Bienvenido al mundo de CastleStorm, una increíble mezcla de géneros: ¡destrucción física en 2D combinada con peleas de defensa de la torre! CastleStorm tiene origen en los dulces recuerdos de la niñez de construcción y destrucción de castillos de Lego.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 29 jul. 2013

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"Castlestorm is no doubt filled to overflowing with features, variety, and fun. The campaign in lengthy, but not to the point of being overly repetitive."
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"CastleStorm draws from a seemingly unmanageable array of inspirations including real-time strategy, tower defense, and Angry Birds, and does so with remarkable virtuosity and humor." 8/10

"CastleStorm doesn't try to hide its inspirations, and it doesn't need to. There are enough of them to morph this action strategy into something fresh and exciting. It's warm, frequently funny, and stylish It's just hard enough to keep you biting. And most of all, it's just bloody great." 9/10

“In what is easily one of the greatest moments of my gaming career, I once used my ballista to shoot a dragon out of the sky. The massive lizard corpse fell to the ground, killing three of my opponent’s soldiers. Thank you for making that moment possible, Zen Studios." 83/100

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Acerca de este juego

Bienvenido al mundo de CastleStorm, una increíble mezcla de géneros: ¡destrucción física en 2D combinada con peleas de defensa de la torre! CastleStorm tiene origen en los dulces recuerdos de la niñez de construcción y destrucción de castillos de Lego.

Las nubes presagian la guerra... En CastleStorm se enfrentarán caballeros y vikingos, ¡un combate medieval de destrucción con base física en 2D! Controlando la batalla en tiempo real, los jugadores aprovecharán el poder de la artillería medieval, gestionarán un temible ataque por tierra ¡y utilizarán potentes hechizos! CastleStorm presenta una campaña individual con trama, un editor de castillo personalizado, multijugador online, modos cooperativos y mucho más. ¡Construir castillos y derribarlos nunca había sido tan divertido!

CastleStorm es un juego de destrucción de la torre con base física que combina elementos de estrategia en tiempo real, gestión de recursos y una preciosa mezcla de desafiantes escenarios de juego.

Batallas multijugador y cooperativas. CastleStorm presenta múltiples modos de acción multijugador tanto para juego local como online.

• Modo 1 vs. 1 en pantalla dividida, simplemente para derrotar a tu adversario.
• Modo Supervivencia cooperativo: ¡dos jugadores hacen equipo para repeler oleadas de enemigos juntos! Un jugador controlará la balista, el otro las fuerzas terrestres.
• Último combate cooperativo: los dos jugadores controlan a un héroe ¡y luchan contra interminables oleadas de enemigos juntos!

¡Construye tu propio castillo! CastleStorm presenta un editor de construcción de torres que permite a los jugadores construir sus propios castillos personalizados que usarán en la batalla. Los castillos deben construirse con inteligencia, ¡ya que las opciones determinan los tipos de tropas y recursos disponibles durante el combate!

Doce entornos de increíble belleza y una historia divertida. ¡Sir Gareth dirige sus tropas hacia la batalla contra los rabiosos vikingos para recuperar la gema robada y traer la paz al reino!

Múltiples caminos a la victoria: puedes elegir cómo derrotar a tu enemigo. Captura la bandera, destruye su castillo o completa otro objetivo de nivel predeterminado para hacerte con la victoria. Todos los niveles presentan varios objetivos, ¡cada uno con sus propias recompensas!

¡Un arsenal del que cualquier guerrero medieval se sentiría orgulloso! Aprovecha el poder del arsenal medieval de balista y lanza un surtido de armas explosivas, como mazas de armas, granadas manzanas, águilas teledirigidas en incluso ovejas voladoras para derrotar una avalancha de enemigos que intenta capturar tu bandera y destruir tu castillo. Despliega un temible ataque por tierra de espadachines, caballeros y jinetes de burros para proteger las puertas de tu castillo, y si todo esto fallara, convoca poderosos hechizos para ayudar a mantener al enemigo a raya.

Has ganado la batalla, ¡ahora prepárate para ganar la guerra! A medida que progresas en CastleStorm, tendrás disponibles nuevas armas y clases de tropas para usar en el combate.

Requisitos del sistema

    • OS:Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
    • Processor:Single Core CPU @ 1.6GHz
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:GeForce 6600 / Radeon 9800 / Intel HD 2000
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:500 MB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX compatible sound card
    • OS:Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
    • Processor:Dual Core CPU @ 2.00GHz
    • Memory:1024 MB RAM
    • Graphics:GeForce 8600 / Radeon HD 3670 / Intel HD 4000
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:800 MB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX compatible sound card
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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Publicado el 21 de marzo
A hybrid of castle defence and Angry Birds, and they mix really well. You get to send your army to capture the flag or even destroy the enemy's castle to win the match or round. Different items, castle layouts (you can even build your own, but it takes a bit of a learning process), and upgrades will be available to better suit strategies towards victory against the Vikings. (Let me axe you something!)

The pinball equivalent on FX 2 is really good as well.
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Publicado el 18 de abril
I bought this game in the Weekly Humble Bundle not being aware of what the game is actually about.
This game is a Worms-like real-time strategy tower defense, which brings u the kindness look of the worms series, with a 2D non-roundbased fightingsystem.

