"Family is important, wouldn't you agree?"Faceless is a supernatural mystery set around a cursed city and a creature known as The Soulrender. Players must work together to gather a series of dolls and set the souls within free, whilst also attempting to escape with their lives.
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1 de marzo

Welcome to Wakeland, Fran.

This announcement has been extracted from Facebook: (https://www.facebook.com/FacelessGame/photos/a.181671778646060.62931.181244618688776/1070042846475611/)

Please welcome the latest member of our family, and the sixth and final Doll for Faceless; it's none other than Fran Bow!

Originally, we were going to have a series of Easter Egg Dolls, but we decided it wouldn't be an efficient use of our time, so Killmonday Games have kindly agreed to transition Fran from an Easter Egg doll to an official one! I'm extremely thrilled to have such a great character from an even greater game be part of ours. A massive thank you to Natalia and Isak of Killmonday Games.

In other news, we are on track so far to ensuring that we get our single-player Tech Demo; 'The Sorrowvirus' out very soon!

Thank you all again for your ongoing patience.

P.S. - Don't worry about that... thing... Fran is resting on. It's nothing. Nothing at all.

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31 de enero

Faceless ~ 2016 Mini-Update

This news article has been extracted from IndieDB.

First off, a sincere apology from me for not sharing this news to the Steam page when it was published on IndieDB! I want to ensure that all of you, despite what platform you are on, are able to see the news we have to share.

It is our responsibility to bring you all updates, and we have not been doing that anywhere near as much as we should. Without our input on letting you all know that the game is alive and well, it is natural that a few of you will jump to the conclusion that the game is dead. Fear not! The game is alive and well.

Faceless has come a long way since it began in 2012, what was once a small, Slender-Man related Source mod has turned into an ambitious indie title on the Unreal Engine 4. From a scammer to a Cease & Desist, Faceless has endured everything that has been thrown at it so far, and it will continue to do so until completion and beyond. Like Aaryn Flynn of Bioware said about Andromeda, thank you for your patience, and thank you for your impatience too. If you've tried your hand at game development in the past, you know all too well that it is very difficult.

Before I get started, I'd like to say I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday! Of course, we haven't provided a huge amount of updates during the course of the game's development, and this understandably leads people to worry that the game has been cancelled behind the scenes. If it were, you'd be the first to know about it. Luckily you'll never have to be told that because it isn't going to happen. First things first, everybody is asking for a release date. Whilst we cannot narrow it down, we are definitively aiming for a 2017 release. We may be tackling another Crowd-funding campaign, we've also applied for the Unreal Developer Grant (fingers crossed!) We will also be releasing a small single-player Tech Demo to offer a look into the mechanics of the game, as well as the story elements it has to offer. Most of us haven't had prior experience with game development, so this has been a huge learning curve for all of us. I had never done level design before Faceless, and I've pushed myself to learn how as best as I possibly can. Every day is another lesson, every month is another achievement, and every year is another need for reflection. For this reason, we'd like to show you all some screenshots of how some of our maps looked from their first iteration to their current one.

Wakeland Town Police Department:





View this album to see more pictures of Wakeland Town Police Department then and now.

Oakfall Motel:





View this album to see more pictures of Oakfall Motel then and now.

Stone Wells Elementary School:





View this album to see more pictures of Stone Wells Elementary School then and now.

You may also be interested in seeing our 'Then And Now' of Hyde Street Station from its Source Engine days compared to its current version on the Unreal Engine 4!

The first thing you will initially notice is how much more colourful Faceless has become. The direction of the game's visual style has always aimed to avoid certain horror tropes, whilst embracing others. Even since the Source Engine, Faceless was destined to be a vibrant game. Of course, we understand that this may not be for everybody, so a vibrancy slider will be included!

We also have an Instagram, for those of you who would like to follow us on there, expect more frequent posts on there since they consist of individual posts rather than a bulk post that an update on IndieDB or Facebook would have. The official Unreal Engine Instagram even re-posted a couple of our screenshots! (Click on the pictures to view the posts.)


The link to our Instagram page can also be found at the top of our IndieDB page.

I do apologise for how little updates we've released here on IndieDB. There are more updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages than there are here. As mentioned at the beginning of this update and at some point in-between, game development is very hard. I didn't come into it thinking it was going to be a smooth ride, I imagined it would be hard, but I didn't imagine that it would be this tough. There are a lot of things to juggle, responsibilities in and outside of the project, people in and outside of the project. It is always a difficult, but rewarding process. I know you are all eager to see gameplay soon and we will push to do our best to show you some. There are some things we wish to keep secret and hidden, we all know trailers reveal too much these days! We will get there eventually. Thank you for joining us on this journey so far. I will strive to release more frequent updates for you all.

