Dying Light is an action survival game presented in first-person perspective. The game is set in a vast and dangerous open world. During the day, you roam an urban environment devastated by a mysterious epidemic, scavenging for supplies and crafting weapons to help you defeat the hordes of mindless, flesh-hungry enemies the plague has...
User reviews: Very Positive (14,228 reviews)
Release Date: Jan 27, 2015

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"Incredibly satisfying ground based traversal and excellent sound overcomes rote combat and average writing to make for a game worth playing."

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May 18

'Beyond Dying Light' Contest Winner

We have a winner for the Dev Tools contest we held a while back! Congratulations and great thanks to all who participated, keep up the good work. The winner is ‘Atlas’ map, which we had great fun with! Challenging, but really worth it.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

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May 15

Developer Tools Update #1

Dev Tools Update #1 Patch Notes

- Terrain Editing added (with launcher support for Linux)
- Fixed the FX viewer
- Attach and Detach functions restored
- Disabled Nav Mesh drawing on the minimap
- Added envprobes masks
- Fixed Workshop description issues
- Enabled browsing of textures and meshes
- Enabled setting up previews for collections
- Fixed varlist-set weather
- Various other technical fixes

Hotfix changes:

- Fixed infinite lag when locking large amount of terrain blocks
- Fixed default terrain's layer list initialization

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About This Game

Dying Light is an action survival game presented in first-person perspective. The game is set in a vast and dangerous open world. During the day, you roam an urban environment devastated by a mysterious epidemic, scavenging for supplies and crafting weapons to help you defeat the hordes of mindless, flesh-hungry enemies the plague has created. At night, the hunter becomes the prey as the infected grow in strength and aggression - but even more lethal are the nocturnal, inhuman predators that leave their hives to feed. You will need to make use of all your skills and any available means to survive till dawn.

Good Night. Good Luck.

  • Welcome to the Quarantine – Experience an original and intense story set in an infected city cut off from the outside world. Only the fittest have any hope of survival.

  • Vast Open World – Dying Light lets you traverse an extensive world plunged into chaos and destruction. In this diverse environment, you fight for survival against many kinds of enemies since the infected are not the only threat: facing down other desperate humans is often the only way to get precious supplies.

  • Night Changes the Rules – In daylight you explore the city searching for supplies and weapons. After nightfall, though, this infected world undergoes a dramatic transformation that gives the gameplay a new dimension. You, a hunter by day, become prey. The infected grow in strength, but something even more sinister looms in the darkness to begin its hunt.

  • Parkour-Style Movement – Whether you hunt or escape the hunters, you can move around the city with ease and speed. Jump between rooftops, climb walls, and attack your foes from above. Dying Light gives players a freedom of movement never seen in open world games before.

  • Brutal, Visceral Combat – Fight face to face using a diverse selection of melee weapons: knives, bats, axes, or more unusual tools of destruction. Strike down your enemies, cut off their limbs, save your own life!

  • Firearms – Powerful but noisy. Use pistols, shotguns, and rifles to gain an advantage over enemies, but remember that gunfire can and will attract unwanted attention.

  • Craft Your Weapons – Why use an ordinary cleaver when you can attach a lighter for burning damage? Or wrap a hammer in electrified barbed wire? Dying Light lets you create your own weapon upgrades and construct increasingly efficient tools of combat.

  • Be the Quarantine Hero – Dying Light features RPG elements that let you develop the protagonist and adjust him to your play style. It’s a long and difficult journey from rookie to badass.

  • Choose Your Play Style – Make use of weapons, your surroundings, and traps set by other survivors. Provoke groups of enemies to attack each other. Complete objectives by day or at night. Take advantage of darkness, fog, and storm to remain unseen. Turn the odds in your favor with offensive and defensive gadgets. It’s always your call!

  • Hours of Gameplay – Discover a thrilling story, complete more than a hundred side-quests, and put your skills to the test in special challenges.

  • Co-op Mode for 4 Players – Cooperate with other players in the extreme conditions of a zombie apocalypse. Show your individuality and customize your character.

  • Be the Zombie – Unique online mode where you play as a zombie. If you ever dreamed of stalking other survivors, now is your chance. Let the hunt begin!

  • Breathtaking Visuals and Realism – Dying Light is the first game based on the Chrome Engine 6 – the latest revolutionary incarnation of Techland’s proprietary technology. Built from the ground up with next-generation consoles and advanced DirectX 11 graphics in mind, it delivers a new level of visual quality, special effects, and dynamic weather conditions, maintaining unparalleled efficiency at the same time.

System Requirements

SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows® 7 64-bit / Windows® 8 64-bit / Windows® 8.1 64-bit
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-2500 @3.3 GHz / AMD FX-8320 @3.5 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM DDR3
    • Hard Drive: 40 GB free space
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560 / AMD Radeon™ HD 6870 (1GB VRAM)
    • DirectX®: Version 11
    • Sound: DirectX® compatible
    • Additional Notes: Laptop versions of graphics cards may work but are NOT officially supported.

      Windows-compatible keyboard, mouse, optional controller (Xbox 360 Controller for Windows recommended)
    • OS: Windows® 7 64-bit / Windows® 8 64-bit / Windows® 8.1 64-bit
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-4670K @3.4 GHz / AMD FX-8350 @4.0 GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM DDR3
    • Hard Drive: 40 GB free space
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 780 / AMD Radeon™ R9 290 (2GB VRAM)
    • DirectX®: Version 11
    • Sound: DirectX® compatible
    • Additional Notes: Laptop versions of graphics cards may work but are NOT officially supported.