After a brief introduction into the story of the game, its very easy to get into the flow of the first stages. You'll start defending your castle against a couple of bandits, that are real easy to handle.

You'll learn all skills of your heroes, including different kinds of projectiles, moving out troops and even teleporting yourself onto the battleground while swinging your sword and using your bow.
Moving further on, you'll be defending your castle against wolves, vikings and other shady characters.

If u like the worms-series and are a fan of medieval games, you should defnitely purchase this game, even for 10 bucks, it's a great experience and very challenging in the later stages of the game.
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Publicado el 20 de marzo
Personal rating: "Very Good" = 4/5

+ nice UI
+ cool art style
+ lots of levels in 2 campaigns (even more with the 2 DLCs)
+ fun & easy gameplay
+ tons of units, powers & projectiles
+ nice story in campaign mode (and in both DLCs)

- the multiplayer is almost non-existent
- wobbly difficulty curve for levels
- frikkin' turkey levels
- some useless powers/projectiles

Got this game when I received a coupon for a discount. I knew nothing about it except that the art style looked nice. After several months I finally decided to install and play it ... and it was LOADS of fun. It clearly looks and feels like a port from a mobile version but for this genre it does not matter at all. The gameplay is sold and consists of level missions, usually knocking the enemy castle down or taking their flag. But there are some other mission too. Right off the bat I can tell you to play on Hard if you want to play the game as it should be played. Because if you want 5 stars for each level you gotta finish it on Hard. I personally really liked the story of the campaigns in both the main game and the DLCs. The problem with this game is that the mulitplayer is dead, the skrimish with AI is lackluster and there is nothing else after you finish the campaigns. So no real replayability. However it is a fantastic game that maybe won't be in your memories for a long time but it is fun to play. Also worth mentioning is that to get the 3 MP achievements you gotta find a friend to help you out. Overall I recommend this game!
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A 7 de 9 personas (78%) les ha sido útil este análisis
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Publicado el 18 de abril
This is a very decent little game that looks like it's suited to mobile platforms, but has far more depth than that.

Castlestorm is a mix of real-time tower defense and sidescrolling hack'n'slash, but the former is much more prominent when you actually play the game. The gist of it is that you need to prevent enemies from walloping down your castle gates and taking your flag back to their own castle - everything is on a 2D plane, a straight left/right path. You can do this in multiple, often very creative ways - but the three staples are using your castle ballista to shoot enemies manually, sending out your own soldiers to die valiantly in the line of duty, and controlling your own powerful general out on the battlefield. While the latter is fun, the castle projectile system is what you'll be using the majority of the time.

You'll be using your array of projectiles to deliver more headshots than Liebovitz, but it isn't just limited to bog-standard ballistas. Yes, you can fire a potion to turn that enemy griffin into a harmless turkey, and yes you can shower that viking brute with a barrage of kitchen utensils. The options are surprisingly varied and most of them have their uses, with different factions having differing projectiles available. You unlock these, the soldier classes and other spells/buffs by accumulating gold throughout the campaign and skirmishes, which are then used to upgrade your wares. These also include castle rooms - ballistas can fire at the opposing castle as well as enemy units, and if a room in the castle is destroyed, then whatever benefit it gave to your forces is immediately gone. This can include your army, of course...

The campaign is a good length, and the missions are reasonably varied although it might get slightly wearing towards the end. I would say that the DLC is worth it if you enjoy the game, as it's pretty cheap but opens up two new campaigns and factions to play around with. The story is pretty standard questing fare, although it plays around with tropes in good humour. Multiplayer is almost completely dead, so count on a single player experience only.

On the whole, Castlestorm is a good game that defies expectations. It looks like a kiddy iOS game, but actually gets quite difficult at points and utilises its own game mechanics well. I'd recommend it to most people who fancy a somewhat casual 2D tower defense. Also, Freia is awesome.

'They've smashed ah rhume in yer cah-sull!'
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Publicado el 28 de junio
This game deserves a 9.5/10 in my opinion

TLDR; This game took me by surprise, it was so addictive that I spent 2 days straight completing the campaign. This game is a combination of many other games such as angry birds, army of darkness, Age of War and tower defense games. I would highly recommend this game if you have a couple of days to spare and have nothing to do.


  • The campaign was satisfyingly long and does not feel draggy at all since most of the mission has a different and unique objective. Coupled with the DLCs, this game will give you a solid entertainment for a couple of days.
  • The storyline was very interesting and the characters are all very lovable. The substantial amount of humour in the dialogue was very entertaining.
  • Besides shooting catapults trying to destroy the enemy's castle, you can spawn heroes which you can control on the battlefield. You can also spawn a variety of soldiers to aid you in the battle.
  • Multiplayer support so you can play with your friends after you have beaten the campaign. However, there are not many online players at the moment. So you have to get a friend to play it with you.


  • When I was playing this game, I heard a very familiar music on the background. As I went to research, in turns out that the music was composed by the same artist that created the music for the flash game Age of War. The music was indeed a remastered version of the Age of War theme music. I used to play that game alot during high school and I delighted to hear that music again in this game.
  • The other music was very fitting to the game and its quirky characters. Although it does get repetitive sometimes, but it is not really a problem.
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