Verdun is a squad-based multiplayer FPS in a realistic WW1 setting. The merciless trench warfare offers a unique battlefield for tactical squad play in the realistic Frontlines game mode, and raw gameplay in the rifle-deathmatch.
User reviews: Very Positive (2,258 reviews)
Release Date: Sep 19, 2013

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What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“M2H and BlackMill Games took the opportunity to work with you on polishing the game Verdun. By entering Steam Early Access in September 2013 we managed to get the attention needed to vastly improve the gameplay and user experience.”

How long will this game be in Early Access?

“Verdun will leave Early Access February 2015.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“We are set to take Verdun to the next level in terms of visuals, but also mature its gameplay to become a more tactical game in which our unique squad co-op gameplay flourishes. In addition there will be more maps and more squad types available at launch.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“Verdun is very stable in its current form with all of the gameplay fully operational. We're focussing on polishing the entire experience some more and squash the last bugs. Mainly the immersion will be massively improved in the months to come.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The Game will remain at the same price point.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“Since the alpha in April of 2013 we have continuously involved the community. It has helped shaping the tactical frontline gameplay that mimics the trench warfare. We have taken many community features and implemented them into the game.”
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"You want WW1 FPS trench combat? Ahh you do? Good. Verdun is the best WW1 shooter on the market."
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Recent updates View all (21)

October 23

Verdun keeps on improving!

It's been a month since the last big announcement in September, a good moment to look back at how we're doing and summarizing recent improvements to the game.
Our strategy since the last big content update is to focus on polishing the game in a very broad sense: Performance, bugs and game balancing/tweaking.


Performance has improved greatly, you should be able to see a higher frame rate and the game should feel a lot smoother. Furthermore we've verified that the reduced memory usage has solved (almost) all memory crashes. These were very important topics to address.
Next to the technical stuff, we have made various game tweaks and we'll keep on doing so.
While we're happy with the recent changes, we're not satisfied yet! We still have enough to do: An in-game tutorial is in the making, squad matchmaking&balancing needs to be addressed ASAP, medals (and achievements) are missing, we want to support clan matches...and besides a lot of more stuff on our list there are still enough requests from the community that we're also adding (A FOV setting being a recent one).
Please keep letting us know about your problems/wishes.

One topic that has been neglected for too long is documentation/guides. We finally have guides available! In this game we are inventing some new FPS mechanics (such as our unique squad co-op xp) but since we're doing stuff that has not been done before an explanation was very much missing. So for those who were never aware of the co-op XP, check out the squad guide!

Find the guides here:

Got any questions, want to discuss the latest update? I'm streaming Verdun on twitch this night, join me on: (20:00 GMT+1)

Once again, thank you for participating in our beta, we're dedicated to making this a polished game before release.

Hereby a complete list of all fixes since the last announcement:

V169: Role specialization & performance
October 23th 2014
  • Clarified role specializations (Role weapon unlocking). Now referred to as role specialization I, II, III and sometimes IV. Unlocking new weapon specializations is now quicker, as intended. Typically 1 - 2 matches to unlock a full role, as was announced in: Your role XP has not changed.
  • Performance: Further improved camera culling, 5% to 30% gain.
  • Voice commands (E menu) are now also shown in the chat (squad members only)
  • Tweaked graphicsettings for best graphics vs performance (Mostly terrain detail higher, LOD distance lower)
  • Removed career and weapon levelling popup (as they have no function)
  • Ladder climbing is now smoother
  • Spectating someone who is using binocs has been fixed.
  • Main menu squad lobby will no longer automatically set to ready after a minute.
  • No more black spots on the terrain on lower settings

October 20th 2014 (168.1 was also released this day)
  • Fixed lag spike when changing camera (most noticable at death)
  • Fixed rendering issues on certain characters&sleeves in 168
  • (Un)Mute command is no longer case sensitive.
  • Gas buff: 25% more deadly, 75% bigger area. Gas visual doesn't pop up out of nowhere anymore
  • Wire nerf: 40% less damage, bit more slowing
  • Fix for weapon bugs introduced in v168
  • Main menu server selection fix

