Elsword is a free-to-play, online action RPG that uses classic side-scrolling game mechanics in an immersive manga inspired world.
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Data de lançamento: 2/jul/2014

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19 de julho

Rose’s Last Path is on its Way! Plus, New Stuff at the Item Mall before the Summer Ends!

Hiya adventurers! The end is near! For Rose’s job paths at least. We’re rolling out her last job path next week and it’s going to be extremely exciting! We’re gonna keep our traps shut for now but the last job path has something to do with machines. That’s it, that’s all the hint we’re gonna give out for now. You just have to patiently wait for next week to arrive! And just so we can keep your mind off this update, we’ll distract you with new stuff from the Item Mall. So go check out some new Item Mall goodies. Go, go on!

NPC Vacation Event
Hey, our NPCS need a little R&R too especially in the summer! During this event, the NPCs will be giving away fun rewards for helping them out while they’re on vacation~!
• Just log-in and hang out wherever you please for 10 minutes or more to get an NPC Costume Cube and an NPC Skill Cut-in Random Cube! What could be inside? Well, you’ll have to wait to find out!
• Check out the Bulletin Board and get an NPC quest! Receive a Gift Pack after you’ve completed the quest!

Item Mall Goodies

Rose is an angel in the devil’s clothes. Literally! She may not have gone completely dark side but she wears the Archdevil’s threads for power. Complete your Archdevil set from Rose Ice Burners!

Now that you’ve got a complete beach party set with Sailor and Marine Beach Wear and Beach Chair, the time is right to start a beach party in the middle of the town square! Head on to the Item Mall tomorrow to get your own beach set!

That’s all for now, brave adventurers!

See y’all in game!

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12 de julho

Heaven Opens the Path to Divine Destruction with Valkyrie & Freyja!

Hiya adventurer! We know you know what’s up so we’re just gonna say it straight: Rose’s Valkyrie & Freyja paths come out tomorrow! Yes, we have a feeling that you’re all excited to try it out but what’s a few more hours of agonizing wait, right? We’re also starting phase 2 of Eltrion’s raid where you sneak into his chamber and you try to destroy him. Keyword: try. But you still get all the sweet loot! How did you get into the chamber? Magic! Probably.

Remember to check out what we have in store at the Item Mall for you lovely folks! It never runs out of things, it’s just a bottomless pit of goodies!

Valkyrie & Freyja Events
*cue Ride of the Valkyries* Judgement day is upon the wicked creatures of Elrios. Take heed or this Goddess of War incarnate will smite you! But if you’re not evil, then you can relax and join the wonderful events we have for you!
• Free Ice Burners! When you log-in once on a weekday and once on a weekend receive 1 and 2 Luriel’s Ice Burners respectively.
• If you’re a jobless Rose level 14 and below and roaming Elder Village then you will automatically receive Valkyrie: Destiny Cube (7 Days) and a First Job Change Promotion Cube to help you get started!
• Enjoy 3x EXP when you log-in on the weekends! The boost will last for three hours every day after log-in from Friday to Sunday so plan ahead!

Eltrion Phase 2 Events
Sneak into the Sky Guardian’s chambers and deal as much damage as you can before he regenerates but don’t forget to charge and recharge during the phase 2 event for more rewards!
• Fill up the Energy Supply gauge (found by clicking the button located above the menu buttons) Level 1, 2, and 3 by using Energy Supply Machine to receive awesome cubes containing useful items.
• You can also exchange Energy Machine Supplies to Ariel for 5 Luriel’s Complete Recovery Potions.


You’ve got the looks, but have you got the skill (cut-ins)? Complete your characters’ maid and butler looks with a matching skill cut-in for a more whimsical feel! Check out Classic Maid & Butler Skill Cut-In tomorrow!

Rose may not be comfortable wearing a frivolous get-up like the Royal Blood but it’s good to indulge the Empyrean Gunner once in a while. Watch out for this regal set from Rose Ice Burners.

Rose is still battle ready even when she’s about to sleep! Let Rose slumber in comfort in her new Lovely Night Pajama set! Get it from the Item Mall tomorrow!

That’s all for now brave adventurers!

See y’all in game!

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"A great experience right from the beginning — there is so little downtime that you'll find yourself pulling off combos in no time. Combat is where the game truly shines."

“Winner: 2011 Best Sidescroller”

"Top 3 Action Games - Reader's Choice"
--MMO Site

“Beautiful, 3D stylized scenes cleverly accented with manga charm.”

New Character Update: Rose, The Empyrean Gunner

The Empyrean Gunner

From the Garden of Good and Evil
The Princess Sends Her Regards

Elsword’s newest character, Rose is now available to play. An elite marksman, and soldier of the highest honor, Rose locks iron sights on those who’ve attempted to assassinate the Princess of the Empyrean City.

