You are a mercenary possessed by a flame demon in a desperate world ravaged by seven Ice Lords. In this RPG where every choice counts, you will have to choose between unleashing the powers of the beast within and rejecting its demonic influence.
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Megjelenés dátuma: 2014. máj. 8.

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ÜNNEPI VÁSÁR! Az ajánlat vége: január 2.


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"While parts of Bound By Flame are messy, its combat is strong enough to keep the fire stoked."
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“The mix of combat styles, spells, and abilities is fantastic”

“Bound by Flame is like Mass Effect set in a Medieval fantasy world”

“We're pretty impressed with Bound by Flame”

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You are a mercenary possessed by a flame demon in a desperate world ravaged by seven Ice Lords and their Dead-Army.

In this RPG where all your choices lead to consequences, you will have to choose between unleashing the powers of the beast within and rejecting the demonic influence that wants to claim your humanity.

Freely develop your abilities and combat style through three skill trees: swing the heavy weapons of the Fighter, wield the sneaky dual daggers of the Ranger, or use the devastating flame spells of the Pyromancer.

Recruit companions who will live, love, hate and fight alongside you against the dreadful creatures of Vertiel, in real-time epic battles based on tactics and reaction.

The bigger the danger, the greater the temptation to draw on the demon’s power at the cost of your soul… which way will YOU choose?


    • Processor: AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.2 GHZ
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 6 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DIRECTX 9 COMPATIBLE
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Közzétéve: november 20.
Sir Faulty's Scorecard

Personal Rating: "Worth purchasing"
Traditional Rating: 7.5 out of 10
Genre: Action Role Playing Game

The Demon Within

Bound by Flame, the new action role playing game from Spiders (the same people that gave us Orcs and Men and Mars: War Logs) is clearly a game made on a tight budget and you can see, feel and hear it as you play the game. It's messy, clichéd and incredibly rough around the edges but after playing it for a few hours you can immediately see that for all Spiders faults this is a company that passionately loves what it does putting what resources it has to rather good use and that is part of the charm of playing a Spiders game. If you are looking for a AAA quality role playing game made on an over-inflated budget with the promise of an open world (with ironically very little to actually do) then it's probably best you look elsewhere but if you are a gamer who isn't so easily blinded by the strobe-light of the big publishing houses hype-train, enjoy a tighter more focused experience then I would encourage you to give Bound by Flame a go. You may, as I was, be in for a rather pleasant surprise.
Taking on the role of a mercenary in a land that is ravished by seven power hungry and greedy Ice-Lords who command an army of the undead (you will only ever encounter one of them throughout the entire game), Bound by Flame plays out pretty much like a fantasy-lite version of Mass Effect with consequence and effect. Possessed by a flame demon it is up to you, the player, to harness the power of the demon and control it for the good of what is left of mankind or let the demon harness you in its own pursuit for world domination.

From a story telling point there isn't much new here on display that we haven't seen already in countless fantasy games, books or movies so in effect you won't really be playing Bound by Flame for its strong narrative. Characters aren't particularly well fleshed out and simply exist to fill in the genres staple trope of healer, witch, ranger and knight (of which you get the chance to toggle between as companions during your adventure through the lands of Vertiel). While the game may be lacking in characterization it certainly makes up for it with its zany and often offbeat sense of humor. Most of the people you engage with in the world will often say the most inane and ludicrous things which had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion. This was something I was not really expecting, particularly from an RPG where you are once again cast in the shoes as eternal savior.

The game also falters somewhat by recycling many of the enemies you encounter repeatedly only ever introducing one or two new enemies into the mix the further you explore. I can't really fault the game on this though given the limited budget the developers were probably working within. Some parts of the game also look incredibly rushed and I have a feeling this was probably due to getting the game out onto the new consoles as quickly as possible since both the PS4 and XBONE are still severely lacking in quality first party titles so a sale here should reap far more rewards than releasing when each new consoles product backlog is booming. With that being said though, Bound by Flame does look rather good in some of its incredibly limited environments.
Where Bound by Flame does shine is with its incredibly fast, fluid and responsive combat. Combat in Bound by Flame moves at a frantic clip and is a joy to play as you switch in and out of play styles (dual-wielding, warrior and pyromancer). It does take some time getting used to though which has the effect of making the earlier part of the game a difficult slog as you settle into a style that suits you best but once you master its intricacies and you learn when to parry and when to strike an enemy the game becomes incredibly fun to play. As you level up you are also given the choice to plow points into one of three skill trees that makes the game a little more easier depending on the route you choose.