October 20th 2014
  • Rendering performance improved (Better FPS?)
  • Memory usage optimized (20% less or better): Crash fixes and faster loading times.
  • Artois tree fix
  • Possible fix for double listed players
  • HUD bottom-left: removed the unused "(0)"
  • Localization update
  • /mute and /unmute chat command added (you will be able to mute players via the scoreboard later as well)
  • Voice command menu will now auto close after 15 seconds
  • Display friends-only matches on the map per default if any friends are online
  • Never show more then 5 matches per location on the map (browser window shows all)
  • Mainmenu welcome screen (sugested squads) will ony show friends
  • Friend names marked green in all squad preview windows
  • Friend window is now always visible (used to hide when opening the map view)
  • Possible fix for match getting stuck (no one able to do damage)
  • Water fix in Flanders
  • Ladders can be climbed more easily
  • Implemented anti cheating measurements.

October 9th 2014
  • Stutter fix, finally -really- fixed. This big lag spike happened every few seconds or so.

October 8th 2014
  • In-game support for controllers (options -> controls page redo)
  • Optimized network traffic some more when players spawn
  • Removed ghost bug message, this was fixed months ago. Instead, IF you experience an error you will get a much clearer error message
  • Added ability to reset ALL data (mainmenu -> Account). When used, a timestamp will be shown with the last reset date.
  • Fixed level 100 bug
  • Fixed gas teamdamage causing players to get stuck in a black screen
  • Fixed weapon audio volume (sometimes not hearable when the general volume slider is low)
  • Game version and network version are now split: a game version update will no longer split the playerbase as long as we didn't change any network features.

October 4th 2014
  • Spawning beneath level in Artois is fixed
  • Fixed deployed MG sight(Lewis Fix)
  • Fixed smoke exploit on the tank in Argonne
  • Grenade smoke will no longer shrink running through it
  • Spawn anthems of Stosstruppen, Canadians and British are working properly

October 3rd 2014
  • playertags will be shown immediately when aiming at any friendlies, this should help clarify who to shoot at.
  • artois improvements
  • stone pebbles re-added on all terrains
  • gas choke
  • smoke particle performance improved
  • fixed random game crash while playing
  • mouse acceleration off per default (matters for new players only)
  • the minimap will only show an icon for the current goal (defend or attack). The other trench line icons have been removed for clarification.
  • rotated rock fix

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September 23

Over the top boys!

First off the team wants to thank all players participating in the early access. Your dedication and willingness to give feedback have been pivotal in the development of the beta since our early access launch 1 year ago.

Today's update features a lot of improvements based on valuable feedback from the huge group of players that dove into the tactical trench warfare of Verdun this summer. (Thank you!)

Sneaking up on a German Stormtrooper with a trench club

New Squads

The gameplay of Verdun is has received a massive update with no less than 3 new squads taking the field adding 2 historically important nations. Next to the existing French and German squads (2 riflemen and 2 reconnaissance) there will be a new type of squad: Assault. The Central powers will be reinforced with the German "Stosstruppen" squad, the "Entente" (allies) will get its equivalent: The Canadian Assault Squad.
As each squad type has its own unique gameplay experience, the assault squads will focus on close quarters combat and specialist weaponry, including the fearsome mp18, trench clubs, shovels and revolvers. Aside from this fearsome reputation the Stosstruppen and Canadians will be able to call in a dreadful new weapon: Gas.

Claustrophobic gas mask experience

Chemical Warfare

Gas was one of the most iconic elements of the first world war. With Verdun we want to do justice to how this weapon was used in combat, and how it effected the experience of the soldiers. As the war progressed there were several different types of gas developed; from simple tear gas to the horrific mustard gas. These will be used in the game and linked to Verdun's unique squad leveling system. Gas was mainly used a harassment weapon and protection was generally very effective so in Verdun gas warfare is about protecting yourself using an immersive 3D gasmask experience. Players will find themselves having to quickly put on their "gas helmets" when a gas cloud is approaching having only seconds to put on the mask.

