I en förvriden dimension från medeltiden har levande döda och skräckbestar lyckats med det otänkbara och utplånat hela din ras i kallt blod. Dina vänner. Din familj. Alla är borta. Och mardrömmen har bara börjat. Du söker hämnd med hjälp av barbariska vapen som spikskjutare och helvetesstav, och förhäxar från härskarboken.
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Utgivningsdatum: 3 aug, 2007

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Om detta spel

I en förvriden dimension från medeltiden har levande döda och skräckbestar lyckats med det otänkbara och utplånat hela din ras i kallt blod. Dina vänner. Din familj. Alla är borta. Och mardrömmen har bara börjat. Du söker hämnd med hjälp av barbariska vapen som spikskjutare och helvetesstav, och förhäxar från härskarboken. Eller dö i försöket.

  • Funktioner för upp till fyra spelare via nätverk eller två via modem. Spela på samma lag som en vän eller ta död på varandra i en blodig dödsmatch.
  • Gå. Spring. Flyg. Se runt dig, även uppåt och nedåt.
  • Välj bland 7 vapen (allt från en enkel stav till den otroliga eldklotkastaren).
  • Använd mystiska föremål till att släppa lös överjordiska krafter på intet ont anande fiender.


    Minimikrav: Dator som är 100 % kompatibel med Windows 2000/XP/Vista

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Upplagd: 27 november, 2015
One of my all time favorites from childhood.
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Upplagd: 12 februari
Heretic: Shadow Of The Serpent Riders *8/10

Developed by Raven Software using and improving id's DooM engine. So this essentially is another FPS with significant new elements, compared to DooM standards.
This title puts us in the role of Corvus ( posthumous name given in the sequel), one of the last elves hunted by monsters from other dimensions, headed by D'Sparil, one of the Serpent Riders. Ok, like any other FPS of those times the story is completely useless, but in this case it's a very useful excuse to give the game a strong fantasy atmosphere. So there won't be zombies or devils, but Gargoyles, mummies, mages and minotaurs. There won't be guns but ther will be wands, ethereal crossbows and other magic weapons. There are more news compared to DooM: items. They're not just health powerups but they're proper items you may carry and use at your own discretion. These are the likes of health, damage powerup, teleportation in disguise of quartz flasks, Tomes of power, Chaos device... And many other items with different use. This kind of system seriously improves the gampeplay from DooM's standard, adding that creative spice to the classic "shooteverythingthatmovesandfindthekeyfortheexitdoor".
As in DooM, Heretic has three episodes made of 9 levels each. I was quite surprised to see that this release includes the other 2 expansion episodes from Shadow of the Serpent Riders edition which is a free upgrade I never heard about until now O.o (my bad).
As usual this game is released with DosBox to launch with. Fortunately they didn't even try to clumsily implement any mouse configuration as done in the horrible DooM releases.

  • FANTASY. Clearly the prettiest innovation of the game is the fantasy atmosphere giving a creative new look to FPS. You explore buildings, which are not stations but castles or fortress with mosaic glass, while outside you find water and terrain. The settings obviously force the use of new type of weapons: magic weapons (my favourite are the necromancer gauntlets of course, the chainsaw equivalent... XD). And of course the implementation of new and innovative items.
  • GAMEPLAY. Besides the ability to look up and down, there are other innovations and most of them can be grouped inside the new inventory system. Now you can pick up items to be used in other moments at will, and they range from simple health replenisher, damage bonus and other disguised as perfect fantasy items. One of the most useful and innovative are the "wings of wrath" a big name for a flying device, a new and important powerup considering you can't jump in this game. Another interesting is the Hourglass, which is just a powerful proximity mine. More possibilities means more fun.
  • MUSIC. I have to point it: it's not as bad@$$ as in the DooM games, but it's very nice, and suits the atmosphere. I've made covers of some of these tunes too in Youtube... B-)
  • MODS & COMMUNITY. You can find mods, levels and so on. But most importantly custom ports with graphical and gameplay improvement or guides, both in steam and in other sites, with tricks and advices on replacing DosBox with better ports and implementing the Steam Overlay.
  • STEAM OVERLAY. As usual, like on every other old steam release running on DosBox, there's no Steam Overlay.
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Upplagd: 16 januari
That skull is still scaring me s***less!

This game and Doom 2 were one of my absolute favorites during my childhood and I must say that they have aged well. Whether it's for nostalgia or you're looking for an epic-beyond-any-means fps, this game is a solid A+ choice.

Only thing left to say is that you HAVE to buy it.

10/10 experience. :)
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Upplagd: 17 januari
Oh noes... heresy.
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Upplagd: 6 juni, 2015
Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders is a fantasy First Person Shooter by Raven Software that came out in 1994 and uses Doom engine. Yes, it's Doom-like shooter set in fantasy. Awesome mix. Plus inventory.
Shadow of the Serpent Riders is a special patched release of a game that brings it to 1.3 version, thus adding two more additional episodes. No new game content like weapon or monsters or textures, just new levels. Think of Ultimate Doom.