      Windows-compatible keyboard, mouse, optional controller (Xbox 360 Controller for Windows recommended)
    • OS: Ubuntu 14.04 and newer recommended
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-2500 @3.3 GHz / AMD FX-8320 @3.5 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM DDR3
    • Hard Drive: 40 GB free space
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560 / AMD Radeon™ HD 6870 (1GB VRAM)
    • Additional Notes: JFS and XFS file systems are not supported
    • OS: Ubuntu 14.04 and newer recommended
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-4670K @3.4 GHz / AMD FX-8350 @4.0 GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM DDR3
    • Hard Drive: 40 GB free space
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 780 / AMD Radeon™ R9 290 (2GB VRAM)
    • Additional Notes: JFS and XFS file systems are not supported
Helpful customer reviews
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46.5 hrs on record
Posted: January 28
Glad to see the misinformed reviews have been thrown out of from the top page. For those who have said that Dying Light's day/night mechanic is not what they thought and that time doesn't actually change in the game clearly haven't played past the intro missions. The first two missions are obviously there to get you started, so they're not going to thrust a timed day/night cycle before you get the hang of the environment and the mechanics, and thus in the intro missions, time does not change if you don't progress the quest. Past those two missions, day/night becomes very real, and incredibly terrifying. /endRant

I'm sure it's been said before, but this is what Dead Island should have been. Everything from the parkour to the combat just feels incredibly fluid. Running around is great fun, and jumping into abandoned houses and exploring/finding loot is constantly fun. And this is where I got caught in my first night phase. I was running towards my objective when "oh look another shelter, let me go secure it," then "oh look there's an air drop nearby, let me go grab it," then again another shelter nearby, on top of random houses and zombies (sorry, "biters") to loot, and before I knew it, I got my last radio call telling me I should get to a shelter quick (mind you, the Tower warns runners a few times before nightfall to get home, but I just have to keep scrounging for loot). I checked my map and realized I was pretty damn far from the closest shelter, so I just booked it. This is where freerunning gets exciting. With how seemless and smooth it is to run around/through buildings and across rooftops, the run to my shelter didn't feel annoying or like a chore, but more like a challenge to find the smoothest route (very similar to Mirror's Edge). Long story short, night fell, I ♥♥♥♥ my pants and crouched my way from rooftop to rooftop, listening to the horrifying screams of the nighttime biters as I eased my way into my little shelter. I've since tried to go out at night and see if I can tackle a nighttime bonus objective of a quest, and I can tell you, as of right now, I am definitely not prepared... but I'm damn excited to finally face the challenge.

+ Fluid, seemless parkour
+ Combat is fun
+ Enemy AI is surprisingly smart
+ Terrifying and exciting night cycle
+ Scavanging every nook and cranny for loot

Some characters are well-performed while others just aren't. Gazi's performance, in my opinion, is laughably bad, but I began to think that it may have been intentional? And Rahim... he must have played a lot of Jak and Daxter back in the day, all he needs to do is dye his hair yellow. Brecken, Jade and Lena are among my favorite so far, with Lena reminding me a lot of Cassandra from DA:Inquisition with her hair and accent. Overall, characters are decent, and that's all that really needs to be said, so far at least.

+ Some interesting characters
- Some poor performances

Graphics are gorgeous, and surprisingly undemanding even on my single GTX 970 with everything cranked to max and at 1920x1080. Though many report a huge framerate difference by changing the View Distance option, I can barely see much of a difference in-game with that option set to half or max. The only issue I've noticed is that very very rarely, when you're fighting biters with melee weapons, the game randomly hitches, then continues normally. It only happens in combat, but not often enough to be annoying and that might just be my system. Overall, everything looks great, and the graphics and effects are wonderful. For an ugly game, the visuals are surprisingly beautiful.

Music is great, but my only comment is that the music that plays when you're outside has one part where a random singer begins to chant, and I swear it scares the crap out of me every time. Bashing biters with blunt weapons sounds very satisfying, and you can tell when you've hit the right spot, while hitting the chest is usually a muffled thump. I've yet to get a gun though (I've spent a lot of time just wandering around so I'm not too far into the campaign) so I can't comment on that. Also, make a little bit more noise and you'll hear bone-chilling screams in the distance of the more agile biters coming to get you. Very satisfying sound work overall.

I haven't gotten far into the story so I'll hold off until I've completed it to fill this section.

I basically wanted to come out and say how much I'm enjoying this game and to tell people to ignore the false statements about this game and give it a try. If you liked Dead Island, you'll like this game. If you hated Dead Island, you'll like this game. If you're a fan of first person, open-world games, then I'd bet you'll like this game.
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23.5 hrs on record
Posted: January 31
Imagine if Dead Island wasn't a wonky, glitch-filled mess. Imagine you could freerun, go anywhere, do anything, meet weird people, and occasionally judo throw a zombie off a roof. Imagine getting a running start and drop kicking a zombie so hard his body gets stuck in the geometry of the map. You don't have to imagine it, I've lived it. Follow me.

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25.2 hrs on record
Posted: February 7
Dying Light

Note: Dying Light currently has known issues with AMD graphics cards. You may want to keep an eye on the forums and wait for a patch before purchasing.