Putting on the mask (or gas "helmet" as they called it back then

British Forces

Last but not least, with the mayor role the British "Tommies" played on the western front, players will be able to choose to fight as British Rifle squad, with a range of new weaponry available to them. This includes the famous Lee-Enfield (SMLE) rifle and the iconic Lewis light machine gun.

British Tommy in 1914 outfit

Verdun's gameplay is also undergoing major improvements. With the recent inclusion of the bullet physics, netcode and performance optimizations. Bullet ballistics add a new challenges to the game as players have to lead targets and adjust sighting on the longer ranges to make an accurate shot.

In the past few months we have taken an enormous amount of community ideas and feedback. We have worked actively with the community to improve the game taking full advantage of the early access beta program. We will continue to do so up until the moment we can the game 'dun.


With the addition of the new assault squads we were looking for iconic and distinguishable units that fought on the western front. As we did with the light recon units such as the French "Chasseurs" which were traditionally the light units and visually very distinct we also sought these in the Assault units. For the Germans the infamous stormtroopers instantly made the most sense. On the other side of the front we had to find an historically equivalent unit on the side of the "entente powers".

Here the choice fell on the Canadian corps. They were regarded as the shock troops of the British Empire and supposedly even nicknamed stormtroopers by the Germans themselves. They saw action in most areas, but are famous for the capture of several hard points on the western front including the Vimy Ridge in Artois sector, and Passchendaele village in Flanders. As the game covers the entire western front they will see action on these important battlefields.

They were also one of the first units to experience gas warfare during the second battle of Ypres in 1915. They are equipped similarly to the British, but have several unique elements, such as different Canadian cap badges and tunics. Like the other squads, the change of uniforms and equipment they underwent during the war is also reflected by Verdun's unique squad leveling system. For instance the early war soft caps and obsolete leather ammo pouches as used by light units which the Canadians represent were replaced by steal helmets and modern webbing pouches and backpacks.

Late war canadian infantry

Fighting in Artois
Exciting news for WW1 history fans, Verdun has another new realistic WW1 map inspired by the battles of Vimy Ridge, Loos and Neuve Chapelle which took place in the Artois sector of the Western Front. The map named Artois features a massive German "redoubt", which was a mine quarry turned fortress. The grim soil landscape is reflected visually, with slag heaps towering over the battlefield and endless rows of barbed entanglements dominating the scenery. Harsh conditions for the soldiers to live and fight in. It's main inspiration was drawn from the infamous battle of Loos, which took place a few days short of 99 years ago: the 25th of september 1915. Which also saw the first time the British used gas on a massive scale.

Impression of the new Artois map

New weapons
A whole range of new weaponry is available, spread out over several squads.

  • Machine Gun Model 1914 "Lewis"
  • Webley Mk VI Revolver
  • Mk I No. 5 "Mills Bomb"
  • Lee Enfield Mark III*
  • Maschinenpistole 18/I
  • Gas: { Xylyl Bromide gas (White Cross), Chlorine gas (Green Cross) ,Phosgene gas ,Mustard gas (Yellow Cross) }

  • Trench Club
  • M1887 Feldspaten
  • Boker M1915 Trench Knife
  • Trench Knife Mle 1916 "Le Vengeur"

  • Pattern 1907 Bayonet for the Lee Enfield Mark III*
  • Pritchard Bayonet for the Webley Mk VI Revolver

Lee Enfield ingame

The extremely rare Maschinenpistole 18/I ingame


Should you be visiting EGX in London between 25th – 28th of September, be sure to visit us at stand 85E, where you can have a chat with the developers and play the latest version of Verdun!

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About This Game

Verdun is a squad-based multiplayer FPS set in First World War (WW1) . The game is inspired by the infamous battle of Verdun in 1916.

The game includes historically accurate features such as realistic WW1 weaponry, historical maps based on sectors of the Western Front and authentic uniforms and equipment. The game immerses you into one of the bloodiest conflicts fought in Europe.