I chose to invest most of my points into the ranger (expert) and pyromancer skill tree which made the game seem remarkably easier than it intitally was upon booting it up for the first time. Bound by Flame, whilst no where near Dark Souls level of difficulty, can at times be incredibly challenging and you will need to be constantly aware of the enemies surrounding you else you will get cornered and hammered to death within seconds. Some of Bound by Flames enemies are brutal and hit particularly hard and I found the ranger's doge ability to be a lifesaver during these intense sequences. You can also craft your own supplies and augment your weaponry and armour with items that give you stat boosts plus add certain magical types of resistance.

During combat you will often be accompanied by one of the companions mentioned above and you are given the ability to enter into a tactical menu (which slows the entire game down) while you issue orders to your sidekick during battle. This is not Dragon Age: Origins however, so don't go in expecting as intricate a system as that classic. I found that generally getting each companion to block most incoming attacks directed at them worked wonders in keeping them alive during battle so that they provided more aid than hinderance. Thankfully Bound by Flame allows you to save your progress at any given point so you will never feel like you are replaying swathes of the game just to advance. If I have a gripe here it's that companions can't really die and even if they fall in battle once the fight is over they wil be back up and running as if nothing had happend before. This was a slight disappointment as I was hoping that their losses in battle would result in their deaths which in turn would have some sort of impact on the game world and its storyline but alas this was not the case.

Bound by Flame is now my sleeper hit of 2014. I can whole-heartily say that I loved most of every minute of it (even with all of its flaws) and had I paid heed to all the negative criticism the game got I would have probably denied myself the pleasures of its rustic charm. While certainly no classic its definitely a game I can recommend to anyone who loves a challenging aRPG diversion and is the perfect title to tide you over until the next big RPG hitters arrives in the form of Dragon Age: Inquistion and The Witcher 3.
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13.9 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: november 17.
So, I'll start out by saying there is no way this game is worth the £29,99 price tag that it has currently - at most it should be £20 and even that could be said to be pushing it.

The graphics look pretty good to be honest, yes you may need quite a beefy rig to play them on full, but they are well worth it. The actual game play represents a classic Action Game, consisting all of the usuals, heavy attacks, blocks, swipe attacks, as well as your magic abilities. The combt system can feel a little clunky to begin with, but once you work out the timings on when to block and parry attacks, it's OK.

I would say the mainstory is a little short for the price tag. I finished the game in just under fourteen hours. I would highly recommend you finish the majority of the side missions as to get a few levels advantage over the story, as some of the end bosses are quite challenging.

That being said, the bosses in Bound by Flame have a very Dark Souls'esk feel to them. You have to work out the best stratergy to take them down, often resulting in a number of failed attempts before it finally clicks.

All in all, this is a pretty good game, but I would wait until sale season starts before you pick it up since it is certainly not worth the full price tag.
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14.9 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: december 20.
I generally hate it when people reduce a work in any medium down to what it bears the most obvious similarities to. It strikes me as doing a disservice to the work, and more to the point, as being critically lazy. The problem when discussing something like Bound by Flame, then, is that you really can’t get around doing so, because it is very deliberately meant to be a low-priced spin on Dragon Age. It’s got enough of its own merits that it comes off as a homage or a work by fans rather than a deliberate case of follow-the-leader, with a surprisingly funny script, although it completely loses focus as you move into the third chapter, and a combat engine that has some genuinely interesting ideas built into it. The problem is that it’s not quite done yet, although there’s enough here that a theoretical sequel could be something special.

The player in Bound by Flame is Vulcan, a build-your-own hero in the Bioware tradition who has given up his or her previous life to serve as a demolitions specialist in a mercenary company called the Freeborn Blades. The Blades, as the game starts, are one of the only surviving organized groups in the world of Vertiel, which is currently under siege by an army of undead led by the Lords of Ice. Most nations have fallen, with the elves left as the last civilization standing, and all the Lords have to do is bat cleanup.

