Elsword is a free-to-play, online action RPG that uses classic side-scrolling game mechanics in an immersive manga inspired world.
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"A Korean side scrolling, mmo, rpg, with a manga style. Very colorful, fun, with multiple characters to play, and constantly updating with new content."

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27 de agosto

Big Guild Updates!

Ahoy! How many of you El Peeps are in a guild? If you are then I hope you feel my jealously have confetti cannons ready because it’s time to say out with the old and in with the new! With this patch, guilds will have access to all sorts of co-op quests and their own secret base! As for those of us without a guild, let’s try our best to find one!

The Guild Base

Inside the guild base you’ll find a guild storage as well as Myu and Edan. Players who aren’t in your guild will not be able to enter your base so it’s a perfect spot to carry out top secret meetings! Share items with fellow guild members using the guild storage and provide benefits to your guildies through Myu’s service!

Item Mall Goodies

Jet set and take off on a high speed Jet Ski. This product of Hamel unleashes wicked waves along with fish torpedoes and sharks! How does the Jet Ski function on land you ask? The same way Veteran Commander uses Ignition Crow underwater.

The irony of a hitman becoming an officer! Ciel will make sure criminals have the right to remain silent. Lu on the other hand has a big claw… feel free to laugh. As I was saying! Lu on the other hand looks adorable and really commands that official look.

Ara, Add, and Elesis will be getting a new set of summer swimsuits tomorrow. Climate is often times an overlooked enemy of Elrios, but these outfits were designed to combat the summer heat!

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12 de agosto


Reign Supreme With Noblesse & Dreadlord; The Ultimate Dual Character

Luciel’s second job, Noblesse and Dreadlord is now online and Live.

The dangerous duo have challenged the demon throne usurpers with their own brand of demonic magic, explosive close-quarter melee and unrelenting combos!
Lu’s second job class, Noblesse, will see her use her new powers to take full control over souls and shadow to make them fight for her, and with this, Lu changes up her basic combat roll from close quarter powerhouse to a mid-range team player. Lu has grown in power under Ciel's loyal support, and with newfound immense power, her presence on the battlefield is unparalleled.
After receiving substantial assistance from Ciel, Lu finally regains enough power to pose a huge threat to those who’ve usurped her throne. With her former abilities restored, Lu can summon and control demonic spirits with ease, and unleash her own personal hell upon the netherworld. Using her renewed influence and strength, Lu will punish those who betrayed her and strip them of their ill-gotten power.

As Dreadlord, Ciel specializes more on big unyielding combo attacks. With a new salvo of melee and demonic weapons in hand, Ciel is capable of firing heavy projectiles at distance and then closing the distance for some in-your-face brutality. If Ciel’s new hybrid weapon repertoire wasn’t enough, his ability to extract the ever-living souls from his enemies to help strengthen his skills is just ... dreadful!

The wretched atrocities brought about by the demon invasion seem endless, and the day when Lu will retake her throne couldn’t feel any further from reality, Ciel, who has now overcome human limitations with the power of demons, focuses all his efforts on supporting Lu so that she may re-take her throne at all costs. With this, it is no accident that Ciel has grown into a very potent guardian and unrelenting combatant.

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"A great experience right from the beginning — there is so little downtime that you'll find yourself pulling off combos in no time. Combat is where the game truly shines."

“Winner: 2011 Best Sidescroller”

"Top 3 Action Games - Reader's Choice"
--MMO Site

“Beautiful, 3D stylized scenes cleverly accented with manga charm.”

New Job Update: Luciel's 2nd Jobs Noblesse and Dreadlord

Luciel's 2nd Jobs: Noblesse and Dreadlord

Move up with the duo of demons!
Job change quests open at Lv. 35

The Next Step for Royal Guard

With substantial help from Ciel, Lu finally gets back her authority in the demon realm. She can now control evil spirits with the astounding power of her lineage. One by one, she makes enemies obey using her royalty and charm, finding those who betrayed her and stripping them of their influence.

• Acquire the ability to freely expand Lu's claws for immense destructive prowess.
• Venture into the domain of close quarter combat.

The Next Step for Chiliarch

As Lu acquires control over terror, she and Ciel summon the ultimate demonic power. With it, Ciel's evolution into a demon progresses. Bit by bit, like his master, Ciel himself becomes a lord of terror, while his criminal instinct kicks in so that he may better protect his dearest Lu.

• Ciel acquires various abilities fueled by Creeping Terror.
• Change between attack styles more flexibly.

Learn more here: http://en.elswordonline.com/luciel/

Acerca de este juego

Elsword is a free-to-play, online action RPG that uses classic side-scrolling beat ‘em up gameplay mechanics and deep customization to bring a unique manga experience to life.

In Elsword, you star in your own comic book while experiencing all the excitement of a massively multiplayer online game. Get ready for fast-paced gameplay, stunning animation, and epic bosses. Whether conquering hordes of enemies in dungeon runs or showing off your skills in the PvP arena, Elsword is the most intense free-to-play action RPG to date.

Key Features

•Co-Op Gameplay - Party-up with friends to explore over 50 unique and beautifully rendered dungeons, towns, and secret levels.
•Unique Characters, Unique Stories- Players can choose from nine customizable characters, each their own unique story, play style and special skills to develop.
•Skill-Based PVP Combat- Elsword offers intense and strategic PvP with matchmaking and multiple competitive modes. Challenge your friends in matches of up to 8 players at a time.
•Customize like Crazy- Each character features multiple job changes, dozens of skills and endless opportunities for customization. Create or discover your personal look.
•Community Support- Constant game updates, item and content expansions, and special events including GM Livestream play sessions, community contests and PVP Tournaments are all a part of the Elsword experience.

Requisitos del sistema

    • OS:Windows XP
    • Processor:Intel/AMD 1GHz
    • Memory:Above 1GB
    • Graphics:Nvidia GeForce 5 Series
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:3GB Space in the hard disk
    • OS:Windows 7 or higher
    • Processor:Intel/AMD 2GHz or higher
    • Memory:Above 2GB
    • Graphics:Nvidia GeForce 7 Series
    • DirectX®:11 or higher
    • Hard Drive:4GB Space in the hard disk
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Publicado el 7 de marzo
Elsword es un juego MMORPG estilo anime y comic, en 2D de plataformas, el juego esta basado en estar en DNG donde a pesar de ser la "misma" aumenta su duración y tipos de enemigos, drop de items y depende en que dificultad la pongas, cada personaje tiene su historia.
Lo más importante de este juego es que todos los items que necesitas para hacer tú equipo se encuentran en las dng y si te aburres siempre esta el PVP y el modo de combate esta basado en combos, los cuales se combinaran con las habilidades para hacer gran daño a los oponentes.
Elsword es una buena opción jugarlo con amigos y si quieren gastar dinero, solo sera para verse mejores en cuanto aspecto, sin duda una gran opción de diversión!
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Publicado el 18 de julio
yo lo jugaba antes que tuviera en steam y la verdad que me atrapo desde un principio es un gran juego con todas las letras
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Publicado el 10 de julio
It's a good Game \(^-^)/
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Publicado el 27 de junio
NIcee game I loved HUsk
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Publicado el 12 de junio
Gran juego,bastante adictivo y mas si juegas con amigos,disfrutenlo porque aunque no es de los mejores,es bastante bueno porque no te limita tanto como otros mmo aunque sea 2D ╭☞ ( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°) ╭☞ 9/10
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