The merciless trench warfare offers a unique battlefield for tactical squad play in the gritty Frontlines game mode, and raw pure gameplay in the rifle Deathmatch.

The Frontlines game mode is unique in its tactical complexity, where you are levelling different types of squads, each with your own tactics and roles. The realistic trenches are an extra challenge in the fight, where teamwork and tactical cunning are essential for success. Drive your enemies from their trenches and dominate the Western Front!

Verdun key features include:
Unique World War 1 gameplay: Authentic weaponry, characters levelling and realistic historical battlefields set in France and Belgium
Tactical squad-based FPS: Squad assembling and levelling
True trench warfare: Real-time dynamic frontline; momentum-based attack and counter-attack gameplay
WW1 atmosphere: Typical WW1 music, art, units, grim battlefields and an immersive user interface
Challenging game modes: Dynamic Frontline and rifle Deathmatch
Chemical weaponry: Tactical gas deployment and immersive gas mask experience

The team has done extensive research in the field at Verdun and has been advised by knowledgeable historians to make sure Verdun is historically accurate. Uniforms have been recreated to the tiniest details, weapons modeled to exact references and maps created from real-life elements.

Teamplay is what lies at the heart of Verdun. You fight for either the Entente or the Central Powers. Within each side up to 4 players can form 1 of the different squad types available to that side. These squads each have a specific tactic, and are based on real historical units of that time. Depending on your squad’s type, players can choose a specific role within the squad, complete with the historical attire, weapons and abilities. The more experience (XP) you and your squad mates earn together, the more powerful your squad will become..

A true WW1 experience has been captured by the historically accurate battlefields, divided into multiple sectors that can be captured by either side. The real-time dynamic frontline shows every captured or lost meter by your side. Staying true to the warfare of that time, both sides attack and counter-attack each other in turn, where you will be forced to defend each captured each sector of trenches.

A true WW1 experience has been captured by the historically accurate battlefields, divided into multiple sectors that can be captured by either side. The real-time dynamic frontline shows every captured or lost meter by your side. Staying true to the warfare of that time, both sides attack and counter-attack each other in turn, where you will be forced to defend each captured each sector of trenches.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz or Higher / AMD 3Ghz or Higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 8600 / Radeon equivalent (2009 era)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • OS: 10.8
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz or Higher / AMD 3Ghz or Higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 8600 / Radeon equivalent (2009 era)
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 or later
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz or Higher / AMD 3Ghz or Higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 8600 / Radeon equivalent (2009 era)
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
18 of 21 people (86%) found this review helpful
8.7 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Join German squad.
Slaughter French and British and capture their trench.
French and British players disconnect.
We all run around and shoot trees.
Constant "DEUTSCHLAND ÜBER ALLES GOTT MIT UNS" spammed in chat.
New player connects, joins Entente.
10v1 French player destroyed.
He disconnects.
Capture all remaining trenches unopposed.
Match about to end
Charge with entire army.
Killed instantly when I accidentally step on some barbed wire with my left foot.
Game ends, Central Powers victorious.

10/10 Best WWI game I ever played, seriously.
Posted: October 4
Was this review helpful? Yes No
14 of 15 people (93%) found this review helpful
9.4 hrs on record
Early Access Review
It's a good game, but you just have to get use to the game.
Verdun is a squad-based multiplayer FPS set in First World War (WW1) . It may take some time to, but you will have your fun. Although you will also have the times were you don't have fun in the battle(s) that you are in. So, you could have great battles or bad battles, either way it is a good game to play. You just need to learn.
Posted: October 6
Was this review helpful? Yes No
13 of 17 people (76%) found this review helpful
133.4 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Awesome game, slightly biased review ;)
Posted: October 4
Was this review helpful? Yes No
8 of 8 people (100%) found this review helpful
37.1 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Good little game, great details was given to weapons, they look the real thing, uniforms and sceneries are ok. Could improve artillery, quite limited, only one player has grenades which is inaccurate for the days, no trench knife or club, limited use of bayonet, they could introduce tanks, gas, make the trenches more complex and have more than 5 players per side. There are hardly any games relating to WWI which is a shame considering it is a very interesting era, the end of a romanticised type of conflict with flamboyant uniforms and cavalry, lancers and swords, and the emergence of mechanised armies, modernised weaponry and for the first time use of camouflage. There would be more interest in the game if it was made more realistic also, anyway I like it, I recommend it and would like to see more people play it
Posted: October 20
Was this review helpful? Yes No
7 of 7 people (100%) found this review helpful
50.9 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Best World War one First person shooter
Posted: October 18
Was this review helpful? Yes No
5 of 5 people (100%) found this review helpful
134.9 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Great Game play!