Field Rating Review
A pretty game to look at for sure, though it suffers with some animations on the part of NPC humans, particularly when they are speaking. The environment is very well put together, and the general ambience of the game, especially at night, is fantastic.
I have never played a game that offered such satisfying zombie smashing. On top of that, you have a variety of ways to dispatch of the zombies. The sound design is incredibly well done (save for the voice-acting, it is average at best), every smack of a weapon against a zombie is satisfying and has some weight behind it. Also notable is the parkour system in place in the game; It is extremely well executed, and gives an incredible sense of freedom to go where you want, and do what you want. The weapon system is reminiscent of Dead Island's, though gathering parts feels much more intuitive now. Missions feel varied enough that they don't come across as just "fetching" quests. They even serve to push you out of your comfort zone and into the dreaded night.
A zombie game that calls zombies exactly that, for once. The story in Dying Light isn't anything spectacular, but it has enough interesting moments to keep you moving forward, wanting to know how things will turn out. Again though, this is a zombie game, so don't be expecting Shakespeare.
Easily join up with four friends for some co-op fun which allows you to play the entire game together, main quests and all. Though frustrating at times that you must have EVERY player in the vicinity to start a mission, or even have dialogue with an NPC, the frustration is quickly forgotten as you get back to bashing zombie's heads in. Occasional co-op competitive events show up as you travel around the map, challenging you to beat your friends at killing the most zombies, finding the most loot, saving survivors, or racing to an objective. An absolutely hilarious blast of a game to play with your buddies.

Note: I have not yet played "Be the Zombie" mode (5-players allowed, instead of just 4), so I will update this review when I have the chance to try it out.
I thought that perhaps I would get tired of bashing zombie's skulls in, and jumping around the world. I have found myself to be pleasantly wrong in both regards. Dying Light executes these two mechanics so fantastically that I find myself constantly drawn to it, especially when friends are able to hop in-game with me. Though I can see the missions becoming burdensome and tiring after having done them a few times.
Of all the zombie games out there, Dying Light is number one on my recommended list. A well polished, extremely fun game by yourself, throw some friends into the mix and you have a winner. If you enjoy zombie games in the slightest, or even if you don't, give this game a whirl. Thanks to Dying Light, I find myself bummed out when I play other games that I cannot jump and climb so freely. You know something has been executed well when you find yourself wishing it was in every other game you played.

Note: A lot of folks are confused by the 9.1 (since the normal math doesn't add up). There's a little more going on behind the scenes here. Each of the fields is weighted (with gameplay being the highest influence), thus why the score works out to be a 9.1, instead of an 8.6.)

If you liked this review, feel free to check out my curator page:
The Tipster

You are also welcome to join our group and play/discuss games together, here: The Tipster
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Posted: February 24
It's like Far Cry and Mirrors Edge got married and then later had a divorce and Mirrors Edge married Dead Island. They had a baby but the baby actually belonged to Far Cry and Mirrors Edge knew that but Dead Island was all, "What the ♥♥♥♥ is this, where are the zombies?" And then they had another baby and this one belonged to Dead Island and Dead Island found out that Mirrors Edge was lying to him so Dead Island shot his wife and then himself. So then afterwards Far Cry's kid and Dead Island's kid had incest, and out popped Dying Light... So yeah Dying Light is pretty good.
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47.4 hrs on record
Posted: February 9
Lemme give it to y'all straight, who are on the fence;

- Yes, the game is very much worth it at full price.

- One of the first games in a long while, that has kept me up until 5 A.M. in the morning, because of how lost I get myself into it.

- Doesn't do dumb jump scares, save for a VERY FEW TIMES, and each one counted.

- The game is maybe one of the best zombie based games out there, so long as you do enjoy it with action.

- Parkour in the game is AMAZING. Sometimes I like just playing the game, so I can run
around, across roof tops, and attacking zombies while talking to friends.

- Co-op in story mode. Freaking amazing. No dumb lobby. Just click 'Join game' and bam,
you'll be thrown a few feet away from a friend without them sometimes even noticing you joined!

- Single play and Co-op have a huge impact; co-op feels fun, slightly safer, and adds a lot in the form of friendly rivals! Single player feels way more tense and everything you do counts, making you second guess some choices, for fear or death. Night time in either mode is fun as heck, though four co-op makes it pretty easy.

- Night and Day feel almost like two different modes. In the day, zombies shuffle around, falling off rooftops, being dumb, easy to avoid and kill. Night time? Get those UV Flares ready, and be ready to flee if they catch sight of you.

- Even after beating the story, I keep coming back for more, as it's super fun.

- Took me around 30 hours to do the story, which also included only HALF of the side missions. Still got a little over 50% left to go, and looking forward to it!

TL;DR - Get the game, find friends to play with, enjoy the hell out of one of the few games worth it at full price.
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16.9 hrs on record
Posted: January 31
"The Walking Dead" by day, "I Am Legend" by night;

I can't tell you how beautiful this game looks without you just seeing it for yourself, but I will say this.

This is the first game, in a very long time, which has legitamately inspired a sense of fear in me.

At night time, this game becomes a heart pounding nightmare.

Like horror? Play this game.
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20.7 hrs on record
Posted: January 31
I just finished the game, took about 20 hours

+A lot of weapons and weapon customization
+Smooth, simple parkour
+Great graphics
+Dropkicking zombies of from roofs
+Nice skilltree
+Lot of things to do (sidequests, collectibles)
+Some funny side characters
+Very exciting (at night)

-The story was pretty predictable and cliché
-Ending was a little dissapointing
-Not so many special zombies (would have been fun with more)

Best action zombie game in a long while. If the story would have been better and less predictable I would have given it 10/10 but i give a 9/10
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52.3 hrs on record
Posted: January 31
Dying Light mixes elements from Dead island, Mirror's Edge and Far Cry efficiently. Crafting, action, exploration and free running are all well-implemented in this open-world survival game. And you can expect to be genuinely frightened when the night comes. With a lot of content and satisfying ways to play in multiplayer, this game can, indeed, please a wide audience, even if everything is not perfect.
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40.2 hrs on record
Posted: February 15
Dying Light is a zombie game that focuses on atmosphere and player movement. If you have played Dead Island you already know the basic mechanics; craft melee weapons and bash zombies while collecting supplies. But Dying Light employs numerous changes that improve on this.

