Players suit up as an Operative of the Ark Corporation (ArkCo), deployed into the deepest, darkest, and most dangerous part of the universe. Fight at the edge of space against an array of creative horrors including cybernetically-enhanced laser space sharks or artillery-toting polar bears - and those are not even the strangest...
Datum vydání: 28 červ. 2013
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“Edge of Space is still under development. By getting into the ongoing BETA now you will be getting a discount from its final price of $14.99. The game will be improved on a regular basis through updates that will add content, new features, and bug fixes. Please check back frequently to update to new versions. Your feedback matters!

Early Access Incentive

- First Responder Armor: For those who take up the call early will receive armor that will grant bonuses to help in those first waking moments after leaving your pod.

- Surprises: We like to reward! There are still things we might add to reward those people who get the game early.”
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Koupit Edge of Space Special Edition 2-Pack

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ArkCo News - 4/21/14

21 dubna 2014

Hey ArkCoNauts!

So much to talk about this time, so let’s dive right in. First things first, we want to say a big thanks to everyone that came out and saw us at PAX! Overall we felt it was an even better experience than last year, and we saw old and new faces alike. It was especially awesome to see some of our friends in the media come back a second time, and everyone definitely noticed how much work has gone into the game since they last saw it. We had a great time meeting everyone, and getting to see fans experience the game face to face. Like last year, we took away a ton of new information, knowledge, and friends, and we’re going to be diving in and putting all that to work. It was great to get some great accolades as well, including MMORPG’s award for best indie RPG at PAX East 2014!

Now that we’re back, we’ll be getting back into the swing of things, and doing some internal cleaning up - sorta like a Spring cleaning! The more we solidify the development pipelines, the easier it makes things going forward. Once the internal work is done, we’ll be picking up where we left off and starting the countdown timer back up for the next patch. We know everyone is anxious for more new content in game, but we want to be sure that it’s as efficiently done as possible.

Speaking of Spring, our Spring Celebration event is now underway in the community, so we hope to see everyone having fun with that, and taking advantage of the chance to win some free games! We’ve got an awesome spring themed wallpaper, and several contests going on. To get in on the fun, hop over to our event forum here:

We will also be making an appearance on streamer Legendary Neurotoxin’s Procedural Powerhouses show on Saturday, April 26th, so if you’re free, we hope to see everyone there! Jake will be joining Reese for an interview and some fun with the game. The show kicks off at 1PM PST, and you can find the channel here:

Things are gonna be crazy here at Handyman over the next few weeks, but we’re excited to get back to work and make the game even better. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time for ArkCo News!

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Return of the PIOS: v0.1569

4 dubna 2014

Hey everyone! We’ve had to change gears a bit from our original plans with this patch. PIOS is a very extensive system, and due to complexity involved with the system, we have decided to hold back Terraforming so that PIOS can be the primary focus. For that, we need the community’s help to find all the bugs and get them fixed. We will be putting in the core of the PIOS system, along with a number of components for it at drastically reduced material cost, so that people can really go crazy with it and push the system to its limits. This will require a wipe in the future, for which we apologize, but it makes extensive changes to the game’s code. While we know that everyone is anxious to tackle terraforming as well, we hope that you guys will bear with the delay and help us pound on the power grid. Here are notes for this patch:

- Implemented gate placeables and schematics
- Implemented energy scanner/heat map system
- Implemented generator placeable and schematics
- Added schematics for track lights
- Added power relays
- Updated tutorial skip schematic grants to include PIOS schematics
- Updated creating a character to include giving all current PIOS system schematics
- Fixed issue with random avatar button not working
- Fixed issue with customization that was causing the game to get into a bad state (Issues with menus not opening, lighting, etc)
- Reduced quality canister cost from 2 metal to 1
- Jellies now absorb 50% of knockback, instead of none
- Added 3 new male and female heads, 3 new male and female hairs, and 7 new accessories to character customizations
- Added letter boxes and pressure plates
- Expanded chest is now 6 slots instead of 4, at a slightly higher material cost to craft

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Official Terraria Content! - Best Indie RPG at PAX East 2014

"Edge of Space is looking like another in a long line of fantastic Indie RPGs for the PC gaming crowd this year."

Special Edition

Special Addition Includes (given at full game launch)

  • First Responder Armor
  • Sugar Glider Pet
  • Upgraded Pickaxe: Dig Faster
  • Edge of Space Soundtrack
  • Edge of Space PDF Artbook

O hře

Players suit up as an Operative of the Ark Corporation (ArkCo), deployed into the deepest, darkest, and most dangerous part of the universe. Fight at the edge of space against an array of creative horrors including cybernetically-enhanced laser space sharks or artillery-toting polar bears - and those are not even the strangest monstrosities to encounter!