The Blades are hired to provide security for another organization, the Red Scribes, as they conduct a ritual that’s meant to provide some last chance at survival, if not victory. Vulcan’s in the wrong place at the wrong time as the ritual concludes and ends up as the unwitting host of a previously-unknown entity: a demon with powers over flame.

The central ethical issue in Bound by Flame is how much free rein you’re going to give the demon. The more power you get from it, the more it changes Vulcan’s body; soon your skin darkens to black, you sprout horns, and you end up with parts of your body constantly on fire. If you side with the surviving humans and try to save as many of them as you can along the way, you deny the demon. If you listen to its advice and ignore all other concerns in the name of gaining enough power to challenge the Lords directly, you give the demon what it wants.

The demon’s abilities represent one of three skill trees that are available to you. The Warrior tree uses a single two-handed sword and focuses on damage resistance, sheer power, and delivering massive damage with a few slow swings. The Ranger tree combines stealth and rapid attacks into a sort of swashbuckler option, sacrificing damage resistance in favor of dodges and counterattacks. Finally, the Pyromancer tree provides you with a hundred and one ways to set undead on fire.

You can switch between the three skill trees at will and improve each one point by point every time you level up. Each has an ultimate ability that’s unlocked when you invest at least 24 points into it, and heavy investment in a single tree makes the game a very different experience. In practice, you’re going to be a Warrior or Ranger with occasional points spent in Pyromancer, and both approaches are intuitive and reasonably fun with a little practice. The enemies telegraph their attacks far enough in advance that you can figure out ways to deal with them, and you have a number of alternate options like explosive traps and a crossbow that you can use to help even the odds.

If anything, the skill trees are too top-heavy. If you try to spread your points around, the early areas will prove difficult. You really want to improve Burning Weapon as fast as you can, because even standard enemies tend to have tons of health, and whatever you can do to whittle them down is worth doing.

In fact, one of the major criticisms I have of Bound by Flame is its difficulty. The combat system feels pretty good once you get used to it, but any enemy with the ability to knock you down can easily kill you, and there won’t be much you can do about it. Some kind of rapid recovery or roll would go a long way towards removing the frustration.

You can have a companion NPC with you for most of the game, but they’re usually not a factor aside from absorbing a few stray hits; enemies usually mob your companion straight away and kill him or her, then turn to you once they’re done. You have to work around that tendency for companions to be worth a damn. They all seem to have a death wish, and it’s rare that they survive even a simple fight.

In short, Bound by Flame feels like it’s harder than it needs to be. Standard enemies are tough enough to kill you in a few lucky hits, bosses can send you flying or corner you with little difficulty, and it’s rare that a death feels fair. Combined with the script losing cohesion at around the halfway point, Bound by Flame has an unfinished, generally unpolished feel that sometimes makes it a frustrating game to play.

It’s entertaining enough despite its faults that it’s worth checking out. If Spiders gets the chance to put together a sequel, with a more cohesive story and another pass or two on the combat system, this could be the start of a fun series.

8/10, Recommended

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32.7 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: augusztus 27.
I have played through twice but both times on easy setting. I bought this game initally because of the opportunity it gives to play as female and the rpg character customisation and development is something I really enjoy. I also was hoping the story and romances would be good too.
The charcter creation is basic, barely ok. Also I would recommend you not bother to change the name because Vulcan is the only name you get called in the game. I didnt bother changing my name in the second playthrough. I rather liked being called by name rather than 'friend, boss, hero or other generic title'
I think the story was ok, definitely a few plotholes. The first part is very complete and well done and the last two chapters rushed and with bits missing. There was a lot of death in this game, I didnt like that my character ended up killing another main character who I wouldnt choose to kill under any circumstances.
I liked the combat, I was glad I could mix it up a lot. I missed fast travel back to camp but I suspect that was never implented as the game would end up being really short. So going to and fro and fighting the same respawning enemies felt a little bit of a cheap way to level. (I got the feeling a large chunk of the story and game was cut out)
I am glad I got the choice of endings and some other choices throughout the game (didnt like the 'heroic' choice option) but can live with it.
I think the crafting and armour upgrades was well done. I liked the interface and the maps. I loved Mathras, his character was the star of the show. Randval was also well acted, and Sybil and that nasty sorceror lady. Female hero's voice and acting wasnt so good, not sure about male.
I would give this game a 7/10 as I enjoyed it enough to play it through twice.
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83.7 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: június 29.
I would describe Bound by Flame as an arcade style action-RPG.
At first glance the game might seem similar to Witcher but this is deceiving, Bound by Flame and Witcher are completely different games that try to do different things in different ways.