Rose is a combat ace of the highest order, and she literally carries an entire loadout of small arms into battle. From muskets, revolvers and semi-auto pistols to plate armor popping hand cannons, Rose covers the breadth of in-your-face close quarters to long range tactical strikes with poise and dignity. Rose brings the all new ECP combat system to Elsword. ECP is a new system that enables Rose to switch between the four weapon types, utilizing a measured casting bar that upon exhausting, triggers her damage boosting Over Strike mode.

Learn more here: http://elsword.koggames.com/rose/

Sobre este jogo

Elsword is a free-to-play, online action RPG that uses classic side-scrolling beat ‘em up gameplay mechanics and deep customization to bring a unique manga experience to life.

In Elsword, you star in your own comic book while experiencing all the excitement of a massively multiplayer online game. Get ready for fast-paced gameplay, stunning animation, and epic bosses. Whether conquering hordes of enemies in dungeon runs or showing off your skills in the PvP arena, Elsword is the most intense free-to-play action RPG to date.

Key Features

•Co-Op Gameplay - Party-up with friends to explore over 50 unique and beautifully rendered dungeons, towns, and secret levels.
•Unique Characters, Unique Stories- Players can choose from nine customizable characters, each their own unique story, play style and special skills to develop.
•Skill-Based PVP Combat- Elsword offers intense and strategic PvP with matchmaking and multiple competitive modes. Challenge your friends in matches of up to 8 players at a time.
•Customize like Crazy- Each character features multiple job changes, dozens of skills and endless opportunities for customization. Create or discover your personal look.
•Community Support- Constant game updates, item and content expansions, and special events including GM Livestream play sessions, community contests and PVP Tournaments are all a part of the Elsword experience.

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS:Windows XP
    • Processor:Intel/AMD 1GHz
    • Memory:Above 1GB
    • Graphics:Nvidia GeForce 5 Series
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:3GB Space in the hard disk
    • OS:Windows 7 or higher
    • Processor:Intel/AMD 2GHz or higher
    • Memory:Above 2GB
    • Graphics:Nvidia GeForce 7 Series
    • DirectX®:11 or higher
    • Hard Drive:4GB Space in the hard disk
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Publicada: 24 de julho
Brother: You need to stop playing that game.
Me: I can't.
Brother: Why?
Me: It's like this for everyone that plays this game. They took my money.

10/10 would play again and would waste more money on this game just to play for a couple hours and get bored again!
Archangel Michael
( 0.2 horas registradas )
Análise de pré-lançamento
Publicada: 24 de julho
Twice Mina anyone?
( 293.9 horas registradas )
Publicada: 24 de julho
Fun to play, it have epic combo, epic characters, easy to play hard to master. Thats y favorite game right now i love almost everything about this game you should try it. You won't regret it.
Nick Savage
( 55.9 horas registradas )
Publicada: 24 de julho
Bretty guud :---DDDD
( 74.2 horas registradas )
Publicada: 24 de julho
So I am going to start off this review with a side note. I have more hours in the game then what is posted. exactly how much? I dont really know but after a while i downloaded the standalone version of the game and have logged hundreds of hours into the game.

Game Play:
I think that one of the best parts about this game is how fluid the combat feels. It really feels like when you are using a combo or skill you are actually DOING something. I have developed a very strong prejudice towards games that dont make the fighting seem impactful/real. Elsword delivers in every area in this aspect. Not only are "most" of the attacks amazing but every single job specilization feelws very unique. Unique enough to the point hwere i can make a new character i havent tried yet and feel like i am starting the game all over again.

I was also not the biggest fan of side-scro0lling when i came into the game but I forgot about that in about 5 minutes.


For the most part I feel like this game does very well with its graphics. They feel very crisp while at the same time not requiring a beefy computer to trun them. This in part is because of the anime style it has.

There are a few situations where you might encounter frame drops but these are few and far inbetween. Usually the only time in experince them is during a raid with a full party while everybody uses hyperactives.


The PvP starts off pretty nice. E-S rank all feel pretty balanced but as you start to get into the higher ranks the bad side of this game starts to show. Gearing is extremely important in this game and most gear is attainable through hard work and persistence. However due to the game using an enhancement system to improve gear, they start loosing the balance when they let people pay to attain +10 +11 +12 and soon to be +13 amulets to amke there gear better. These arn't even small differences either. The % at which the stats increase scales the higher the enhancement. Overall though I still think that PvP is really fun but just dont take it tlo seriosly or you will probably uninstall the game in frustration. I advise KoG to take out this enhancement system or find a non P2W equivilant in the future. I also advise that they make getting costumes without real money a more regular thing.