You must terraform the entire world, craft armor, weapons, kits, and vehicles to help you explore and conquer. Starting only with a laser pick and the gear from your pod you must immediately start gathering resources to survive. At the absolute edge of space you will adapt or die! Good luck ArkCo Operative!

Key Features (Launch Version)

  • Open World – Dynamically-generated 2D sandbox set in the deepest recesses of space.
  • Insane Creatures – Hordes of enemies and epic bosses ranging from Artillabears, squid pandas, jetpack space penguins, and laser space sharks.
  • Cooperative Exploration – Engrossing gameplay, built from the ground up, to support multiplayer focusing on cooperative exploration and combat with team-based tactics.
  • Command Center Management – Establish your central base of operation by creating the ultimate Command Center customized with defensive turrets, hangers and repair drones.
  • PIOS (Power Input Output Systems) – A simple drag and drop tool, letting you design electrical systems as basic as powering a light or as complex as creating your own logic gates.
  • Deep Exploration – Master the navigation of extraterrestrial hideaways and randomly generated caverns. Explore wormhole anomalies to discover valuable resources and other rare phenomenon.
  • Exposure – Environmental effect you must protect yourself from by changing the environment or gearing up to handle it
  • Loads of Armor – Ranging from stat boosting battle armor to quirky vanity costumes, craft armor to survive the changing environmental conditions and threatening mutated monsters
  • Weapons – Create a wide-variety of dynamically generated weapons ranging from guided rocket launchers to Experimental Gauss Rifles and discover new advanced weaponry to expand your arsenal.
  • Pets – Create and collect pets that assist you on your epic exploration of space by granting defensive, offensive, or exploration perks.
  • Anomalies - Random world events both dangerous and helpful
  • Advanced Crafting System - Using the power of science, craft advanced technology for weapons, gear and base constructions from basic resources
  • Vehicles - Craft items from hover boards to massive mechs to safely explore the dangerous world
  • Terraforming - Conquer space by turning the land into a livable habitat
  • Continual Support – Post-launch updates will regularly bring new content

(Many features listed above are currently in the game but since we are still in Early Access some will be added in the future. Vehicles and Terraforming are among them.)

Systémové požadavky

    • OS:Windows 7
    • Processor:2.9 ghz or higher
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:512 MB Video memory
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:900 MB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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This is probably the most enjoyable Early Access Beta I've participated in.

The Dev support for this game has been stellar, with all my submitted bug reports and support tickets being responded to within a day at most, and the bugs themselves fixed within a few days. As of the Thanksgiving Patch, I have had no crashes or freezes, but there is also an in-game save option for those of us who get paranoid about beta crashes.

There's a lot of systems testing and bug-hunting going on at the present stage of development, but there is enough content to really have a blast.

The mobs at present are not pushovers, and can really tear you apart if you aren't careful. Personally, I like that the mob danger factor is so high, as it adds a real tension to the exploration aspect of the game. There is a mechanism in place for craftable respawns, which takes out some of the sting from dying.

I've gone on some intense-to-the-point-of-adrenaline-rush missions descending down through the biomes to find and unlock tech upgrades, while mobs and missiles chased my tail. I love the descent into danger mechanism of this game, where there is always an element of risk involved, and skill with manoeuvring and shooting is rewarded.

The gameplay is a combination of resource gathering, mob killing, building, crafting, and exploration.
There are quest/mission equivalents, in the form of finding Tech Waypoints, where the reward for success is unlocking boosted statistics and/or new craftables, such as better weapons and armour.

There are also wormhole events - at present these are time-constrained events where you have a specific timeframe to explore and loot what you can before your time runs out and the wormhole collapses. (Word from the Devs is that there will be a number of different kinds of wormhole events, including boss battles, which I am looking forward to)

At present time, there are only two complete Biomes in the Beta, and a limited number of tech upgrades and crafting options. That being said, I haven't exhausted that limited content in the 30 hours I've played thus far, which isn't bad at all for a beta. Furthermore, from the official forums and chats with the devs, it looks like what is presently in game is but a small fraction of the content planned for launch and post-launch.

I've found myself losing hours to this game, and do not regret spending money on it at all. As of 30/11, Multiplayer is still disabled, but word from the Devs indicates that this is only temporary while they finetune the coding. So at present, and likely for a few more weeks to come given the time of year, the game does only have single player mode.

That hasn't stopped me from having a damn good time with the game though. I definitely recommend it if Terraria or Metroidvania-styled gameplay tickles your fancy.
Přidáno: 29 listopadu 2013
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Edge of Space is an upcoming (currently in Early Access) Terraria-esque sandbox game, but not without some interesting changes!