Bound by Flame reduced some RPG elements to a bare minimum in order to create a very fluid action-oriented combat.
The combat in this game is more similar to an arcade-RPG than to the usual RPGs we are used to.

Personally i enjoyed the combat a lot. Just like Mars War Logs, the combat seems difficult and unfair at first but it quickly becomes addictive once you get into it.....IF you get into it before getting frustrated because you tried to play it like it was Witcher or Amalur.
The combat reminds me a little bit of some of my fave arcade games like Knights of the Round, D&D Towers of Doom/Shadows over Mystaria.

The skill tree looks very similar to other games but again this is deceiving. You have a warrior branch (2 handed swords, axes and hammers), a so-called ranger branch that specialises in daggers (no bows), and a magic branch that unlike usual games, is not self-sufficient, its intended more like a buffer than a caster.

There is also a feat tree (every level you get two skillpoints and one feat point) where you can further improve your character in different ways.

The so-called crafting is very basic but very practical, can be done everywhere (even in fights) as long as you have the needed materials that you can gather or loot from containers or defeated enemies. The amount and type of upgrades that you can insert on equipment depends on the "level" of the equipment, early armors and weps have very little options while later ones offer a great variety of interesting options.

There are two secondary weapons that can prove very useful, the crossbow (very limited ammo used mostly for interrupting or poisoning) and the traps. These two weapons could become the only way out of difficult boss fights if you screwed up your character build (like investing points in both the ranger and the warrior branch which is a big mistake).

The graphics are very good but there is too little variation.

The story is good but its unpolished, many inconsistencies and loose ends.
The decision-making that is supposed to change the story is very underwhelming as is the so-called seduction thing. This aspect was so much better in Mars War Logs.
Also its a bit annoying how dialogue options are still there after they are no longer valid, not a big thing but still.

All in all this is a very entertaining game if you are after an action-RPG with very fluid arcade-style action and a fairly good story.

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14.5 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: október 6.
This game is ok, teetering towards bad. The game has few redeeming qualitie. The combat system is rather boring and repetitive with there only being about 10, including bosses, enemy types all of which function rather similarly to each other with big "get out of the way" tells. When it manages to execute itself well, it feels moderately rewarding and is nice to look at, however there are a fair number of wonky hit boxes, awkward animations, and the staggerable archers that can shoot arrows behind them. The plot is rather uninteresting and full of that sort of cliche edginess to it with awkward vulgarity and do this or I will beat your skull in lines of dialogue. The characters are at times enjoyable, but for the most part lack any sort of depth or development, and your companions contributions to the battlefield little more than a distracting meatshield for a few seconds before them dying a brutal death and laying on the ground for the next 5 minutes of boss combat.
All in all I would rate this game at 2-2.5/5. If you can get it cheap, it has enough charm to stomach a play through, but with the entire game, with the majority of side content completed, taking around 15 hours to complete, it certainly is not worth it's $40 price tag.
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21.1 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: szeptember 16.
Okay, there are quite a few posts in discussions about the combat system saying it's too hard and companions are useless.
I urge you to please not be put off by these.

Some are correct some things they say such as the companion having trouble following you or the action and may remain stuck or wandering.

If your companion has suddenly vanished while exploring, back track until you find him/her then just walk around at different angles while moving away from them until they resume to follow, failing that, find a door or a gap to go through and somehow they get teleported to beyond that crossing point (you may need to wander off then return to the door/gap to see your companion). This mainly happened in the swamp and around the final area called Black Frosts Domain.

Tip for better companion fighting: They are a bit weak in the health department so you being the hero need to aggro and eliminate the stronger more deadlier enemies first, while your doing this your companion may thank you with a nice ice blast or if your lucky some mind control. If they do die and you find yourself a bit deep, run away and let them get back on their feet - you may be quick enough to revive your companion before the enemy you are fighting gets their health back.