Now, let's tip apart the way that game was handled on Steam. Well. At least they brought the most full version of the game here. And it uses DosBox, which is usually a good thing until you find out how badly id Software configures them for Steam.
The game will lag at full screen, so you want to go to game directory and edit heretic's conf file to make it use "opengl" for "output" setting.
Game's option like music device and controls is once again isn't easily accessed. On good side, they didn't remove Setup.exe this time around, unlike Doom games on Steam. So you have to open game directory, drag setup.exe onto dosbox.exe and then configure it as you want.

Storyline of a game is quite simple. Well, it has a lot of written in manual, but main idea and amount of plot in game is minimal.
Your hero is elven hero, who's name is Corvus. Elven race, guardians of the Pathoris world and keepers of Tome of Powers, were proclaimed as heretics, when Dragon Riders came to conquer this world. With two Dragon Riders leaving for the other worlds, the remaining Dragon Rider, D'Sparil, unleashes horde of monsters through portal after Elves manage to wipe out all of the human armies of the world. Most of the elves were killed, monsters took Tome of Powers for themselves and you are one of the lone survivors. Your journey will begin at the City of the Damned.
Somebody will get murdered in the end.
The additional episodes 4 and 5 have excuse plot of "portal didn't lead you to home, so enjoy the world destroyed by Dragon Riders and the home of D'Sparil".

Presentation-wise the game is quite awesome looking and sounding for it's time. Yes, Doom engine. But art-style-wise, Heretic presents the world that is dark fantasy yet very colorful, with great contrast. Setting is awesome, you get to wield a magical crossbow that is equalient to shotgun. While Episode 2 is a least interesting looking one, taking place in brown caves with lava, until it gets less dull with inclusion of ice in later level, Episode 3 brings an original setting of a underwater shrine and buildings. Even water in this game has that artsy look to it.
Music is great too. With medivel feel, it's not afraid to use modern instruments. Well, instruments of MIDI and Soundblaster. Most of them are melodic and catchy. Cathedral track will send chill down your spine for sure.

Gameplay itself is, surprise, Doom-like. You search and explore mazes at the running speed, finding keys and opening lcoked doors, pressing switches and discovering secret areas, shooting down monsters or rather rushing past them.
You will shoot down red flying gargolues, mummies, armor knights that throw axes at you, and dark wizards of D'Sparil, who will turn your blood cold with their backward speach that sounds like silly phrases. You will also deal with respawning "explosive barrel"-like things, will push yourself against streams of water and wind and will encounter bosses. Which are your standard FPS bosses. Being tough enemies that you will start encountering more often in later episodes. So not too amazing.

Though, unlike most FPS, it does do something good: There are no enemies who use hitscan against you. What it means is that any damage in the game can be avoided, giving it more arcade-like quality. If forget that it still makes you run over damaging acid like Doom does.

There are seven weapons of magical nature. Shotgun-like crossbow, Rocket Launcher-like Pheonix Rod, Plasma-gun-like Hellstaff. With most of them shooting projectiles, they feel slightly too similiar to each other in use. But thankfully, game introduces Tome of Power.
Tome of Power is a item power-up that you will find through levels. By using it through inventory you will power-up your weapons for a limited time. It doesn't just make them stronger, it also gives additional properity for them, making them even more amazing. For example, mace, the final weapon, stops sucking hard. Hellstaff will make a hot magic rain appear over where the projectile collided. Gaunlets, the game's chainsaw, will start to heal you as well.

Inventory is another addition to gameplay. You will get to collect various helpful items that you can use it anytime. It could be Hourglass who work as timed bomb and aren't much of use, or healing potion, or invincibility ring, or, as said, Tome of Power. Not related to inventory, you also will sometime find armor, but it's quite a rare thing.
There is one important thing to be said about inventory: When you move to the next level, you will retain only one quanity of each item. You will also lose item that allows you to fly around. I am pretty sure that it may sound like a bad thing for some players. But I think it was a good idea. Most of us are used to stockpile tons of items so we could rush bosses down. With system like that, you should feel free to actually have fun using additional items during normal gameplay, you will lose them for no good otherwise.

Last thing I should note is difficulty of additional episodes. Yes, episode 4 and 5 are harder. They are also more of same. And yes, the final level has eight Maloutaurs. But first levels of each of those two episodes deserve a special mention, as they will require you to think fast, use items effectively, avoid enemies you don't want to fight with in order to survive. It was really fresh challenge, at least on Normal difficulty. Got simpler after that though, as you gain more items in process.

But with all the positive things I said, I have to be honest, it didn't become favourite FPS. It's hard to explain why. But you see, the game just doesn't "click" like Doom does. It just doesn't. I am not sure what it lacks. There is something in game feel that it doesn't have. Perhaps there should have been more common enemies that die bloodily. Or maybe it's the projectiles nature of weapons not being comparable to shotgun and rocket launcher. But yes, it lacks something, hard to say.

Heretic is an awesome FPS and yes, it's a Doom clone. But it's an awesome Doom-clone, perhaps bettering Doom itself for some people.
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