Atmosphere is perhaps its best asset. The day-night cycle is a crucial component, as there are major changes to mood and gameplay as the sun sets behind the horizon. At night, the tension elevates as you experience reduced visibility and face zombies that are nimble, fast and deadly. You will be tempted to venture out at night for extra rewards. During the day, you battle hordes of shambling zombies that are fun to eviscerate with a broad selection of weaponry. The difference between night and day provides a genuine rollercoaster ride.

Parkour movement makes navigating the world immensely enjoyable. You are able to run, jump and climb over buildings with ease. You just look at a ledge and hold the jump button to climb. As you come upon zombie hordes you analyse the area quickly. Do you attack or use the environment to avoid danger? Various slides and kicks make dealing with zombies, and human foes, quite interesting. Traps placed around the world can be triggered to slow pursuers or distract zombies, giving you an edge as you learn the world around you.

The single player is surprisingly entertaining and lengthy, with side quests that are often better than those in the story. Characters are well-defined and memorable, with more effort given to justify the game world. You run between areas, clear safe zones, rescue people and collect items. Story missions might even feature shootouts in indoor levels. Progression comes via a skill tree that unlocks significant character upgrades. You will also learn to craft items like Molotovs and flares to make you more formidable against the various zombie types.

Dying Light is also a cooperative game and playing with others is easy. The basic cooperative action works well, aside from rigid animations, and you can undertake just about every quest from the campaign. You can even open your game to a 'zombie invasion' where another player joins and takes the role of a dangerous night-hunter zombie that can instantly kill survivors with a pounce. Your goal is to destroy zombie nests before you lose a certain number of lives. Whether playing alone, or with a group of four, this versus mode is actually good despite its relative simplicity. It gets hectic when four players are battling tougher zombies and running all over the open map while being pursued by a night-hunter that can summon exploding zombies.

Dying Light is a terrific zombie game that greatly improves the core mechanics from Dead Island. It emphasizes the world and how you move around in it. The changes between day and night are refreshing and memorable. There is a healthy amount of content that will provide dozens of hours of entertainment in solo or cooperative play. Dying Light mixes intriguing elements to craft a zombie experience that is entertaining, atmospheric, visceral, and frenzied.
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33.6 hrs on record
Posted: January 27
60 FPS
No Crashing
Very pretty graphics.
Not clunky
Guns actually work like guns (looking at you Dead Island)
Zombies are satisfying to kill.

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21.2 hrs on record
Posted: January 28
A zombie game that actually calls them zombies.
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29.3 hrs on record
Posted: January 28
Great game. Not like the typical survival game that you usually see.
- Awesome graphics
- Night time makes the game completely insane. You would probably never expect to be chased by zombies in such an extreme way.
- Parkour is amazing, I don't think there are any games out there besides this one with parkour like this.

To sum things up... This is just a badass game and you all should look into buying it.
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44.5 hrs on record
Posted: February 28
I don't often sit down and write game reviews, but I had to make an exception for Dying Light. It has been a very long time since I dropped $60 on a game and felt this good about it. I am a zombie game junkie, I play as many as I can. This one is hands down the most satisfying experience I've ever had. These are a few of the ways this game stands out to me as head and shoulders above the rest:

Combat- The combat feels amazing in this game. From jabbing at things with pipes and wooden boards in the early game, to a slow motion decap later on, it just feels amazing to kill the zombies. They're an actual threat to you, and you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed if you linger in the streets. There are so many ways to dispose of them. About 23 hours into the game, I have several different guns, swords, axes, throwing weapons, molotovs, and a variety of combat moves that let me stomp on their heads when I knock them down. That's another thing I love so much. This game isn't just another start game, grab a gun, shoot everything game. You don't even SEE a gun till you've done quite a bit of getting your hands dirty. Guns also present their own danger. If you shoot a gun, or set off an alarm, you bring the attention of the masses of zombies in the streets. Not just one or two, they swarm you and it happens fast. The decision to pick off an enemy with a firearm is one you make very very carefully. There are genuine consequences to how you choose to confront your enemies.

Progression - I can't say enough good about it. They have done an absolutely brilliant job with the balance and overall gameplay in Dying Light. In the beginning, the first time you poke your head out of the building you start in, you are terrified by the strength of the zombies, and they are everywhere. The entire game grows with your character. Searching boxes early on you get low end gear, but the stronger you get, the stronger the enemies get across the entire city. New zombie types start to appear, even in the daytime. Night time is just a NOPE! Unless of course you rock the stealth thing. I myself am too prone to running in wth my machete swinging. Eventually you are driven by the story and quests to HAVE to complete missions at night, and it's a rush from beginning to end. Loot gets progressively better based on your own progress, there are no "junk" areas of the game where the mobs become laughable and the loot even worse.

