Elsword is a free-to-play, online action RPG that uses classic side-scrolling game mechanics in an immersive manga inspired world.
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27 de Setembro

It’s Go Time! Break Power Barriers and Surpass Limits with Transcendence Phase 1!

Heya adventurers! Well, are you ready to know what the big thing that’s coming today is? Well? Are ya? Ok, two things: One is Transcendence. Push your heroes to their limits and they can gain new skills for that fun, hard-hitting action we know we can’t live without. The second thing is Hero Dungeon: Hell Mode! This new infernal dungeon mode guarantees your trip inside every dungeon makes you come out a changed player. Two big updates back to back to maximize and test out your newly gained Transcendence skills. No time to snooze and dilly-dally coz this ain’t no walk in the park! Don’t forget to check out the Item Mall for three items that made a comeback!

Transcendence Events
You’ll be over 9000 when you’re done with Transcendence events. Plus, think of all the awesome rewards you’ll get for finishing the quests!
  • Choose your rewards by choosing which quests to do. Choose from the 3 types of quests like Transcendence of Growth, Advanced Transcendence, and Transcendence of Power.
  • Everyone will have a chance to create a new character and have it jump levels. The highest level characters can do is 70 and you have to do a quest first otherwise you’re just creating a normal character.
  • You can also get special Equipment Cubes for every phase you finish in the Transcendence Jumping quest. The best part? Those wonderful free equips level up with you!
  • Also, characters level 10 and above who log-in for 10 minutes get a Symbol of Transcendence (7 Days). It’s pretty, it’s glow-y, and has some nice stats to boot!

Heroic Dungeon: Hell Mode Events
Gather all your friends and brave the open gates of hell. Which hell? Choose one! Are you ready to take on a more challenging Heroic Dungeon? Well, step in and find out!
  • Players level 80 and above, and 90 and above will receive an equipment cube for an accumulative connection of 10 minutes. These cubes will contain +8 weapons! How great is that? Pretty spiffy, I’d say!
  • Receive Equipment Tickets and trade them to Glave for a random but stronger equipment. Clearing quests on Normal Mode will give players [Cobo] Hero’s Equipment Exchange Ticket and clearing Hell Mode will give players [Cobo] Enhanced Hero’s Equipment Exchange Ticket to get even stronger equipment.

Item Mall Goodies
Our Heroes are cleaning up Elrios a second time around with Royal Maid. Order each other around and let your floaty friend tell you (with silence) what a great job you’re doing! Collect the set tomorrow!

From the wonderful lands of the orient where the sun rises, harness the sun’s power with Salvatore Solace. Start collecting the sun’s rays—err—pieces tomorrow!

Fans of Aquaman will definitely love the return of Salvatore Denif. With its aquatic motif you’ll be diving into the heart of the battle in no time! Hold your breaths until tomorrow, though!

And because we love you all so much we’re having a special sale at the Item Mall with these three lovely sets. Get 3 free Ice Burners when you buy 5! That’s 8 Ice Burners for the price of 5! How truly wonderful!

That’s all for now adventurers~

See y’all in game~

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20 de Setembro

We’re All About Breaking Limits and Smashing Power Ceilings in Next Week’s Update!

Hiya adventurers! We’ve got another major update coming very soon, not tomorrow, but very soon (next week) and we’re thinking of pushing your heroes to their limits with this one. It’s not that hard. Seriously. Maybe? Oh don’t worry, we know you can overcome it and become the very best that no one ever was! The teaser event tomorrow will give you a sneak peek of sorts and we’re sure it’s going to be super easy for you guys. We also have a new field opening in Elysion called Judge’s Sanctuary so get ready to explore and fight harder enemies. We believe in your abilities, adventurers! And lastly, don’t forget to check out our amazing selection at the Item Mall because we know y’all want to ~

Special Game Update’s Teaser Event
We’ve got a few stuff going on as preparation for that special game update that’s guaranteed to push the limits of your heroes’ powers.
• When you complete the condition of one quest to get a ticket, you can use that ticket to exchange for cool character summons with cool skeelz!
• If you like puzzle pieces, then we have something similar when you collect the special game update’s fragments and then craft through Ariel to get a cool box with cool stuff inside!
• You’ll also notice two new skill slots. Why? For the Special Game Update, of course! But you can’t use them yet. The anticipation is slow murder isn’t it?

Elrios Schoolwear Event
Do you like school uniforms? If so, we’ve got an event just for you! You’ll get an abundance of school uniform pieces to mix and match, plus there’s a chance to turn them into permanent pieces!
• Easily get Attendance Cubes which yields either one or more Elrios School Uniform Collection Cubes, Schoolwear Combiners and a Summon Stone: Maru (15 Days) when you log-in for 10 mins for the week’s attendance check!
• The Attendance Stamp you get when you open Attendance Cubes can be exchanged with Ariel for helpful items.
• You can also get Elrios School Uniform Collection Cubes from dungeon monsters. Happy Hunting!

Item Mall Goodies

Take a seat on a hat big enough to fit not only your bunny but also three generations of bunnies in his family tree. With a flick of your wand, your bunny will start “performing” while you sit back and relax on your Great Magician’s Hat. You can finally complete your magician set tomorrow with this lovely sit motion!

Look like a total tough guy or gal when you cruise the lands of Elrios in this deadly-looking bike. There’s a reason why they call it Nightmare – Black Blood. Watch out for it tomorrow and get one or fifty!

That’s all for now ladies and gents~ Don’t forget to log-in tomorrow to check out the special pre-event!
See y’all in-game!

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"A great experience right from the beginning — there is so little downtime that you'll find yourself pulling off combos in no time. Combat is where the game truly shines."