We all hope you have (in this case, are having) a Happy New Year!

I may update this article shortly with an interview with 80.lv, I have been told to await questions which have not yet arrived. I was hoping to include this interview within this update, but it's a busy time of year for us all!


Voice Cast:

Sam A. Mowry as Elijah Grey
Danielle McRae as Emily Parker
Kellen Goff as Richard Flannery
Daz Black as Tristan Clarke
Heather Masters as Cassandra Noble
Adam Sklar as Daniel & Edward North
... and many more.

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Acerca de este juego

Faceless es un survival-horror multijugador basado en la monstruosa entidad conocida como “El Ser” (también conocido como “The Being” o “The Soulrender” en inglés). Los jugadores deben trabajar de forma cooperativa para reunir una serie de misteriosas muñecas mientras escapan de una impía abominación. No hay armas, solo tus instintos de supervivencia.

Los jugadores deben trabajan como un equipo para reunir (y devolver) una colección de retorcidas y horrendas muñecas mientras que cada vez será más difícil escapar de El Ser en cada encuentro. Esta extraña criatura no se volverá tan solo más rápida sino que también tratará de atraparte y separarte del resto del grupo. Un uso frugal de la linterna y una constante comunicación son la clave para sobrevivir a esta infernal pesadilla.

Faceless tiene una misteriosa y abierta interpretación de su historia, en la cual cuatro supervivientes (conocidos como los Supervivientes de Wakeland) tratan de encontrar a Daniel North, el hermano de Adam North, uno de los Supervivientes de Wakeland. Wakeland City ha sido cerrada al paso debido a la Ley NHI de 1947, es una de las cuatro localizaciones que han sido infectadas por Desgarros, en los cuales El Ser puede libremente pasar por ellos. Las muñecas se encuentran en cuatro localizaciones en Wakeland City, estas son: Wakeland Forest, Wakeland Town, Hyde St.Station y Bear Valley Hospital. Los Supervivientes de Wakeland deben llevar todas estas muñecas al sitio ritual de cada área para asegurarse su propia supervivencia. Hay objetos opcionales que pueden dar pistas sobre el paradero de Daniel.

Una tensa y aterradora banda sonora sigue a los jugadores en su descenso a la locura. Desde el menú principal a cada recogida de una muñeca. El diseño del sonido ha sido construido para crear un ambiente estresante y poco natural para llevar a los jugadores al límite.

- Nada de hablar desde la tumba o vagar libremente: los jugadores muertos no pueden revelar información a los vivos.
- Los jugadores empiezan totalmente solos y divididos entre ellos.
- El chat de voz es por proximidad: los jugadores sólo podrán comunicarse dentro de una cierta distancia.
- De uno a cuatro jugadores: morir juntos o muere solo.
- Soporte para FGD que permite a los jugadores poder crear sus propios mapas multijugador.

Muñecas: el modo de juego base en el cual una cantidad de muñecas, dependiendo de cuantos jugadores empiezan el juego, deberán ser recogidas y dejadas en una área específica para poder prenderlas fuego y liberarlas de la entidad que albergan. Una vez recogidas y quemadas todas las muñecas los jugadores podrán “escapar” con éxito.

Versus: el modo versus donde hasta cuatro jugadores puede jugar, y uno de ellos es aleatoriamente asignado para jugar como El Ser (puede ser anulado para permitir a alguien en particular jugar como El Ser). Un botón será designado para tele transportarse a un nodo detrás del jugador más cercano, siempre y cuando los jugadores hayan recogido el 75% de las muñecas. Los mapas serán los usados en el modo base (Muñecas).

Corre: Un modo de juego con tramos de tres mapas donde no hay otro objetivo que el de correr y sobrevivir, al final de cada mapa una casa segura nos permitirá hacer la transición al siguiente mapa. El mapa final contará con una oportunidad para escapar de forma definitiva.

Ceguera Histérica: Inspirado en el modo de juego llamado Trouble in Terrorist Town de Garry’s Mod, todo el mundo tendrá la apariencia de seres humanos. En este modo pueden jugar más de cuatro personas, de todas ellas una (o más) será designada como El Ser teniendo el mismo aspecto que los demás. El designado (o los designados) deberá matar a tanta gente como pueda sin ser descubierto. Una vez descubierto todo el mundo deberá recordar de quién debe huir y tratar de sobrevivir el tiempo restante del mapa.
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