Now in terms of general combat, yes it is hard but you need to practice and I mean practice. Some fights you will not win unless you can use the Q key to dodge while in Assassin stance or use SPACE while in Warrior stance to parry. Timing is essential with these and with good practice you may not even be hit. Once you understand and have achieved this sense of timing then things become very rewarding when you beat a tough fight. Focus carefully on the skill tree as well, don't scramble your points. Try and focus on your preferred fighting style while utilising the best pyro branches for that style of choice. Do not forget about your other stance how ever, do feel free to try and balance the weaker stance out by going for what is needed, remember your main stance is your offensive stance.

Hope this helped in some way in regards to the combat up roar, the game really is a nice one to play and has great choices for you to develop the plot/story. Graphics are not up there in the top of the list but some areas still look stunning and there are some errors with the subtitles like wrong words but after some time you don't pay attention to them. I rate this 8/10.
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11.7 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: október 9.
Firstly I have recorded the entirity of my first playthough for youtube, the playlist is here:

My decision to play this game was to compare Mars War Logs and Bound by Flames. Because just look at them they are so much alike as far as how they play and to a degree the story.

- Visuals are nice.
- Characters for the most part are well designed and though out.
- The story is interesting up until the ending.
- The dialouge and voice acting is for the most part good.

- Ending is odd, something of a cop out from making the rest of the game.
- Doesn't feel like you have much of a choice between embrassing the demon or using him up until the end.
- Try to feel open world but the enviroments are not large enough to accomplish it.
- The content snowballs, from spending a decent amount of time in the initial zones, to rushing through the last two zones.
- Combat can be very frusterating, for all the wrong reasons. Most fights of any notability are just a matter of mashing the right button, doesn't so much feel like you are doging attacks or making a strategic decision.
- Out of place feeling when the character are using curse words, it just doesn't feel like it fits, to modern for the setting of the game.

Other Thoughs:
- There are some bugs and oddities in the game. Sometimes the voice actor say one thing, but the subtitles say another.
- Some character you never feel as though you know or care about.

Overall I would recommend the game. Its not going to be the best that you have ever played, but it is decently fun and entertaining. After all that is the reason we play video games.
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28 emberből 17 (61%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
12.4 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: június 30.
As much as the combat can be fun, that's all it has really going for it.
The reason it gets downvotes lets start with the fact that conversations give away quest spoilers or the ending of the game long long before you reach the end of the game. For example *SPOILER INCOMING BUT THE GAME WILL SPOIL IT TOO* You'll get a hot mage lady she's not entirely trustworthy. In Chapter 2 during companion conversations you just bring up she used to be an Ice Lord, casualy like you always knew, and she responds in kind, filling you in on all kinds of personal details, skip to about 5 hours later you OFFICIALY find out she was an Ice lord *DUNDUNDUUUUUN* Drama anger can you trust her omfgploxing? Wait wait you spoiled that for me yourself about 5 hours ago. Shit like this happens ALL THE TIME! You pull information from thin air in conversations and plot decisions from inforamtion you were obvioulsy supposed to have found out, but never actually did.
Your ability to make choices, is fairly limited, the instances where making a choice seems logical, it gets scripted and you get no choice, like say absorbing the body of a lich, which transforms you, removes your ability to waer helmets and pisses off the elf prince. But you know, getting a choice to allow the demon to stop "mind confusion" seems like ti will mean the death or life of your friends, nope guess what, it doesn't, it means nothing. Seemingly major decisions are infact cosmetic and the really major decisions are chosen for you with no say what so ever.
It's like very very badly written novel by a 9th grade student, or a first time DnD Dungeon Master.
Honestly wait till this game is like 9.99, it's worth 9.99. I would even say it's worth 14.99 if you really really want it.

5.9/10 a D-
OK but not spectacular combat mechanics

Inconsistent story progression
Non sensical decision making
Falsely advertised freedom. Forced choices in a game that pushes the "your choice matters" advertising
Early vs Late game Combat Difficulty Balance is way off
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7 emberből 6 (86%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
19.3 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: december 22.
This has got to be one of the most annoying games I've played in years.

It starts off all right, but as I moved through the story I ghot more and more frustated by the minut.

ok anyway, good and bad things about the game.