Meh... Its pretty interesting but with the amount of time you will be creating new characters it gets old after a while.


I do think that this game deserves a lot more praise then it gets from the community. What it set out to do it has done quite well and just has a few tweaks that i think need to be made in the future.

I rate this game with an overall score of 7.8/10.
If the P2W if removed in the future this rating will become a 9/10

( 3.4 horas registradas )
Publicada: 23 de julho
A game that can't even lauch when it tells it can't when steam not on when it is. Is really a bad game on steam.
( 10.5 horas registradas )
Publicada: 23 de julho
The game is the very definition of pay to win. Cash items that provide stats giving a credit card the advantage in PvP. The PvE aspect is similar with high health bosses with little mechanics leaving a regular player with frustratingly longer clear times when compared to a paying player.

The connection speed is very bad when compared to more modern games. A ping of 150+ just does not cut it anymore. Even a credit card wont save you from the terrible latency in PvP, whici s what I would consider the better part of the game.
( 11.1 horas registradas )
Publicada: 23 de julho
I've gotta say, it's a pretty cool idea, it has soooo much potential, could it be better? Yes, definitely. Have I played better? Yeah. but it's still not a game that should be overlooked. And a message to the developers, remove the pay to win stuff and make it gear you FIND, and fix the balancing issues, and you'll be golden
( 126.2 horas registradas )
Publicada: 21 de julho
Ive had more hours on a different acount. 874 to be exact.
10/10 My eyes would bleed again.
( 172.0 horas registradas )
Publicada: 20 de julho
Elsword is probably one of the best side scrolling games to play
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Publicada: 1 de julho
I don't need to get married, this game already takes all my money.
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Publicada: 2 de julho
This game made me go outside.
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Publicada: 8 de julho
If you want a fun dungeon brawling game, sure, this is your kind of game.
If you want a fair balanced PvP system, go ♥♥♥♥ yourself.
Those last three words is a summary of the entire "balancing" system of the game, in which they have weakened some characters beyond belief (and might I add you'll still be hated for playing them) and strengthened some to be god's smiting fist. and as of now, with this collab cash grab, Rose, or female gunner from DFO, youll be given hell after hell with the rediculously overpowered class changes they present, and are presented.

Key features of Elsword online (positive)
Good visuals during attacks and combat
(i personally was never interested in the story but)
pretty good story for anyone who actually cares to read
and leveling feels rewarding.

Cons. (and the cons are mainly for the bread and butter of the game- its PvP system) Oh baby, here we go.
starting with non PvP
1. Stamina bar- but can easily be exploited through events that give off alot of stamina potions. still annoying.
2. What is balance? baby dont hurt me!
3. "I have an army!" "We have a laggy elsword!"
4. ^ the following characters and/or specific classes lag. not even salty, i played them myself just to test it
4.1 symptoms of these are: jumping out of or hitting you through your own attack and on a rarer case, hitstunning you while super armored***
4.2 These classes/characters are: Elsword-All, but infinity sword is a little less like its counterparts.
Ara-All. thats it, no balance, just lag.
Add-Diabolic Esper class, but really, were you actually planning on hitting him?
and mainly, Rose the cashgrab- All and will most likely always be all. no balance, no logic, no effort.

*** For those who don't know (new or interested players) there is an effect called super armor gained through using certain command skills/skills and they make the player grow bright red around the outline of the sprite, signifying that you'll take less damage and be able to take hits without hitstun.

My part of this review will talk about KOG games inability to balance characters.
when they did revamps earler this year they made 2 characters at a time so ridiculously overpowered. after all characters were released, they finally "balanced" the classes.
and when KOG "balances" they weaken whoever the players ♥♥♥♥♥ about, and strengthen the ones everyone loves. so that means more cocky players.
with more updates and "revamps" they seem to love calling them, the game started killing itself from within, now if you dont have a laggy or unfair match, I'll be really surprised.

This is my non-biased review, the things i have mentioned in this game, are things I have come across on both ends of playing as- and have had played against in this games PvP system. The game would be Highly Recommended by me if the imbalance didnt kill the fun. Maybe one day it will be fixed. but not anytime soon it seems! ^-^'
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Publicada: 14 de julho
It looks cool and the story's good. That's it.

And now for the bigger list. Just saying, don't let my hours spent playing fool you.
- Counter-intuitive mid to late-game combat goes completely against what you were taught before. If you're a newcomer to any dungeon past Feita, forget about winning without an OP party that barely gives you any opportunity to do anything.
Have fun losing your revives to a massively difficulty-spiked boss and being made fun of rather than helped.