The overall experience- If you're an adrenaline junkie, you WANT this game. You learn very quickly that your life depends on mastering not only the weapons and combat, but also the parkour. You don't ever stop running and jumping, leaping to and from rooftops, over fences, cars and other obstacles. If you miss a jump, the horde will be right on you, grabbing and clawing and biting, and bringing plenty of their friends along for the snack. I would highly recommend this game to people looking for a truly action packed experience, this one is not for the faint of heart!!
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57.4 hrs on record
Posted: April 1
Best zombie game before release Dead Island 2

- More zombies.
- Day / Night zombies.
- Clock system.
- Nice leveling system.
- Parkour and acrobatic abilities.
- Combat system.
- Open world.
- Storyline is fine.
- More missions.
- Great graphics.
- Great skills and items.
- Crafting system.
- Nice co-op with a friends.

Great work. Rate: 10/10.
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20.4 hrs on record
Posted: February 19
I played this whole game in co-op mode with 1 other player, so my review is based on the co-op version of this game.

The Positives

- PARKOUR!!! Extremely fun. Even more fun in coop when you're racing across buildings and somebody jumps the wrong way and falls to their death. The movement is very similar to that of Assassins Creed.

- The storyline. It's engaging, dark and maintains your interest.

- Kyle Crane , the protagonist, is a pretty cool dude.

- The environment is stark, eerie yet strangely beautiful.

- The day/night cycle is really innovative and makes it EXCITING! I cannot tell you how much I screeched on that first night, when darkness fell and suddenly 6 special zombies were howling and chasing me. It was terrifying and hilariously fun.

- Upgrading weapons, when you know what you are doing, is fun. So I can stick a little gas canister to my cleaver to make it set zombies on fire? Or add a small voltage so it electrocutes them? Yes, yes I think I will do these things.

- Skilling up. As in lots of games, you have skills trees where you can become more proficient in power, agility and survival. I really enjoyed gaining skills and using them to my advantage, particularly the agility tree, where you can learn to jump over zombies and the like.

The Negatives

- Weapon degeneration. I didn't like it in Dead Island, and I don't like it in this.

- Weapons lacking... something. Although this is a melee based game (guns draw zombie attention), I felt the few options for the guns (pistol, shotgun, rifle) were a bit boring. What I would have given to use a bow and arrow, crossbow, silenced weapons and the sort...

- Item making. For lack of a better phrase, I got quickly bored of fannying about looking for a small axe, a large axe, 3 pieces of string, 4 batteries, a blade and 6 metal parts to make a weapon that wasn't as good as the ones I could pick up at various points in the game.

- Bland side missions and a quick main game. We powered through the main mission in 13 hours flat because it was exciting, only stopping to do one side mission. Not because we were trying to speed play, but because we didn't feel the need to complete the missions - they didn't offer anything particularly exciting, just a bit of money that you can obtain from selling the 10000 pieces of string you pick up anyway. They weren't well 'advertised' either - we happened across the one we actually played by accident, thinking it was a safe house.

- Co-op felt like an afterthought. I didn't follow the development for this game very closely, so perhaps it was. It just felt very hastily put together. You play the same character, so there's just 2 of you running around, looking the same. I do understand why - you have to be Kyle to get the information, to take the calls, etc. I just would have preferred a different character to co-op with - e.g. perhaps adding a couple of other characters from the Tower. I just felt that in co-op, 4 Kyle Cranes looks a bit silly.

- You cannot complete the finale together. This one really bugged me. We had played the entire game together, working alongside each other, healing each other and occasionally laughing at one another's misfortune. It was a shared game. And then: You must play the final in single player mode. Whaaat? Having seen the finale, I completely understand why it can't be done cooperatively. Which makes me definitely think co-op was an afterthought. I would have really like to have done a joint finale, battling together against the bad guy to gain a shared victory.

Over all, I really did enjoy this game in a co-op mode, and the hours I did get out of it were highly entertaining. I would recommend it, particularly if you enjoy zombie / survival games, and if the prospect of free running your way around a city whilst being chased by a f*ckload of zombies appeals to you.
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42.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 28
Dying Light combines the fun of a zombie apocalypse with decent zombie ai, smooth parkour, and fun multiplayer coop up to 4 players or the ability to play as a zombie, which somehow just works out.
A much more improved version of dead island IN FACT this is what Dead Island should had been.

Video review


Music Video By me, Come at me Hunters I haven't lost a single game yet

+ Great graphics fitting of 2015, 60 fps and runs well for the most part
+ Smooth parkour gameplay which is easy to understand and pull off influenced by mirror's edge. ( Like a ghetto version of it but still good)
+ Rpg system that feels balanced with 3 variety of skills that are leveled in different ways. Isn't easy to level. Max level is 24
+ Addictive zombie head bashing gameplay using melee weapons (there are guns but rare), kill with traps and a handful of blueprint items
+ Coop play with up to 3 other friends for a good times where this time it actually works out well
+ Zombies in the game levels along with your level, they start off slow and stupid and gradually become powerful and dangerous
+ Dynamic day and night cycle where morning is easy hunts while nightime the zombies gets even more dangerous and super intense.
+ many gameplay elements such as the weapon color system and modded weapons were brought over from dead island. (The good stuff)

- Fps issues for some people out there which happens to certain hardware or could be a bug (Hopefully this will be fixed with patch and I will just get rid of this line

- Dolphin Pinging for items and for searching for items breaks immersion a bit
- When grabbing quests all players need to be nearby when it should be easy for one to grab quests for everyone.
- Multiplayer hunter mode humans who sit in the safe zone and never comes out to actually play it, getting dropped by people joining a game
- it is hard to be the zombie to invade games or can't find any games, they need to rework this.
- No leaderboards for the multiplay
- Zombie Ai has one super flaw which can only be seen when there are hordes of zombies, Not all zombies will be distracted or pay attention to the player but rather it grabs them randomly to attack while the rest ignores. Go up to a high area and throw firecrackers and molotovs to see this example.
- Playing multiplayer zombie is really really tedious just randomly spamming to join a game, everytime you join one if another joins then it automatically kicks you out so you spam some more.
- Qte's are lazy and when you get to the finale, well......