- the combat is more skill based than other games
- the combat can actually be challenging at times, that's a good thing
- the animations are smooth and so is the gameplay
- the loot (for you loot ♥♥♥♥♥s) is easy to get, press e, boom. No going through bags and stuff, you just get it all.
- the UI, inventory, quest management and so on is pretty well organised and easy to follow
- the idea for the core of the story is not bad
- swear words! I like swear words in computer games!
- the voice acting is pretty good even if the actual text is really weak

and that's it, I honestly can not think of anything else that's good about the game. (in my experience and from my point of view).


- it boasted player choice, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, I can not count the amount of times I was given a choice, only for the opposite of what I'd chosen to be forced on me. Even when rescuing a guy who got lost in the sewars, I was forced to bring him back to camp before moving on in the sewars just a little further to complete a second quest that was close by
- the conversations with NPCs are bad, terrible
- it's a rip off of Dragon Age in many ways even going as far as having the "suspicious witch" (Morrigan)
- there was a tooltip saying that it was important to shop when in town. I was looking forward to going to town, you never do.
- speaking of which, nothing I found in shops was ever useful to me
- the enemies are totally unbalanced (I don't mean too hard, I mean sometimes too easy and sometimes too hard). Not to mention the last boss who is ♥♥♥♥ing ridiculous even if you switch down to easy mode. I had a harder time fighting 3 recruits than the Lord of Ice
- the "classes" are forced on you, I wanted to play 100% warrior but leveled much higher and maxed that tree early on.
- the story is really short, there are only 4 acts and there really aren't many hours of gameplay
- the friends you take with you are entirely useless !! I mean totally useless, they do no damage at all to the NPC enemies, the only use in having them tag along is in tanking some of the lowbie mobs (for a short while before they die)
- though the combat is the strong part of the game (imo) some aspects of it drove me mad. For example, it does happen that in the case of point and click fights I spam the mouse button. That usually isn't a problem but in this game, the commands are chained for a bit, so if the mob does something which requires you to use another skill, you have to wait for the chain of attacks which you spammed to finish. That was very annoying.
- You'll probably finish the game in less than 20 hours even if you do all the side quests.. that's very short imo.

Some people asked on forums whether this game was like Dark Soul, I haven't played Dark Soul yet, however I can tell you that on normal difficulty (Hawk), I died regularly in common fights. That's a good thing though, cause there is a bit of player skill involved in the combat.

One last thing, I didn't put the graphics in either good or bad because even though they are not very good, they aren't very bad either. The environment is mostly cartoony than real but I guess that also means you get a high FPS and smooth gameplay.

All in all, even though I bought this game with a 75% discount, I regreted it and would only recommend it for someone looking for a cheap RPG but who has really nothing else to play.

PS The last boss is ridiculous, did I mention that?
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16 emberből 10 (63%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
44.7 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: július 10.
Well, despite the game being a lot of fun, the ending of Bound by Flame was kind of a let down. Just a couple sentences after the boss and a forced choice. No gameplay after the story(wasn't expecting it); no NG+(the game is short enough that it's not a huge issue). It could have been a much longer experience with a much larger game world; the backstory was there. Still, way better and more fun that I was expecting it to be.

Having played through the game more than once now, I'm going to review further. The original review is above, the extra is below.

The game has a few weird flaws that make the game harder than it probably should be, or maybe it has a broken stance that makes the game much easier due to shortsightedness. The warrior stance relies almost entirely on parrying to avoid damage, which is a block executed in a pretty tight timeframe that leads to a counter.

There are several moves that are not blockable in the game, that can easily be dodged, even without the specific timing, by the other stance. Now, I don't know if they forgot to make block better in the warrior stance, or they overlooked how good dodging is by comparison, but the game is much, much easier when you play through wielding daggers in the stealth stance than it is playing through with heavy weapons in the warrior stance. That was painfully clear when I did a heavy weapon only run on Captain difficulty.

Another thing is that the story doesn't really make it feel like my choices mattered outside of a different line of dialogue here and there. Almost all of the game was the same no matter what I chose to do. The one that sticks out the most is at the end of act II when you have to choose whether to ambush a specific deadwalker or go save the troops who are about to be ambushed themselves. No matter which choice you make here, you fight the deadwalker. the choice only changes which companion you fight it with, and alters an encounter later in the game. I was expecting, with so many choices, for there to be more divergence in the story depending on them.