- Community is among the worst I've seen in my life with regards to how they handle new players. They'll badger you for lucky pulls from boxes (which will come few and far between unless you open your wallet like some ♥♥♥♥♥♥), but that's about it. Hate is tossed around between players a lot, especially where the bullsh~~ PvP is involved.

- Unholy-bad problem with class balance. This, in a nutshell, is why I quit taking PvP seriously and only do it for sh~~s and giggles with friends. While some characters are built very well, there are others such as Eve that can barely do a god-darned thing on her own and others still that are so godlike compared to everyone else that they just crush all opposition with little to no resistance (Add, Elesis, Lu/Ciel, etc).

- Unless you figure out every little trick and trigger in the book like a tryhard who has nothing better to do with their time, I'm fairly certain even going by so-called "Pay2Win" will not help you. The mid to late game will take just about every opportunity to punish you by chopping off around half your health simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time once (which, more often than not, newcomers will not be able to tell when that is), and it doesn't help that there are way too many windows for that to happen with how long it takes to kill things later unless you have those stupid +11 weapons that are next to impossible to build anyway with how low enhancement success rates are.

- Don't play solo when aiming for levels. EVER. It takes way too freaking long, and even with a party in tow you'll find yourself repeating segments of the game way more than any sane person should.

- Annoying notifications about who did what 24/7, which by the way get in the way of your experience and stamina bars so you can't see them.

- Storage space is too small, and you have to pay to expand it. The amount of times I've had to sell, dismantle, or throw away useless armor and weapons well below my level is downright disgusting.

- I mentioned this before, but the equipment enhancement system is hands-down the WORST I have seen in ANY game. I'm convinced I could play against FF12's infamous superboss Yiazmat and (somehow) beat it, and it would not take nearly as long as it would to get a decent late-game weapon in this game because of how low enhancement success rates are, and the consequences for LUCK-BASED FAILURE are ridiculous; sometimes nothing will happen, others your equipment will LOSE a grade or even drop all the way back down to a +0, or it will outright break for no good reason.

- Same goes for enchanting effects time-wise. It takes way too long to get just one necessary material, and if you're looking for anything specific then good luck because all of the in-game ways to get them are completely random and few and far between (some of which will have you again chancing death).

I could go on for hours about how many sloppy design choices this game made. Yes, it is free to play and some things can be fun THE FIRST TIME, but with how much of a stupid grind-fest it quickly becomes and how asininely and increasingly unfair and unforgiving it becomes to newer players (Dark Souls and classic NES games are more forgiving than this game is), even if you're looking for some kind of time waster I would ultimately say... look somewhere else. This game will not do new guys any favors unless they're prepared to pour out their wallets (and I can't guarantee even that will help you). Do I find it fun? Kinda, but I'm highly doubtful you will.
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Publicada: 18 de julho
dont mind my hours in this game, its just all the more reason to beleive me. Its not very good. The community is cancer and so are most of the characters. The gameplay is repetitive, and i wanted it to be a good game I really did...... but it wasnt. Go play smash bros instead.
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Publicada: 18 de julho
I personally dont recommend this, for one, it fails to launch most of the time, and i have to go through uneeded methods just to play most of the time. Another thing is, everything in the items shop is too expensive, where 10 dollars could get you a pretty decent game here on steam hardly gets you jack squat in the items shop. Sure, you COULD get stuff from events but theres no garuntee that you'll have those forever. Not even the clothes you first start out with stick with you forever so basically you're gonna probablly be walking around in your character's undergarments if, say, you come back to it 15 days later then poof! Its gone, not to mention if you want to actually BUY a costume to stick with you forever if you get one of their packages, can cost you up to 25 dollars or so, sure you could go for the 30 day option but that makes it so its pretty much not worth it to get it that long. Hell, the best costumes are locked behind ice burners and god knows how much money THAT could take just to get the full suit, same goes for mounts but worse, you cant even really buy them, and fossil readers dont garuntee you a mount either. Basically and eventually the game is going to make you feel, pathetically weak even if youre the highest level available unless you cough up some cash just to feel justifiably strong. Not to mention drop rates are horrid, most of the time youll be picking up equipment that wont even help you so you just end up selling it all the time till you magically just happen to pick up ONE item thatll benifit you. I could go on, but, i feel this has gone long enough. Overall if you REALLY want to play this game, go to Void elsword, everthing is more reasonable cash items wise and such and it overall feels more fun and is more functional than the official game overall save for some bugs and etc.

(Apologies if this is bad, its my first review ever.)
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Publicada: 14 de julho
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Publicada: 5 de julho
too many glitches.
pvp is unfair.
all you do is spam. it doesnt take much skill at all
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Publicada: 18 de julho
There was an event about 2 months ago called "Create A New Character And Get Level Boost To 80" ..
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Publicada: 17 de julho
This game is horrible
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