“Winner: 2011 Best Sidescroller”

"Top 3 Action Games - Reader's Choice"
--MMO Site

“Beautiful, 3D stylized scenes cleverly accented with manga charm.”

New Job Update: Luciel's Diabla and Demonio Now Playable

Luciel's 3rd job is now available. Diabla and Demonio arrive with the ability to harness immense demonic power and transform into their true forms.

Lu as Diabla

Ever since coming to Elrios, the onslaught of Demon Assassins going after
the pair wouldn't stop. However, something felt different one day. Lu
sensing something, quickly reacted and thrusted herself into an incoming
spear thrown towards Ciel. The spear pierced Lu's body and she felt her
whole body convulse while being engulfed with a familiar powerful
demonic energy. Lu recognized the demonic energy as the one she lost.
She became healed in an instant while causing a huge explosion. With a
single gesture, the Demon Assassins were obliterated into dust.

"Behold, this is the one true demon power"

The demonic energy that engulfed Lu soon disappeared but it became
clear that her demonic power had gotten stronger.

Ciel as Demonio

Since that day, Lu's power slowly became stronger. With her powers being
revived, this also affected Ciel, still connected to Lu under their contract.
For the first few days, Ciel had improved combat abilities but as time went
on, the demonic power proved too powerful for his body to handle. From
being a half-demon, the power slowly transformed him into a full-fledged
demon. Ciel grew horns and his hair turned white. His physical abilities
improved but he started to lose hold on his human emotions. Ciel was the
restraint to Lu, to prevent her from going mad with the sudden surge of
demonic power. However, Ciel eventually succumbs to the overwhelming
demonic energy and eventually follows the same path as Lu.

Learn more here: http://elsword.koggames.com/diabla-demonio/

Acerca deste jogo

Elsword is a free-to-play, online action RPG that uses classic side-scrolling beat ‘em up gameplay mechanics and deep customization to bring a unique manga experience to life.

In Elsword, you star in your own comic book while experiencing all the excitement of a massively multiplayer online game. Get ready for fast-paced gameplay, stunning animation, and epic bosses. Whether conquering hordes of enemies in dungeon runs or showing off your skills in the PvP arena, Elsword is the most intense free-to-play action RPG to date.

Key Features

•Co-Op Gameplay - Party-up with friends to explore over 50 unique and beautifully rendered dungeons, towns, and secret levels.
•Unique Characters, Unique Stories- Players can choose from nine customizable characters, each their own unique story, play style and special skills to develop.
•Skill-Based PVP Combat- Elsword offers intense and strategic PvP with matchmaking and multiple competitive modes. Challenge your friends in matches of up to 8 players at a time.
•Customize like Crazy- Each character features multiple job changes, dozens of skills and endless opportunities for customization. Create or discover your personal look.
•Community Support- Constant game updates, item and content expansions, and special events including GM Livestream play sessions, community contests and PVP Tournaments are all a part of the Elsword experience.

Requisitos do Sistema

    • OS:Windows XP
    • Processor:Intel/AMD 1GHz
    • Memory:Above 1GB
    • Graphics:Nvidia GeForce 5 Series
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:3GB Space in the hard disk
    • OS:Windows 7 or higher
    • Processor:Intel/AMD 2GHz or higher
    • Memory:Above 2GB
    • Graphics:Nvidia GeForce 7 Series
    • DirectX®:11 or higher
    • Hard Drive:4GB Space in the hard disk
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Publicada: 6 de Dezembro de 2013
Elsword Online
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Análise de pré-lançamento
Publicada: 30 de Maio de 2014
I think this game is fun in the begining but in the end is dificult to get evolved but i like it
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80.7 hrs em registo
Publicada: 26 de Dezembro de 2013
Embora tenha muitos problemas tecnico, da para entreter durante longos periodos de tempo
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Publicada: 27 de Julho de 2013
Muito bom e viciante.
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16.1 hrs em registo
Análise de pré-lançamento
Publicada: 1 de Fevereiro de 2014
Awesome game, very fun when played with friends in missions, also you can customize your character, and thats a thing that everyone likes it, pvp is also awesome, however, the only thing i dont like is that u have to pay2win, and thats not a good thing...

I give this game a 8/10

I recomend every1 to play it with friends, or else it will be not the same...
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2.6 hrs em registo
Análise de pré-lançamento
Publicada: 17 de Fevereiro de 2014
The game is good, it has is unique characters, skills, gameplay. But, besides is gigantic Xp table making you grind has f***
to get to the highest lvl the game starts to be repetetive, and is massive lag on PvP (Well if u live in NA you don't have any problem, but if u are like me and don't live on NA i recommend u to have a GOOD internet connection or don't even touch the Arena button, cus srly though u will rage alot), yeah if the xp table was lower, the game would be more fun to play.
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Publicada: 13 de Janeiro de 2014
Pro : Elsword is a wide 3d-side scroller game. It possess alot of classes and paths on its own and the combat is very fluid in pve (player versus environment) the combos and party are all fun but the quests can get quite boring. Leveling after 30+ will get harder but its still a very nice game, with grinding like many other games.

Cons : Elsword PvP (Player Versus Player) is one of the worst systems I ever played with, you either have laggy matches or players disconnecting on you this sadly happens to everyone, ones can get luckier than others, you might be matched agains't someone who is closer to you so she/he will lagg less. Aside of that elsword is based on grind grind like any other mmorpg, it should have more innovative systems like guild wars and such (it has 3vs3 but its still clumsy).

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Análise de pré-lançamento
Publicada: 12 de Janeiro de 2014
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Análise de pré-lançamento
Publicada: 26 de Janeiro de 2014
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179.2 hrs em registo
Análise de pré-lançamento
Publicada: 4 de Janeiro de 2014
one of the best games i ever played
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