Having seen all of the endings, only one of them felt even remotely satisfying. the other endings leave much to be desired and bring about no closure at all.

In spite of these flaws, I obviously spent a great deal of time with the game, and I felt driven to get all of the achievements(working on the last two now). I bought this game on a whim and I am satisfied with the purchase. I do still wish the story was a little more fleshed out, though. A sequel set in a more open would would be welcome.
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Közzétéve: december 22.
Let me first start out by saying I don't mind hard games. I enjoy the challenge of doing blind playthroughs of games on the hardest difficulty and seeing how well I can learn and adapt to steep odds. While this game is hard, there are a lot of things in there that just seem to be a result of lazy programming. The problems are:

No control over combos. Want to do that one move that stuns your enemy or a quick blow in between your enemie's attacks? TOO BAD the fighting in this game boils down to who can flail the hardest as you have no control over which attacks you do. There are really no combos other than Left click, left click, left click x 1 billion and they all do random shit. Sometimes you will do a heavy swipe that will stun your opponent, sometimes the very same heavy strike will not stun the SAME EXACT opponent. Sometimes left click will have your character do a forward lunge and sometimes it wont. Shit just happens when you click LMB. The only logic that I could get from the combos is that it might be affected by the distance between your character and the target you want to hit at the moment you press left click and thats pretty much it.

Enemies that do a shit ton of damage while you do very little damage. This is a a horrible part of the game since oftentimes you will be fighting against mobs of enemies and when every enemy you fight is a tank that hits you like a truck, combat isnt fun, its a chore because 1 or 2 mistakes will mean you're dead and have to redo almost 10 minutes of gameplay.

Being stuck in an infinite stun lock against groups of enemies is a thing and completely ruins the combat. There's this one part pretty early in the game where you have to train new recruits how to fight and they BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU because they all knew how to coordinate their attacks so you'd never be able to retaliate unless you wanted to get hit once and die.

The counter system is buggy and useless against getting stunlocked by groups of enemies. A big part of Bound by flames combat is to perfectly block an attack leading to a counter. Since your character pretty much has no attacks that can stun his opponent leading to actual combos, this is pretty important since the only way to do damage is to contantly press LMB until you see the monster rear back for his attack animation and then hit you. However, sometimes, even if you react perfectly you will still take the damage even if your block comes out right.

TLDR: Buggy combat, enemies op and you are underpowered, a guy kicked me out of my block and proceeded to keep kicking me while I was down so I couldnt recover until I died.
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Közzétéve: december 25.
THESE ARE MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS. I've finished the prologue and am working on Chapter 1 at the moment.

Oh, Bound By Flame. This was the biggest draw to me out of the Spiders Studios RPG pack, always being a fan of multiclassing action-RPGs. Unfortunately, it has quite a rough start. I decided to play the hardest difficulty, expecting the mechanics to be similar to Dark Souls. Rather, the game starts you forced into the "tank" role for the first third of the tutorial - not a good thing for those like me who like to play rogues and pick how I play the whole time.

Secondly, the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ difficulty. You go from the spectre tutorial to getting destroyed by a crossbow ♥♥♥♥♥♥ in the span of ten minutes. I had to turn down the difficulty once to even get past this encounter with the Ranger role. Then in the first boss fight, I kept getting cheap-shotted; whenever I died, the game respawned me in the Warrior role, despite having been in the Hunter role when I saved, so I had to spend a precious second getting stuck with crossbow bolts while I pulled my daggers out. Because of this, I had to switch to the easiest difficulty, just to make things FAIR.

The second area seems to be better though; there are no annoying enemies with shields who are near impossible to hit with the Hunter role, and I actually have a party member. Hopefully things will continue to look up.
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Közzétéve: december 21.
This game is incomplete. That is really all.

You want to like this game, but you can't.

The gameplay is oversimplistic, despite what the trailers will show the only thing you need is to be able to use your block/evade button at the right time and you will never really have to worry about being hurt save for AoEs.

Crafting is always more than a step behind. It's simple -- get what you need and make it from a menu. Is it what you need, though? Not really. For example crafting traps? Can't say it's too useful. Sure, make yourself a minefield and lure things over to it. Done.

