Jagtiger in the ♥♥♥ when you're not looking, etc.

4)INTERFACE. Your first couple of hours will be literally unplayable since you will have to call all the scientists in the world specializing in awful GUI to help you figure out what the hell is going on with this squad control. Also half of your keyboard is some random hotkeys that control everything from towing artillery pieces to manually jacking off your soldiers.

5)Units' field of view: you will see for yourself should you decide to play this.

6)ELO in a game where 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 modes exist. People just never learn that it only works in 1v1.

Now after my ♥♥♥ finally chilled, let's get back to good shieeet again.

Unit variety: even tho as a result of applying semi-realistic characteristics to tanks and stuff some units are just too useless to call-in, amount of options is really big for each faction. Even tho, as example, for soviets you will usually get something like some infantry, dshk, zis and then if everything is good you will wait for t34/57 or get that funny howitzer-tin coffin-tank thing that's at lvl 10 or something, or t60, things that you can do with spetznaz with stolen bazooka and flamethrower guy are lewder than most kinky porn. Also when was the last time you saw flamethrowers actually burning everyhing inside of a tank? Games like Company of Jobbers 2 will always shield themselves with some non-existant "MUH BALANCE" holy cow, but in reality Relic just dont know how things work and can't code if their life depended on it.

Manual aim: this is plain fun, even though it seems tanks ironically actually lose in accuracy if you manually aim them. If you remember Crimsonland - when you control soldier with PTRs and noscope360 enemies through covers it feels just like this. However, while you having fun you will probably lose rest of the army because i didn't find anything resembling CONTROL GROUPS IN THIS GAME AND WORKING WITH THIS MINIMAP REQUIRES 900+ APM.

Little things: A lot of things here are just priceless: manually refilling artillery ammunition with infantry squad by moving shells from a truck through inventory (if you played a lot of Zuma at MLG tournaments you will be good at this), shooting cow and then search it's corpse, kill a guy, stuff his corpse's inventory with artillery shells and then move it near your artillery like some sort of death metal treasure chest, throw grenade into trench and then order machinegun to fire at position so enemy won't ever escape, run your flamethrower tank through building filled with enemies, ram enemy fortifications and then detonate it with grenade to see most useless fireworks ever, roll out IS-3 and lose it to one-shot from enemy AT, etc.

I give this game 100 executed war prisoners out of 100. Even though interface and matchmaking are modern means of mental torture, game itself is pure fun. As for singleplayer missions - they don't seem to be as much fun as they were in very first Men of War so i never tried them.

Win for the Rodina or die trying!
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Postat: 8 noiembrie
I'm a massive fan of Assault Squad 1, I have 65 hours on it. But this... I actually can't believe they did this. But then again what did I expect from 1C? They've been using the same engine since 2006 with Faces of war, then with theatre of war then with men of war, then with assault squad, and now with assault squad two. Each time they've boasted about a new engine, new physics and new graphics. None of them exist (apart from the new textures in AS2 but same models as AS1).

This game isn't a sequel to the original it's the same game with better textures, a few ui changes, some new voice acting (still terribly funny), and multiplayer (as gamespy was shut down). I did not notice any new missions or units in the game since they are the same as the previous ones.

I paid £3.74 for this game and I still think that the price was too much, it should be free for owners of AS1 but 1C saw it fit as an opportunity to cash in some quick rubles by making it steamworks mulitplayer, adding in cards, and some new textures.

Any decent game developer (e.g Relic) would accomodate for the fact that people can't play multiplayer with an update not a 'full release'.

This is a terrible display of laziness from a developer and the worst thing about it is that I have to secretly recommend this game as AS1 now does not have have multiplayer..
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Postat: 7 noiembrie
The Men of War series is one of my favorite PC games ever. This installment is just a polished MoW Assault Squad I, rereleased with a few extra bells and whistles. On sale, it's worth $10-$20, and if you're a fan of the series than it's worth a little more. It's RTS, squad-control, and micro-management to the extreme. I love being able to control a whole squad, or tank, all the way down to a single infantry man who can pick up a dropped grenade, ammo clip, or check a fallen soldiers inventory. I recommend it for fans of Dawn of War II, CoH's, and the Total War series.