What immediately set Edge of Space apart from other similar games for me is its increased RPG elements: your character has impressive list of stats, from expected health and energy to such stats as dodging or resistance to various damage types. What is more, your stats don’t depend on equipment alone: scattered across the world are technology caches, which not only give you access to more advanced gear or devices, but also have chance to improve your innate stats.

Another of game’s innovations is its crafting system: where in other similar games each recipe calls for specific resources, Edge of Space often lets you substitute one similar resource for another. And the full list of craftable items looks impressive indeed – in 10 odd hours I’ve played so far I feel I touched only the tip of the iceberg.

And finally, Edge of Space has certainly an unique approach to world design – rather then the world being a one mass, it is made of countless floating island. Don’t feel like digging down? Walking to the islands’ edge and jumping down to the island bellow is always an alternative. (And having a jetpack from the start helps you not to fall to your death this way. Usually.)

Still being in early access, Edge of Space kind of doesn’t feel as ‘polished’ as Terraria, though as of latest patch, single-player doesn’t have any real issues I can point out. As far as multiplayer is concerned, a rather annoying issue is that you can’t use your single-player characters in multi-player. Multiplayer literally came out in last patch, though, so issues are expected, and to my knowledge developers are working them.

To sum it up: Edge of Space is already a fun game to play, despite being in Early Access. If you played and enjoyed Terraria, and look for a similar, yet different experience, Edge of Space may be just what you need! If you are new to sandbox exploration/building games, however, you may want to start with Terraria, which is a finished product.
Přidáno: 14 února 2014
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First off: This is an Early Access Title and not nearly finished.
It is very imaginative with surreal enemy designs and well drawn backgrounds in a variety of themes (just browse the gallery if you haven't allready).
The Design of armor,tools and enemies is varied as well and with a larger Avatar then its prime competitor Terraria, allows for that tad more fidelity that some players might have wanted in other, similar games.
Lighting, effects and day/night cycles are pretty rough at the moment. Early lightsources do not provide you with a whole lot of visibility, and glowing bugs in caverns currently produce an unsightly visual artifact. Guessing from what the engine currently is capable of, this should be fixed upon release.
The Soundtrack stands on its own and is a joy to have running in the background for extend periods of time.

The controls however are my single biggest gripe with this title. Instead of selecting items or tools from a hotbar, you have to cycle through each slot individually via your mousewheel or the q/e keys. It is clumsy at best and will frequently get you killed as you fumble for a weapon or lightsource. I see no valid reason why crafting kits are bound to the numeric keys, yet your tools are kept on a cycling belt. Do you really need to refine your ores at a moments notice ? Have you ever felt the urge to.... just craft something in an instant ?
This needs to be changed - It is way too frustrating the way it is now.

Crafting and constructing are functional, but needs a bit of patience to get used to. It is a versatile and in depth system that offers a lot of freedom but isn't too easy to explain.
Items can be crafted from a variety of materials, and recipies allow for different materials to be used in each, influencing the quality and properties of items crafted - but it is not intuitive what kind of ressource is used in what item. Your very first weapon is crafted from rock, mud and dirt for example. I doubt even Mc.Guyver would have guessed that, unless he checked the recipy.

Overall, I believe this game will be very interesting once they have polished it. It has a ton of potential, but feels too rough to be an easy recommendation right now.
If you have the patience to work through these flaws and/or want to support the development- you should buy this game.

If you're just looking for a 2d crafting / mining game that is easy to access, you should either get Terraria or wait for the upcoming Starbound.

I won't give a rating, because it is frankly impossible to reduce a game to a number.
Přidáno: 28 listopadu 2013
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I love the concept of this game, adapt or die in a hostile environment with nothing but technology to rely on! It's still in beta so there's still lots of improvements to be made and i can't wait to see them. So far the game mechanics seem stable and gameplay is alot of fun, the only problem is the somewhat awkward UI and lack of content, but what is already there is fun! The power grid system is simple to figure out and yet, can be extensive and complex in a good way. The developers look like they know what they're doing and know exactly how to put their vision of the game into reality.

I definitely recommend this game and at $11.99 currently, it's very reasonably priced.

Přidáno: 10 prosince 2013
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4.8 hodin celkem
Edge of Space should get some kind of 'worst UI / user experience' award -- I found the interface very poorly thought through and unresponsive, downright unusable; combat -- the main part of the game, as it seems -- felt unresponsive aswell, with bullets sometimes jumping through mobs without dealing damage. Crafting was poor, aswell.

I honestly tried to get myself to like it so I could play it until Starbound arrives, but failed.

Dont get this.
Přidáno: 28 listopadu 2013
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