+- Story starts great then goes off slow but gradually gets better, many sidequest to do.
+- - Sidequests are a bit tedious after a while but overall has a nice lore to them and some of them are excellent, just many of them aren't. They get better LATER in the game. There are many, many many many sidequests for mods, money, and materials
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Posted: February 1
I liked this game from the first few minutes, but I decided I would finish the main story before writing a review, so here it is...

Super short review:

A superior Dead Island.


I like many things about this game and as I went forward in the story, it proved to deserve it more and more.

Graphics and sound:

For those who like graphics, this game offers beautiful graphics and great visual effects. I didn't pay that much attention to it, but I did like the music and the sounds - they bring you in the atmosphere that you would want in this type of games.


The combat is okay. At the beginning you rely on small one-handed weapons that don't deal much damage, but as you progress through the game, you get very good knives, machetes, and you can even customize your weapons and add things like poison, shock effects, extra bleed damage, and all that. Later on you get your hands dirty with a pistol and 2 rifles (there are more, but I didn't really use them), but they won't be used that much because of the scarcity of ammo. To be honest, I prefer it that way.
After you progress through your levels, you can get good hand-to-hand skills like grappling, drop kick, kicking while sliding, stomping, and other, which almost remove the need of having any weapons at all if used correctly (I still use my old school baseball bat with shock effects just to be a boss).
What I do not like about the combat is the AI. Some AI, especially the humans, retreat very often. They run against you, then they stop, then they just retreat slowly and you have to go chase them, which may take some time.
Don't start thinking you will go rambo style at the beginning. It will be hard to face more than one enemy at the time at first, but when you get good skills, you will be able to fight waves easily if you use them right.


Jumping from one building to another, climbing towers, or jumping over obstables will make you feel like you're playing a mix of Assassin's Creed and Far Cry. It is very well done even though sometimes you can make jumps that are really over the bounds of reality.


The best part for me was the story. I love playing single player games, so I played the story all the way through by myself and I have to say it was fairly addicting. Even though it is very easy to predict, in fact I knew what was going to happen at the end in the first 30 minutes, there are some things in the middle of the story, or the way the things you thought actually happen, that will surprise you. You will not want to take a break because you want to know what happens next.

Unfortunately I cannot talk about game optimization. I'm running a GTX 980 SLI, an i7 4790k 4.8 GHz and an SSD, so the game runs smooth for me at max, but I can't tell about about mid range specs. One thing I did not like is that I cannot (or at least didn't find a way to) use DSR (dynamic super resolution); when I switch my res to 4k, unfortunately the game doesn't really make it 4k but something lower. I'll have to look into that.


You'll probably find a few bugs, nothing really serious. The worst in my experience was getting stuck once, but I went back into the main menu, I pressed continue and I was 5 seconds away from where I got stuck and ready to go.


Overall the game is very, very good. If you wanted a great Dead Island, here it is. Great story, beautiful graphics and good gameplay. Is it worth $60? Depends on how much $60 is for you (doesn't mean you have to buy it at $60 anyway...). You can simply wait for a sale and grab your copy. It will be worth it. The main story is a good 15-20 hours (to me it says less because I played it a lot while my connection was down). Then you have many side quests that will probably take a lot of time. I do not regret my purchase and I recommend this game to my friends.
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Posted: January 28

This makes me not want to live anymore.
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Posted: February 9
Well after about 50 or so hours of playing this game and grabbing everything I pretty much can, I feel like I need to write a review on it! (With lots of Dead Island hate)

Short review: It's basically what Dead Island should have been but mixed in with some Far Cry, Mirrors Edge, and a little bit of Assassins Creed elements. If you want a superior Dead Island get this.



Better story (as far as a zombie game goes): As far a a zombie game story goes this is a lot better than Dead Island. Basically- oh yeah SPOILER ALERT -you're a man named Kyle Crane who is dropped into the infected city of Harran to find some guy that has stolen a very important file from the GRE. And guess what happens the minute you get dropped in? You get bit, of course, lazy pr^$k couldn't move fast enough. There aren't many twists and turns in the story, but there are some very interesting parts here and there but not much else.

Characters: Compared to Dead Islands bland Characters, these actually have some soul to them (Take that for what you will) each one is pretty interesting, some are kind of bland, but not as bland as the ones in Dead Island anyway. Each one seems to have some weight to it or at least some emotion.

Fighting the Biters: Fighting the zombies actually feels like it has some weight to it, with each hit you make, each gunshot, everything. It doesn't feel as lifeless as it does in Dead Island with swings or with guns. The hit sounds are solid, the impact and weight with each swing you make, the bone breaking for biters, everything, it feels pretty solid.

Scavenging for items: To craft good weaponry or even some distracting tools, you need items found throughout the world. Aerosal, sawblades, chemicals, ductape, everything you find is useful in someway or another. This is how you make throwing stars, strong elemental weapons, explosives, and more. Plus my OCD says "GRAB EVERY DAMN THING YOU SEE." Not only that but almost every single building you go towards you can go into and scavange for some loot, very nice touch that you can enter most of the buildings to get stuff.