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Postat: 7 noiembrie
It's sad that the developers of these games gave up so many years ago.

Single player missions boring, storyless multiplayer maps with AI.

The multiplayer community is small, toxic and crippled by horrible engine optimization and network connection errors. You'll be lucky to ever finish a match in this game without someone lagging out or being kicked.

I'm reinstalling Faces of War and playing the single player campaign again (4th time). I will never buy one of these games again, you've ruined it for yourselves.
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Postat: 11 noiembrie
So yeah. As same opinion as many other curators. It's Probably not deserve to be named sequel, but still a 'Men of War™', a.k.a. most authentic WW2 RTS with strong basis from old ones. If you have enjoyed this franchise or haven't played before, you may feel free to purchase it. (Also it is the only way to play the public PvP multiplayer of MoW series in practice bacause of In-game population matters.)

Besides, DO NOT PLAY RANKED MATCH if you here for fun. It's just 'Another screwed-up RTS w/ Unlocks-by-Level system™'. Also haven't gets any better with it's horrible vehicle navigations and skirmish AI at all.(steering, targetting, name it!)

+ Also finally, replay system soon to be coming with DLC.

++ Wait a second, Improved UI for Deluxe upgrade? JFC, i never expect you guys were genius for making business!
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Postat: 11 noiembrie
Tiny differences between MoW AS 1 and this. Pretty much a copy and paste
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Postat: 8 noiembrie
I doubted other reviewers negative comments and gave it a try. I was wrong to doubt them.

First time I seen a sequel to a game that has little to add.
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Postat: 9 noiembrie
The game is very much the same Assault Squad game as it was before. After playing it a few hours I realy can't tell the difference.

The only hope is that community will produce some quality content for this game.

The best mod for the original Assault Squad was Dynamic Campaign Generator.

I hope the DCG mod will be ported for this version also.
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Postat: 10 noiembrie
Hmm well Men of War Assault Squad 2 is some what disappointing. Being that Assault Squad 2 should not be considered as a new game more like an add-on, expansion or update. if you have Assault Squad 1 play it instead because there's so little that was added only like 5 co-op maps. Now with that out of the way I love WW2 games and the Men of War series as well so the people that do not have Assault Squad 1 I say buy this "new game" MOW is one of the best WW2 RTS ever. What was added that i have seen fixes, some maps, steam worckshop, texture updates, (not much of one) audio update, explosions look better, new co-op game play 1 map for each nation (5) and some i can't think of or not worth adding. The reason im not recommending it is because i have Men of War Assault Squad 1.
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Postat: 7 noiembrie
Garbage, rehash of the last game. Learn English devs.
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Postat: 21 noiembrie
This is an amazing sequel to an amazing game. While it adds very little in the way of new units, the new maps and refined HUD are great additions. The new scenarios are fun and well thought-out, and help focus on the use of tactics besides "kill everything."
I'd have to say that this is one of the best games you'll find in the RTS or WWII genre.
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Postat: 11 noiembrie
Although there have been some improvements to the interface and graphics. It is essinatially an ovehauled version of AS1. There are no new units and only 1 extra map, which serves as a tutorial. I only paid £3.50, and would suggest it is overpriced at that.
The fact that it includes a map editor, as did AS1, leaves me wondering why the publisher coudnt have taken the time to build an entire set of new maps at the very least.
Dont buy this if you have AS1, and wait for the price to drop again if you dont.
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Postat: 9 noiembrie
graphic ,damage systems,sound,many weapons is really great.but there are many bad point.
1.Resupply is not done automatically.You must do all of resupply by yourself. Multiplayer,there are terrible lag.
3.You Cant run a dedicated server.only listen server(unstabel,laggy,heavy CPU/GPU/Mem load) Multiplayer,you cant buy Units for certain Players.Units are distributed AUTOMATICALLY.
5.Replay is not Free.It's DLC.
6.There are no Tutorial/Weapon list. cant make a hole to cover the Soldiers/AA guns/Tanks.
8.Units always get stack.
9.AI is extremely Dumb
10.The Developers are going to make a New Game without FIx those defects
If you want a game which has a good Graphics,this game is Great.
But if you want a game which has a good Game Systems,this game is not Great.
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