But the biggest axe to grind is the story. When you say that a story has a beginning, a middle and an end? That summarizes the entirety of this game. Of course, trying to be fair here, the premise SOUNDS interesting and certainly has its attraction in that idea. Big undead army that's more or less unstoppable? Sure. Only thing that can stop them is a hero with demonic powers? Okay, I'll pay that. Your choices are always binary, though -- that is, one or the other. Do you take the option which gives the demon within a little more room or do you take the option which retains your humanity. And that's fine.... really, I mean it. But this is the part that makes it outright stupid-- your character's relationship with the demon? Almost non-existent.

But the biggest part that you learn to hate about this game is that the story itself is just.... incomplete. Incomplete and poorly presented. That guy you saved? He died anyway. How do you find out? Because a text entry said so and one of your companions brings it up briefly. The undead army you're fighting is a big threat? If you say so! Why can't you belive they're actually a bad thing? Well, there's a lack of urgency. In games you need that feeling of urgency -- you need a choice to be difficult to make to make that decision have weight. You won't have that here because there's no real urge that pits things as being impossible for your protagonists to even do. It has so many plotholes most of which make absolutely no sense and lack crucial context. The demon within lacks a strong personality.

Overrall, this game gets a big 'NO'. Why? It's incomplete. It's not a game that would be too bad had it cost less than $10 and even then, that would be overselling it. But for $40 you'd expect at least a complete story. I personally am not a person that likes to be too damning when it comes to games but look -- I'll make an exception here because I want the general public to understand that this game is not worth its price tag.
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Közzétéve: december 21.
This game is horrible. Game play is bad and you will find yourself repeat the same moves over and over. Story is horrible and super linear. You know how it is going to end from the first cut scene. I got this on sale for $10 and am very disappointed. That is how bad I think it is.
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Közzétéve: december 21.
Bought this thinking it'd be kinda fun and I needed a new RPG.

It wasn't fun at all. Combat is clunky at best, story is just boring and the voice acting and cut scenes...jesus...

Avoid this game unless it's maybe £3 or so.

As in YOU'RE being PAID £3 to play it.

Not worth your time really.

Who am I to judge though? Your time might be better spent playing this terrible game, who knows.
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8.0 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: október 14.
Before you look at my non-recommendation, hear me out. I would probably recommend this game if it came down to about $20-$25. I say this because the combat really isn't my cup of tea. I get that it does take a little more precision than what we're used to in hack and slash games, but this just gets repetitive and ultimately boring. Also there's no class system, (because god forbid we play a role in a roleplaying game). However, the big redeeming quality in this game is its story telling. I haven't had party members or a world this memorable since Mass Effect 2 guys. Still, if your looking for a good hack-n-slash rpg that attempts to beef up the hack-n-slash portion, I highly recommend Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Seriously that game gets no love.
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17.9 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: augusztus 31.
Not worth playing.
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19.4 óra a nyilvántartásban
Közzétéve: szeptember 6.
OMG, what the hell is wrong with this game. Every boss isn't hard because you have to sovle the puzzle or do something correctly. They have one attack that just can't be avoided. Or they want you to switch stances but eveytime you try while in combat you do a move with the currently equipped weapon instead. The story is good, the characters are good, and the game looks amazing, The combat and controls are broken. Your companions are completely useless. There are several battles where you need to rely on your companion's abilities. This is a terrible combination of elements. They, inevetibaly, get you killed. The Worldheart boss is where I quit. The whirwind attack the boss does is impossible to avoid. If you have any of the ranger skills toward riposte and super dodge it will get you killed trying to dodge it. You can block it but it staggers you with the last attack. You can weather it well with warrior stance but good luck switching to it in the fly and then back to ranger to avoid the magic attacks. I am giving this a Broken rating. Not 1-10 or 1-100, broken. Until they update this to fix the issues with the combat controls, ther e is no point playing this action RPG. All this wasted potential... sigh.
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Közzétéve: július 18.
Lame game. Its laggy loading up. No solo game should lag on load up. Its keyboard for everything but attacks with the mouse. I dont like that. Make it all keyboard or all mouse... The combat is hack and slash. Once it loads the game runs fine. No lag or freezes or crashes. Its very wordy. You do alot of reading. movement is rather linear. you have to go from point a to point b no exploring.....except in dungeons. Treasure Drops are about average.... The story is solid but the game is not.
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