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Benvenuto nell'universo di CastleStorm, un gioco che unisce la distruzione fisica 2D e lo stile picchiaduro di difesa della tua torre! CastleStorm prende spunto dai ricordi infantili di costruzione e distruzione dei castelli di Lego. Da lontano si sentono tamburi di guerra...
Data di rilascio: 29 Lug 2013
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Include 3 oggetti: CastleStorm, CastleStorm - From Outcast to Savior, CastleStorm - The Warrior Queen


"CastleStorm draws from a seemingly unmanageable array of inspirations including real-time strategy, tower defense, and Angry Birds, and does so with remarkable virtuosity and humor." 8/10

"CastleStorm doesn't try to hide its inspirations, and it doesn't need to. There are enough of them to morph this action strategy into something fresh and exciting. It's warm, frequently funny, and stylish It's just hard enough to keep you biting. And most of all, it's just bloody great." 9/10

“In what is easily one of the greatest moments of my gaming career, I once used my ballista to shoot a dragon out of the sky. The massive lizard corpse fell to the ground, killing three of my opponent’s soldiers. Thank you for making that moment possible, Zen Studios." 83/100

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Informazioni sul gioco

Benvenuto nell'universo di CastleStorm, un gioco che unisce la distruzione fisica 2D e lo stile picchiaduro di difesa della tua torre!
CastleStorm prende spunto dai ricordi infantili di costruzione e distruzione dei castelli di Lego.

Da lontano si sentono tamburi di guerra... CastleStorm presenta lo scontro tra i Cavalieri e i Vichinghi, nel gioco che unisce il combattimento medievale e la distruzione basata sulla fisica 2D! Controllando la battaglia in tempo reale, i giocatori potranno sfruttare la potenza dell'artiglieria medievale, sferrare terribili attacchi di terra e lanciare potenti incantesimi! CastleStorm offre una campagna individuale con trama coinvolgente, un editor di castelli personalizzabile, una funzione multiplayer online, modalità cooperative e tanto altro. Costruire castelli e poi farli in mille pezzi non è mai stato così divertente!

CastleStorm è un gioco fisico che si basa sulla distruzione di torri e che mette insieme aspetti di strategia in tempo reale, gestione delle risorse e una serie di scenari di gioco diversi ed entusiasmanti.

Battaglie Multiplayer e Cooperative. CastleStorm raccoglie diverse modalità di gioco multiplayer, online e non.

• 1 contro 1 in modalità schermo diviso: prova semplicemente a battere il tuo avversario
• Modalità sopravvivenza cooperativa: due giocatori si uniscono per combattere contro orde di nemici insieme! Un giocatore controlla la balista mentre l'altro controlla le forze di terra
• Ultima resistenza cooperativa: entrambi i giocatori controllano un eroe e sfidano infinite orde di nemici insieme!

Costruisci il tuo castello! CastleStorm include anche un editor per la costruzione di torri che ti permetterà di creare il tuo castello personalizzato da usare in battaglia. I castelli devono essere costruiti con astuzia, alcune decisioni determineranno il tipo di truppe e di risorse che potrai usare in battaglia!

Dodici fantastici ambientazioni e scene comiche. Sir Gareth conduce le sue truppe in battaglia contro i temibili Vichinghi allo scopo di recuperare la gemma rubata e ricostituire la pace nel regno!

Molte strade per la vittoria. Puoi scegliere tu il modo il cui sconfiggere i tuoi nemici. Cattura la bandiera, distruggi il loro castello o completa un altro obiettivo del livello per ottenere la tua vittoria. Ogni livello contiene diversi obiettivi con le rispettive ricompense!

Un arsenale che renderebbe fiero qualsiasi guerriero medievale! Sfrutta la potenza delle armi medievali per balista e lancia un mix di armi esplosive, tra cui Morningstar, Granate-mela, Aquile addestrate e persino pecore volanti per sconfiggere una carica di nemici che vuole rubarti la bandiera e distruggere il tuo castello. Sferra un terribile attacco di terra con gli spadaccini, i cavalieri e i cavalieri con muli per proteggere le porte del tuo castello e, se ti trovi alle strette, usa i potenti incantesimi per tenere a bada i nemici.

Hai vinto la battaglia, ma adesso potenziati per riuscire a vincere la guerra! Potenziandoti con CastleStorm, avrai a disposizione nuove armi e truppe da usare in battaglia.

