"Family is important, wouldn't you agree?" Faceless is a supernatural mystery set around a cursed city and a creature known as The Soulrender. Players must work together to gather a series of dolls and set the souls within free, whilst also attempting to escape with their lives.

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1 decembrie, 2015

December 2015 Mini-Update.

This news article has been extracted from IndieDB. (http://www.indiedb.com/games/faceless/news/faceless-december-2015-mini-update)

With Christmas on its way, we thought it would be a suitable time to bring about another mini-update for Faceless. The Soulrender is still undergoing its latest facelift, and the story is well and truly coming to life in the game. We successfully completed our first basic multiplayer test, and we'd like to show that in action very soon. We released a small teaser on the 16th August of this year which revealed one of the game's dolls in action. Whilst they are only able to control themselves slightly, they are still trapped and waiting to be set free or consumed by the Soulrender.

Set Them Free.

We also released a bunch of new in-game screenshots of our Small Maps, which we believe will be the most commonly played maps due to the larger maps requiring the full concentration and attention of the player. These Small Maps are not related to the main storyline, but they will now contain tidbits of story information provided by Henry North; Daniel's father. These can be found in tape recorders scattered around the Small Maps. Henry North strived to save Daniel from a life of hunting down the paranormal, but as evidenced by the game's plot, he may not have succeeded. Introducing Steven Kelly as Henry North.

Let Him Live.

Here are some screenshots of three out of the four Small maps seen in Faceless.

Click on the screenshots to see them in full-size.

Oakfall Motel.

Wakeland Town School.

Wakeland Town Police Station.

We're still working hard on getting previews ready for you all to see the game in action. As a recap, I'd like to remind you on how the gamemode itself works, and how that will differ from the Small Maps to the Main Maps. The Gamemode surrounds setting innocent souls free, there are dolls scattered all around Wakeland City, and you must make sure you set all these souls free whilst trying to survive. The Soulrender is a severely wounded and injured creature, and this is the only reason why inexperienced survivors have any chance of being able to set all the innocent souls free. Your job will be to collect the dolls one-by-one (The number of dolls depend on how many people are playing) and deliver them to the Ritual Zone.

Before, during, or even after you have set all the souls free, you will need to power up a generator that will open an industrial-strength door and allow you and your friends to enter a safe room. This room is covered in sigils that ward the Soulrender away, allowing the characters to wait it out and escape. The Small Maps will not require this, players will escape by going back towards the entrance of the map. You can certainly imagine how this will come into play when watching the "Let Him Live" teaser!

We hope you all have a great Christmas this year, and we're constantly looking forward to update you on our progress. We understand a few of you are impatient for this project, but this has been a very difficult feat to achieve and some of us have pushed our skills beyond the limit of what we thought we could achieve in order to make Faceless a reality. We know many of you are desiring a release date, and whilst we cannot guarantee one, I will say that we are aiming for Q3 2016. This is not a release date, this is a target that we hope to meet.

Remember to keep an eye on our Facebook Page! We post WIP content, as well as other information pertaining to the game there.

~Faceless. ːgoldenː

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25 august, 2015

Faceless ~ August 2015 Mini-Update

(Extracted from IndieDB. The Wakeland Town Police Department screenshots have already been shared on Steam.)

It's been a long time since our last update! Since moving to the Unreal Engine 4, Faceless has gained a much clearer vision. As an inexperienced project lead at the time, I was overly-ambitious for what I wanted Faceless to be. I wanted to have four gamemodes, two single-player campaigns and a book. Those four gamemodes and two single-player campaigns would have amounted to a massive 28-30 maps, which is excessive for an independent team. Perhaps we should've started with a smaller game! However, since the move to Unreal Engine 4, we've redefined our goals, and our vision for what we want for the project has been clarified. This mini-update will cover works-in-progress, all of which may be subject to change.


Faceless will have eight multiplayer maps, four large and four small. The large maps will correlate with the story of the upcoming book; Faceless: Deliverance. In particular, they will focus around a pivotal event known as 'The Bear Valley Tragedy' - an event which resulted in the deaths of many, whose souls are now trapped in the Dolls scattered around Wakeland City. The small maps will be for those who wish to experience a quicker multiplayer game with fewer dolls and a smaller locale. One of these small maps is the Wakeland Town Police Department. Here are some WIP screenshots. (Click the images to see them in full size.)