Graphics-Different variations--- Good graphics --- Variations of graphics--- Low | Alright--- Medium | A few changes from Low--- High | Great Turrain looks and Person looks--- Ultra | About the same as High but changes with water, turrain, and people looks.--- I recommend Ultra (If your PC can handle it.

Graphics---Post effects (Additional graphic changes)--- Post effects, High Dynamic Range, Depth of Field, Ambient Ocllusion, Anti Aliasing.--- Very good- Recommended.

Controls- Easy, WASD, Right and left click, G,X,E,SPACEBAR--- Can change controls if desired.

Sound- Good, Voices are good, but can be squeaky at times.

Gameplay- Very Deep, Good,and fun. Shoot, Throw Grenade, Call Artillery, Command your soldiers. Different types of mortiers (Depends on Squad Rank). And Call Patrol Planes to search for Enemies.

Rank- Minimum 0 | Maximum 100 |

Squad rank- Very usefull, Can get perks like unlimited sprinting, Creeping Barage (Very Good Mortier) And MUCH MORE.

Gun Rank- Unlocks Addition items on the gun (ect. Stripper Clips, Scope, Knife) for Deathmatch.

Class rank- Also very useful, Can get better weapond depending on the class.


Any Annoying stuff? Sometimes- Bug with 100 rank *Being Fixed* And A few more annoying things- But NO DEAL.


I Give this game a 9.5/10. Music is nice too.

French translation/traduction française:

Jouer grand jeu!

Graphics-Différentes variantes --- De bons graphismes --- Variations de graphiques --- Bas | Bon --- Moyen | Quelques changements de faible --- Haut | Grande Turrain regarde et personne regarde --- Ultra | À propos de la même en tant que haut mais les changements avec de l'eau, turrain, et les gens regarde .--- je recommande Ultra (Si votre PC peut gérer.

Graphics --- effets post (changements graphiques supplémentaires) --- effets poste, High Dynamic Range, la profondeur de champ, Ambient Ocllusion, Anti Aliasing .--- Très goodwill recommandés.

Controls facile, WASD, droit et clic gauche, G, X, E, ESPACE --- Peut contrôles changer si on le souhaite.

Sound-Bon, les voix sont bien, mais peut être grinçant à la fois.

Gameplay- Très Profonde, Bon, et amusant. Tirer, lancer la grenade, Appel d'artillerie, Commandez vos soldats. Différents types de Mortiers (dépend Squad Rank). Et Appelez Avions de patrouille pour rechercher ennemis.

Ranking minimum 0 | maximum 100 |

Squad Ranking Très utile, peut obtenir des avantages comme le sprint illimité, rampante Barage (Très bon Mortier) et bien plus encore.

Gun Ranking Débloque les éléments d'addition sur le pistolet (ect. Clips Stripper, portée, couteau) pour Deathmatch.

Classe Ranking également très utile, peut aller mieux weapond en fonction de la classe.


Toute trucs ennuyeux? Bug Sometimes- 100 rang * étant fixé * et un peu plus gênant choses: Mais pas d'accord.

Très bon jeu!

Je donne à ce jeu un 9,5 / 10. La musique est sympa aussi.

German translation/Deutsch-Übersetzung

Great Game zu spielen!