Traps: There are traps riddled throughout the world that you can use to your advantage, like a car trap. It sets off the alarm and the zombies gather around it, after about 5 alarm horns it goes off with an electric shock, pretty much killing everything in the area around it. Or like the electric fence, which makes a loud high pitched screech to draw enemies over, then zaps the fences below them with electricity, useful for dealing with enemies on your tail.

Different enemy types: There are different enemies instead of just zombies. There are the Spitters from Left 4 dead except they are even MORE ANNOYING. Demolishers, which as basically just really big buff zombies that can knock down a lot of your health and get quite annoying. The Runner Zombies, they are basically runners that have been infected, they're as fast as you, and can climb up buildings to catch you. The prison zombies (I suppose this is what they're called) they are basically just a beefed up version of the regular biters except with a big piece of Concrete Rubar that will hurt you with the swing and knock you over if you're too close. Hazmat zombies that can't get caught on fire, but have a air tank on their back, hit the tank, and BOOM. The Volatiles, they come out at night to patrol and can sense you if you get too close, this basically goes as a cop system like GTA, the longer they chase you the more will follow, and the longer they'll try to search for you if you lose them. And then my most HATED ENEMY EVER, the Suiciders, which can kill you instantly if you are within like 2 meters of them.

Weapon Variety: There are a lot of weapons you can get, each has it's own little property based off what it is, bone breaking, slicing off body parts, etc. AND THE GUNS ACTUALLY WORK LIKE F%#KING GUNS. Headshots apply to pretty much everything except for volatiles I believe, they do have some damn good sounds, and the impact of shooting a enemy is very rewarding.

Parkour!: How could I forget one of the most entertaining things of this game? Years after Mirrors Edge came out i've been trying to scratch a very unbearable itch mainly because that game left me with wanting more of it, and since Dice is lazy with making the 2nd game, I kept hearing about this game and it has free running properties, thankfully it's done correct. It doesn't feel like a mess, it feels very fluid, except for when you start off when you trip over every thing you see and grab onto, but it keeps you on your toes when you are being chased by the Volatiles.

Progression/level up: Progressing with your level in this game is pretty good, there are 3 types of levels. Survivor, Agility, and Power, and each is leveled up based off of what you do. Survivor is for helping people out with quests, getting air drops and giving them to the quarter master for some experience, or exploring and helping people in need. Agility is for parkouring around the place, the longer/more deadly the jump, the more points you get from it, meaning the more dangerous things you do the more point you'll get from it. Power is what you do to hurt biters, can be throwing stars, your own melee weapons, guns, traps, anything, even just smacking the zombie with your fist will get you points for it.

Day and night Cycle: people complain about the Day and Night cycle because it isn't introduced at first, which it isn't, but I think that's a good thing, I don't want to roam around at night not knowing what's gonna happen. After a few missions it introduces you to the day and night cycle and it works correctly, plus all of your Power and Agility points are doubled at night since it's so risky to go out.


THE F#%KING SUICIDERS: I hate these damn zombies the most, not only are they a pain to get away from, they aren't obvious from the rest of the crowd. Need a example? I was on the bridge trying to get to the top, while walking on the bridge and going through the zombies, there was one with his back turned, I figured "Ah why not" I hit him, BOOM, dead. Turns out it was a stupid suicider zombie, but THEY ARENT OBVIOUS ENOUGH. They blend in with the common infected so well it just starts to get annoying, like if you're in a battle with lots of zombies and they are blocking your path and you have to kill them, and then a suicider just waltzs in behind them and you hit him you just screwed yourself because of it. I'm not saying they should get taken out, i'm saying I wish they were more obvious to see and identify.

The grappling hook: This isn't a con becuase I don't like it, it works great, but it's Kyle when he uses it. If you grapplehook to certain things Kyle I guess goes artard for a moment and doesn't want to grab onto whatever I aimed it at. Like one time I aimed up near a building roof and hooked at the edge, but instead of grabbing onto said edge and climbing up he just decided he wasn't even going to try and grab it, and then just fell and broke his legs. Good going Kyle, a%#$ole.

Throwable items: Most of the throwable items are really useless, like later you can make burning and freezing throwing stars, yet burning is the best out of them all since not just zombies but the enemy Humans will start flailing around a little giving you time to attack. And then the explosives, the only useful one is the Explosive firecrackers since they gather around it and blows them all up.

CONCLUSION: After playing Dead Island and then Dying Light, Dying Light is clearly superior, and since i'm running out of a word length, i'll just say this, it gets a 8/10 singleplayer, and a 9/10 for Co-op, it's fun, it's entertaining, and I haven't gotten bored of it since. I'm not going to let AngryJoe or Benjamin "Yahtzee" Croshaw get in my way of saying it's another zombie game. It's a lot of f%$king fun.
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Posted: January 31
Dying Light is one of those games that does many things right, and it is a whole lot of fun. Techland created a zombie game in the vein of Dead Island, with huge improvements, but without the campiness. The zombie world of Dying Light revolves around a great premise. The sidequests range from somewhat fun to damn cool. There are many different scenarios, and they are events and occurrences that would more than likely occur in a post-apocalyptic world. There are 44 side quests. While they may not be all worth doing, the player may be surprised by some of the adventures they bring.

The parkour is fluid and connected, while building off on climbing and jumping mechanics that makes free-running exhilarating. It starts off slow, but once you get going on the agility skill tree, free-running is really fun. I highly recommend putting points in the fall damage mitigation, and forward roll. For instance, parkour/free-running has three stages of upgrades. You start off as a novice freerunner, and as you progress through the skill tree, you become more athletic, therefore, traversing the world faster with less stumbles. These all make for smooth controls that are very responsive, and it does not miss a beat. Fun times.