North Rising is the single-player mini-campaign in which players will take on the role of Elijah Grey (Sam A. Mowry) as he embarks on his own search for Daniel North. This journey includes making his way through the edges of Wakeland City to the hidden Fallen Grace Church. A place of faith that buries the darkest secrets beneath it in the form of an Asylum, a hellhole that the Soulrender calls its home. This has been one of the more ambitious levels to create, inspired by games such as The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and Outlast, two very different games with two very different playing styles. Here are a couple of WIP screenshots. (Click on the images to see them in 4k!)

You can also check out this short teaser (From 13:34) on Daz Black's channel, which shows a short flyby of this scene, as well as his character's voice. (Due to a strange error, the video appears darker than the version provided.)


For those who also work with the Unreal Engine 4, you may recognise that we are indeed using Marketplace Content. Without this, I can safely say that the game wouldn't be as far along as it is now, and it's likely that the game wouldn't be possible without the Marketplace, so we are extremely grateful that something like the Marketplace is available to us. However, despite using Marketplace Content, we'll still have a great deal of our own content, and we'll modify the Marketplace content to fit the game and make it our own.


You may have also noticed our new header, finally revealing one of the dolls in the game. It is without a doubt that these dolls are the forefront of everything that takes place in this game. It is Daniel North's 'Plan B' to set these souls free and cast the Soulrender away from Wakeland City. Since Daniel's whereabouts are currently unknown, this task falls on his brother and three friends who venture into Wakeland City to search for Daniel and attempt to finish what he started. Along with this video is a short new teaser, which shows that these souls are perhaps aware of what happened to them.



Since the game is predominantly multiplayer, some of you may be asking how we're going to provide the story outside of the single-player mini-campaign. There will be collectibles throughout all multiplayer maps that give hints and story-elements for the player to learn. These collectibles will include digital recordings from Daniel North and Elijah Grey, body bags that you can touch and hear the last thoughts of the deceased, and VHS tapes which can be watched through an option in the Main Menu after collecting them. These will all tie into, and reference to the upcoming novel; Faceless: Deliverance.


Faceless is looking for talented people to join our team! We are currently seeking CHARACTER ARTISTS and ANIMATORS to help bring Faceless to life even more. Contact Sklarlight [at] gmail [dot] com (Replace [at] with @ and [dot] with a period.) with the subject line 'Faceless' followed by the position you would like to apply for. Be sure to include past work, and please be willing to accept a test piece as part of your application.


Again, thank you all for your patience, it's not always easy hearing that a lot of people are impatient for our game, remember, we're just as impatient as you are! But a game rushed is a game doomed to fail, and we're definitely not going to rush our first project. Indie development is not as easy as it may look for those who haven't dipped their feet into the waters of the game development world. We've all learnt a lot since Faceless ever started, and we're still going to continue to learn throughout how to bring you the game we want to release to the world. One last thing, the Soulrender is going to be redesigned, so all current images of it are outdated. It will still retain a humanoid form.

Remember to keep an eye on our Facebook Page! We post WIP content, as well as other information pertaining to the game there.


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Despre acest joc

Faceless is a supernatural mystery set around a cursed city and an unearthly creature known as The Soulrender. Players must work together to gather a series of dolls and set the souls within free, whilst also attempting to survive the wounded yet powerful threat that lurks.

"Family is important, wouldn't you agree?"

  • Multiplayer

    Four friends must enter Wakeland City to search for Daniel North, but when they learn that the city is full of Dolls that have souls trapped within them, they decide to heed Daniel North's directions on delivering the Dolls to the Ritual Zones around the city as a means to drive the Soulrender away. Discover hidden clues from Daniel North, Elijah Grey, and Henry North in the form of digital/cassette recordings to learn what caused the infamous 'Bear Valley Tragedy'.

  • North Rising - Mini Campaign

    North Rising is a single player Prologue to Faceless, which follows Elijah Grey (Sam A. Mowry) as he makes his way towards the Fallen Grace Church in order to search for Daniel. He must find out if the Sorrowvirus was successful in destroying the Soulrender and survive the Anomalies that gather at the Asylum underneath the church. When signs begin to appear that something inexplicable happened here, Elijah must work his way carefully around the Anomalies that lurk through the Asylum and try to escape.

  • Purgatory - Mini Campaign

    Purgatory is a single player Epilogue to Faceless, as you take control of the signature character behind Faceless; Daniel North. You must guide Daniel through Purgatory as he remembers the pivotal moments that occurred before his downfall and find your way out from the ever-changing, timeless place. Anomalies return in Purgatory as Daniel roams through a warped version of his childhood home, and other important places in his life.

    "Set Them Free."

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