Grafiken-Verschiedene Variationen --- Gute Grafik --- Variationen Grafiken --- Low | Okay --- Medium | Ein paar von Low --- High | Groß Turrain aussieht und Person sieht --- Ultra-| Über die gleiche als Hoch aber ändert sich mit Wasser, turrain, und die Menschen sieht .--- ich empfehle ultra (Wenn Ihr PC kann damit umgehen.

Grafiken --- Kunsteffekte (zusätzliche grafische Änderungen) --- Kunsteffekte, High Dynamic Range, Depth of Field, Ambient Ocllusion, Anti Aliasing .--- Sehr Good empfohlen.

Controls- Einfach, WASD, rechts und klicken Sie links, G, X, E, Leertaste --- Kann Kontrollen ändern, wenn gewünscht.

Schall Gut, es Stimmen gut, aber kann manchmal quietschende sein.

Gameplay- sehr tief, gut und macht Spaß. Schießen, Granate werfen, Anruf Artillerie, Befehligen Sie Ihre Soldaten. Verschiedene Arten von Mortiers (Abhängig von Squad Rang). Und Call Patrol Planes für Feinde zu suchen.

Ranking Mindest 0 | Maximal 100 |

Kader Ranking Sehr nützlich, Kann Vergünstigungen wie unbegrenzte Sprints zu bekommen, Creeping Barage (sehr gut Mortier) und vieles mehr.

Gun Ranking Unlocks Addition Artikel an der Pistole (ect. Stripper Clips, Umfang, Messer) für Deathmatch.

Klasse Ranking Ebenfalls sehr nützlich, kann es besser weapond erhalten je nach Klasse.

(Andere Dinge sind hier nicht auf noch nicht veröffentlicht)

Lästige Zeug? Sometimes- Bug mit 100 Rang * fixiert * und ein paar mehr lästige Dinge-aber kein Deal.

Sehr gutes Spiel!

Ich gebe diesem Spiel eine 9,5 / 10. Musik ist auch nett.
Posted: October 10
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4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
16.8 hrs on record
Early Access Review
The best WW1 game on the market, really i cant think of any others that can match this. Only problem i have with it is that it needs more gore, i want limbs in the trench and faces melting off from gas, and more blood, everywhere. 8/10 would be 9/10 if more gore
Posted: October 1
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
77.0 hrs on record
Early Access Review
An awesome game, it is a very different experience from your traditional shooter. The main weapon that you use is a bolt action rifle, so there is absolutely no spray and pray idiots. There are machine guns, but you can't sprint and move much slower when wielding one, also you have to deploy it like in RO. Each team has a few squads and each squad has very different members. Some have a sniper, an observer and a scout, and some squads have a grenadier (guy with grenades not launchers) a machine gunner and a rifleman. All squads have an officer. An officer can call in gas, mortars or observation planes depending on what type of squad he is in.
The maps deeply compliment the class system by having (hint WWI): trenches and barbed wire. The maps have several sets of trenches with fairly open stretches of land in-between, and when you are on the offense it is your job to charge across that land, from crater to crater and over the final hump into the enemy trenches. That gets challenging sometimes, but by coordinating attacks with your team you can successfully storm a fortified trench fairly easily.
As a defender your job its to stop the enemy from capturing your trench. As you sit behind some cover with only your rifle and head poking out you are a fairly hard target to reach and you pick off attackers as they charge at you. But then you are gassed and you can't see, or a mortar hits you and your corpse goes flying, or a teammate says: BREACH LEFT and you look to your left to see an enemy rifle pointed down the trench line at your head, and sometimes simply you are sniped from a guy in the trenches the enemy just captured.
I have been in a few games with the devs even! They are kind and open to any feedback, positve or negative.
Overall 11/10 would recommend.
Posted: October 2
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
12.2 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Very cool game, and pretty damn unique at that. You'd be hard pressed to find a released WWI fps (or WWI game for that matter) with people still playing on the servers. However it is not without its faults as there are quite a few glitches in the game but overall, a very interesting game that deserves to be played.
Posted: October 19
Was this review helpful? Yes No
2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
21.7 hrs on record
Early Access Review
8/10 brilliant, I bought this game a year ago when it was released in early access, and its a very good game, its just about to come out of beta now and into full release, and it has drastically improved since it was first released. You can play as Germans, French, British and the Canadians, a decent range of weapons ranging from the Lee Enfield to the Gewher 98! If you are not sure whether this is worth buying, I'd advise you to buy it. Really fun!
Posted: September 29
Was this review helpful? Yes No
2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
3.5 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Needs to fix leveling but overall fun!
Posted: October 2
Was this review helpful? Yes No
2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
56.0 hrs on record
Early Access Review
I was going to post a review after I got to 100 hours but I think by fourty I've pretty much seen everything.