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS:Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
    • Processor:Single Core CPU @ 1.6GHz
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:GeForce 6600 / Radeon 9800 / Intel HD 2000
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:500 MB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX compatible sound card
    • OS:Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
    • Processor:Dual Core CPU @ 2.00GHz
    • Memory:1024 MB RAM
    • Graphics:GeForce 8600 / Radeon HD 3670 / Intel HD 4000
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:800 MB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX compatible sound card
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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CastleStorm, un misto tra rpg e strategico in tempo reale davvero ben realizzato, molto divertente, rigiocabile sia per migliorare i propri records che per sfidare gli amici nel multiplayer, ralizzato dagli ungheresi di Zen Studios creatori dell’ottimo Pinball FX2, quindi una garanzia.
In definitiva un gioco divertente, colorato e ben realizzato, da provare.
Pubblicata: 30 Dicembre 2013
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Kind of like Swords & Soldiers (or other 2D lane pushers) but actually good. Pump out troops, cast spells, load the ballista with weird ammo and assume direct control of heroes to wipe the battlefield. The best bit is the artillery, lob stones to smash enemy spires to loose parts which then will hopefully crush the enemy army as they are leaving their castle. There are four factions (with DLC) with different troops/spells/artillery. You can either try to storm the enemy castle with troops, stealing their flag and bringing it home in a tug of war, or you can just simply smash the enemy castle with boulders until there's nothing left. It's just fun and the physics are meaty enough, who wouldn't enjoy breaking things? Lots of opportunity for amazing skillshots or stupid accidents when your ballista hits your own troops. You can also design your own castle, the room choices affect your troop loadout and bonuses.

The four singleplayer campaigns were good enough, but when you enter multiplayer the game commits suicide. Local splitscreen can only be done in tiny windows, leaving lots of the screen unused and black. It was probably to preserve the FOV ratio but the end result is completely unappealing. Online multiplayer then is tied to playing ranked matchmaking, if you want to customize and upgrade your loadout playing with just friends doesn't earn you anything. I don't know why they went this way, did they expect to turn this into e-sports? Multiplayer seems quite dead even during sales...

All in all a very enjoyable time, for some reason I'd compare it with Orcs Must Die even though it's a different type of defense game. The art, humour and design is somehow similar and very polished. There's a nice pile of content and game modes in the complete pack for singleplayer, however if you're interested only in multiplayer I'd say skip it and get something like King Arthur's Gold instead.
Pubblicata: 30 Dicembre 2013
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I like this game. I've been addicted by it straight away from the beginning. It's sometimes rare for a game that you start it and you don't want to quit it already after 10 minutes, because there is just something taken away your motivation. Actually, I would say that more than half of my library gives me this feeling not to continue playing after some minutes. But CastleStorm just does everything right you would expect from such an angry birds, Ballerburg, etc. mix. You can level up, the design is pretty, a lot of levels, you improve your skills, your tactics, etc... okay, the story part is redundant, but does not bother you further as you can easily skip it. So it is not annoying. I got the game for 5 EUR and I simply say, it has been the best 5 EUR I spent on this winter sale. I give it clearly 8 / 10 points and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys simple games with great ideas.
Pubblicata: 23 Dicembre 2013
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This game is super-addictive! If you like games like the Worms series, or Swords & Soldiers or any kind of tower defense games, take a look at this masterpiece!

Even my wife loves it and she's losing her feeling for time on a regular basis with this game.

Singleplayer has four campaigns and it's not just "destroy the enemy castle". There is surprisingly a high variety of different mission types.

Give it a try, it's worth your time and money!
Pubblicata: 13 Gennaio 2014
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Started to play this game and thought "Ok its alright but not that good",played it some more and "THEN" i changed my mind.
This game is deceptively easy when you start and then just gets harder,if you dont upgrade your units and your castle then facing off against some of the later enemies and challenges is futile you will lose and lose again until you upgrade the units and also the castle you have chosen.
The graphics are really nice and suit this game to the ground (some of the cutscenes are like watching a cartoon),the sound and music is also really good and suits this style of game.The balance of gameplay is really thought out and like i have said you either upgrade the units and other things you have (like i have said) or you will be stuck on the level you are for some time.You do have to grind a bit at times to beat some levels and challenges (DAMN TROLL) but when you do you feel like you have acomplished something and then the next challenge awaits you.
When i finished the main game i was like "AW IS THAT IT I WANT MORE" so i went straight and bought the DLCs and again wasent dissapointed,its more of the same which in this case is certainly a good thing.
Lets hope that they make a sequel soon and that it is as good as this game if not better.
Pubblicata: 19 Gennaio 2014
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