You can also combine abilities from different skill trees to perform combos. For example, you can use "vault" on a zombie, followed by a "drop attack" for a satisfying combo finisher.

If you are trying to connect Dead Island and DI: Riptide to this game, it probably shares in common some visual art design, melee combat, without the campiness. But the melee combat has been greatly improved. The melee combat is extremely satisfying.The gameplay is where Dying Light shines. Gunplay is so much better too. Throw in free-running abilities, the three skill trees, and gameplay is a blast. Dying Light sports the best melee/parkour combat to date.

And while I feel the gameplay is the best part of the game, Dying Light does many other things right too. In another light, the ending was predictable, although it could have been handled differently. I would have liked to see a twist in the story. I feel like the premise of Dying Light could have served a multitude of story branches. A missed opportunity, indeed.

It is one of those games that takes bits of concepts from other games like Mirror's Edge, Dead Island, Far Cry 3+4, and executes it well. It does not feel like you're playing those games per say, but it does remind you of them. If that makes any sense. It feels different, and more than enough to stand on its own.

If you guys have a chance, give it a try. But if you choose to focus too much on its flaws, you will probably end up not liking it, and you will probably dislike it for the wrong reasons. I felt this way in the beginning, but this is one of those games that really grows on you. It is not amazing, but it has some spectacular moments.

The visuals are up to par with modern games, atmospheric and immersive, slick and smooth controls--button mapping is great to accommodate for melee combat and free-running, extremely detailed game world, combined with satisfying melee combat complimented by three skill trees that enhance gameplay incredibly.

The sound design is excellent, from the cries of a zombie from several yards away, to a great soundtrack (some 80s/90s music),

There are many different zombie types--common, stronger common, special, and nighttime zombies all make for interesting enemy and A.I. During nighttime, some common zombies behave more aggressively, and the nighttime zombies like the Volatiles come out on patrol. Volatiles, like the more alert and aggressive common zombies, have a cone of vision that appears on the mini-map to show the player if they have been alerted. A eye icon appears over the actual zombie on screen if they have spotted you, and the icon fills up with a red color indicator to show if you are being pursued. The zombie A.I. is smart.

Day-zombies may not be much of a threat as night-zombies, but day-zombies can be a threat in numbers. "Free-runner" zombies are former runners that turned into the infected. They move and run faster, and they can climb objects and structures, unlike their common zombie cousins. They are more aggressive and they relentlessly pursue you until you put them out of their misery.

The physics is good, and it makes for some unintentional, hilarious moments.

I highly recommend crafting and experimenting with every weapon, even if you feel like you will not like "throwing weapons" or "trap bombs." In this game, you're going to want to try everything. They're all fun to use, and they provide for cool gameplay scenarios you can come up with.

Achievements in Dying Light are worth hunting, especially in co-op mode. Take a little time to read through them because they encourage you to experiment and try different things. I am glad I looked through them. Point being is, get creative. Use your imagination and try to do everything. Experiment.

Nighttime is really intense because that's when the more hellish zombies come out and stalk you. You have probably read that other players have reported that the game does not feature real-time day and night cycles, and that is untrue. Early on in the game, there are a few story missions that introduce you to nighttime. I think this confused players. After you have completed those, day and nighttime cycle kicks in. Day lasts several hours, and nighttime only lasts for a very short time. And this occurs without story mission/side quests. You can fast-forward time by clicking on a bed (wait until night or morning), and go off on your adventure.

However, I do take issue with the timer for nighttime. There could have been a setting to change how long nighttime lasted. Seven minutes isn't all that much, even though it can sometimes feel like "forever" with Volatiles chasing you across the city.

There are mini-games spread throughout the world of Dying Light. These include "challenges" that you can participate in, like a free-running challenge, killing a specfic amount of the infected in the quarantine zone, or a challenge scenario where you need to kill 40 zombies within a limited amount of time. It sounds simple on paper, but these challenges can be pretty entertaining in spurts and especially with a co-op partner.

Dying Light is one of those rare videogames that was designed thoughtfully. Single-player and co-op intertwine in harmony, and one mode does not hamper the other. After having played over 50 hours of Dying Light, I can genuinely say that this is one of the best single-player/co-op campaign games out there. With Invasion mode and nighttime adding a whole new dynamic to zombie-killing madness, gameplay is intensified and it brings fresh new gameplay that would have been missed had it not been included. It is one of the better games that have been released in recent years, and it definitely stands out from the crowd of new-gen games.

9.0 out of 10.

- Highly recommmended.
- Huge improvement over Dead Island
- Excellent and thoughtful single-player/co-op design
- Extremely satisfying melee combat system
- Great parkour that is fluid and highly responsive
- Deep skill trees, and game mechanics like crafting and upgrades
- Great visuals for an open-world game
- Immersive and atmospheric
- Cool characters
- Solid writing for the most part, and good dialogue
- Great premise
- Many zombie types provide for dynamic gameplay
- Excellent zombie A.I.
- Innovative nighttime zombie gameplay
- Excellent and responsive controls

- Missed opportunities in plot twist
- Ending was anti-climatic
- Missed opportunities in potentially good scares
- Main protagonist feels hollow
- Most characters are forgettable

CPU: i5-2500K @ 4.1 GHz
GPU: EVGA GTX 970 Superclocked ACX 2.0
OS: Windows 7 64-bit Home
Nvidia driver version: WHQL 347.25
Resolution: 1080p
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