First off, the game concept is in it's own league, there isn't another WWI shooter out there at all (which is usually a bad thing). However, even though the game only has three, yes three, devs, it's still fantasic.

The weapons are all balanced in comparison to each other. Eventhough people continue to complain about the Lee Enfield, Luger, and Webly. The only gripe I have had is against Machine Guns, but I've gotten over it, since this is the First World War we are talking about.

The different squads let everyone in the match bring something different to the frontlines: Chasseurs and Jagers provide sniper support; Strosstruppen and Canadians gas enemy trenches and clear them out with CQC gear; and Polius, Tommies, and Landers provide the brute force to attack and defend. However, most players either do not wish to be Squad Leader, or do not use their SL ability, which can be detrimental to your side.

There usually isn't much coordination between the players, since everyone is usually playing by themself, they usually don't listen to NCO's if they actually lead. I've only seen two groups actually work together tactically; a squad of people who knew each other, and KK the only organized clan in Verdun (at the moment).

This game has the potential to become a great clan v clan game, since there are four squads you can put into a game (four men to each squad). So really any group of friends that joins this game, and plays together, will usually destroy the enemy team.

Now for the negatives:

Hit detection can be a real annoyance at times, but it doesn't ruin the game. Recently the game has been stuttering which has been the biggest annoyance to players that I have seen. There is a bug where about three quarters of the players in a match disconnect when a new map starts (this bug is currently the devs top priority so it should be fixed soon). The bullet physics in this game are a bit odd. There is not much of bullet drop, so shooting trench line to trench line can be either easy or a serious pain, if you don't know how to compensate. The melee system needs work, currently only people with bayonets or clubs win melee, but those don't happen much because people always tend to shoot each other. Also the detection for melee is a bit buggy, as while you may think you hit the enemy, it will not actually show you stabbing them. There are only four countries currently, however the devs will be adding more, so I doubt it will stay limited for very long.

All in all, I have had a very fun time playing Verdun in the week since I bought it, and I would certainly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys historical video games.
Posted: October 3
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
5.7 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Very fun game! 9/10, because of some of the performance issues that I, and others have had. Very immersive trench warfare style game that is really original! Keep up the good work devs! I would recommend buying this game!
Posted: October 14
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Early Access Review
While the First World War setting gives an element of novelty to this online multiplayer shooter, what is truly innovative is the ebb and flow that is baked in to the gameplay. At any one time one side is in their trench defending, not allowed to advance towards the enemy, while the other side is in their own parallel trench being forced to run, crawl and walk over no-man's land towards their (almost) certain doom. Once the attackers reach the enemy trench it becomes a tense game of nerves as danger lurks around every corner. Succeed in capturing the trench and the enemy fall back to another; fail and you are sent back to your own trench to this time defend. In this way a map is played across a set of parallel trenches with advance and fallback, capture and defend.

The first world war elements are all there - bolt action rifles, hand guns, primitive hand grenades, mustard gas & gas masks, binoculars to spy the enemy position and calling up of mortar strikes. And the maps are full of mud, duckboards, sandbags, bomb craters and burnt out tanks and crashed bi-planes - truly desolate. The sound track is full of French and German commands and cries, with whistles alerting you to your officer's commands.

It's a truly innovtive game and well worth a try. Do yourself a favour and buy the multi-pack and share the love.
Posted: October 12
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Early Access Review
I recommend this game because I believe it is the best First Person Shooter for Linux, to date. I don't have to run Wine to play it, I can play it nativly. It got Good graphics, and most importantly, It got that 1 shot 1 kill that I wish was in all shooter games. (Extremly hard to stay alive)
The best part of the game, is that it doesn't lag anything on the Samsung Tablet-PC :3
It has earned a spot on my Top 3 Linux games.

The only thing I have noticed that would not be accepteble in a full game, would be the weapon show through gas mask. Animation sometimes looks a little weird, T-pose, when go from prone to stand up. But that's about it. Those who complain about being killed from nowhere are "noobs", it is a realistic simulator (in a sense), so in real war you wouldn't go full Call of duty and run through the map with a pistol. You need to stay low to survive, you die from just one bullet and I love it, Hope they don't change that.

I would love to play in more map area other than just the trench warfare, maybe just team deathmatch in a city, etc. Anyway, I can't wait for all the features to be implemented! :)

I play it fine with Antergos Linux (Arch Based) (64-bit), Steam natively from Pacman (Multilib)
Intel Core i5 (quad core) 4GB Ram, and Intel Graphics 4400. If anybody were wondering. :)
Posted: October 12
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Early Access Review
At first, the frontline was an alien place, I charged over the top only to be mowed down by enemy fire. I tried again, shot by snipers whilst cowering in no mans land.

Being used to normal FPS play, I tried to apply it to this game, and first felt a little frustrated, but then once I learnt the game a little more after a couple of hours play, changed my tactics and motions to trench and muddy no mans land fighting. The game became amazing, and amazed me how well it was working.

First joining the squad, and the squad being automatically placed in to a frontline battle where needed seemed bizarre, but after a couple of hours I felt we needed to win the war, I needed to lead my fellow men to victory.

The experience system does work well, although it takes a while to unlock new weapons, you do constantly upgrade your other abilities gradually, wether its skill with guns you have or artillery called in. Also each squad gains experience as it goes along also, adding abilities to all those in the squad.

For a cheap early access indie game, it is incredibly good quality, with little bugs in it, and great fun to be had. It's climbing closer and closer to the quality of Red Orchestra 2, but with a new gameplay style, with world war one trenches, which for the first time I have seen, working well in a FPS game. Revolutionary style of gameplay with classic FPS ease is a garanteed winner for any FPS player, and currently the early access price is very reasonable.

If your a FPS fan, I wouldn't want to miss out on this.
Posted: October 17
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Early Access Review
Verdun is a game for those who demand historical accuracy in their shooters. It is not made for fans of Modern Warfare or Battlefield. As a student of WWI history I enjoyed this game very much. Ever since the British update, Verdun has become one of my favorite shooters. The developers seem to be constantly hard at work fixing bugs and adding features, so Verdun has the potential to become even better.
Posted: September 26
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Early Access Review
While it's still in its earliest stages of development, Verdun perfectly captures the World War One experience. The fighting is frantic and intense, over a miserable landscpae of mud, barbed wire, and a maze of trench work. The developers really know their stuff, and a lot of attention to detail and care has gone into the design of the game's weapons and character models. While keen on historical accuracy, this game also offers a lot of balance when it comes to infantry squad combat, almost as a game of rock-paper-scissors.

Don't get me wrong, this game has more than a few kinks and bugs, but the devs take player feedback seriously and are almost constantly patching the game, almost on a weekly basis. Combat is intense and inherently frustrating, but it's part of the fun.

TL;DR Buy this game if you're a history buff, or just enjoy intense squad focused combat. It'll take a moment to pick it up, but once you do, you want to stop.
Posted: September 30
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Early Access Review
Great game, Interesting as its set in WW1 which i have never seen before.. definately worth buying 10/10
Posted: October 4
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Early Access Review
Love the realism it is the best WW1 shooter ever
Posted: September 24
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